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  1. This smells "A matter of life and death"! Cooool. 8- )
  2. The sandbags, are these some parts you have bought or have you made them out of something? This is really looking nice. I am looking forward to follow the progress. 8-)
  3. Holly stepping Jesus! This is one million kits and models that will be put into one! Wonderful! I can remember we took cruise ships to England (from Sweden) in the 70. They had a game called "shuffle?" at the top deck. I do not know if Titanic had? This kit is absolutely fantastic! 8-)
  4. Really nice project. Titanic is a wonderful model, and has a dedicated place in history. I future I will get one in my building queue. I am looking forward to follow you progress! 8-)
  5. I just love to follow your work, @Badder. Your work is fantastic and gives me ideas and inspiration. 8-)
  6. Amazing kit! All those details. I am looking forward to follow the progress. Titanic is a ship we all have some relations to. Most of all because of the name and history. Some month ago I saw a film about "all things that went wrong". Interesting. I have often hold a kit of Titanic in my hands, but never bought. I like yours. And those figures will make it marvelous! 8-)
  7. You are really lucky who are having a good helping hand, @Renek! 8-)
  8. Really nice. I had a 66 Surf Blue Cooper S some years ago. I made a model of this Tamya. Unfortunately I forgot to swap the wipers for Left Hand Drive.... The Tamya kit did not have the correct rims. I put on MiniLite, but my car had the standard 3.5x10. 8-)
  9. Really nice! One thing that came into my mind is that the kit is that it contains the Austin Cooper grill, and the car is Morris Cooper. The grills were quite similar, but the Austin had the bars horizontal aligned (in running direction) and the Morris had the bars slanted. Not so easy to see, and even harder to solve. (On my kit I skipped to make a "fix"). Not best pictures, but the Austin Cooper MK1 And the Morris Cooper MK1 You might guess correct; "The Austin grill gave the best cooling for racing..." Very nice model!! A
  10. I used a black pen/marker to make the black line between the windows. That worked fine. On the real car there were brushes/fur on this. Prevent noise , dust and cold air from coming in to the car. Did it work? Well, this came in from all other places. So it worked for this windows. The picture above is from a standard Mini 850. Your (and mine) Cooper S has the chrome protection plate in front of the door "pocket " as and the "door stopper" is not the belt, but a more fancy thing made of threads and strings. To open the door the picture has the standard
  11. Beautiful, @wimbledon99! This becomes nice! But it becomes dark with the black center part on the seats. Originally this part was white. I like the red color you have. It becomes close to the correct “Tartan Red”. I am looking forward for the progress! Nice work! 8-)
  12. Great. Such a big gun! I believe it will be working dangerously fine. 8-)
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