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  1. Phil Gollin


    . Accurate Armour / ??? used to produce a very expensive resin version ; https://accurate-armour.com/aa-products/naval-products/s13 It MAY be available second hand somewhere. They still do a LCF (4) Flak version ; https://accurate-armour.com/aa-products/naval-products/s17 And an LCT 5 ; https://accurate-armour.com/aa-products/naval-products/s18 --------------------------------------------------------------------- MACH 2 do a soft plastic LCT 6 https://www.hannants.co.
  2. . I would expect that in a year or so there will be a full turret truck version with transparent sides. .
  3. . No idea if a 6-inch version of the C-class cruiser is contemplated ? Likewise, any chance of a Tribal class with errors corrected ? .
  4. . And outstanding proof that all this fuss and bother about exact colours is a total waste of time. That film was taken from the same viewpoint with the same lighting conditions and each ship's colours are different ! A lesson for all people suffering from self-imposed exactness. This film is extracted from Ron Smith's series of videos on the Royal Navy in WW2, almost all taken from the IWM archives. .
  5. . Half-year Report - Released : 28/11/2019 http://otp.investis.com/clients/uk/hornby/rns/regulatory-story.aspx?cid=1477&newsid=1348000 ( Courtesy of RMWeb.co.uk) .
  6. Well, it depends on whether a flyer counts as definite, or not. A company, Ostrich Hobbies, has "announced" various resin kits, including a couple of Battle Class ; Supposedly these are ; TN700001 Renown 1918 TN700003B HMS Barrosa (D68) Battle class Destroyer TN700003D HMS Agincourt (D86) Battle class Destroyer TN700007 HMS Tiger C20 TN700021 HMS Amethyst Black Swan-class sloop TN700022 Furious half carrier TN700030 HMS Unicorn TN700056 HMS Argonaut (F56) TN700069 USSR Kronshtadt-class battlecruiser TN700115 HMS Leander F109
  7. . Vulcan B.1, followed by a Victor B.1, followed by a Valiant B.2, and finally a Short Sperrin. Easy. .
  8. . I have given up trying to find the "Mobius Eagle" topic, so just to highlight to "Space 1999" fans that the whole series (starting with the first episode tonight) is being repeated on "The Horror Channel" ( channel 70 on Freeview). Anyone who misses tonight's episode can seen it again on Saturday. .
  9. . I wonder whether this is part of the old/outdated "centimetre - gram - second" ( cgs ) system of measurement which an old European standard and was still being taught in UK schools and used in UK industry in the late 60's (alongside Imperial measures) for metalwork, and similar. See; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Centimetre–gram–second_system_of_units .
  10. . A Short Sperrin then ! .
  11. . There is no way that that aircraft would fly - even today with fly-by-wire it wouldn't ! Why do people drool over such impractical fantasies ? .
  12. . I know that they did trials with one on a temporary platform on a merchant ship during the war to see if they would be suitable for convoy protection work (they weren't). Does anyone have any details, or even some photos ? .
  13. . Re. D-Day, there are some "Funnies" not available, especially the AVRE with SBG Bridge ! (Also, a British armoured bulldozer and BARV). Also a Crane lorry would be useful. Likewise, lorry variants with specialist bodies, especially radio and REME. (And stretching the definition of "vehicle" a bit, then LCAs and LCTs would be useful (and huge) ) .
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