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  1. As a number have said, it looks like we'll have to get used to higher prices. Yes we may find that some kits are out of our price range but thankfully there are plenty still which won't be. And if you have one of those "I'll never build them all" stashes then maybe you will after all. I must admit I don't, but then there's always scratch-building to keep me busy if it gets too bad. Could we get back to the P-39 now? I must admit I didn't think I was interested, but I might get one now! All this talk has made me thirsty.
  2. I think the Mods have better things to do than go running after people when they throw a tantrum. Maybe we should just stick to the subject and concentrate on arguing about whether the kit should have a 5-bladed propeller or not?
  3. I've got the SR.A1: it's a lovely kit, and comes with PE, canopy masks, 3D-printed decals for the instrument panels and seat belts plus some lovely finely-engraved panel lines. It's also quite big,. I'd recommend it!
  4. Just received mine: it looks lovely; some really fine engraved panel lines. Can't wait to put it all together
  5. Funny that: aside from decals, I can't recall seeing any aftermarket stuff for Wingnut Wings kits and I doubt this will need any either. But I bet Scale Aircraft Conversions does a landing gear set for it!
  6. It would appear that the hordes of humanity thronging to purchase the SR.A1 kit has overwhelmed them: Monday evening I finally got a reply to say that it had been packed, ready for despatch, but according to the Royal Mail, it wasn't actually sent until 4pm this afternoon! Not a great start considering I paid for a "24 Hour" service. I'm thinking that "24 hour" refers to the amount of time it takes to do each step. Thankfully it's not the end of the world, but still annoying.
  7. Back in 2014, we were treated to the Uhlenhaut Coupe 'red' in the paddock at Goodwood, largely ignored but looking gorgeous on its transporter. I remember at the time thinking that it was likely the most valuable object I'd ever seen, apart from the Mona Lisa. But the following year both 'red' and 'blue' attended the Festival of Speed!
  8. Glad to hear you got through. I must admit that it's unusual for Hannants to be tardy, but as of 4pm today my "1st Class, tracked" order is still being packed, with no tracking number.
  9. Has anyone received on yet? I ordered Saturday but the big H says my order hasn't been updated since then; no reply to 3 emails today and their phones don't answer. All very strange...
  10. Funny that: I ordered mine yesterday and it arrived six months ago...
  11. It's listed as resin/metal. I suspect the Scalemates photo is generic.
  12. IIRC, all Metrovick jets were/were going to be named after gemstones.
  13. Further to my last of a few minutes ago, I pressed the button and ordered one. As @Stuondrums said above, it'll be fun to build.
  14. Great work Xtrakit for showing some imagination and not giving in to the mediocre. I shall certainly get one, irrespective of where on the globe I live. Mind you, those 'WhIf' schemes don't do it any favours: I always liked the look of this aircraft, having seen it at Staverton back when I were a lad. Bit it is, well, a bit portly-looking and that silver scheme must have hid that. Maybe silver is the new black?
  15. Sabrejet

    Cancelled !

    You'd probably be better off writing to Airfix than throwing a hissy fit here.
  16. Nice job: I do like turning 'roadgoing' kits into racers!
  17. It's Building 1622 on Ramp 5D. Obviously a hangar, perfect I'd guess for an aircraft with a long, thin swept wing.
  18. Lovely work: every car collection should have at least one 917!
  19. I seem to recall seeing one in the car park at (Goodwood?) some time ago. More recently I watched a YouTube 'barn find' video of one. Not the most handsome of cars but their looks get less awkward as the years pass
  20. If it's to the same standard as Wingnut Wings kits, then the comparison isn't valid: WnW kits were vastly superior in finesse to Tamiya, and a great deal more satisfying to build (think full resin kit but in plastic). If Kotare can do a similar job then I might actually buy a Spitfire! (in 1/32, obvs...)
  21. It's interesting to note that the Bug is now seen as 'cool' (I think it always was), whereas the Supervan, Regal, Robin etc are still the butt of jokes. In fact maybe the Bug is the only 'cool' one of the Reliant 3-wheelers?
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