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  1. You can also get it from a proper model store: https://modelshop.co.uk/Shop/Finishes/Item/Bare-Metal-Foil-Chrome-bright/ITM4525
  2. Bounty, be careful. Once the MFH bug bites you you're hooked. Chris
  3. My MFH Alfa Romeo has painted wheels too. I generally use the AK Extreme Metal range over Mr Metal Primer and AK Extreme Black Base using a Harder & Steenbeck Infinity airbrush. I hope this helps you. Chris
  4. You will learn everything you need to know about planking and model ship building, as Grant stated above here: https://modelshipworld.com
  5. It is very rare too find an MFH kit where parts are damaged but generally some of the parts are distorted due to the way that they are secured in the box. Being a very good quality of white metal it is an easy process to straighten any distortion without fear of fracturing the metal. On the question of wheel hubs I drill the dimples to a much greater depth. The spokes are 0.4mm. diameter and by using a 0.5mm. drill bit vertical to the axis I find there is enough play to allow for the angles at which the spokes enter the hub. Low viscosity CA glue will fill any space and hold the spoke sec
  6. Hi kpnuts, sorry to be pedantic but those two pipes should not go to the water tank. They are the outlet pipes from the cylinder drain cocks and are open ended pointing to the ground. The cocks are opened before opening the regulator to vent any condensation and water that may have collected in the cylinders to atmosphere before the piston begins its stroke. The cocks are left open for several revolutions of the engine to ensure the piston is not brought to a catastrophic halt by hitting a solid wall of water. I have seen the damage done to the cylinder cover and its retaining studs on a coupl
  7. Chas, here's another reliable supplier who may have what you want: https://eileensemporium.com/eileens-emporium-products Chris
  8. Don, that really is a disappointment, it has been a while since I built my kit and I guess the absence of the logo is a copyright thing. Have you thought of printing the logo on clear decal film yourself? It looks like a pretty standard Roman font. Perhaps one of the specialist model decal printers might be able to oblige otherwise. Good luck, Chris
  9. I built this kit a few years ago and enjoyed the experience. Having built many period wooden ship models this kit is a bit of light relief but still using ship building skills. Yes, the doors are hinged and no, the wheels do not have metal rims but these are easily made from strips of brass, aluminium, plasticard or whatever you choose and can be tacked to the rim. The biggest modification I made to the kit was to bevel the edges of the wheel spokes. This was done by using a length of square brass tube in to which the spoke was a sliding fit. A chamfer was filed in to one edg
  10. I'm with Codger on the choice of calipers. Treat yourself to a decent dial caliper and it will last forever, no on/off switching or batteries to worry about.
  11. I think the clue is in the word "generic" used to describe the kit. It is representative of the type and not of any one particular manufacturer. I can see suggestions of Leyland, ERF, MAN, Fiat and Pegaso in the model, so in other words it is a good generic model. Chris
  12. Ian, I have had good success with old decals using this: https://www.scalemodelshop.co.uk/product/28ml-micro-liquid-decal-film-microscale?gclid=Cj0KCQjwyLDpBRCxARIsAEENsrKYhTkX8JeStCbZD4LUnioDCqD98W9NQdZvx7W49xWBc04OxpOZ1nwaAljpEALw_wcB It works best if you use your airbrush and leave it to dry for a couple of days. If you do decide to print your own decals as suggested by Matthew, you will need to use clear decal sheet for the bulk of the image but the "Museum of Steam etc." section will need to be on white decal film. Good luck whichever w
  13. Rob, I don't if you've seen this topic but there are more photos of my build for your perusal. Chris
  14. These photos from my MFH 1/12th. kit may help you with the rear brake set up. Hope this helps, Chris
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