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  1. Removing Klear (Pledge)

    I think if I’m quick enough, clean water should do it, followed by airbrush cleaner. At least, that’s my thought at the moment.
  2. Removing Klear (Pledge)

    Thanks for that tip chaps. I think I'll stick with airbrush cleaner tbh. It might be a bit dearer but it sounds a lot safer
  3. Removing Klear (Pledge)

    That's worth knowing, thanks Robert!
  4. Removing Klear (Pledge)

    Thanks Corsairffu, that sounds like a good option too. I'll keep a note of it.
  5. Removing Klear (Pledge)

    Ooh, I hadn't realised malt vinegar would shift it. I'll bear that in mind if it happens again. Thanks for the tip. I'm being cautious on this because the kit's been out of production for years and spares won't be readily available. I've got some ammonia coming so am pinning my hopes on that. And yes, from what I gather, ammonia has been taken out of most window cleaners because of Health & Safety, or the EU, or something or other 'cos it's "too dangerous to be left in the hands of mere mortals".
  6. Removing Klear (Pledge)

    Thanks. I tried B&Q, Screwfix, Sainsbury's and Halfords but didn't get as far as Boots. When I got back empty-handed I turned to Amazon who came up trumps. It'll be here tomorrow.
  7. Removing Klear (Pledge)

    Ah thanks. I tried dissolving the Pledge in another dip of Pledge but it didn't seem to do anything. Maybe i didn't leave it in for long enough. I'll try that again first before the ammonia!
  8. Removing Klear (Pledge)

    Thanks for the response. I'd heard that it's a good airbrush cleaner but haven't tried it yet. when I do I'll bear your warning in mind!
  9. Launch 14 - Cooper's Rocket

    Ah, I see. When I first noticed her I was viewing on a smallish screen and thought she was a 3D bust in the background that you were working on, hence the 'conquest' comment. I hadn't looked carefully enough. Now that I have, I can see she's printed on a card. I think I read somewhere that just before she died she was threatening to give a press conference about how JFK had told her he'd seen a crashed UFO at a secret US airbase. Anyway, back to the rocket and launchpad...it's great to see it materialising Rich...
  10. Removing Klear (Pledge)

    I'm contacting the BM Brains Trust to see if someone can give me a steer. I've been using Pledge to dip canopies and have found it works ok but have recently come across a problem. I've dipped a canopy and wicked the surplus off (or at least I thought I had) but now it's dry, there seem to be a couple of small runs, or distortions, on the part. I've re-dipped it and tried washing it off in warm soapy water as suggested in this thread that Shaun began some years ago, but it hasn't lifted it off. I've decided to give ammonia a try as it's listed as a removal agent on the back of the Pledge bottle but most everyday window cleaning products seem to have had ammonia replaced with vinegar, and I can't find a screenwash that contains it either. I have found some household ammonia on Amazon though. From what I gather from the Q & A's, it's 5-9.5% strength (even though it's advertised as 100% ammonia) so I'm wondering: (a) Should I dilute it further before dipping the canopy in it and (b) how long should I leave it before washing it off? The canopies in question are for a discontinued 1/72 scale TSR2 from Airfix, so I know I won't be able to get a replacement part and I don't want to ruin them! Does anyone know please?
  11. Launch 14 - Cooper's Rocket

    Fantastic work Rich, as ever...and this is all done under the watchful eye of Marylin's ghost in the background. What a beauty she was...is she your next conquest?
  12. Big As Maz, Junked!

    Very nice Rich, although I feel quite sad too seeing the old girl left alone like that after all the care and attention she’s had. Having said that, apart from mouse droppings in the cab as @brianthrmodeller suggests above, a bit of bird crap is probably in order too seeing as it’s been under that tree for some time!
  13. Launch 14 - Cooper's Rocket

    Hi Rich Wow. I followed your Maz build from the beginning with my mouth open, and have trundled over here as I said I would. Space and Sci Fi isn't my thing particularly, but that's completely irrelevant; I'm more interested in watching a master builder put things together in whatever form they take. This will be the perfect substitute for the Maz addiction I acquired and I won't have to go full cold turkey now, as I can get my fix watching you do this. Those banks of computers look brilliant and they take me back to when I was a kid; my dad was data processing manager for a large pharmaceutical company in London and would sometimes take me into work with him on Saurdays. I clearly remember the special dust-proof rooms containing those banks of machines (IBM I think) with their rotating discs. They looked huge to me as a child. I'm really looking forward to watching this turn into something amazing too. By the way is the Big Betty dio done? I can't find it. Tim
  14. Big As MAZ - DONE

    Rich, the result is truly amazing. It's been a real privilege to share the journey with you. Speaking as someone who has only recently returned to the hobby after many years, and who is therefore a novice, it's a real masterclass. I'll nip over to the diorama section to take a look at the rocket, and see Big Betty in her final glory. All the best, Tim
  15. Big As MAZ - DONE

    It has to be said Rich that this is probably the very best heap of rusted, festering junk on four wheels I've ever seen.