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  1. That's a superb build. I really like the detail around the exhausts and the cabling in the cockpit. My own effort:
  2. Truly remarkable attention to detail. Looking forward to seeing some more
  3. I see that Tamiya are re-releasing this iconic kit, and with the photo-etched parts sen in the last release. There's been a few showcased on Britmodeller (including my effort) and I couldn't recommend it strongly enough to anyone who fancies a big scale challenge. It's about £160 and it's release means that all three of these era porsches are available again. if they could see their way clear to re-releasing the Datsun 240Z Safari please..........
  4. Are you sure you didn't just go to the National Motorcycle Museum, take some photos and post them here? It's amazing.
  5. Aren't the PS paints specifically formulated for polycarbonate bodies? I know they're popular in the RC world. What was putting me off this kit was getting the colour right, but now I know which one it is I may be tempted again.
  6. Wow! I've never seen anything quite like it. A really unusual subject. Very dramatic; excellent work.
  7. Beautiful rendition and I love that colour too.It actually looks like a showroom bike, well done. Every time I see a Blackbird I decide I still want one, and if I did take the plunge it would be in blue. Now if only Tamiya (or anyone actually) would make a decent scale model of a VFR800FiX (and I don't mean that awful police spec version that crops up from time to time)then I'd have it like a shot and create it in yellow to match the one in my garage.
  8. Thanks Nev. I used Alclad aluminium and stainless steel with some highlighting with their copper colour. All brushed over with ground up grey pastel.
  9. Thanks so much for all the 'likes' and the kind comments. It was a very enjoyable build.
  10. Here's my newly-finished lockdown project, the massive Tamiya 1/32 Phantom F4J. It's OOB and is a monster. There's been plenty said about the rights and wrongs of this kit - the battle damage repair panels, poorly made jet intakes, incorrect wing angles and so on, but it remains a great kit in my opinion. It's a straightforward build with less than 30 steps in the build process. The bulk of the work involves the weapons. There's so many of them and they were time-consuming with various left hand side and right hand side missiles and pylons so it was easy to get confused and mixed up, especiall
  11. It's a beautiful aircraft and yours is a beautiful model. The paintwork is particularly impressive. Marvellous.
  12. That is a beautiful and superbly detailed rendition. Fantastic. The photographs are stunning. Excellent work
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