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  1. I’m so impressed with this already, I’ll be watching!!
  2. Not much left now Jeroen!! The front end is complete and needs to be attached. The roof is the main thing left, but there are still a few fiddly bits to go yet. I forgot to fit a pipe that needs to go behind the flywheel, but that should be OK, I can always cut it and fit it from either side if it becomes difficult. Other than that there are a few details such as the hose pipe used to fill the water tank, the warning bell and chain etc. So as much as I think I’m nearly finished I think that there will still be a few weeks yet. Thanks for your interest and comments.
  3. The latest additions include the gear wheels and cover on the right hand side, with the flywheel added to the left hand side.
  4. The Pendle Princess is now getting rather fragile I’m afraid, the mouldings and locating pins weren’t the best with it being an older kit, but now there are so many things sticking out to catch on that I need to be so careful when handing it. The last few days have seen some minor detail painting and the fitting of several pipes, levers, handles and wheels as shown in the photos below. One or two are a bit out of focus I’m afraid, but I hope that they convey the current build status.
  5. Nice looking bike, so a great choice for your first bike build. I love the Tamiya bike kits, loads of detail, great fit and finish, challenging enough to keep the interest up and generally a sound purchase. I’ve built a couple of the Tamiya Ducati’s and have been very pleased with the final build. Have fun with the Honda and I look forward to your progress pictures. Regards Ian.
  6. Hi @RefiksModel, I use Flickr to host my pictures, the “share” button is in Flickr and not in this forum. Once you have uploaded your pictures into Flickr there are a couple of steps, but it guides you with the word “next” but at one step there is the share button (upper right corner from memory). Once you have the picture successfully loaded and shared, go to the export symbol (square box with an arrow pointing upwards), click “copy URL”, then go to your britmodeller post and paste it. Hope this helps and have fun on the forum. Regards Ian.
  7. Today’s update shows the control panel (apologies if that isn’t the correct name) and the firebox door (not really visible in the first picture) on the black panel below. Then there are a couple of pictures of this assembly mounted on the footplate area.
  8. Welcome Dan, looks like you’ve made a good start. You’ll find that you will have a growing list of tools and gadgets as you go, but if I may make a suggestion, only get them when a) your current build requires them and b) when you’ve justified to yourself that you need them. There are many lists on the internet with suggested lists of tools and some people go off and buy them, only to find out later that they aren’t really that useful. I’m a bit surprised now when I look at my collection of tools, but luckily I don’t regret buying most of them. I’ve also found that the support and encouragement on this forum is brilliant. So if you need to ask, then ask, and when you try something new, don’t be afraid of making a mistake, we’ve all done it and I, for one, am learning something new all of the time.
  9. That’s excellent, a nice model of a nice bike, well done indeed.
  10. I was happy with the decals in my last effort, above, but I thought and hoped that I could do a bit better. So I persevered and played with the settings on my printer and adjusted the scale a bit, reprinted the sheets and have got to this now. And I’ve got to be really happy with this I reckon. Still not 100% the correct size, but a “standard” printer has probably got a fair degree of leeway in these things. But when I considered the fragile state of the original decals, I’m so pleased to be here now. So, at last, I can make some more progress now. These are the side panels that, I’m guessing, keep fingers out of the cylinder, pistons and other whirling bits. A view is the side panels fixed in place. And a general view, including the rear roof bracket with the earlier decals.
  11. Thanks @Bigdave22014 that’s exactly the sort of suggestion that I was after.
  12. Several decal experiments later and we’ve made some progress. I purchased some clear and some white decal printing paper and got going. I knew that it wouldn’t be easy having read quite a bit about decal printing on this forum and on the internet in general. But I needed to try for myself as I couldn’t get my head around what would happen if I wanted white printing on a mostly clear decal, should I paint background, would I apply enough clear coat to seal the colours etc. etc. The first attempt was to do a trial print on plain paper and compare the size to the original decals. After a fair amount of trial and error this was achieved reasonably accurately. So I then printed the two sheets on clear film. First problem, using the same scale on my printer (a commercial Epsom ink jet) didn’t give the same size product using the film, so more adjusting took place and we got the right(ish) size. The application worked fine, the decal slid off the paper well, I was able to position them well and they generally looked. But the colours were just too pale. The yellow pinstriping was hardly visible on the brown paint and the silver number on the number plate disappeared and came out as a brown number. So I moved on to the white paper, went through the same issues with scale etc. Once again the decal went on well, but with the white paper everything had to be trimmed extra close to the decal and with the number plate wasn’t an issue, except for maybe a trace of white at some places. But the yellow pinstriping had to be trimmed on both the external and internal edges which was very difficult to achieve well. Anyway, here is the result of my first “successful” home printed decals. I am actually very pleased with them, the close up camera highlights every blemish and to the naked eye, they do seem a bit better than this picture. Some things I need to bear in mind and to improve on, the accuracy of the cutting and a way to consistently and easily trim the internal edges of the pinstriping. It is important to only make one cut with the modelling knife, it is important to cut into and for the cuts to meet at the corners. The scale is very slightly too large and the decals do go over the moulded lines a bit. I would welcome any comments on how to trim accurately and any other helpful comments. Thanks for reading to the end of a long story.
  13. Thanks for your comments @dnl42, the supplier of the decal paper recommends using, White Knight acrylic gloss, which I think is an Australian product, but I may be wrong. I already have a rattle can of something called “Crystal Clear” which I got from a local model shop, which I think I’ll try on the sheet that I stuffed up to see how it goes. But I also have some X-22 which I think I’ll try as my second option. Once again thanks for your comments.
  14. Progress, of sorts .... I’ve now printing my first attempt at home made decals, with many thanks to @cmatthewbacon for the scans of his originals. These need to be sealed yet, but I’m looking forward to moving on with this build now. I’ve got quite a few painted bits that require decals which will be much easier applied off the build. These are printed on clear film but I will need to print the “Museum of Steam” ones on white film, which I got at the same time as the clear. I haven’t got my head around what this means yet in terms of what the completed decal will look like when printed and cut off the sheet, but I’ve got a stuffed up sheet that I printed incorrectly that I can play with. Anyway, onwards and upwards.
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