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  1. I liked the marigolds best with the slight darker shade. They did not look so flashy. Very nice! 8-)
  2. Pocher aventador roadster

    Very nice!' I am looking forward to start building mine! (There is a viking ship blocking the table now...) 8-D
  3. Pocher Aventador Build (Blue Roadster)

    Really wonderful! Nice add-on kit parts! I have the same Pocher-car in my kit-queue. There will be some time before I start building mine, but it will be very interesting to follow your progress! I will buy some add-on kit parts for mine, but I have not made up my mind yet. Keep on the good work! 8-D
  4. Kevin from somerset saying hello

    Hi! wow! I Realy like your Victory! Nice ship! 8-)
  5. Stonehenge - a staged study for my LHS

    But.... This is the globe? 8-D
  6. Pocher 1/4 ducati pangalie

    Wonderful! I'm looking forward to follow this! This will be a large and nice model! 8-)
  7. Just a thought: If you try to reduce the resolution of pixels on your monitor you will get larger picture. It might be some fussy on LCD/LED monitors but on old large CRT monitors it would be fine. I guess it will become better than you have it now! 8
  8. I feel that layout 3 gave the best balance in the picture. Two is off cause the second best. The pond in front is also giving some life and opportunities.... Wonderful! 8-)
  9. Wonderful work! And a nice building log. You have created a nice plane and a nice crew, with equipment. I really like the MC! 8-D
  10. In Norway we make swings with a plank of wood. That can be easier than making a wheel. Any way, a kid will have great fun with only a hanging rope. 8-)
  11. A really wonderful tree! Some kids have some "swing wheel" (I don't know the English word for it) that they can play with. It might be just a wheel hanging in a rope. Could that be cool? 8-)
  12. I do not have words! I am impressed!!! Just wonderful!!! And a master piece!!! You have done a very good work!!! WOW!!! 8-D
  13. USMC Sniper team, Vietnam 1/35

    very nice work! I'm looking forward to follow this!! 8-)
  14. I am also surprised about the different in size! How to know which is the correct? I have bought parts from SD before and those were good , but these might bring problems? 8-)
  15. Beautiful! And very nice cars! 8-)