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  1. So it’s been a long while to say the least. A serious of household things to sort, nothing major but just a string of events conspiring against me. Then about three weeks ago, I got some time and was ready to spray some yellow, only to find that my airbrush was stuffed. I haven’t been happy with it for a while, but it needed a major strip down, which revealed some damage to the needle and the nozzle, probably as a result of the previous clean. Replacements parts came to almost half of the cost of a new airbrush, so that what I did, bought a new airbrush. After some practice, the following photos show the current state of play. All of the yellow has been sprayed, I used a Matt for this as I thought that gloss just wasn’t right for underneath, and most of the parts that I’d previously worked on have been glued in place. But this kit if very poor quality compared to my previous elderly Bandai kit, the Pendle Princess, and I thought that one was bad enough. There is a lot of sink, not many locating holes, nothing is really flat etc, etc. To the extent that I’ve lost a bit of interest, but I will finish it, then maybe treat myself to a nice Tamiya kit where things fit!!
  2. That’s a nice build John, I like it.
  3. That’s going to be interesting @kpnuts, I’ve started a Bandai Mercer Raceabout, probably from the same series of kits, but got a bit bogged down with other issues at the moment. I’ll be following along with this one if I may?
  4. At last, a post about the Mercer. Things sometimes get in the way of modelling I’m afraid …. grrr!! I’ve been trying to find something for the HT leads, the red tubing was missing from the kit and I’ve looked at all sorts of things as an alternative, heat shrink tubing, jewellery wire etc. In the end I came across some quite small diameter hook up wire at a local electrical shop. Whilst it’s far from perfect, it’ll have to do I’m afraid. The ends that goes into the distributor no longer fit, the original vinyl tube would have probably squeezed in, but the wire wouldn’t fit. So I got four of the eight wires in and glued the other four to the first four, I then covered the “joint” with some filler in an attempt to simulate a rubber boot, it’s not very good and in the attached picture it’s cunningly hidden under the inlet manifold!!
  5. That’s a very good way of describing it. I’ve spent some time sharpening up the detail on the springs, but it still needs something else. I’ll probably try some panel line accent colour and see how that looks.
  6. Cracking on at breakneck speed now!! I was labouring with removing the seam lines as per my last post. I use needle files and then smooth down with various grades of wet and dry paper. My needle files were cheap and now quite old and I’ve got arthritis in my fingers so it was a real drag catching hold of the narrow diameter handle. So I treated myself to a nice new set of reasonably good 100mm needle files with wooden handles .... what an improvement. A picture of the new toys follows here - So with the seam lines removed and partly smoothed, I had a collection of chassis bits - Next came the chassis assembly, including copious checking to try and make sure that it went together reasonably square and flat - So far, so good it seems to be laying true, although I wouldn’t be surprised, with these old kits, to find that it rocks a bit on the corners when complete - And just for good measure, the next couple of stages dry fitted - So next comes the painting of the chassis, after checking some real examples on the internet, I was really surprised to find that the suspension is all yellow. I had expected at least the leaves to be black or something. So I’m now thinking of how to bring a bit of life to the springs to give the individual (in real life) leaves some definition, maybe something like a panel line before painting??
  7. An update with some slow progress. The engine is virtually complete but I’m looking at make the HT leads a bit better. The kit provides some “red cord” that is actually missing from my box, which is inserted into the eight holes on the top of the engine at one end and into the “distributor box” on the right of the engine at the other end. I’ve found some white rod that fits into the spark plug (holes) at the top of the engine, so that will be the insulator and I now need to track down some tubing for the leads. I’ve moved onto the chassis now and every component so far has a nice big mould line right down the middle. So my recent activity has been to remove the line, fill in ejector pin marks and generally tidy things up. Attached are a couple of pictures of the suspension, here I’ve taken the opportunity of sharpening up the definition on the spring leaves as well.
  8. Hi John, a little, but not much I’m afraid. I was going to post a couple of pictures over the weekend but got sidetracked, I’ll do it ASAP. I started on the chassis and the mold lines run right down the middle of virtually every piece, so I’ve got a lot of sanding and smoothing to do. Keep your eye out for some pictures and thanks for your interest.
  9. It’s called creative photography @johnlambert, as always, we are our own worst critics.
  10. A bit of progress at long last. I’ve spent some time checking colours on the internet, both models and real cars and it left me no wiser, there is a huge range of variation out there. So I decided that I would simply make the model “out of the box” to the best of my skills and just enjoy the build. So here is the engine almost complete, the main block is gunmetal and I’m quite happy with the colour. The Bandai plating is quite unrealistic in real-world terms, but I’ve left most of it. The springs (??) running up the side of the engine have horrible seam lines but I decided that they probably wouldn’t be seen much and if I removed them, there wouldn’t be much spring detail left. So anyway, here’s my start, all constructive comments are very welcome.
  11. That’s brilliant @Old John, a great model and I love your photography. If my Mercer turns out anything like halfway to this level I’ll be a happy boy!!
  12. Happy to oblige @Sabrejet, here are the sprues, I’ve started assembling a couple of bits that will be the same colour, so the engine block and a couple of other bits are assembled. I tried a silver grey on the engine block just to try it out and it’s much too light, so a darker grey is required, maybe even black. There is also a picture of the “generic” pinstripes and curves that I bought at a swap meet. I’ll give them a go when I get that far, but there won’t be enough, plus the kit requires a thick line with a parallel thin line ... probably not this modeller!!
  13. Patience @Sabrejet, I was hoping that @cherry268 English instructions would help with the colours, that wasn’t to be, so I’m off now using my best judgement. So look out shortly for a nice bright blue engine block with a salmon pink timing chain cover ......
  14. Thanks for the bus and tram pictures, that makes me even more keen to do one now, they look great. I think I must have matured early!! I’m a mere youngster at 65 and I’ve always built very slowly, not necessarily through choice but because I’ve got quite a few other things that I want to do, and all at the same time. I’ve got a few of the Mercer bits ready to paint, so hopefully it will be underway soon. Regards Ian
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