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  1. mounting on the platform of the work done so far ...
  2. ... assembly of hydraulic pipes, I will install the inlet pipes in the box once the distances of the engine compartment are identified ...
  3. ... the assembly on the linkages is too stocky and has a very approximate mounting with a screw, I replaced the part of the assembly with a piece of antenna, creating the bolt entry hole ..
  4. ... mounted the piston I made the piston dust cover with the mobile part of the straw. For this idea I have to thank my 4-year-old daughter, who asked me for a juice with a straw yesterday, I would never have arrived ...
  5. ... here my attentions have shifted to the steering box and the related piston, first I cut off that tube that comes out of the box and replaced it with the spare tube of the multi-tool, which has an internal thread and the space where the tires go, is also perfect as a measure ...
  6. Thanks andmarsh. in the front I picked up the steering levers and the steering gear with the piston, it seems to me all a little too simplified, first I eliminated the screws and built the bolts, because nuts I have a lot but no bolts. to turn the nuts into bolts it is very simple, insert the screw and glue it to the desired height, cut the thread with the excess head, putty with cyan and bicarbonate and here is the set that serves nuts, bolts and washers ...
  7. thanks again friends, the road to the end is still long and tortuous, I will put all my passion and commitment into realization.
  8. Thank you very much, as you noticed, I had to face so many difficult changes. However, it remains one of the jobs I care about most, both for the result and for the look of the model.
  9. Thank you very much, it's my idea to make modeling adapt by recycling everything.
  10. ... cut away the flying brackets, complete the silencers with functional brackets taken and modified by a bugatti pocher engine.
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