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  1. the only thing i don't like about the chrome pen is that if you handle the parts too much, the shine comes off.
  2. it's looking really good. is that the Pocher Aventador in the background?
  3. the R32 is one of my all time favourite cars, both for its looks and its domination of Australian motorsport.
  4. very nice work, but that looks a lot like an R32, not an R33. am i missing something?
  5. are the smiling faces on the rear seats deliberate or just a happy coincidence?
  6. you could turn this into a Decepticon. nice work.
  7. you were close, the wingspan is 25.7 inches according to the website.
  8. the only part works issue I've purchased was the James Bond Car collection which i cancelled after 110 issues when the initial run was supposed to be 80. the cost does add up, but i have no regrets about it.
  9. i built this kit a long time ago and don't remember having any issues with it. keep going, because it is a nice kit. i remember when i built mine that i couldn't be bothered sanding the roof to remove the mold line for the targa top, so i just painted that section black and used the TS badge instead of the TB badge.
  10. i see De Agostini are releasing a 1/18 scale X-Wing. looks to be just in Europe for now.
  11. from this angle i can't see any problem with the front guard. looks perfect.
  12. looks good, but i would be careful to make sure you don't post this on any Lego forums. it's not worth the hassle you will get from them.
  13. looks good, seems odd that Tamiya wouldn't have used hex nuts to begin with.
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