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  1. MASERATI 250F Scratch Build

    Just impeccable craftsmanship. I don't know how you do what you do. Scratchbuilding is a real talent!!!
  2. That is gorgeous! Love that case too!
  3. Yep, that's exactly what I'm going to do- but drilling holes into these will be difficult. I may just make two holes with a needle and press fit the wires into them.
  4. Started working on the tranny and transfer case details. The first picture shows the actual assembly, but the kit piece only reveals three sensors. I decided to cut off the fake molded bolts and install 0.8mm and 1.2 mm SS nuts from Autograph. Forgive the sloppy touch-ups, I will clean this up later. I am contemplating making actual red and black sensor wires for each sensor, but finding a bit that small is a challenge, as the smallest I have is 0.8mm. Tomasso's transkit indeed provides black and silver wire for this detail!
  5. Pocher 1/4 ducati panigale

    Looking great nuts!! What technique did you use to weather those calipers and spindle? I want to try something like this on the Aventador tranny and block if I can! Thanks! Darin
  6. Either way, the car looks amazing! Please post up more pics, and in brighter lighting. Don't worry about the rear hatch too much, as I understand it, it's only a few flat-head screws that need replaced. I won't be getting to that step very soon- the transkit additions to the engine are extensive and will be the longest part of the build. Thanks Mark! Darin
  7. Looks primo Mark! Did you do the Roymattblack rear end delete? (That just doesn't sound good! :O)
  8. Congrats mate! Now show us some pics of the beast in all its glory!
  9. This is absolutely incredible! Nice job! It's looking like something you'd see on a construction site!!
  10. Thanks Beatea! Indeed, just this year I had to start using reading glasses, so these little parts are fiddly! I have been on the floor with a flashlight more than once trying to locate a 0.8mm nut or bolt that flew out of the tweezers!! While some amount of cursing helps the frustration, I'm always glad to have put forth the effort.
  11. Thanks Mark! I'm in the same boat as you- the whole dining room table is now covered with little car parts. Thankfully, we are going out of town for the Thanksgiving dinner, so no worries. This is also my first Pocher, and I thought that I could "graduate" on this one to tackle one of the older classic kits. The inclusion of this transkit is quite a challenge, and I've found that sometimes I feel impatient and want to get on to the next step- only to stop and take the time to cut out the PE parts, grind them smooth, and deal with the tedium. I always feel better after I've made the effort
  12. Great news! That's a beautiful car you've made there, mate!!
  13. Aoshima Lamborghini Aventador SV

    Nice kit! Looking forward to watching this one take shape! Darin
  14. Drilled 10 holes in the oil pan, and CA glued brass hex bolts. SS hex bolts (0.8mm) were cut and installed on the cam covers. Paints used (rattle cans): Tamiya Metallic Silver for the oil pan, block, and heads, and Testor's Chrome for the cam covers.
  15. Nice job! I still haven't gotten round to putting those decals on the interior switches like you have. It's going to be a challenge with the interior now fixed LOL. I haven't gotten to the stage of assembling the body/bumpers yet, so I can't recommend any help on your gap issue. But that is a wide gap for sure- is there something obstructing the fit there?