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  1. Ian T

    Moving Time Again

    Good luck with the change to the new server, I get worried backing up my iPad!! Thanks for all the “behind the scenes” work, I’m sure that everybody appreciates the work that must go into keeping Britmodeller in such fine fettle. John R, we could consider setting up “Ausmodeller” (would that be “Ausexit”?) but changing the back room staff as much as we change Prime Ministers would get to be such a pain, can we stay in please?
  2. A nice build coming along there Alan, good work. I like it when people show attention to detail, like your throttle cables going under the tank, and filling in the voids in the pipes, excellent stuff. Regards Ian
  3. This is great!!! The model is coming along very well, but where did the original come from??? I’m not an ardent car fanatic, but I have a reasonable interest, but this car has completely passed me by, I love it. Plus the DS was a lovely car anyway, this transporter adds another level to the story. Thanks kpnuts for opening my eyes to the DS transporter. Regards Ian
  4. Hi Kallisti I did see this on your original build and it’s very impressive I have to say. But you’re a braver man than me, I would be OK sanding off the moulded bits, but I’d be stuck after that. So rather than make a botch up of it I decided to stick with the moulded bits and paint very carefully. What did you use for the replacement pipe work?? Regards Ian
  5. Thanks for your kind words Bigdave, I’m really quite happy with the way that it is working out I was also given a Mercer Raceabout car kit of the same vintage by the same friend. But the instructions and decals are missing for that one. I’ve managed to get a set of instructions from this forum, but the decals will have to wait until I get around to starting the kit, but at least they’ll be new!! There are a few places that sell pinstriping decals or I may look at making my own, that would be something new. Regards Ian
  6. Ian T

    Hi from SW Cornwall

    Hi Dave, welcome to the forum. The photo problem is common, if you have a look in the FAQ section there is lots of help, written far more clearly than I could. I use Flickr and find it very easy, but each to their own. I’m looking forward to those pictures (I thought my 12 years to build a “plank on frame” Schooner was long enough!!). Regards Ian
  7. Ian T

    Hi from Wiltshire, UK (and a question!)

    Hi Simon, welcome to the forum, I was born within sight of Devonport Naval Base and although it’s not one of my modelling interests, I’ve always been exposed to post war navy topics. A large percentage of the Plymouth population was employed in the Dockyard and with so many navy personnel around you couldn’t go far without some talk of navy matters. I can’t recommend a kit to you, my interests lie in “plank on frame” wooden vessels amongst other things. But you’ll find some terrific help here and I wish you luck with your return to modelling, I’m certainly enjoying mine. Regards Ian
  8. Ian T

    Put a Face to your Name Mk.II

    OK, my turn, I’m sat in my shed trying to look cool on a rather warm day. At least the light isn’t reflecting off my shiny bald head!!! I’m not sure if I should ask for comments or constructive criticism at this point??
  9. Continuing with the theme of “its not perfect, but I’m happy” here is the completed water tank. After the lumpy paint finish described above, I sanded very carefully using very wet, 2000 grit wet and dry followed by the use of some polishing compound and overall, no problem. I didn’t lose any detail and there is a nice shiny semi-gloss appearance that is not really evident from these pictures. The decals went on reasonably well, but they do seem to have a tendency to move a little bit as they dry. Anyway, you can decide for yourself, here are some pictures of the completed water tank. Please feel free to comment or provide any constructive suggestions.
  10. I’d forgotten all about this kit (and the bike itself!!), it’s been nicely done here Rick, well done.
  11. That’s really nice, and a great idea for a display. As for the colour, call is metal flake or metallic, it’s still superb, great stuff AR918. Regards Ian
  12. That is very, very nice, and lovely to see something that is a bit out of the ordinary, well done.
  13. Ian T

    458 Italia

    Beautiful paintwork, I’m jealous!!
  14. I’ve not had much success with Tamiya clear, if you do use it take care not to apply it too thickly, as the saying goes, “several light coats, not one thick one”. I got a large spray can of “Crystal Clear” from my local hobby shop (in Australia) which works a treat. The only downside for me is the relatively wide spray pattern with rattle cans. I would think that a nicely applied clear coat would add a bit of depth to the colour. It’s your call on how well you feel your spraying is!! The red looks good so far, if you’re happy with it, why take a risk?
  15. Thanks very much Markus, I do appreciate your help. I’m sure that this was the problem, I’ve done some more decals on the Princess without the clear coat and without any problem in the decal. Sorry if I hijacked your thread!! Regards Ian