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  1. I know right?? I'll be addressing that issue as well. Whole thing needed a make over but hey.....it's at least a Maverick kit....right? lol
  2. I didn't like the interior much on this kit. For one....I cannot STAND molded in foot pedals and I don't care for the ejector pin marks in all four corners of the flooring either. And they are like in painfully obvious and highly visible places. It's not "correct" but I had to modify the rear of the interior to move those slicks further inboard so they don't protrude outside of the rear fenders all crazy looking. I also had to modify the rear of the chassis alot (which I am still working on) for the same reason. Secondly, this kit is severely lacking in detail so I'm hoping to improve on that as time goes along here. A shot showing the OOB molded in pedals and flooring. another shot showing the interior mods a little clearer:(as well as those nasty ejector pin marks): We start the mod process by sawing off the foot board/ lower firewall area of the interior: and then after the new Evergreen floor and lower firewall area were cut to fit and moved into place. There....much better.
  3. Ok. No dice on the aluminum wheels. Just wouldn't fit these tires BUT....I do have another Maverick in the works that they should work great with. I managed to get the wheels I am going to use coated in Molotow and the tires all decaled and completed. I didn't use the front wheels with the Molotow on them in the following pictures because this stuff has a minimum cure out of 48 hours. The rears I could handle somewhat because of the dish in the wheels but here's where we're at right now with the wheels/ tires. and then I found my headers that are going to give me the perfect clearance. I just cut the flanges off of them and modified the header extensions on the Jo-Han headers to match up with the headers and we're all set. Another major hurdle of this build overcome.
  4. Tail light fit looks PERFECT. Time very well spent on these! Wow!!
  5. OK guys. It's been a while since I've posted any progress. Aluminum wheels aint gonna work on this one. Too small but that'll be ok. I've got another use for em on another Maverick. Started on the 427 SOHC engine this week: After getting a few more bits on. Oil filter, starter, bellhousing and transmission have all been painted up and installed. Working on the intake area of the build now which is where all the details are going to be. Stuff like ignition wiring, throttle linkage, fuel lines and all the mumbo jumbo stuff that goes in there.... All test fitted together with a set of carbs that I have in the stash. Proper Dominators will go on top when I get 'em in the mail.... and for test fitting the engine into the frame to check out header options, header to frame clearances and general fit..... so I don't damage or mess up any of the details that I'm building here I've got another 427 that came in a glue bomb Maverick that I got in the mail that's undergoing a restoration/ transformation.
  6. Gonna follow this one. Lots of good work going into it. Looking forward to seeing you re-start this one up.
  7. Thanks Andy and Ian! I really appreciate the very kind comments fellas.
  8. That Lambo looks so dang good I could almost slap myself to make sure it aint the real deal. Bravo Martin. Job well done!!
  9. I've been haggling over the tires for the last couple of days and after conversing with Ted Bowe from Ted's Modeling Marketplace back and forth through emails, going through photo shots and doing ALOT of measuring and head scratching I've come up with a new set of slicks that I'm going to use for this thing. Additionally I was concerned with how the front ride height was going to be but once I test fitted everything into place...…….it pretty much fell into place. I might go just a tad lower in the front but I'm pretty happy that I don't have to do much here as this has been quite the gaggle in the way of mods on this car. This is the way this car is going to look now and it seems like it's a lot closer to the reference photos that I have of this car. Now I've just gotta score a Goodyear decal sheet to put the scripts onto the tires. Reference shot: Updated parts and stance--a FAR cry from the way it was. BTW.....did I mention that I found a set of aluminum slots for it?? Yeah.....those are on the way to me from Canada:
  10. That's it. Believe me …..this kit is NOTHING special. A glorified promo model is about all it is. BUT.....there aint that many Maverick kits out there so in that right it is really rare.
  11. The chassis has undergone extensive modification in the last couple of weeks. Initially I was headed in a direction with the rear suspension that just wasn't looking right but have since made some changes. First off the front subframe area was shortened by 5/16 of an inch which looked ok but I had to acquire another Mustang kit in order to cut the rear frame rails from it to use in bringing both frame rails further inside to allow those rear slicks to further UNDER the car like the reference shot. Before: And after repositioning the rear frame rails: These are not the tires that I'll be using but they are as wide as the ones that I've got coming for it. I've merely got this pictured as a comparison to what was.....and what now IS. Before-Just hanging out of the rear fenderwell WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too far: After chassis mods:
  12. I hear you and thanks for the comment Pete. There is a way around the Jo Han offerings but it pays to use a different chassis as I'm doing with this one. For instance, instead of paying the $300 that this kit is going for, there are resin offerings and you can use the AMT 67 Fastback Mustang kit chassis to make it all work. The Mustang chassis is a plus because I just can't put the Jo Han one piece chassis under and feel good about it. Furthermore it wont work with what I've got in mind in the reference pictures anyhow.
  13. I haven't done a race car in I don't know how long but I've had this Jo-Han Maverick in my stash for a couple of years and wanted to build it but didn't know what theme I was going with until I saw Don Nicholson's ride. I knew right away that I HAD to build it....and so.....along with my re-intro here I'll give this my best shot. The kit (I bought this kit a couple of years back for $50......you don't EVEN want to know what it goes for these days....WOW!!) The Subject:
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