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  1. To quote Churchill the dog....."Ooooohh Yes!!!" Superb realism, Ron.
  2. And a damn fine-looking block it is, too. Well worth the extra work (and swearing). Great job, Ron. Cheers, H
  3. Meticulous research and execution, as ever, Olivier. I'm sure the finished model will be stunning. For the handles, I would probably cut them from a bar of alu or nickel and file to shape, then polish.... but that's just me Keep up the good work.
  4. Mere words cannot capture my delight...... Cheers, H
  5. Absolutely not, Chas. Work of the highest order, Ron......as we have come to expect from you. Keep it up, Sir; I'm thoroughly enjoying the journey. Cheers, H
  6. Still here and loving every single moment, Dan. Thank you. Cheers, H.
  7. Thanks for that, Dan. I've just spent the afternoon going through it ...... WOW!!! I would sell my soul to the devil to be able reach a quarter of that level of cleanliness, never mind build quality. A bit of knitting is starting to look like a good option...
  8. I've just had a catch-up on proceedings..... impressive, as ever, Olivier. I quite agree. I think it would be an especially useful aid for joining engine sections together using proper nuts and bolts ... no risk of any messy clean-ups and would also look like gasket.
  9. I'm in full agreement with Roy. Thank you for bringing it back to life, Dan.... I feel my mojo returning
  10. Thanks Ron. Have been a regular and happy customer with both for many years.
  11. And so you should, dear Dan. Love it!! Cheers, H
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