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  1. That is a real beauty! Building one of these is on my "bucket" list of things to do after I complete the Aventador!
  2. Making slow but steady progress on this kit. Upper manifold complete with all worm/ring clamps, tubing (using Paul Koo's decals and instructions). It's not perfect, but pretty good for a rank amateur! After I dress up the "V-12" badge on the front, this item is now complete and ready for installation on the engine heads later. Thanks to all who have an interest! D.
  3. I sacrificed one of them to experiment. It makes a barrel for a small nut to be inserted, to simulate a worm gear. But the tie cannot be secured through the loop in this configuration, it is too wide. I used another type for the intake hoses.
  4. Progress on intake..... Can someone please give me some guidance on the bending sequence on this PE hose clamp? Thanks!
  5. That bench looks much better! I'll post before/after on mine later, similar results
  6. I'm in South Carolina, Eastern Standard Time. I just cleaned out my garage, so it looks like I'll be moving my stuff out of the house into the icebox for the winter :). No biggie- I'm thinking of putting an LCD TV out there....
  7. We are refinishing our deck as I speak- what do you know, our situations are more parallel that we realized
  8. Fantastic progress. Your bench is like mine: "let's cut out a bit of transkit, and see how we can make it fit".....Larchiefeng, I am enjoying my build as you are, a little bit at a time....I've got some PE hose clamps in this transkit that I cannot figure out how to bend to get a proper clamp! On we go!
  9. Started work on the throttle bodies and intake hoses. The transkit contains some really nice PE hardware for the throttle body sides, which are visible in the engine bay. Each piece should be a stack of 3 PE parts, and painted gloss or flat black. The throttle body themselves are silver when completed. I will post more pictures soon- I plan to show photos of those steps in which I use the actual transkit parts, as there is no good online tutorial for this. For those that do have the transkit, and have not started the build yet, please ask any questions as I go along.
  10. It is fitting that the showpiece of the Aventador engine is the intake and rocker cover- and even better when prepared by the hands of a master:). Thank you Ron (Silver911) for adding your magic to this very important piece, and making it true to scale! The texture and color is a perfect match to the actual engine. For the bolts/washers, I used one washer and rivet from the transkit, and the other three were kindly provided by Ron (Hiroboy socket-head rivets). I am certain that I will use these bolts/washers for all of the cylinder head work, as they are one piece! The transkit washers have to be removed and prepared individually, and then the rivets added. I have really been impressed with the teamwork shown on this site, and a genuine willingness to help. This greatly enhances the building experience! Thank you again Ron!! Darin
  11. MASERATI 250F Scratch Build

    Fantastic! I love your builds! Darin
  12. Thank you for the suggestion Codger!
  13. Incredible work- thanks for showing us!!!
  14. Applying some transkit photoetch pieces for the foot pedals. I'm choosing the left-drive configuration
  15. Rear shock absorbers finished. In my view, next to the intake manifold and the carbon fiber rocker cover, these rear shocks are the most visible and distinct functional parts of this model when the rear hatch is opened. The number of coils on these springs is inaccurate, and I could have cut, stretched, and heat treated these to be more true to scale- but the model is quite heavy, and the lessened spring constant k would perhaps result in significant sag. I did search online for custom springs, but I couldn't find a match. I used MicroSet for the first time here, lightly brushing the aluminum surface. The decals (from Paul Koo) were easy to move around and manage.