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  1. Wonderful! I have the same in queue. The progress is still in the "buying upgrades and wondering what color to give the model". It is really nice to see your wonderful model! 8-)
  2. Great progress! I am looking forward for the progress!! 8- )
  3. Rip. Thanks for all inspiration you have given me and all your good post. You have learned me a lot. 8- (
  4. Yes. that is (nearly) correct. But the content, in those days, was some brown liquid content. I hope the current content will last longer. 8- )
  5. Then... Things have happened, and the modell has been finished: You might discover that the wheels are stolen from my Airfix-model. The ones I bought from SlotCar-Racing did not fit. They will be mounted on the Airfix-model when that day comes... So. The model is finished, and here you can see it besides the bottle: I say "the magic word", and it becomes like this: You might discover that the number of the license plate has changed. Lucky me! Coincidentally i saw that i had typed the wrong number when I printed the license plate. It is now corrected.. The car is inside the bottle. Too late I found out that the resoult would have been better with a "boring" bottle. The corners on the Glenfiddich shape is turning the picture of the model. Next time I will use a ordernary bottle. Any way; This bottle was bought by my wife and daughter when they visited the brewery. Next on the agenda is to hand the model over to my father....
  6. Do some of you know if there are any MC-kits made for Yamaha XJ600 or Yamaha Bolt? 8-)
  7. Short update about My Fathers MG. Unfortunately, I have not had any digital photo available during the beginning of the process. I do remember the car very well, and it was a straight 1967 MGB. I should have been more carefull. The web is not correct always. Or to be more correct; Even two MGB are not equal enough. This is an old photo of my Fathers car: The parking lights on my model are not in correct way. They shall be white on the inner side and orange on the outer side. I have to fix that. The taillights are too wide, but I will leave those with that width. The color will be more orange. The car have been cut and sanded to its shape. Steel wire have been used for windscreen and luggage rack. I love the suitcase! Bumpers and mirrors and tow hook are made of the “spare” material from normal plastic kits. The license plates are made in some different sizes. I will see what the best will be. They do have to fit with the bottle too. I am waiting for the wheels from Pendle Slot Racing. They have not arrived yet. They where shipped 11 of June. The color I find good, but I would like to have it glosser. I am not sure how the wood will react on the gloss transparent paint. 8- )
  8. Wonderfull! The final car must be quite heavy! All this metal parts. 8- )
  9. There has been a long time since I have posted some “serious” content here. (Thanks to @Codger for the tips of ‘postimg.cc’. Now I will try to give you some photo!) This project started in January. I did get the idea that I should make a model for my Father. Back in 1978 he bought a 1967 MGB. We had this car for several years. In 2005 he replaced it with an MGF. It was easier for an old man to enter this ‘more modern’ car. Two years ago he 'put the car keys on the shelf', and gave me the MGF. But he still loves cars. The; A model of his previous car would be a nice gift. Christmas? That could be a reasonable time. I could not make this “as something normal”. It should be a scratch-model, and for an old man; It should be possible for him to look at it without breaking details. Then; It must be put in a bottle! Should I make the MGB or the MGF? He enjoyed the MGB best, but the MGF was more modern, smarter and better for an old man. The MGF is a fantastic driving machine. The MGB does have the most classic look and the most distinctive details. The car body is also lower. Then the car will easier become ‘larger’. I also had an old Airfix model of the MGB. This has been in my building-queue for several years. Then I could use this for looking at details and measures. The Airfix model is 1:32 scale and the parts of the body will be able to enter the empty whiskey bottle. I did not manage to take pictures all the time, but I have some during progress. I am far from finished, but more to come! I hope my Father will like it. Here is what I started with. Then... My model side by side with the Airfix-model. Not exactly correct, but quite close for being 'botteled'. My model is the one to the left. (if you should ....) 8-) Should I slaughter the Airfix-model and use its wheels? or should I make some? I tried to make some and this is how they become. Later I have ordered some slot car wheels. They have not arrived yet. I guess I will use the slot car wheels or the Airfix. Wheels will be important. You might wonder what I will do about the interior? I am lucky! We had a toneau cover for the MGB. Then I can 'hide' all the interior by using the toneau. Dirty! The MGF did not (does not) have a toneau. Our MGB did have a tow hook! I have only seen one other car to have that! It did not have the same construction as our! The solution you see here is correct! More pictures to come! I must be finished in time before Christmas! 8-)
  10. Thanks! Lots of whees there! I do think I can find some. Slightly too wide, but I can solve that. https://www.pendleslotracing.co.uk/mitoos-aluminium-classic-wheels-dunlop-tyres-21-2x6mm.html?___SID=U These might do... 8-)
  11. Hi There. I am building a scratch-model of my fathers MGB. It will become a 1:32 scale. I am using this kit as a template: https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/8/1/4/197814-30596-94-pristine.jpg I am creating the car, but the wheels are hard to create. I would prefer to have spoke wheels like the car on picture. I can use the one from my Airfix-kit, but I would prefer not to slaughter my model. Do some of you where I can get similar wheels? They are 21 millimeters and the width must be 4 millimeter. 8-)
  12. This is just amazing! Lovely video, @Badder. Your work is, i do not have words! The details of your model i absolutely wonderful. "Building a ruined model is harder than a new ". I always appreciate your updates. 8-)
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