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  1. Ian T

    Hello from South Carolina

    Hi Jon, glad to hear that you seem to be on the mend, I’ll second the earlier comment about building for yourself, this isn’t a completion forum. At the moment I’m at the OOB stage and haven’t tried weathering or other fancy techniques, that can come later, simply enjoying myself and I hope you do too. Regards Ian
  2. Ian T

    Skippers Ahoy!

    Hi Albatros, welcome to the forum, I’ve found it to be very friendly, very helpful and an inspiration. As for the pictures, yes you have to use another site, something I’d never done before. I use Flicker and found it to be very easy, add your pictures to Flicker, when on Flicker copy the URL and paste into you topic. There are some good write ups available on how to do it, just use the search function. looking forward to seeing some pictures. Regards Ian
  3. Ian T

    HMB Endeavour

    Hi Rob, as somebody that has worked in both wood and plastic, I actually think that wood is more forgiving. If I stuff up a wooden piece, it is relatively easy to make another one, but I, for one, don’t have the skills to replicate a plastic part if I break one. I’m pleased that you’re watching, I hope I don’t waste your time. Regards Ian
  4. I’ve just come across this topic, it’s spectacular!!
  5. After just completing two Tamiya motorbike kits, here is something completely different. I was lucky enough to have been given two old Bandai kits by a friend. They are both 1/16 scale, one is a Mercer Raceabout car and the other is this Traction Engine. There are excellent builds of both of these kits elsewhere on the forum which I encourage you to have a look at. After quite of bit of research on the internet, I have found that the Pendle Princess kit has been released by other companies apart from Bandai, but I think the original was by Bandai. To the best of my knowledge my kit is a Bandai version. Before I go any further I want to apologise to any Traction Engine enthusiasts for the naming mistakes that I know I will make. I know nothing about Traction Engines so if this is a “Showman’s Engine” rather than a Traction Engine, that is my ignorance. After the Tamiya kits where everything fits well and detailed down to very minute information, this kit could be a nightmare. I’ve spent some time inspecting everything and there is a lack of locating lugs/pins and a wealth of flash, ejector pin marks and general sink holes. Also the colour is going to be a problem, similar to many males, I am partially colour blind, and although I can see as many colours as a normal sighted person, they don’t always register correctly in my brain. So with little help in the instructions, lots of pictures on the internet (often conflicting with each other) and my colour blindness, it could all be very interesting. So, no build so far, but I have washed everything and ready to go!! How regular I get to this build is uncertain as I have resurrected a wooden, plank on frame ship (HMB Endeavour) that I commenced a while back. So I’ll be swapping between the two as I can get bits done. Just to start with, here are two pictures, one of the box lid and one of the instructions front sheet, which has a brief history. Any help, particularly with the correct colours, comments and general conversation, will be gratefully received. Wish me luck ....
  6. Ian T

    HMB Endeavour

    Hi Grant, they come from “Modellers Central” in New South Wales Australia, I’m not sure if they ship to your part of the World but here is a link to their website https://www.modelerscentral.com/tools-paints-glue/hand-tools/holding/planking-screws-p12/ As you get further around the curve of the frame you need to put a scrap piece of planking under the “heel” of the planking screw to keep the flat “foot” of the clamp flat on the plank that is being glued. You can see one in the last picture above on the frame that is directly behind the forward most gun port. They are very good, they come in a pack of 12 and I would recommend that you get two packs if you want to do one plank on each side at the same time. Let me know if you need anymore information. Regards Ian
  7. Hi andmarsh, I hope that you’re going to put the Honda CBR on the “work in progress” section, no problem if you don’t want to, but I, for one, would like to see the progress.
  8. Ian T

    Tamiya Kawasaki H2R Trickstar

    Hey gamblor916, do you have two builds underway? I keep getting myself either painted and glued into a corner and have to wait for things to dry, so maybe two kits is the way to go. I’d probably end up with Honda forks on a Kawasaki ..... Anyway this Kawasaki looks lovely, great to see and very inspiring. Keep up the good work.
  9. Ian T

    Tamiya Ducati 916

    We’re staging a takeover W-D, bikers everywhere as far as I can see, doesn’t make us bad people though does it!!
  10. Love your work, that is very, very nice indeed.
  11. Ian T

    HMB Endeavour

    Thanks Stuart, that’s the first time that I’ve ever been called an artisan and I’m 63!! I hope that you’ll keep across the build and that I live up to the compliment.
  12. Today, I spent some time on my build of The Endeavour, the ship commanded by Cook on the first of his 3 major voyages. The first voyage was when he charted large parts of the Australian east coast. I commenced this build a couple of years ago, before I joined BM, hence we start this thread with the model part built. Today is the first time that I’ve touched the model for more than twelve months, there’s various reasons for that, not least of which was when some of the 1st layer of planking sprung off the frames, probably due to the Queensland heat and humidity, and I lost a bit of interest. So, having just finished a couple of Tamiya motorbike kits I thought that it was time to get back to the ship. My wooden ship building speed isn’t prolific (not that you can rush these things!!), my first ship (The Mercury, which is on the forum in the “Ready for Inspection” section) took me twelve years. So this thread will be quite intermittent but hopefully entertaining. I decided to build the model “out of the box” although from what I’ve managed to uncover the Endeavour never had any guns below deck, which the kit will have. The kit comes from the Italian company, Corel, and so far I’m happy with the contents and build. I was warned that the “bluff” bow would be a challenge and it has turned out to be a lot harder than that on The Mercury. So on with a few pictures, the first being the obligatory box and then a close-up of (hopefully) what the finished model will look like. Then we have two similar pictures showing a plank in the process of glueing into position. Any comments, questions and constructive criticisms are very welcome.
  13. Ian T

    Tamiya Ducati 916

    A great start, I’m looking forward to seeing this come together.
  14. Thanks Gamblor916, I’ve enjoyed the build overall and learnt quite a bit, so its all good.
  15. Excellent!! Really, really lovely work.