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  1. Wonderfull! The final car must be quite heavy! All this metal parts. 8- )
  2. There has been a long time since I have posted some “serious” content here. (Thanks to @Codger for the tips of ‘postimg.cc’. Now I will try to give you some photo!) This project started in January. I did get the idea that I should make a model for my Father. Back in 1978 he bought a 1967 MGB. We had this car for several years. In 2005 he replaced it with an MGF. It was easier for an old man to enter this ‘more modern’ car. Two years ago he 'put the car keys on the shelf', and gave me the MGF. But he still loves cars. The; A model of his previous car would be a nice gift
  3. Thanks! Lots of whees there! I do think I can find some. Slightly too wide, but I can solve that. https://www.pendleslotracing.co.uk/mitoos-aluminium-classic-wheels-dunlop-tyres-21-2x6mm.html?___SID=U These might do... 8-)
  4. Hi There. I am building a scratch-model of my fathers MGB. It will become a 1:32 scale. I am using this kit as a template: https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/8/1/4/197814-30596-94-pristine.jpg I am creating the car, but the wheels are hard to create. I would prefer to have spoke wheels like the car on picture. I can use the one from my Airfix-kit, but I would prefer not to slaughter my model. Do some of you where I can get similar wheels? They are 21 millimeters and the width must be 4 millimeter. 8-)
  5. This is just amazing! Lovely video, @Badder. Your work is, i do not have words! The details of your model i absolutely wonderful. "Building a ruined model is harder than a new ". I always appreciate your updates. 8-)
  6. How wonderful! I have been looking for the 13/60 since my father has had one since the mid 70. We used the car as hobby/2'nd car until mid 90. It has been stored since. 100% original. (The original wipers is there). If i find a 13/60 i will make a model of this. 8-)
  7. Greetings from Oslo! 8-)
  8. Wonderful Metro you got there. Your soap-idea was great. I have got the problem you mention, but never came across that idea! Smart! I will remember that! Really nice work! (And a historic car!) 8- )
  9. Yes! You are right! I can see that on the box. The web shop have made a mistake and copied the same description for both. The "non Centennial " description have been put on both. Then the more expensive one looks more interesting. Thanks for your help, everybody! 8- )
  10. Since i was a kit I have been fascinated by the story of the Titanic. That is also why I have been dreaming of building a model of this ship. Unfortunately it will be large, but that is a part of the game. Again, after seeing a movie about the ship (again), I am looking for some models and information. Unfortunately, the 1/200 Trupeter kit will be too large. Then I will build me a problem…. But a kit in 1/350 might be OK. There are some different kits on the market, but I have seen the Minicraft, 1/350 Titanic Centennial Edition , and of course Minicraft 1/350 Titanic.
  11. This smells "A matter of life and death"! Cooool. 8- )
  12. The sandbags, are these some parts you have bought or have you made them out of something? This is really looking nice. I am looking forward to follow the progress. 8-)
  13. Holly stepping Jesus! This is one million kits and models that will be put into one! Wonderful! I can remember we took cruise ships to England (from Sweden) in the 70. They had a game called "shuffle?" at the top deck. I do not know if Titanic had? This kit is absolutely fantastic! 8-)
  14. Really nice project. Titanic is a wonderful model, and has a dedicated place in history. I future I will get one in my building queue. I am looking forward to follow you progress! 8-)
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