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  1. Bungalow_Bill

    Luft´46...1/48 Horten H IX/Ho229

    Very nice detail work!
  2. Bungalow_Bill

    Red Tulip...1/48 Messerschmitt Bf109K-4

    Fantastic painting! Absolutely beautiful!
  3. Bungalow_Bill

    KC-97L Stratotanker

    Nice! Love the paintjob.
  4. Bungalow_Bill

    1/48 Monogram B-25

    Very nice! I like the subtle weathering. Gaz
  5. I've always found the Manchester interesting, and you're off to a great start! Gaz
  6. Bungalow_Bill

    Airfix Canberra B(I).6

    Always thought this an interesting looking bird. Gonna watch. Gaz
  7. Bungalow_Bill

    FW-190A-4, EDUARD, 1/48, new tool

    That cockpit sure looks nice! Gaz
  8. Bungalow_Bill

    Gaspatch Henschel Hs 123 A1 1/48th scale

    I bought one of these the same day I learned about it. Gotta say it looks like a little treasure in the box. Got three builds going on, so I haven't opened it, yet. Yours is looking excellent! Gaz
  9. Bungalow_Bill

    'Greif' by name, Greif by nature!

    Congratulations! Bummer about the decals. I tried some yellowed decals once. Put them in the sun to bleach out the yellow. But they were still too old to use. Gaz
  10. Great job! Really flawless and a pleasure to look at.
  11. Bungalow_Bill

    Italian thoroughbred!

    Beautifully done! Great job on the smoke rings.