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  1. Lovely job, as always Jo. Coffee and tea make wonderful colouring/staining media. You should be able to achieve nearly any shade of wood with varying applications and experimentation. Failing that, good, old-fashioned wood-stain from the hardware shop would do the job just as well...
  2. This is going to be a fun ride!!
  3. You certainly don't hang about, do you??? I look forward to following this new adventure, my friend. Cheers,H
  4. Congratulations for a stunning result, Renek…..WELL DONE!!!
  5. Incredible realism!! Hat's off, sir!
  6. Another beauty, dear Dan...and so quickly, too! Hat's off, Sir! What's next??????
  7. I can't get rid of the green migration notice. I "x" it , it goes, then next page I go to it reappears...ad infinitum?????? Any Ideas chaps??
  8. A radiused slot and tool would help immensely, dear Dan. Far easier said than done, though.... Tbh, I hadn't noticed the differing top louvres....they look soooo good. Beautiful result!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Thanks Nick. Much appreciated, as always, mate. How's the drawings going,btw???? Have missed your valuable input, .
  10. I like it very much!!! Great job!
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