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  1. But what great results you're achieving, dear Olivier....hat's off Sir! The window rubbers look fantastic.
  2. harveyb258

    Avions Voisin Record 1927 1/8

    I couldn't have said it any better myself.....Superb, as always!!!!
  3. Painstaking job, David, it's a pleasure to follow. The result is well-worth all your hard work!! Keep it up, matey!
  4. harveyb258

    Avions Voisin Record 1927 1/8

    Smashing job, Dan!!! I'm not a fan of languages, tbh. At school I was forced to take French and Latin....I HATED IT and paid very little attention. I have enough trouble speaking in my own tongue!! Some of it must have sunk in, I suppose!! A token of my respect, Sir!
  5. Erm...….....Quite a lot????????
  6. harveyb258

    Fiat 806gp full-scratchbuild 1:12

    Cheers mate!
  7. harveyb258

    Fiat 806gp full-scratchbuild 1:12

    Many thanks for your kind compliments, my friend. You guys have been my inspiration for years, so it's a total pleasure and an honour to share my work with you all!!! Ok, on that note then....the birth of an axle... I used 2, 3 and 4mm tube to make a solid rod and heated to cherry-red with the torch. The initial u-shape at the bottom was formed around the radiator buck, then transferred to a crude jig to form the arms... ...then refined and tweaked with hi-tech tools. Oh...and a hammer... ….to be continued... Cheers, H
  8. Lovely work, as always, Jo. I always look forward to your updates!!
  9. It does, indeed. Great job!
  10. harveyb258

    Fiat 806gp full-scratchbuild 1:12

    Thank you all, so much, chaps!! I just scribe straight on the metal and go for it, as a rule, Tom. However, if there are multiple pieces of same shape and/or hole configuration, then the 1st piece does act as a template, I suppose. Each and every single piece in this puzzle will present it's own unique challenges....each requiring a slightly different approach, so basically, I'm"flying by the seat of my pants" with a good eyeballing thrown in for good measure. Thanks mate. Now that the nose is on, she's beginning to form the shape and structure we all know so well....I'm having a blast!!! Thank you, sir. I'm pleased your recovery continues and I look forward to your continuation. Wow! That is the best compliment I could ever wish for. That means a lot to me, Chas, thank you. Have patience, OH WISE MASTER!! Don't worry, you won't have long to wait, now. I'm very keen to get the wheel and tyre fabrication underway, as well. Cheers, H
  11. harveyb258

    Fiat 806gp full-scratchbuild 1:12

    Many thanks TG. I'm glad you like it!! Me too...
  12. harveyb258

    Fiat 806gp full-scratchbuild 1:12

    … and just for a bit of fun... H