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  1. 1/18 Spitfire Mk. XIVe - Race #80

    Really lovely job of an esoteric subject: a perfect mix for a model in my book. Talking of which have you ever thought of publishing a book on your techniques? It might give us mere mortals a chance to brush up our skills! (a bit)
  2. 11 Sqn Brisfit Markings Sep-Nov 1918?

    Mark, Found a photo of an 11 Sqn Brisfit in the Windsock book (late 1918/1919): standard markings with just a number on the fuselage. I will post it later on today.
  3. Lovely kit made into a beautiful model!
  4. 11 Sqn Brisfit Markings Sep-Nov 1918?

    Mark, I've been thinking about that posting to No.1 (Observers) School of Air Gunnery and it doesn't make sense. As its title suggests, No.1 (O) SAG's function was to train observers and so yes if he'd been a Brisfit observer he'd have gone there, but rare for a pilot. The Turnberry course was the pilot equivalent of Hythe for observers. It's possible that he might have gone to Hythe as one of the School's permanent staff, but his experience at that time seems to put this in doubt. It would therefore make more sense to imagine him going to 109 Squadron during its working-up phase, to gain experience prior to going to the front. I have a copy of the log book of another 109 Sqn pilot at this time and his path through training is similar to Gamble's. This man flew DH.4, DH.6 and DH.9 with 109 Sqn and when it was disbanded he was posted to the BEF with 49 Sqn on DH.9s. I can easily imagine that others might have been re-routed to BF's after serving on 109. Just a thought. On another path, have you enquired with the RAF Museum for photos of 11 Sqn BF's? They have a VERY extensive photo library and a very good cataloguing system. They will usually send you a PDF breakdown of their photo holdings with a thumbnail of each relevant photo. I'd also ask the RAFM for Gamble's casualty form: even airmen who survived the War had a casualty form, and it's often worth a look. Ditto his medical record if it exists. SJ
  5. 11 Sqn Brisfit Markings Sep-Nov 1918?

    Glad to be of help: hopefully we'll see another Brisfit in WIP soon!
  6. 11 Sqn Brisfit Markings Sep-Nov 1918?

    AIR 76/175/23. He's shown as 'JA' but his service number etc is corrrect and the 'A' is crossed out on the header card.
  7. 11 Sqn Brisfit Markings Sep-Nov 1918?

    I've had a look and corrected a few unit designations (e.g. 1 SofA was 1 SoMA by the time your man was there etc), and this is the gist of all three sets of records, which generally agree: James Gamble, b. St Helens 23 September 1894 Civilian occupation – fitter & turner Enlisted in RFC 4 February 1915, aged 20 yrs and 5 months, engagement 4 years ‘C’, 4 years in Reserve with rank 2/AM, service no. 3594 as turner. appointed 1/AM 1 June 1915 appointed a/Cpl 1 July 1916 Promoted Cpl 1 October 1916 appointed a/Sgt 1 January 1917 Promoted Sgt 1 July 1917 Graded fit as pilot 9 November 1917 To 1 School of Military Aeronautics, Reading 24 November 1917 To 24 Training Sqn, Netheravon 21 January 1918 To 8 Training Sqn, Netheravon 13 February 1918 Transferred to RAF as Sgt Mech 1 April 1918 8 TS moved to Witney 1 April 1918 under 21 Wing HQ (T) 2 Gp, Oxford to 8 TS 31 May 1918 (auth 21 Wing) – I think this is just a paperwork catch-up showing him now with 8 TS which came under 21 Wing after its move to Witney (2 (T) Gp responsible for units in South Eastern Area) Remustered as pilot (to Sergeant Tech) 30 June 1918 (probably the date on which he gained his wings) To No.1 Fighting School, Turnberry 3 July 1918 (or 4 July) To 1 (Observers) School of Aerial Gunnery, Hythe 15 July 1918 (mention of 109 Sqn on this date - 109 Sqn with DH.9 was at Lake Down, but disbanded on 19 August; also “1 SAG (R)", which seems to be confusion of 1 (O) SAG): it's possible that he was with 109 Sqn until it disbanded, but I guess we'll never know. To 11 Sqn 7 September 1918 at Le Quesnoy (Bristol F.2b) - moved to Vert Galand 19 September 1918 - moved to Mory 15 October 1918 - moved to Bethencourt 1 November 1918 - moved to Aulnoye 18 November 1918 - moved to Nivelles 19 December 1918 - moved to Spich 20 May 1919 To RAF Depot, Halton 31 July 1919 upon return from France Medical Board – Awd GCB 1 August 1919 (I should know what this means but can't remember ) To Dispersal Centre Halton 20 September 1919 To Reserve 18 October 1919 as pilot, Supr To Class E Reserve 4 June 1921 Recalled from Reserve 9 April 1921 and to Henlow Reserve Pool 12 April 1921 Discharged 3 February 1923 – total service 8 years, with 4 years 311 days towards pension.
  8. 11 Sqn Brisfit Markings Sep-Nov 1918?

    Did you know that his AIR 76 ('officers' record - though he was a Sgt pilot) shows a move from 1 FS of F to 109 Sqn on 13th July 1918? 'RAF Dep See' is RAF Depot Section by the way. Can't recall what 1 FS of F is but it has a North West Area annotation next to it on his card. Edit: he has a second set of 'officer' records, thus: Fit as pilot 9 November 1917 1 School of Aeronautics, Reading 24 November 1917 24 TS Netheravon 21 January 1918 8 TS Netheravon 13 February 1918 No.1 Fighting School Turnberry 4 July 1918 No.1 (Observers) School of Air Gunnery (Hythe if memory serves) 14 July 1918 to BEF 7 September 1918
  9. Unknown Black Phantom F4E

    Cosmolene rather than primer.
  10. Ferrari F187/88c

    Nice finish: is that Humbrol Clear?
  11. 1/12 Ferrari SF70-H

    Loving this: is the main body resin? I love that stuff!
  12. Microscale F-4 Phantom II Assorted Verisons - Common Data - Camouflage -- Stock# AC72-0052 is the one I had many moons ago but there are others I'm sure.
  13. RR: have you tried any F-4 SEA camo decal sheets? LOADS of white stencils on there, and in 1/72 no-one will read them!