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  1. I'm going to purchase this kit…...you build and extra detailing work in Amazing and a really inspiration point. Absolut top work!
  2. In the meantime I am finishing another 2 WRC delta, I started thinking about my next project. I write a premise: my good friend model maker Riccardo tried to take me on the "right" way of the hystoric racing. The idea would have been a LeMans (the 4H race in the 24) # 62 driven by Lennep with an NA engine and Martini livery ..... not to be confused with the Turbo # 46 always used by Lennep, always at LeMans, always Martini but at 24H race. Beautiful cars, but that don't make “fall in love” like an mp4/4 or a Delta. If I continue to model my historical subjects it will be the F1, the WRC and some LeMans .... the rest I like custom or tuning like my Golf GTI My inspiration starts from a Porsche seen live at Woerthersee 2013 .... an awesome USA 964: it is practically original, just very low (airride) and a rotiform rims. The idea of my Porsche is based on this: a car with original shapes (practically a sleeper .... if a sleeper can be defined as a Porsche) "slammed" on the ground, 4 rims but with a turbo engine and therefore probably with the rear open bumper and with turbo clearly visible just like on the Lennep RSR in 24H Lemans Now I’m studying the various engines between the various 935 of 76 and 79; there will be a lot to work and it will not be easy ... I don't even know if I will be able. I have the first 21 double issues with the possibility of understanding how difficult it will be to move the cooling fan horizontally The biggest problems will be: -Exhaust manifolds -Wastegate -Turbo intake -alternator -Intercooler position The rest will be the classic two-seater, internally emptied, rollcage and the usual mix of carbon, airride and bbs rims We will see that “salade” will emerge from it.
  3. Yes and another big problem is the police.....in my last worthersee i paied 300 euros for extra low ride of my golf..... As a smoker, this a little deta detail that could not be missing...
  4. Fianlly ended. I started this project in August 2016 and completed in April 2020 Model: Golf GTI 1.8 8v 1988 "Road to Worthersee" Scale: 1/8 Brand: Hachette Extra: RC 1/10 parts, some scratchbuild , aiiride tank form Riccardo Zanelli, Decal set from Max91
  5. Thanks very much Scwwarz....i really apprecciate you word! Thank you very much
  6. Thanks very much to everybody that follow my build and custom project. This is the end of my 1/8 GTI stratde in 2016 and completed in april 2020 Model: Golf GTI 1.8 8v 1988 "Road to Worthersee" Scale: 1/8 brand: Hachette italia Extra: RC 1/10 parts and Delta 1/8 seat and steering wheel , Airride tank machined by RiccardoZanelli, Decal set of Max
  7. Thank very much for you follow Alan....very happy to enjoy you with my custom built I started the decal work to add on my model.
  8. Thanks too much jeron....just mising some details on car and box, but is the final display. Many Thanks Badger Hi Kirk and Thanks....after completing my GTI, i have to build another couple of commissioned Delta WRC.
  9. I was arrived to the end of this long project that began almost 4 years ago with various stops and start. During the week should arrive all decals (including license plate and VIN) and then I'll do the final outdoor photo set I worked on his home case a nd I reuse some spares parts fixxed on the wall...like on my 1:1 garage of my mk3.
  10. Incompleted the inlet air system for oil cooler radiator duct. The yellow hose start from the removesd high beam light and link to radiator duct. To fix the metal mesh i machined the lenses of high beam light. I also add the bixenon bulb on black headlight. To reach a total dark look I black painted the mesh....i also added the PE screw for beam regulation. I did some detail work adding some head bolts on Airbox bracker and radiator bracket, at the end i completed the last air hose inlet for airbox.
  11. I’m finally arrived to marriage chassis and bodyshell Before make this, i stripped out the chrome from rear badge and I repainted them in semi matt black I adjusted the height of door hinges to match all panel lines I worked on tail light to match the combo color lenses of the Golf Special edition. I also flocked the inside of tail lights I also give some detail to front radiator bar: I drilled the blankes holes and repainted in titanium gold the bonnet latch. I’ll add in the future some final PE and bolts. p
  12. Thank Jeron, i also like this set very much I placed the viper cover adding a battery cut off swhitch. I completed the roof trim and finally i placed hatch, bonnet and doors. Next week i hope will arrive the decal set to fianally fit chassis with bodyshell
  13. 2/2 Some overall pics and some test with other rims
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