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  1. Looks nice so fat. I really enjoyed building the Airfix Victor. I bought the Eduard Big Ed PE kit for it. The exterior kit is fine and adds nice detail to the airbrakes and undercarriage, but the interior kit........? Well, at least I know it's all in there!
  2. Looks like you could actually get on it and ride it away.
  3. Jaw-droppingly magnificent. Doesn't look at all like a 1/72 scale model.
  4. Thank you all for the helpful replies. Plenty to consider.
  5. I have an ongoing V Bomber/Cold War project which will include the 1/72 scale Airfix Victor (already built), Valiant (in a box in the cupboard) and Vulcan (somewhere between the factory and my house) together with the 1/72 TSR-2 and a Lightning. The problem is displaying them. I have a couple of 1m wide, 400mm deep glass display cabinets, but the wingspans of the V Bombers are still too big to fit on the shelves on their wheels. I'll have to display them at an angle on the shelf(not mimicking in flight), but I'm struggling to find a suitable stand (like an ornamental plate stand fo
  6. That's a superb build. I really like the detail around the exhausts and the cabling in the cockpit. My own effort:
  7. Truly remarkable attention to detail. Looking forward to seeing some more
  8. I see that Tamiya are re-releasing this iconic kit, and with the photo-etched parts sen in the last release. There's been a few showcased on Britmodeller (including my effort) and I couldn't recommend it strongly enough to anyone who fancies a big scale challenge. It's about £160 and it's release means that all three of these era porsches are available again. if they could see their way clear to re-releasing the Datsun 240Z Safari please..........
  9. Are you sure you didn't just go to the National Motorcycle Museum, take some photos and post them here? It's amazing.
  10. Aren't the PS paints specifically formulated for polycarbonate bodies? I know they're popular in the RC world. What was putting me off this kit was getting the colour right, but now I know which one it is I may be tempted again.
  11. Wow! I've never seen anything quite like it. A really unusual subject. Very dramatic; excellent work.
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