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  1. Just checked. I have exactely the same issue with the canopy.
  2. The other one is Fujimi. Convrsion is dedicated to Fujimi kit - to covert Airfix you have to follow suggestions on the Tpgun page. Note engine is shorter in Airfix coversion (can be seen here) so it must be cut in the middle and glued as Airfix kit is smaller. Topgun also made some other nice stuff dedicated to G - long fuel tanks, MU90 and landing undercarriage, but he's not selling it...
  3. Hi Colin, I am interested Did the same years ago but my model was... 'captured' by a seasprite pilot.
  4. Taking about pylons I don't see any UB-32A-24 or B8W-20 among test frames of Annetra kit.... (Maybe Eduard will make in 48?)
  5. "Nestíhám ani náhodou. na formách je odhadem 2 - 3 měsíce práce + dekály, návod, krabice. Budu rád když to budu mít po kupě v Mošoni." 2- 3 months, should be ready for Moson. Looking at the sprues we can expect Mi-14 soon, However Mi-8..... don't think so :((( This is interesting: "Malá - tedy 1/72 - bude taky. Ale bude vydána jako AMK, ne Annetra. Jen se mě prosím neptejte kdy, protože to ani v nejmenším netuším." Will we have it also in 1/72?
  6. Sorry, I haven't seen this before. Maybe it will be of any use to someone else. Bilmodel made paints dedicated to Polish SH-2G, colors are exactly the same as for the US Navy. BTW he makes also a conversion to SH-2G - the kit lacks of the winch, and Polish version has additional GPS mounted on the tail. https://www.facebook.com/552270644807394/videos/1494990183868764/ https://www.martola.com.pl/en140/produkty78703/winch_gps_antena_to_sh_2g
  7. HaHa!! Exactly the same discussions in Poland. I liked multicolour camo pattern more than overall green that we have now. And I like Hungarian new gray hinds in low-viz. As for the decision to renovate in Russia, seems to me it is politically in line with the the current government ... I think you should be glad you have them overhauled - we have only small modifications done within past 10 years, and without new engines perspective for this construction is small (mi-24 in Poland will be in use for another 10 years, we also use old D vriants).
  8. Why there is no current painting scheme, they could wait a little? Andrey, hope this new hungarian scheme will be included to your new Begemeot Mi-24p decals.
  9. Thanks! They also made exterior and ASO https://microdisign.ru/products/1-72/bloki-lozhnykh-teplovykh-tceley-lttc-aso-2v https://microdisign.ru/products/1-72/mi-24-v-vp-p-ksterer BTW it's also worth to note ACE models years ago released PE sets dedicated also to Mi-24P http://acemodel.com.ua/en/model/510 http://acemodel.com.ua/en/model/511 http://acemodel.com.ua/en/model/525 P.
  10. Glad to hear that !!! That's the point! As I have Zvezda Mi-35M and soon Mi-24P this will not be a problem ... just decals.
  11. ... and Cyprus with new camouflage would be very welcome! BTW - on the forthcoming Begemot sheet will be "A" versions depicted above?
  12. "In the 72 th will also, not all at once ..." And that is very good news for the beginning of 2018 !!!! З Новим роком!
  13. Hi, The only I could find. As you can see there is no dragon. Drawings - different colors of the painting scheme and stars. Let's hope Andrey will have more reference photos. Source (note the cover pic):
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