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  1. LOL!!! Never thought of it that way. Okay......I managed to get the hair raising task of installing the wheels all done. Sounds simple but I made the wheel mounting holes on the rims an oval so I could get this one just wee tad lower. Had to get all the wheels at just the right height so I wouldn't wind up with a "3 wheeler". The stance is now locked in. I also got the back panel all painted up, detailed up and bumpered up and installed. I hit the body with a little more polish but can tell I need to do it again just to get it just right.
  2. As it turns out......I did forget to put the inside rear view mirror on. Not a total deal breaker for me though and besides.....here in the state of Texas you only need one mirror installed to pass the Vehicle State Inspection requirements so I'll be sure to install the outside rearview mirror.
  3. First off.....I worked on the battery a couple of days back and decided not to go with real cables for this one. Gonna concentrate most of my efforts on the brake lines coming off of the master cylinder and more so on the engine which I still haven't decided which way to go with yet. Secondly.....If you wanna know about stress...…I can tell you about that. I have never seen an interior that fought the whole way going into a car body before. I just knew one of the windows were gonna pop out or that there was going to be an interior side panel pop out of place or something was gonna break while installing it. I can't really turn the car body upside down to do all of this either due to all the flocking going everywhere during the popping and all from fitting this interior up into the body. I had to do all of this with the body upright which made things really hard to do. But............…I got it. Thank God-I got it.
  4. I can't give you much in the way of technical knowledge on this one just because I don't know a dang thing about this vehicle BUT...………….I do know some good modeling when I see it and you're doing good with this.
  5. Definitely worth the watching. Looking forward to this.
  6. I've done a couple of these old resto builds over the years and I always have a great time with them. Just taking them back apart and looking at how I had put things together back then was a good trip down memory lane. There are some good rewards to be had out of builds like these. I do have a couple on the shelf that I refuse to redo so as to have and show where I was and were I am in scale modeling these days. My son asked me once about how come I got as good as I am and I'm able to show him my untouched old (and I do mean old) builds just to prove that I didn't start out perfectly. Very good progress on your build. This is looking good.
  7. Got some done on the engine bay this morning. Again, the newer Revell kits seem to include more than the average bear (but then again.....this is a Pro Modeler kit) Steering columns are not usually present in auto kits. I've got the holes drilled in the shock towers to install the retaining nuts and studs for the shocks later.
  8. Thanks Tommy. Well I've officially completed the interior tub today. All that's left is installing the door lock knobs into the holes that I drilled in the top of each door which will happen after I've got everything installed neatly and securely up into the body as to avoid damage to the knobs during the interior install. Revell really did everything right on this kit. If you look up under the dash on the passengers side you'll see the HVAC case. AM items include the seat belts and buckles, PE foot pedals, PE steering wheel spokes, PE keys and key chains and of course the carpet/ flocking. All chrome was applied with a Molotow Chrome pen except for the chrome endcap on the rear of the console. I'm pretty pleased with this.
  9. Ok folks I've got this part finished and will be moving on to the engine firewall and then interior fit into the body which doesn't look like it's gonna be that fun. But in any case....the completed dash:
  10. Console completed minus shifter... and then installed into the mocked up interior with the carpet laid down... '
  11. Nicely done on the seats. Looking forward to seeing the final reveal.
  12. Thanks for the interest and reactions guys. This'll be my second go round with these door panels as I didn't prime them before painting the first time and the paint lifted when I tried to apply the BMF to the trim areas. Bummer! So I stripped them and began with priming this time but ended up using Molotow Chrome the second time instead of BMF. Picked up this new acrylic primer from Badger called STYNYLREZ. It's an acrylic polyurethane primer and I was pretty impressed with the results. Just apply in thin coats and it goes on as smooth as a baby's butt: Finished door panels. I used RLM 79 with some shadowing here and there and chromed the details and trim with Molotow Chrome:
  13. In my opinion, there's two major things to get right with a General Lee build: 1.) The car body-It's gotta look the part and it's gotta be near perfect in regards to the look and finish...……….and 2.) The wheels. If the wheels are a flub job then the whole thing looks off balance. I've got one of the rear wheels pretty much completed and I feel pretty fair about the outcome. The rear wheels will come from the Eckler Corvette and are a little wider/ deeper for a more aggressive looking Lee. I stuck the tire on a 14mm deep socket (next time I'll use a shallow socket for more control and less wobble) and spun it up on a drill with the tire on some sandpaper to achieve the worn tire tread look.
  14. Way to go.....and I mean WAY.....TO.....GO!!!! This is modeling at is best right here!!
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