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  1. Well, well, well, Frank. What a trio to behold. Beautiful work as always, Sir! Cheers, H
  2. Welcome Olivier. I will look forward to seeing your work... H
  3. Has been no probs for last few days, but just had the 500 again upon logging in...thought you should know.
  4. Hello chaps. Time again for another update, methinks. The fuel tank needed to go on a diet, so, after the removal of the upper skin, I cut away the majority of the (filler) core...just leaving the arched section covered to act as a kind of heat sink for later soldering duties. After a bit of file work to re-profile the rear end, it was time to bash some steel. To be correct...0,3mm tin-plate steel. Although, after several rounds of HOT forging, then filing/sanding etc, I would be very surprised if any plate still remained. After a lot of fun, I present a sleeker tank... I was a bit unhappy with the pipe connections underneath and wanted to create a bit of a well, so the search was on for a suitable jig and some sort of punch. I quickly found an old slotted angle bracket that was perfect for my needs. Sat right next to it was a masonry nail that had my name written all over it (well, through it, really) as the punch. A bit more banding added... I think it looks like a piece of medieval armour.... More soon, lads. Cheers, H
  5. Check this out....http://gurneyflap.com/ferrarif2001.html That should answer all your questions. H
  6. I just had one while logging in, just now. Refresh sorted it.
  7. Having just seen this thread, I must say that you're doing a grand job, Ian. I look forward to your next instalment. Cheers, H
  8. Absolutely!! Well said, Roy. Stunning work, Mr 'Nut. Keep it up matey.
  9. You are indeed, most correct , Sir. Thank you for pointing it out. After all the thousands of hours, staring at the pics...how the heck did I not notice???? Not to worry, though... I'll just make a new front section because it will be quicker and easier than messing about trying to correct it. I could use the old one (practice-piece???) for the 451 scuttle.... Cheers, H
  10. I like what I've seen so far, Roy and Karmijn. Keep up the good work. Cheers, H
  11. Many thanks Nick. It is indeed, mate...what a great pic from yesteryear. Thanks for sharing that. Cheers, H
  12. Many thanks, chaps. It was!!! I found it very relaxing and therapeutic, slowly teasing a sheet of ali to shape. Hand forming the louvres was a bit intense, though...knowing that the slightest slip or error would mean a new tail-end. Phew!!! That's the nature-of-the-beast, unfortunately, Chas …..a big hammer???? Your build seems so long ago...good memories. I'm glad you share my vision, sir. Cheers, H
  13. Hello everybody. After what seemed like an eternity of beating, stamping, fitting and fettling, I can now show you some more progress on my beloved Fiat. The tip of the tail split open upon 1st trial fit...confirming what I already expected (not enough taper on the rear of the fuel tank), so I left the tip open until yesterday. As you can see, it won't quite fit, so I now need to remove the tank and modify it slightly... So, that's where things stand at the moment. Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy. More soon. Cheers, H
  14. Me either!! Lovely job, Sir...as always. Cheers, H
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