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  1. Thanks Iain, I didn’t think that I needed the photo-etch belts, but it had to be worth asking. I had some remarkable help over in the vehicles section of the forum, in my opinion, this has to be one of the best forums of this type on the internet. Regards Ian
  2. Hi Aircraft Modellers, depending on your outlook in life, I’ve either just left or just come over to the dark side. For the last couple of years I’ve been lurking on the “Vehicles, Non-military” section of Britmodeller. But at a recent swap-meet I came across a 1/48 Fairey Swordfish that looked complete and was about half the full price here in Brisbane, Australia. My last aircraft modelling would have been around the mid 1960’s when I was much, much younger and butchered Airfix Spitfires for a pastime. When I got the kit home I found that the kit included the Tamiya photo-etch parts (so an even better bargain) and subsequently I have purchased the full Eduard photo-etch set. Coming originally from Plymouth and overlooking Devonport Naval Base and having relatives living in Yeovil, near to RNAS Yeovilton I’ve been exposed to naval aircraft and helicopters for a long part of my formative years, which I think is why this kit appealed to me. Now the real reason for this post is ask my first of many dumb aircraft questions. I intend to build the model with the crew in place, so do I still need to fit any of the photo-etched harness components?? I will apologise in advance if I upset any “purists” in this build, I am not an aircraft expert, but just enjoy building scale models. So I will call things by the wrong name and I will make schoolboy errors, but I’ll be enjoying myself while I slowly (very slowly) make progress. Thanks for reading and all advice will be gratefully received. Regards Ian
  3. Great work and brilliant photographer, full marks for this one sir.
  4. Sad that Revell put out a new kit with these quality problems, but you seem to be making a great job of rectifying them. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress.
  5. Very nice work there, I like it. As others have said, not my favourite Porsche, but that doesn’t stop it being a nice model.
  6. Thanks @MR2Don, is your “Bounty” plastic or wood? I’ve built a wooden schooner previously and have an “Endeavour” on the go (well it would be if the plastic wouldn’t keep getting in the way). Here is a link to my schooner if your interested, love to see a picture of the “Bounty”.
  7. Thanks @Redstaff, if you don’t have patience at the start, you will by the time you’ve finished!!
  8. Thanks @Spiny, a) yes b) yes !! I’m relieved because the model has become incredibly fragile as it’s gotten bigger. I kept knocking bits and even broke one while I was doing something else. I knocked off several of the light globes while fitting the roof. Yes I’m very pleased now it’s complete, as usual, I know where the mistakes are, but that doesn’t detract from a sense of achievement.
  9. Thanks for the advice @Codger, I wouldn’t try to use a plastic bag, the model is quite fragile, but what damage would plastic do?? Sorry to sound dumb, but this is what’s so good about this forum, so much knowledge and help. Thanks to everybody for your kind words and comments, it is appreciated.
  10. A nice start Lee, I love these Tamiya bike kits, I’ll be watching.
  11. Thanks @dnl42, that not the response that I expected .... but I’ll take it Thanks @JeroenS, I appreciate your comment, both now and through the build.
  12. I’ve called “time” on this one, and moved it over to the RFI section -
  13. I’m pleased to report that I’ve called “complete” on the Pendle Princess after more than twelve months. And I’m pleased with her, I’m a bit older and hopefully a bit wiser. I’ve learnt quite a bit, and I’ve certainly sworn more than I’ve learnt .... I’ve mounted the model on a temporary base until I decide what to do with it. All comments happily received, good, bad or indifferent, we only learn by having our errors pointed out. Thanks to those who’ve followed along, encouraged and helped. And especial thanks to my good friend Dale, who donated the kit to me in the first place and started this journey off. I’ve got another older Bandai kit, the 1/16 scale Mercer Raceabout, that’s craving attention, but I think that I’ll be going over to the dark side for my next build. I’ve got a 1/48 Tamiya Fairey Swordfish Mk I that I picked up at a swap meet a while ago that I’m going to have a go at.
  14. So close to the end and the decals bite just one more time!! The last sub-assembly for the kit is the roof, which went together quite nicely, so onto the decals. Those of you who’ve followed this build will know some of the problems that I’ve had with the original decals and the reasonable success that I’ve had with some home printed ones. Well for the decals along the edge of the roof I decided to try the original ones due to the white writing. Hmmm ..... they literally fell to pieces in the water and there was no chance of lining them up, the biggest piece would have been around 5mm long. So onto the home printed ones, I could not really use the ones printed on the white film as I would have had to cut out each character separately. I started with the scrolls on the ends which are almost invisible to the naked eye and completely invisible in these pictures. So I had to use the ones printed on the white film for the lettering and decided to try to make it look like a white painted “plaque”. I’m happy with the result, but I apologise to the purists, needs must I’m afraid. A success in my opinion were the two belts. I wasn’t happy with the vinyl ones supplied, they looked cheap and didn’t hang right. So I got some thin leather straps from a leather worker at a local market and the results are shown below. The shorter belt is a bit loose and the join is visible, but the longer one went on great and I hid the joint under the flywheel. i reckon that the next appearance of The Princess may be on the RFI section, but I’ll add a note here as well.
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