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  1. Hard question. I have always liked dio"s and the challenge that is for the building. I have not made many my self, but the challenge of creating a realistic winter, I know that is hard. (If someone could handle that challenge...?) But what is the cost of converting a summer to winter? What about all the details that are created for the green season? Trees and leaf? Grass? How will this become when they are covered with snow? Or do you just replace 'the easy to replace parts' and paint snow over the large buildings, streets and gras? The alternative to this (I guess?) will be butting this on hold and start on scratch with a new for winter...? That is also a hard one? Have you tried to 'flipp a coin' (if that is the right way in English to say that you leave the destiny to the royal queen on the coin)? 8-)
  2. Quite nice. (But horrrrrible price!!!) But as it contains 4,000 parts I will say "Average Pocher". May be we can sell our collections? 8-)
  3. Fantastic progress and details! And your investication is great. 8-)
  4. Just fantastic, It is hard/impossible to know if it is real or a model. (I am sure it is real!) 8-)
  5. I have only built the Testarossa, but have the Alfa (Spyder) and Avantador in queue. I have read that the old kits are having "dynamical quality" in the parts and how they fit together. Any way. There are a lot of nice spare parts for these kits. I have bought some for mine kits. They will become nice, Really nice. Take a look around here. There are many people having built (and building) these. 8-)
  6. It do not look so good... But from behind it could work. Cool, but for that price... 8-)
  7. I have never made a Winter-diorama. I have found it hard to make the snow and winter-looking hard to make. Well, in fact it is hard to make a summer, but winter is harder. As you write; you have made some essential parts for a summer-look. It will be a real challenge both to convert these essential parts, but also a challenge to make a general winter look. Any way; if someone could handle these challenges, and make a nice dio out of this, it must be you! 8-)
  8. Some of the feeling is gone, but if you turn of the sound of your PC its "looks better". Technologically interesting? Yes, that is the best answer. 8-)
  9. WOW. Wonderful. I have always had a good eye for ten Dolomite Sprint. That is of course the car you should have to day. Hardly any left in Norway. My father has a Herald 13/60. Rare car (here). 8-)
  10. Cool way to make grass! I have never been thinking of using teddy bears! Looks good! 8-)
  11. Very Nice idea. There will be much history in this. 8-)
  12. Really nice idea! This will become a nice diorama. I am looking forward to follow out. 8-)
  13. I am often using just a pen! Black or silver. 8-)
  14. It is good to read that also a fake Christmas tree can have a life after death! I should have put aside the ones that fell off our tree. I will remember next year! 8-)
  15. 8-) This link is to Your D-drive @larchiefeng! I do not hope we have access to that drive from here! Try to uplode it to google-drive, or similar! (Thanks for pictures etc!) 8-)
  16. Realy nice! (and very nice kit!) There could be nice with some persons there to! 8-)
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