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  1. Hope all goes a well as possible for you.
  2. Thanks Des. They do look nice but think that makes it too expensive for me though. Suppose for several items at once its not so bad. Enjoy using your set.
  3. Very interesting can I ask you, or Des, what the postage was or if any extra charges you had to pay? eg Customs, VAT, import or Royal Mail. They do look very nice though.
  4. Thinking a bit deeper about this I seem to recall around 2011/12 Hobby Craft made a brief reappearance and few of the aircraft models made a brief reappearence with adds in the likes of Scale Aircraft Modelling?
  5. Hobby Craft was also 1/48 or at least I have a 1/48 one in store not sure about 1/72. Be interesting to know where the moulds are now, most kits were moulded in S Korea I think.
  6. Did 'Simons Circus' start on Scimitars? Remember seeing a few Farnboroughs years back. Ooops sorry bit more research says they used Sea Vixens.
  7. Fingers 1/48 crossed but just as a matter of interest do we know if Airfix, or other manufacturers, usually do the 'LIDARing' themselves or contract out?
  8. https://www.flickr.com/gp/115753469@N03/465gJ9 Just checked my Vampire received direct from Airfix. Unfortunately there is a miss moulded rear boom part no.4. (First time trying to post a photo so hope it works) Have emailed Airfix and had auto reply, so expect the usual good things from their spares dept. Good news is my second Vampire from a different source seems fine.
  9. Thanks IT Man, just added to my back order list. Cheers Chris
  10. Thanks James. Happy the wait to see what come in the 48280 boxing, hopefully early next month
  11. Interesting thats the one Iam waiting for. The figures released already look more 'fast jet' to me and are different to the ones on the 48280 B-26 box top. Heres hoping.
  12. Rather nice. Looking at the ebay.com link I see its $50 plus $14.90 P&P but if you go to ebay.co.uk its $60 plus $14.90 P&P. Both mention there may be customs etc charges as well. Wonder why the UK is $10 more......
  13. Nice, very nice, and just as I found by 'up north' scribing template for the Heller 1/48 model! And for all the references dont forget there is a full size one in the Yorkshire Air Museum at Elvington, Mirage III too. Hope the wait is not too long.
  14. Just tried to search for Lancaster Worthpoint as suggested above. Seems to be an ebay thing and want your money and details first. Anyone got a better result? Or what is the considered opinion now the pkastic is out regarding the canopy and the rest of the model please? MITA.
  15. Just looked on the Hannants site £103.99, less 10% if pre ordered (£93.59 but still need to add P&P as less than £100!)
  16. Thanks well spotted Phil. Just checked mine and its missing on one of them too. Will have another look in daylight to confirm then call Airfix
  17. There is a guy restoring a GR1 with a page on Facebook, lots great internal and external detail shots. Search XX764.
  18. 70 euros dosent bode well for UK price Just checked Hannants again £69.99 and 10% off pre order.
  19. Unsurprisingly just had email from them confirming an issue with the software. Good news is 500 of their points to be credited to my account. Still down as expected June 21.
  20. Just had email from jadlam saying mine has shipped.
  21. Isnt that coming https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/SH48214?result-token=VYFBT Mines pre ordered
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