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  1. Hi Rich, welcome to the group, don’t worry about being brave enough. In the end it’s your build and that’s the end of it. But the amount of constructive and helpful comment you’ll get will make your next build that much better. I don’t remember seeing any “bad” comments and the moderators do a great job in keeping people honest. So post you pictures and look forward to the help. Regards Ian
  2. I’ll follow this if I may? Even the stand is a work of art, so I can only imagine how the build will end up. Enjoy the build.
  3. Happy birthday!! What a present, I’ve never seen anything like that before. Good to see such variety in this section of Britmodeller. I’m following this for sure.
  4. Hi @kpnuts, it’s looking really good. I replaced the belts on my build with thin leather straps that I found at a local craft market, they looked so much better. Hope you can find something suitable. Regards Ian
  5. Those lines on the wheels are impossible!! I did the rivets where the spokes join the rim OK, but as for the lines, I painted the space in between the parallel lines and that had to do I’m afraid. As for the other Bandai kits, the friend that gave me the Pendle Princess also gave me the Mercer Raceabout kit from the same era. I’m itching to get started on it, but we’re in the throes of moving house and I’m afraid the the modelling section has been packed up temporarily, but I will be posting my attempt at the Mercer in the New Year I guess.
  6. Hi @kpnuts, looking really good so far. You may have seen my build of this one, it was a bit of a devil at times but I enjoyed the build in the end. It looks like your decals are in better condition than mine were. Due to a lack of display space and an impending house move I gave my finished kit to the local steam museum. They were over the moon with it I’m pleased to say. I’ll be tagging along with your build if I may. Regards Ian
  7. Ian T

    Hi from the UK

    Hi Nick, here is a link to my first wooden model, I’ve just had a look at the links that you sent ...... wow, that’s great work indeed, I absolutely love them. I don’t want to double your work with the other forum, but it would be great to see a “work in progress” on the second model On this forum, she looks superb. Keep up the great work, I’ve now been shamed into looking at getting back back to my second kit ..... Thanks and regards Ian
  8. Ian T

    Hi from the UK

    Hi Nick, welcome to the forum, I’ve built and completed one wooden ship (in the completed section of the ships parts of the forum if your interested) and like you, I’m building my second, but it’s very, very slow and I’ve been distracted by plastic lately. I prefer civilian vehicles especially the Tamiya bike kits, but at the moment I’ve gone over to the dark side and building a Fairey Swordfish kit. I’d love to see your wooden boats. Regards Ian
  9. That’s stunning, no more, no less ....
  10. Nice work Gorby, I love the build and the story.
  11. A long time between posts, but I’m not a prolific model builder. So since my last post I’ve spent quite a few hours working on the Swordfish with, what seems like, not much to show for it. I spent some while painting the crew and was reasonably pleased with the result, but I’ve never been really happy brush painting Tamiya flat colours, they always seem to be a bit shiny. Also, I didn’t do a good job of de-seaming the crew. Then I did the instrument panel and used the Eduard photo-etch components and was pleased with that. Next up was painting the interior of the fuselage, followed by dry fitt
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