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  1. It's great to see this back, Chas. We seem to have a proper Pocher resurgence on at the moment and I, for one, am lovin' it.
  2. ….and a Happy New Year to you, too, Dan.
  3. OOOOOHHH YES!!!! Now we're talking.... Count me in.
  4. Welcome to the madhouse, Bri. ….you're in good company. The wealth of skill and knowledge on all things Pocher is abundant in these pages. Heed their words and you will end up with fantastic results. that's what I like to hear ...the devil is in the details... you'll need it I look forward to following along, if I may. Cheers,H
  5. Of that, I am certain!!!! The grey is really growing on me.... (not just my head) Keep up the good work, Thierry.
  6. Such a shame, Thierry... all that hard work. I'll second that!
  7. Thank you all for wading-in..... I agree that I haven't portrayed these joints very realistically. My main concern was getting it bolted up and checking the geometry was correct, tbh. You will see a vast improvement with the next update... Funnily enough, mine don't work too well, either....a bit on the sloppy side, shall we say. She was a complicated little lady. That's a good sketch, dear Dan, it explains very clearly. Thank you. Cheers, H
  8. Thank you, chaps. No problem JC. I will post something later this week.. I must admit, I had a bit of a giggle at that, too. I thank you once again for your most eloquent compliments, Sir. No apologies needed, Dan. Thank you for pointing it out. You are indeed correct. The necessary modifications are now underway. Nice pic btw. Cheers, H
  9. I couldn't agree more, Nick... most definitely the weakest area of the entire car. I bet that Bordino was a bit "anxious" (brown trouser club) when entering Curva Grande for the first time at breakneck speed.... Cheers, H
  10. Many thanks,, chaps. The scrap pile grows larger on a daily basis, my friend... the bench looks like a salvage yard at the moment. Happy renovating, dear Hannes. I look forward to your build resumption. Cheers, H
  11. Good afternoon, gents. Only a small update on this occasion...not much for a months work, I know, but that's the way the cookie crumbles in scratch-world sometimes . Ok then, uprights and steering arms... 1st attempt- Turned from white-metal in the Dremel, then drilled a 2mm hole through the length to accept a 2mm brass tube. This was then soldered in place with low temp solder (70C) and the soldering-iron. After sawing the bracket slots I drilled for the stub-axles and then soldered the brackets. The arms are aluminium. It was only when I dry-fit them that I realised that the stub axles would be about 3mm too low (more than the suspension-travel would allow) ...D'OH!!!! The second attempt was going really well, until I mistakenly picked up the torch instead of the soldering-iron and made a puddle... Third time lucky. This time the top part is brass for extra strength- Well, that's all for now, folks!! I hope you enjoy and, as always, thanks for watching. Cheers, H
  12. I know that feeling very well... Progress, however small, is still progress, so keep up the good work, Dan. Cheers, H
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