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  1. 1/32 Viper Mkii

    I’m the same - just up to series 3 episode 19, those Vipers have taken a hell of a battering, when I eventually build mine I’m not going as extreme as they are in the show right now as it may look a little over done. I’m very interested that see how this one turns out.
  2. 1/32 Viper Mkii

    Got one of these in the stash but I want to improve some of my painting and weathering skills before starting it. I'm also going to have to get a lighting kit from Warren for it. You planning on lighting yours?
  3. DS Probe Yak-ult

    This is looking glorious. It is pretty much how I would have weathered it if I actually had the skills to do what I see in my mind when I attempt it. Looking really good.
  4. Cloud City Landing

    Yay just spotted it.
  5. Do not let the Librarian hear you say that (apparently it’s a class thing).
  6. Cloud City Landing

    I can see I may need to spend some more money... are you you planning to stock this one Warren?
  7. Rogue One AT ACT

    I think you have done a cracking job there.
  8. It was a very poor pun on you saying you get to the bottom of things... ...I’ll get my coat.
  9. Isn’t that a Proctologist? well, my background is mechanical engineering (aerospace) and I am finding all of your build absolutely fascinating!
  10. The Ultimate K2-SO Model!!

    Tell her it’s an IKEA coat rack... with some extra bits you had kicking around.
  11. DS Probe Yak-ult

    I’d start by deciding what the ‘thing’ is that is being towed; is it random space junk, part of an engine from something huge being disassembled in orbit, an old satellite etc. This should then give a pointer, personally I think it looks like a message pod from something deep spacey so there is a lot of engine exhaust as well as messaging antennae. I’d favour filthy white/grey at the front and alloy blackened from heat and the like towards the back where the engine exhaust is (aka the bit where the foil lid attached). Love the job job you did on the tug so this is all going to look good regardless of how you paint it.
  12. Bandai Star Wars 1/144 Fleet

    That looks awesome. My favourite is still your scratchbuilt t-16
  13. Ok “Grassinator”; that was something for me to google. Well, who knew there was such a thing. Nice little future project for me to think about creating there!
  14. I’m glad you added the assembled version too as I was trying to work out what it was and then scrolled further down and “Tadaa”
  15. Yes It’s for a mk1 escort... Actually it it is a tap, a ring burner, a Graflex clamp, calculator display and most of a ww2 rifle grenade (and another bit between the tap and the clamp that I have yet to identify). It’s going to need a lot of high build primer. Had to be quick getting this snap as Gandalf decided he did not want this on his scratching post!