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  1. . Re. D-Day, there are some "Funnies" not available, especially the AVRE with SBG Bridge ! (Also, a British armoured bulldozer and BARV). Also a Crane lorry would be useful. Likewise, lorry variants with specialist bodies, especially radio and REME. (And stretching the definition of "vehicle" a bit, then LCAs and LCTs would be useful (and huge) ) .
  2. . See here at the 15:53 mark ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dmNyts7f1w .
  3. . I'm still waiting for proper plastic full kits of the Churchill AVRE with SBG Bride and also one with a fascine. .
  4. . Because of the recent 1/350th Group III T-class submarine and recently announced HMS Vanguard I thought that these two future release books might be of interest (and even inspire) ; British Submarines in Two World Wars https://amazon.co.uk/British-Submarines-Two-World-Wars/dp/1526738163/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1548593846&sr=8-10&keywords=british+submarines The Last British Battleship: HMS Vanguard, 1946-1960 https://amazon.co.uk/Last-British-Battleship-Vanguard-1946-1960/dp/1526752263/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1548593942&sr=8-2&keywords=hms+vanguard+book .
  5. . Admit it ... what you really want is Thunderbird 6 - i.e. a Tiger Moth ! .
  6. . 1/350th HMS Queen Elizabeth (aircraft carrier) 1/96th Mary Rose 1/35th Churchill AVRE with SBG Bridge 1/35th Queen Mary RAF recovery tractor and trailer 1/35th Bedford RL 3 tonner 1/35th Bedford MK 3 tonner 1/72nd Highball Mosquito 1/72nd Lincoln 1:1 Enigma Machine (mixed media) 1/10th scale 3-rotor Bombe and Colossus Mark II
  7. . For those who haven't seen ; Royal Navy : Trumpeter 1/350th - (WW2 cruisers) HMS Calcutta HMS Colombo HMS Naiad HMS Argonaut HMS Scylla Very Fire - 1/350 : HMS Renown, HMS Vanguard (1946) HMS King George V IHP - 1/700 : HMS Colossus (Light Fleet Carrier) ============================================ Very Fire - other : 1/700 SMS Baden 1/700 SMS Nassau 1/350 Graf Zeppelin 1/700 USS Midway 1945 1/350 Aoba 1/350 Taiho And, of course, there are all the previously announced Flyhawk and Trumpeter kits still due.
  8. . Hornby had their half-yearly results today ; http://otp.investis.com/clients/uk/hornby/rns/regulatory-story.aspx?cid=1477&newsid=1209127 .
  9. . I'm kicking myself for not remembering that anniversary - an excellent idea. (The trouble is that the US market would probably be very weak for the kit as they have brainwashed themselves about Lindbergh.) But the Vimy itself would make a great offering. .
  10. . Whilst I would like a 1/350th HMS Queen Elizabeth, it won't be that. IF that does appear it will be when she goes to sea with her Lightning II's. The announcement is at 11:00 am the Saturday - the Sunday is the 11th November with the Centennial 2 minute silence likewise at 11:00 am. Hence I opt for a 1/24th Sopwith Camel, or S.E. 5A. ( Unfortunately, as with the Queen Elizabeth I think economics will dictate one of a 1/24th Mosquito, Tempest, or Me-262.) Anyway, whatever it is I wish Airfix (Hornby) well and lots of profit. .
  11. . So, most popular / profitable for Airfix ? Possibly their catalogues ? .
  12. . Do any of the articles (OR any book) show the actual number and types of units actually installed ? The few maps that exist seem in such a small scale that one cannot tell the actual number/type of units. There really is a hole in the market for a decent modelling book for, at least, the British Mulberry as units are available in 1/700th, 1/350th and 1/76th scales. .
  13. . NO ordinary member of the public knows whether the model railway side is "carrying" the Hornby group, or whether Airfix is, or either. There are RUMOURS (and only rumours from a now old annual report) that Corgi and Scalectrix are not performing well, but "we" don't know the truth. .
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