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  1. Thank you. using the same Plexiglas that was part of a photo frame which turns out to be quite malleable without needing to be thermoformed ...
  2. Successful body / bodywork marriage. At the same time I modified the dashboard and started to mount it ...
  3. little tip: tinted or transparent windows?
  4. Thank you. Permanently glued the plexiglass and applied the gasket ...
  5. Thank you very much but, let's not exaggerate because in Ferrari if they decide to redo the F40 ... However, today I tried to paint the windows on the roof and bonnet with smoked transparent, the result is satisfactory. They are just leaning on completely dry paint tomorrow I glue them.
  6. Front grille fitting, made me sweat seven shirts ....
  7. Front rectangular badge, sill and roof / bonnet glass preparation ...
  8. ok, for most of the rebuilt parts I used cyan + bicarbonate, then metallic / two-component putty, finally stuccospray. Once I gave the black / spy primer I corrected the small difetties with light-curing tamya putty
  9. hi, i never use transparent on my models. It is a glossy acrylic color, after drying I carry out the polishing by hand.
  10. Try body / chassis marriage, it seems that everything comes back ... The whole is just resting.
  11. Beautiful car and beautiful work, congratulations. This model I have always wanted I hope one day to be able to have it in my hands. One question, I never understood why Pocher made the rough black roof, from the vintage photos I seem to have always seen it smooth in a glossy color or am I wrong?
  12. After polishing the front hood I wanted to try how it goes with the rest and I really like it
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