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  1. I can't recall seeing anything in published format but you might try the Brooklands museum? IIRC the drawings held at Filton went there. There are a few fuselage Station diagrams available (Maint Planning, Structural Repair etc), but aside from dimensioning, they can't be used for accurate outlines.
  2. The problem with that story (oft-repeated by folks who use the term 'research' in the way we'd use the term 'my mate reckons') is that the #1 XP-86 was damaged at the start of its first flight and flew subsequent sorties with the gear locked down. The effects of flight #1 resulted in (among other things) the scissor-action nose gear door of the F-86A/D/E/F/K/L and meant that Welch could not have exceeded Mach 1 even if he'd been stupid enough to do so. And incidentally, Al Conover was flying the XP-86 for NAA at this time but strangely gets barely a mention. So the whole "Welch/sound barrier" topic has no foundation in anything other than a conspiracy theory. But unfortunately, despite both NAA and USAF contemporary documentation being very specific on the circumstances of the XP-86 eventually exceeding Mach 1 (in early 1948), it is still not enough it seems. It would appear to be far more difficult to disprove a statement with no fact behind it than one with extensively documented proof. Tis a strange world we live in.
  3. Looks lovely: I have the 1/48 version inbound...:)
  4. Not sure; matt black? I recall them being black overall with yellow tips but I have to admit I didn't pay too much attention!
  5. Black strip along the leading edge was black neoprene; usually covered with translucent sacrificial tape.
  6. I wondered that too: many classic car owners get their vehicles scanned for restoration/recording. Scanning doesn't necessarily relate to modelling outputs. But it might
  7. Horses for courses I'm sure, but most/all of that stuff looks pretty basic at best. Looks more like a millstone than a stash.
  8. If you want to do most/all of the aero-engined Edwardians then I'd say you won't have much chance of finding any kits out there. I had considered scratch-building one of the GN-based specials but haven't gotten round to it yet..... I do recall that there was a Blitzen Benz in the Edwardian race (one of the Walker driving), which might be the best bet in terms of kit possibilities, if only by using a couple of different kits and scratch-building a lot. My favourite is Richard Scaldwell's GN-JAP, which wasn't there this year but would certainly need a scratch-built chassis and engine!
  9. MFH. Possibility that they'll do (as they often do) 1/24 and 1/43 versions though the car has been done in 1/43 a number of times already.
  10. Or, from my point of view, resin every time. But why are modellers shy of resin? It's been around for decades (my first resin build was circa 1986) and vac forms too (Rareplanes FJ-1, circa 1981 for me). So maybe this thread should be, "What kit that no-one has manufactured in the last five years, that doesn't require any effort?". I realise that there are those in the Tamiya "chuck it together" group (good for you - no criticism), but we aren't all here to get to the destination quickly with minimal effort. Plus by the way, if you exclude yourself from any media. you are missing some truly great stuff!
  11. Looking good: that silver underside/2TAF scheme makes a nice change and will have folks scratching their heads.
  12. 1 - Airfix, Bilek 2 - Dujin 3 - Airfix, Matchbox So none of the above fit into, "model [kit] nobody has kitted". Same for some other suggestions.
  13. Just caught up with this again: looks amazing. Any ideas on which colour scheme or did I miss that?
  14. I was going to use the Zero Paints lacquer but after a test with Mr Color Topcoat I used the latter. I haven't polished it yet and may also give it a panel wash as @Ade H suggested above.
  15. Finally finished something! This is Alpha Models' 1/24 McLaren 720S, built OOB with Zero Paints' Pearl Red ZP-1440. It did have an initial coat of McLaren Papaya Orange, but after seeing one in this colour at the Goodwood Members Meeting I thought that the orange was a bit 'meh' and decided to go for the red instead. It's a Pagani colour but I love it. Also I found a company that does steel brake conversions for the full-size 720S, so it also has steel brakes rather than carbon discs. I've got a couple more Alpha kits in the stash and can't wait to get onto another one. But first I have a race car or two do finish. Oh and if anyone at Alpha is listening: PLEASE do an Aston Martin Vulcan!
  16. Ah but some drone control F6Fs had the lengthened tail wheel leg. Thus I think it's more related to external stores than anything else.
  17. Best I can do is to suggest that this mod was to give clearance to novel/non-standard stores installed beneath the centre fuselage. It's stated as part of the F6F-3K/5K conversion requirement but I can't find a definitive reason.
  18. And just to add a bit to the "Crossroads" F6F-3Ks, two shots that show how the drones gained coloured forward engine cowlings at Kwajalein: This is 3/Orange:
  19. A bit more info on the asymmetric F6F-3K/5K antenna:
  20. You've probably seen these: F6F-3Ks used during Operation Crossroads, 1946. Pairs of drones wore overall red schemes with colour-coded tails. Each drone pair was assigned to an F6F-5 drone controller which had the corresponding colour painted around the engine cowling. Note that '14/pink' has the name 'Janie' on the cowling. And a few F6F-5Ks, mainly operated by VU-3/VU-3K: note the thickened wingtips, which (IIRC) housed cameras and miss-distance indicators. For info, the F6F drone controllers used by VU-3 (etc) were even more colourful, wearing the engine grey/red/yellow scheme.
  21. It depends which Hellcat drone you want to do: the early A-bomb test aircraft were quite different to the machines used at China Lake etc for Sparrow (and later) AAM tests. I have some info on both and recall that there is a decal sheet available for the Bikini test machines.
  22. I don't think I've ever seen a release on Rumourmonger and gone out and ordered (in fact I may have), but this was a no-brainer: pre-ordered!!!! These folks are awesome.
  23. You need to understand the full story. I'm sure posted elsewhere here. It's not about subject matter.
  24. You are a bit late to the party but I'm sure you know by now that there was more to WNW folding than "it all went wrong". There are also many manufacturers who are "in business to sell scale model kits" who come up time and time again with imaginative subjects. Thankfully.
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