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  1. there would only be a handful of F40's in Australia and until they turn 30, they cannot be registered for everyday use. Unless one of the owners wants to spend a heap of money converting them to RHD.
  2. i built this one a long time ago. the only issue I can remember having is that the turbo's & pipes didn't connect up properly. so glad I got to see a real one in the flesh during the 60 year celebrations.
  3. that looks great, good thinking 99.
  4. i love the zipper decal.
  5. i don't know if this angle helps you, although it does show that it's attached to a black hose at the firewall.
  6. so the tow truck needs a tow truck. nice job.
  7. thank you. if I ever get back into kit building, I think i'll just stick with not using clear coat.
  8. great work so far, but how do you know which decals you can clear coat and which ones you can't?
  9. those wheels look very nice, great work.
  10. great work so far. love the F1, it's been my money no option buy from the first day I saw it.
  11. thanks for that.
  12. Hi, I'm a modeller from Melbourne and I thought I'd share my collection. I've been building models for over 20 years, but have been a bit slack of late. I also don't put in the effort that most of you do. All my cars have a couple of quick coats of paint on the body. There's about a dozen or more that are either unfinished or I haven't started them.
  13. i see you're playing Real Racing 3. that will look nice when finished.