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  1. Dr. Fiat

    Avions Voisin Record 1927 1/8

    This is just incredible!
  2. Dr. Fiat


    I'm so very sorry to hear about this, Zoe please tell Paul from all of us in the States to listen to the docs and please keep up to speed on these forums, as I know it gives him great pleasure in doing so. Bless you for letting us know, and all positive thoughts are sent his way! Thank you! Darin
  3. Dr. Fiat

    1/6 Tamiya BMW R90S

  4. Dr. Fiat

    Pocher aventador roadster

    Awesome Adam! Looks great! I have also been on a bit of a hiatus, but I'm picking away at it- more pics coming soon!
  5. Dr. Fiat

    Fiat F2 1907 Scratch Build ?

    Gosh those wheels look incredible!!!
  6. I, for one, certainly miss his inspirational builds and just flat-out brilliant advice on any number of things....it was his Aventador build on another forum that got me onto this one, and now I've seen so many of these amazing builds that I felt I had to post mine on here. And yes, it's still progressing, albeit at a garden snail's pace. Hope to see Roy come back soon!
  7. Great news!!!! Here's to many more shrinkages to come :). All the best to you sir!!!
  8. Dr. Fiat

    MFH 1/12 Ferrari 126C4

    Bwahahahahaha. Congrats on a great build thus far- she is going to be a beaut! Darin
  9. Incredible job there! Although the model is incredibly detailed already, are there further detailing options, photoetch, etc. available to dress up the engine compartment? Just curious, I may invest in one of these, or the Countach. Thanks! Darin
  10. Wow, very nice work!!!
  11. Dr. Fiat

    Pocher 1/4 ducati panigale

    So how much did you enjoy building this kit? It looks amazingly realistic, much more than the late Pocher kits like the Testarossa, Porsche 911, F40, etc. Perhaps it's the scale of the parts that allows the incredible detailing...and then, the added weathering, bolts, PE, wiring, make it all the more realistic. I have a ton more to do on my Aventador, but I'm thinking this may be my next purchase. Awesome job Nuts!!!! D.
  12. Dr. Fiat

    Pocher Ducati

    Ron- I really hate to hear this! I do agree with the others, although I hardly know you I can tell how passionate you are about model building, and especially about helping others. I'm sure everyone on this forum wants to help you in some way-please do not hesitate to ask via inbox or any means if any of us can help out. Please reconsider selling this masterpiece- I do realize how much these things mean to modelers. The fact that a bunch of middle age men (and ladies!!) stay up at night on this site and take pictures of progress with pride, when we could be doing any number of other things, is a testament to how sacred it really is. You have been a real supporter of this beginner and it breaks my heart to hear how rough your road is. Thinking of you from the other side of the pond Darin
  13. Dr. Fiat

    Part 2 Fiat Mefistofeles 1/12 Italeri

    Geez that thing looks amazing! It appears to have just finished it's 100th race. Incredible workmanship Darin
  14. Dr. Fiat

    Pocher 1/4 ducati panigale

    Fantastic work there Mr. Nuts!!! Love the carbon fiber!!!
  15. Excellent progress Wayne. That frame could be glass-filled nylon....do you see little swirls in the matte finish? If so, they add that glass for stiffness, as that is a pretty heavy model. Glass filled nylon is also a beast on Exacto blades- tough stuff to cut! Keep at it- I'm like you, a little bit here and there. It should be an adventure, considering how much we paid for it! D.