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  1. That's not a bad job at all on those door handles HP! Progress on this car is looking very good so far.
  2. Good news!! I found me some BONUS SHOTS of my old car!!!!! I'm currently doing a bathroom renovation to our master bathroom and needed some tools that were hidden away in the "house toolbox" by my wife. While looking for the tools I found a small plastic box with.......a whole load of pictures of my old blue Mustang PLUS a slew of negatives that I'll be taking to a photo developer here in town to have pictures printed up with. Frickin' SCORE!!!! Here are those missing pictures of my '69 Mach 1 351W in my '67 while it was under construction. Man.....I haven't seen these things in 10 years. Now.....what tha hell were they doing in the dang tool box for?
  3. Glad to see you here as well brother!!! No worries....I made it on board. lol We need that system here in South Texas!!!!
  4. Did some work stance wise this morning. The front got some re-positioning of the front spindles, a little sanding here and a little drilling there. All the rear springs needed was a slight re-arching. Now it's starting to look more like I want it to with a slight forward rake.
  5. I don't get that either. Somebody needs to be smacked for that one!!! For some it's not that big of a deal but it's an obvious detail that doesn't need to be missing IMO. I mean.....I'll work around it by making up for details elsewhere on the engine but what tha heck?? Ya know?!!
  6. Man I love seeing builds that look this good in this small of a scale. WOW!!! Very nice indeed.
  7. This is a beautifully built model. I don't know alot about these kinds of aircraft so reading all of the information put out was good stuff.
  8. Very good looking aircraft build and excellent photography. Over the top brother.
  9. And THAT is one good looking engine and is definitely fitting in there nicely. Thanks for the heads up about the Vallejo Metal Colors as well. I've been meaning to pick some of that stuff up.
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