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  1. Top 1/8 kits of all times

    That was a really surprising list! Many models I would like to build. I have been looking for a Miura, but have not found any suitable yet. Well. That is my period for the time being. 1/8 is a nice size to handle! 8-)
  2. Short Jokes II The Sequel

    Some more Winter-jokes... 8-) (Edit: XX-edit: imgur sucks!)
  3. Pocher Aventador Build (Blue Roadster)

    The car is really nice in that color! Same on the callipers! 8-)
  4. Seasonal Vulcan Diorama Idea for Someone?

    Wonderful plane! When I was young I was visiting England, in the '80, with the IACE (International Air Cadet Exchange). We wisited a "church yard", and saw a wonderful Vulcan that had taken part i the Falkland conflict. It gave me special feelings to se the light blue flag on the side. The plane is just wonderful with its clean lines and enormous wings! 8-)
  5. Silver/metal paint for a DeLorean

    The Challenge would be to get the "lines" in the brushed surface. Well, that would also be related to the scale. 8-)
  6. Pocher Aventador Build (Blue Roadster)

    The kit is really looking fine. Your parts are looking like "real car parts"! (Of course!) Really nice building! (You make me looking forward for starting my own!) 8-)
  7. Ever evolvin dio OVER THE WALL

    Farmers are often handy men. He might have one half truck outside? May be the truck have been converted into a chart for his horse(s)? 8-)
  8. Realy nice! 8-)
  9. Really nice work! 8-D
  10. Ever evolvin dio OVER THE WALL

    That grass looks like the lawn outside in my garden.... It could only need some snails and rotten apples! 8-D
  11. This becomes nice! Nice painting. I really like your "carpet"!!! 8-D
  12. Ever evolvin dio OVER THE WALL

    I liked the marigolds best with the slight darker shade. They did not look so flashy. Very nice! 8-)
  13. Pocher aventador roadster

    Very nice!' I am looking forward to start building mine! (There is a viking ship blocking the table now...) 8-D
  14. Pocher Aventador Build (Blue Roadster)

    Really wonderful! Nice add-on kit parts! I have the same Pocher-car in my kit-queue. There will be some time before I start building mine, but it will be very interesting to follow your progress! I will buy some add-on kit parts for mine, but I have not made up my mind yet. Keep on the good work! 8-D