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  1. Thank you everyone for the kind compliments,most appreciated. Steve Cook
  2. This was a nice kit to build. Parts fit together great. Paints used were all Mr color thinned with Mr color leveling thinner. Decals were aftermarket Aeromaster. Steve
  3. My real first try at some weathering. Paints used were Tamiya and Mr color along with Mig pigments, AK interactive washes,and Abteilung 502 artist oils. This was a very exciting build for me and at one point I was ready to trash it completely. Thanks to someone's model videos, I had to press on. This builder is really a great modeler. I hope you like my first try at the weathering, I really had fun.
  4. Hi Noel, thank you for pointing that out to me, That is really a good point, never knew that before. I did find a photo of what you are talking about. See pic:
  5. Thank you Parabat. It really is a nice kit to build I have three more in the stash, hopefully Ill be able to get to one more this year. Kind regards, Steve
  6. Thank you gazza l. I seldom use decals for compound curves anymore. I first painted the white base and then the yellow followed by the red. I just cut out a bunch of small squares about the size of the decals to use as a mask. It was actually easier to paint them on than to use the decals.
  7. Eduard did a really nice job with this kit. It was easy to build and fit was really great. Steve
  8. That is gorgeous Mark!! Beautiful paint scheme and excellent paint work. It looks like a well maintained aircraft any crew chief would be proud of. Again, "OUTSTANDING MODELING SKILLS" Mark!! God bless you brother, Steve
  9. Good Lord!! That is so amazing Mark!! That is fantastic !! You nailed it!! God bless you Mark! Steve
  10. Outstanding build !! Excellent livery!! Beautiful colors!!
  11. Thank you! I was a pleasure to build. One of my favorites. Happy Holidays!! Best regards, Steve
  12. Thank you Bruce! I first painted and the lightly sanded the lines with 4000 grit Micro-Mesh. I wish I would have scribed the lines when I built this a few years ago. All I do now is scribe and rivet. It was a fun kit to build though.
  13. DSC07982 by Steve Cook, on Flickr DSC07981 by Steve Cook, on Flickr
  14. Thank you Steve. I really enjoyed building this kit which comes with photo-etched parts and metal parts. What really makes this kit nice to build is that it was designed with easy to install parts that are very strong and will hold up. Best regards, Steve
  15. DSC01047 by Steve Cook, on Flickr DSC01048 by Steve Cook, on Flickr DSC01049 by Steve Cook, on Flickr DSC01050 by Steve Cook, on Flickr DSC01051 by Steve Cook, on Flickr DSC01052 by Steve Cook, on Flickr DSC01054 by Steve Cook, on Flickr
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