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  1. HI Peter, Just game over from my build at LSP (I'm GazzaS there) to have a look-see at your comparison build. Some interesting markings you've chosen and I'm looking forward to seeing them come to fruition. It amazes how inexpensive the Zvezda kit is. Gaz
  2. Very nice! I like the subtle weathering. Gaz
  3. I've always found the Manchester interesting, and you're off to a great start! Gaz
  4. Always thought this an interesting looking bird. Gonna watch. Gaz
  5. I bought one of these the same day I learned about it. Gotta say it looks like a little treasure in the box. Got three builds going on, so I haven't opened it, yet. Yours is looking excellent! Gaz
  6. Congratulations! Bummer about the decals. I tried some yellowed decals once. Put them in the sun to bleach out the yellow. But they were still too old to use. Gaz
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