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  1. Aeroclub missing from Shops, Manufacturers....

    Thank you all. Yes a well earned and long happy retirement to John
  2. Aeroclub missing from Shops, Manufacturers....

    Thanks for the quick reply. I may be having a senior moment but isn't that the bit thats missing? Do you have a link please? A quick search for Aeroclub dosen't bring up anything recent or relevant...... I know there was a comment back in June regading no further posts.
  3. Just noticed that Aeroclub is no longer showing in the above forum, sure it was there earlier in the week. Do hope all is well, is there any news that can be shared please? Thanks
  4. Kinetic catalogue 2018 - online

    Great idea, I used his conversion to make a Cheetah D from the Heller Mirage B/C several years and very nice it was too. Will keep the eyes peeled. Also found a very good book (bought from S Africa, very helpful book store too) on the Cheetah which unfortunately is packed away at the moment so cant give details.
  5. Heller 2018 online

    Well done, still worth keeping eye on Creative models site, unless they have now cleared all the old stock. Haven't bought from this seller but I see he dosn't post to the Highlands, (or several other places) not that my home Moray is actually in the Highlands it is usually included as such, but very dissapointing practice all the same and one hopefully the MSP's will get sorted before too long. Enjoy building. Cheers Chris
  6. Kinetic catalogue 2018 - online

    Great choice for me/us but perhaps not so good for Scaleworx....but then they do conversions for the Heller kit and the other Cheetah versions.
  7. Heller 2018 online

    The 707 was on the Creative Models specials list last week for under £20 +pp. Out of stock now though.
  8. The Sea Fury rumour thread 2

    Or have a look on uk ebay then try the posters real shop. Quite a few last night. Eg jadlam racing, jumblies models etc. Good luck.
  9. The Sea Fury rumour thread 2

    Great News
  10. Airfix 2019

    I have bought most of the recent 1/48 and some 1/72 all online but can't remember the last time I bought an Airfix model from a real shop. Probably Telford 2016 or perhaps a discounted one from TKmax. Much as I may want to buy the nearest stockists (assuming they havent been struck off with Airfix changes in marketing) would be Invereurie or Dingwall both over an hour away by car. Too far away to just pop over for a browse. Making online the only practical option for me to support them, is that the way Airfix really want to go? Sea Fury next!
  11. Heller 2018 online

    Is there a UK importer?Creative Models?
  12. Hello Martin thanks for taking the time to reply especially when not 100%. Hannants only seem to have the original Kfir with the updated one for preorder. Or they are keeping them well hidden. More importantly I hope you recover soon and you and yours have a merry Christmas and a peaceful healthly 2018. Chris
  13. Thanks for the explanation. Looks like a longer wait. Won't cancel my Hannants pre order just yet. Wonder if the updated 1/48 Kfir will appear on the uk soon?
  14. Think they mean no retailer or importer has ordered any. It is on Hannants future releases list.