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  1. Thanks Homer! It certainly wasn't without its trials. lol
  2. can't remember the last time I started an aircraft model. Sheesh! What's it been now........five years?? Just haven't felt comfortable with my painting and weathering skills until the finish up of my Ar 234 last year. Additionally, automotive modeling has given me a new spin on airbrushing. Well....I guess it's about time to bust out with one huh? We'll be going with Tamiya's Me-262 offering So.....let's dance. Here's what's in the arsenal for this build:
  3. VERY good modeling on this bus. Thing is just awesome!!!!
  4. Thanks Andy!! I'm looking at switching to aircraft for the next build and then I'll hop back into auto builds again.
  5. Superbly built and love the way you display these beauties.
  6. Thanks dnl!! 'Preciate the good word VJ and for following along. Glad to have had you along for the ride as well Jeroen. Thanks buddy. The input you gave me along the way helped me out alot Codger and I thank you for that man. One of these days I may try my hand at a larger scale build......when I get the display space. lol Thank you Ralph!!
  7. That paint work is gorgeous as is the engine detailing. Love the L/H rear photo shot. Very cool and very aggressive looking.
  8. First....let me go into the actual car. I've been wanting to build a Maverick for a VERY long time but there aren't many kits to choose from. The best offering (and this isn't saying much) is the Jo-Han kit. I was fortunate to get mine from someone on another forum for the mere price of $50. These kits are running around 300+ bucks nowadays so 50 bones is a friggin' steal. Then there came the matter of subject. I was looking for a car to build....you know....a pattern. Nothing struck my fancy for the longest time until I found Dyno Don's car. Man....I was smitten! Just an evil lookin' car! So
  9. Leave it to me to be a day late and a dollar short. lol Can't wait to see the buffing results.
  10. Nicely finished small scale build. Impressive.
  11. Dammit man!!! That looks GREAT!! And all scratchbuilt too. BONUS!! I feel fairly comfortable in my modeling but there's always room for improvement and you sir........are an inspiring builder. Great work.
  12. For some reason, even when I paint my hoods along with the body, I seem to always get a different shade than the rest of the car. With that being said it never seems to take away from the overall build. Honestly.....I think you're gonna be alright potna.
  13. Thanks for the comments bud. After looking at it again I felt the need to add the throttle return spring to top everything off. There....much better....
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