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  1. Styrene filler? It doesn't dry instantly, but it ticks a few of the boxes.
  2. bmwh548

    White color nightmare

    Build up the layers, very thin, multiple coats, don't try to get a good finish with 2-3 layers, you won't be able to. Alternatively you could try using an aerosol, that would give you far better results than with the brush.
  3. bmwh548

    Revell Aqua Matt White... isn't

    Never used their white. I have a few Aquas used for painting small details (and I know they can be annoying to mix if they've been sitting for a while), but not white, yellow, red or the rest of the very difficult colors. When it comes to those I'd rather spend half an hour masking and then using the airbrush. But if it's a proper white you want try the Mr. Color stuff. They have several types of white in their range.
  4. bmwh548

    Just bought this airbrush ......

    There's separate aircaps in the box. One for the 0.2 and 0.3 nozzles and one for the 0.5 nozzle. As for material quality... brass is brass. I know people using this airbrush type for more than ten years and never broke a nozzle. If you overtighten it, it can be the most expensive Iwata, you'll still break it. Probably why Iwata decided to offer the free floating nozzle in the Eclipse range.
  5. bmwh548

    Revell Aqua Matt White... isn't

    Are you sure you mixed it all the way? Aqua's pigment tends to stay at the bottom, it needs a lot of shaking/stirring to get it mixed.
  6. bmwh548

    Mig Ammo Lucky Varnish Matt Issues

    If I remember correctly the Mig stuff is waterbased, Tamiya is solvent based so it might be less prone to temperature issues. Also the dropper style bottles aren't perfectly airtight so there is the possibility that some of the factory "solvent" has evaporated and the product isn't as normal.
  7. bmwh548

    paints for a new airbrush

    Revell's enamels go on well, good pigment, reasonable drying time but boy do they stink. The Aqua range is usable, but I found them to be sensitive to handling where Tamiya and Gunze don't have any problems.
  8. bmwh548

    paints for a new airbrush

    You forgot Mr. Color. Their stuff is amazing with Mr. Leveling Thinner.
  9. bmwh548

    gloss finish for a Tamiya Eunos Roadster?

    Varnish gives the color depth. Hard to describe in words. And it also allows for mistakes during assembly.
  10. bmwh548

    Just bought this airbrush ......

    Both Chinese cheapos, both are 0.3mm nozzles. The first one is the same one andmarsh bought. Used the first one for about two years with no major issues and decent results. Then again, I do modern civilian vehicles, so it's not very demanding from the airbrushes.
  11. bmwh548

    paints for a new airbrush

    Mr. Surfacer is also an excellent primer. The ones with lower marking as best used as fillers for tiny imperfections, but the ones from 1200 upwards dry very nice and leave sort of a semi-gloss finish. They're also very wallet friendly (you can thin them 50/50 with Mr. Leveling thinner and they're just the right consistency).
  12. bmwh548

    Just bought this airbrush ......

    I'm using the Ultra too as my go to tool. Very nice cheap airbrush buuuut (there has to be one): get the nozzle and needle caps from the Infinity (with the pinch prong collar or whatever they call it). I can give you the number parts when I get home if you can't find it. It makes life a lot easier when you do a long spraying session. Also you'll need a valve with air adjustment (preferably an H&S one) it saves you the trouble of moving to the compressor all the time. And check the adjustment on the part that needle slides through (the one with the PTFE seal inside the airbrush). Mine wasn't screwed in enough and paint was leaking towards the trigger.
  13. bmwh548

    Just bought this airbrush ......

    That's the standard mistake made by users with that type of nozzles. It's really not the airbrush's fault, it happens with Iwatas too. The nozzle doesn't even need the spanner for mounting, finger tight is enough. I use the spanner for removal only.
  14. bmwh548

    Just bought this airbrush ......

    There's no rule. It all depends on how heavy your trigger finger is.
  15. bmwh548

    Airbrushing white paint. How to stop messing it up?

    Tamiya White Surface Primer and you're done. Give it a gloss coat if you need it to....you know, be glossy