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  1. Berlin 45

    Me too. It's beautiful work.
  2. Revell 1/48th RAF Tornado GR1A.......

    Oh. If I look a little surprised, I certainly am, sir. I didn't realise we had any battle plans.
  3. Junkers Ju-88 A-1

    Very nice. Lovely paint job, and and sparkling canopy with really fine framework. Interested to see there's no swastika on the tail.
  4. Revell 1/48th RAF Tornado GR1A.......

    Ah, so it's tally ho, yippety yip and zing zang spillip eh General? Looking forward to bullying off for the final chukka?
  5. Lovely build, even more so since it's your first ship. Many years ago, I While I was hitch hiking around Normandy and northern France with a mate, we bumped into an old guy in a bar who told us he had been on Warspite during the Second World War. He recalled the ship bombarding the French coastline during the Normandy landings, and again later on in the war when they went back and had a go at Le Havre and Brest. He said it was a great experience watching the ground gradually level away as the shells hit their targets.
  6. 1/72 PT-109

    Ah PT109, JFK's wartime torpedo boat. The story behind it is incredible. Are you thinking of putting it into a diorama?
  7. I found this WiP last night have have been catching up on it this morning. That's a cracking good model you're making there... and very nicely rescued. The detailing is great and the weathered timber and water effects are simply stunning. She will look fabulous when finished. I hope you've got a suitably large space for her?
  8. CMR 1/72 Hawker Nimrod Mk. II

    Thanks Stuart. I'm expecting to do some sanding so will take the precautions
  9. CMR 1/72 Hawker Nimrod Mk. II

    Very nice work. The resin looks really lovely and appears to take paint beautifully. Tell me, when cutting and sanding it, do you work with an extractor or in water as some folk suggest? Also, do you wear a respirator? I ask because I've recently bought some resin replacement components that I plan to use in a forthcoming build. I've not used it before but am aware of the carcinogenic qualities of resin dust, so am looking to find the safest method.
  10. Ha! Her name's Sofka, she's a Hungarian Puli. Her fifth birthday was in August
  11. Big As MAZ

    Let me get this straight; you're building this entirely from plastic sheet, rod, a bit of wire, some mesh and scale resin bolts. It's insane Rich...completely insane
  12. A house isn't a home without a dog. Here's our's, Sofka...