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  1. thank you so much, i'm happy that you like my fantasy custom.
  2. Thanks for your interest in the project, it makes me very happy. As for the roof line, you are right, but the designer's concept is my inspiring muse, therefore, I am redesigning it as I please. The project is on standby because I have to finish the Citroen heller first. I believe I will leave at the end of the year. Thank you....
  3. This is my latest work done on the 1/8 monogram kit. In addition to making the door open, spare wheel, shock absorbers, traction and leather upholstery with seams, I had fun chasing it making it unique. LINK WIP http://www.modellismo.net/forum/statico-work-progress/130444-corvette-stingray-1965-mirage-edition-base-monogram-1-8-a.html
  4. Thanks everyone, I'm glad you like it. No, I'm not picking up the GT40 but the ferrari gto 250.
  5. Thanks a lot, I am very pleased that you noticed the immense work behind this kit.
  6. finished... thanks to all those who have had the pleasure of following this wip. See you next time and good luck to everyone.
  7. I made the front hood locking system, I used a little bit of everything; a dashboard, brass, wood, plasticard, etc.
  8. Thanks again. as I started to assemble the bodywork I noticed that the air intakes left them closed. Luckily they are the only plastic things in the entire bodywork ... After having drilled and filed with great care so as not to spoil the painting, I put the usual PC plug in the front opening and the kitchen sieve screen for the rear one ...
  9. Thank you very much. Pleased that someone likes my lowcost method in modeling.
  10. ..I made the front window grilles which were omitted in the kit. To make them, I started with PC plugs ...
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