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  1. I've been quietly watching this for a while Johnny and must say, it's lovely work. I particularly love the contrast between the exterior deep blue/black and the interior green. It's almost certainly just a trick of the light, but the lighter green almost makes the interior look softly illuminated
  2. Big As MAZ

    Over here in South Wales we would say (well they would say it, I wouldn't coz I'm English): "That's tidy, butt". Now before you start worrying, 'butt' is South Walian for 'mate' which in turn is Britese for 'friend'. It's not what you guys over there think it is. Anyway, whichever way we say it, you know what we mean don't you...
  3. Big As MAZ

    We're two nations separated by a common language Rich. Petal is a northern English term of endearment. By 'eck is a northern English phrase for 'wow'. So he's right...by eck Petal 😀 This might help explain...
  4. Big As MAZ

    Glad you're back on your feet Rich and are maintaining your standards. I'm not sure that I can add anything to what I, and everyone else, has said already. It's stunning stuff.
  5. Lovely work on the Cat Johnny. And props too for your chicken shack. Speaking of which...
  6. Big As MAZ

    Sorry! Oh and by the way, I've found something like this to be essential when in the company of seven-year-olds...
  7. Big As MAZ

    Rich, seeing as you're the God of scratch building, it seems appropriate that you rested on the seventh day (ok I'm probably stretching it a bit but you now where I'm coming from). Anyway, you may only have built the frames for the engine bay, but they're darned fine frames - and there's no doubt that the covers will be as spectacular as the rest.
  8. USMC Sniper team, Vietnam 1/35

    Absolutely brilliantly skillful work. You've made those straps look just like webbing. The one on the rifle is terrific and the smaller one on the helmet is superb too. This is a real masterclass in miniature figure painting and diorama work.
  9. USMC Sniper team, Vietnam 1/35

    You'll no doubt do a terrific job applying them. I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished thing.
  10. There's some useful info on body proportions here - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Body_proportions and here - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Figure_drawing Worth taking a look before you glue him together?
  11. That's looking fairly ok to me too :-) Are you going to shorten the neck a gnat's?
  12. Airfix 1/48th Walrus

    Following the precedent that was set on Spadget's Black Cat thread which linked the subject matter to songs, I couldn't resist adding this:
  13. Building a wartime Watch Office

    Yes. I can vouch for one of those bunkers. When I was a lad I lived near the North Downs and spent most of the school holidays playing in woods and south-facing fields with a bunch of other kids of the same age. We were fascinated when excavation work began at the top of one of the fields, just in front of a thick hedgerow. An underground bunker was built there which my dad told me was for the ROC. The area was fenced off and eventually all you could see of it were a couple of ventilation pipes. This was in the early to mid 60s.