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  1. Here goes with my second project after returning to modelling recently. My first kit (a Tamiya Ducati 916), was to see if I wanted to carry on modelling, with this second kit I want to try a lot harder to include some of the techniques that I’ve learnt since my last go at modelling some 50 years ago. Some of those techniques will appear obvious, but I’ve never tried before, such as thinning the paint (yes really), de-seaming after joining parts etc. So here is the progress so far, starting with the box lid. The following picture shows most of the engine components ready for assembly. Here are to two main “sides” of the engine with attachments. This is the completed engine assembly. Next is my first real attempt at de-seaming, the air-box painted semi-gloss black. I’m quite pleased with the results, there are still a couple of very minor “seams” in the corners, but I was concerned with accidentally removing the detail, so I left it at a stage I was happy with. And finally two pictures of the engine complete with the air-box. I’d appreciate any suggestions to improve (except “buy an airbrush”, which I can’t afford at the moment), thanks.
  2. Ian T

    Tamiya Ducati 916

    Thanks Jurgen, I appreciate your comment. regards Ian
  3. Ian T


    It’s great to see something really different and so good!!
  4. Ian T

    Hello from Austria

    Welcome Daniel from Australia, I enjoyed the club website, the excellent work inspires me to do better!!
  5. That is brilliant, I love the Martini stripes, wonderful stuff!!
  6. Ian T

    1955 BMW 507 Coupé

    A beautiful model of a beautiful car, excellent work.
  7. Ian T

    First Build for Wooden Model Ship

    I did my first plank on frame kit after never being near a wooden kit before. From my experience, get a double planked kit, that is, 2mm thick pine first layer and then 0.5mm mahogany top layer for my kit. This lets you smooth out any build problems on the first layer by either filling or sanding. Make sure that you wax the rigging twine and generally take your time. My kit and books etc. came from Modellers Central in Australia, you can check out their website for ideas. If you get stuck consider what the part is supposed to do, especially the rigging, and then go from there. My first build is on the “Ready for Inspection” forum, Port Jackson Schooner, if you want to have a look. Please feel free to ask any questions, we need some more wood examples on the forum!!
  8. Wonderful, I love the plinth as well, it completes the work. Also including the pen to give the size is a great idea.
  9. Ian T

    Tamiya Ducati 916

    Thanks Kev
  10. Ian T

    Tamiya Ducati 916

    Not sure what happened to the pictures, let’s try again.
  11. Here goes with my first “Ready for Inspection” on the forum. This is my first model since returning to modelling after many (too many) years. I decided to complete the kit as I would have undertaken it many years ago, by that I mean, too quickly, not enough attention to the seam lines, brush painted (except the red which came from a rattle can), no clear coat, etc. etc. This gives me a baseline to work from and to be able to gauge any improvements on. I’ll put the next kit on the “Work in Progress” once I start. Anyway, enough rambling, I’d appreciate any constructive comments. https://flic.kr/p/KW6rqj https://flic.kr/p/27ZJekS https://flic.kr/p/26YA1YQ https://flic.kr/p/27ZJem3
  12. Thanks Steve, I’ll take a look at the forum for other wooden kits. I have seen some wonderful examples of wooden ships since I started and I pleased to hear that others on this forum are carrying on the good work.
  13. Thanks Kev and Beefy, that’s all good, I’ve had the Endeavour on the back burner for a while. I left it in my shed overnight and the heat/humidity of a Queensland summer sprang a few of the bottom layer of planks off. So I put it aside until the cooler weather, but we’ve been cooler for a couple of months now, so I need to get back to it. I also need to remember to bring it indoors each day when I’ve finished!!
  14. Ian T

    1/12 Honda VFR 750R

    This looks really good, looking forward to seeing the progress
  15. Thanks Kev, I’m keeping a better record of the current build, I’m recording the hours taken rather than “elapsed time” and I’ve started taking pictures at each significant stage. Do forum members do one “running” topic for a build in progress or do they post a separate topic each time? Thanks Beefy