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  1. Iwata Eclipse HP-CS problem

    The Eclipse has that free floating nozzle right? The nozzle cap centers it to the main airbrush body. After you screwed that on you come in with your needle, don't push to get it in the final position, just a gentle tap from behind should be enough. If you're still having problems you might have some paint residue on the tip of the nozzle or (worst case scenario) the nozzle has a tiny crack in it.
  2. Primer Paint

    What's the nozzle size? Is the air pressure ok? Maybe you could add some retarders?
  3. Mr Paint, lovely stuff.

    Above the "Reply to this topic" there is a "Follow" button. @Rabbit Leader: they are lacquer. Haven't used their glosses but I've played with their Chrome (which is Acrylic Lacquer) over Revell's enamels. As long as you put thin layers you're fine, but if you mess up and get pooling it will start to dissolve enamels (and probably regular acrylics).
  4. Homemade Spray Booth Electrics

    First make sure the fan is brushless so you minimize the risks. The brush type fans put out sparks constantly when powered on, with a big enough build-up of flammable gases an explosion/fire can happen. If you need help with the wiring just post some pics, I'm sure we can figure something out.
  5. Mr Paint, lovely stuff.

    Mr. Metal Is Gunze's stuff. It can be diluted with the Mr. Color or their Leveling Thinner. The cleanup can be done with the same stuff.
  6. Quick release fittings

    I don't see the quick-release you bought, is it one of these? https://newgaga.guphotos.com/i/w?u=/images/E/5/E1395/E1395-1-7881-RhiV.jpg If so you need an additional part: https://www.image-tmart.com/prodimgs/2/22001483/Airbrush-Spray-Gun-Air-Hose-Splitter-Connector-Fitting-Part-_800x800.jpg You connect those two and just force the hose over the part in the second link (you can secure it in place with a zip-tie if you want). Or you can place an order with Paul for a custom hose.
  7. Quick release fittings

    You might as well get the quick release with air regulator, it saves you the effort of reaching to the compressor for adjusting the pressure.
  8. H&S service and deep clean.

    If you were using lacquer thinners to clean it and they got to the air valve maybe the rubber seals are swollen causing the trigger and/or valve piston (can't remember the correct name) to move harder than usual. Not sure if this model has any adjustments on the valve, but if you over-tighten the valve on assembly the trigger will have a hard time moving because of the top seal catching on it. Also, like Paul suggested, a bit of airbrush lube can help with the problem.
  9. Aqueous Gunze Paints, tips

    Gunze's stuff takes a long time to harden (especially if they're glossy), I've had issues with their water based in particular. The Gloss White needed about a week to dry thoroughly, but the end result was very good. Gloss Brown dried a lot faster, so I guess it's a matter of pigment too (since I used the same acrylic thinner for both).
  10. Decent MAC valves and quick release connectors anywhere?

    I've had one for a while and some friends use them too (the cheap ones). They don't leak, I used mine for a few years and it was still fine when I gave it away. The only downside is the air adjustment: you need to be very gentle with it because the "knob" doesn't turn too much (or at least it didn't on mine).