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  1. Trumpeter 1/32nd F-100D November 17th

    Mate, That cockpit looks excellent! I've been contemplating this bird as my next foiled project. Sad to hear about the rivets. I'll follow along. Gaz
  2. Lockheed T33A

    I think Meguier's is an American product. T'was a yank that recommended it to me, so when I went to the auto parts store I went looking for an Aussie product. But, to my surprise there was Meguiers staring me in the face. Just a further note on polishing: Try to do most of your polishing while it's still on the sprue, especially when doing the inside. I've cracked/wrecked a couple canopies because my fingers spread the clear plastic too much. Gaz
  3. Lockheed T33A

    Rob, Looking good! You can really improve your clear pieces with stuff from your auto parts store. Meguiar's Rubbing compound and microfibre cloth after sanding will give you an awesome dry finish without worrying whether your Future will dry right. If you want shine... talk to them car fanatics. Gaz
  4. Sword FJ-2 Fury

    I agree... Brilliant!
  5. 'Greif' by name, Greif by nature!

    Excellent work! The scheme looks awesome and I'm looking forward to more. Gaz
  6. Some Foil on a Starfighter: Completed

    Lord Riot, Thank you for that wonderful compliment! Gaz
  7. Iceberg and After

    Nice work with the stencils. Monochrome schemes always look better interrupted. Gaz
  8. Some Foil on a Starfighter: Completed

    Guys, Thank you very much! Your motivating comments will definitely inspire future efforts in foil. Gaz
  9. Some Foil on a Starfighter: Completed

    Shan, That's without a final Coat of Future. I'll give it a protective coat later if I get to it. I wanted to get pictures of the foil in it's natural state. Gaz
  10. Some Foil on a Starfighter: Completed

    Hi Everyone, I've come to the conclusion of this build. Here are some photos in the F-104's natural element. Please forgive the earth-bound intrusions into the photo frames. Finally a nose shot beside the pool. The clear seeker heads on the AIM9 missiles was done with UV cured glue. Thanks for looking! Gaz
  11. 1/48 RAAF Beaufighter Mk 1c 30 SQN

    Harvs, That's some sweet work!
  12. Avro Shackleton AEW.2, Revell

    Pretty cool looking bird! Gaz
  13. Wow...nice wheel well detailing! Gaz
  14. BlackSheep Scooter

    Dennis, You've done some nice work there. Bummer about the decal and the fuel probe. I agree it's not the best design feature. Gaz