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  1. Simply stunning, superlative work!! I so appreciate your attention to detail regarding the original car. It brings back an accurate history of the car, and I'm sure the client is displaying this proudly! Fantastic job on the weathering, my hat is off to you!!
  2. Incredibly superlative work in this build that only a true Integrale fanatic could contemplate! And I mean this in only the most admiring and envious way! Keep up this incredible work for all the world to see! Darin
  3. That is just incredible work! Thanks for sharing!!!
  4. Pouln, I promise to commence work on this soon! I'm not giving up!!! Darin
  5. This is phenomenal! Great job on the build, and I'm really impressed by the quality and finish of the monthly parts. We will celebrate with you when it's done
  6. My goodness that is wonderful!! Keep up the incredible work!!!
  7. I have just seen this, and it's heartbreaking to lose a friend and fellow modeler. Kudos to you gents for carrying on his work and seeing it finished. I will be checking in from time to time and watch the progress. Darin
  8. Thank you all, it means more than you know to hear these words! Larchiefeng- I know how you have sweated the rebuilding of that F-40- it would be a travesty not to see it completed! I, for one, received great inspirations for your build. I promise to renew my commitment to this kit!
  9. Howdy folks! I just wanted to pop in and let everyone know that I'm not dead! LOL. It's just that LIFE got in the way of this build, I suppose it happens all too often. But I have all of these assemblies sitting in front of me, and a renewed interest to get it done. I could easily just finish the car without the transkit pieces, but I know I'll regret it. I suppose I need a bit of encouragement- do any of you wish to see this completed, or benefit any others that may be building this kit? Thanks! I'll try to be a more involved member from here on out! Darin
  10. Hi Adam- I'm behind you in my build, also a blue roadster, and haven't posted on here in a while- but I will also come to this point- hopefully I can help you if you still are experiencing trouble. Darin
  11. That steel work is just beautiful. Excellent job!!
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