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  1. Yeah, they are all scaled to fit in the same size box (i.e. Box scale)
  2. There is no Dana,Only Zuul

    And can I also add that there is absolutely nothing at all wrong with a Sigourney Weaver obsession (but don't tell my wife I said that)
  3. Zaku Head Exceed.

    That would look so cool!
  4. I have visions of a tiger stripe T-Rex!
  5. There is no Dana,Only Zuul

    That is a very nice job you have made there; a far cry in quality from what you started with
  6. Mad/Max

    These are fantastic, really good kit-bashing
  7. Gonky boy

    You want to take a look at the WIP and see what a lucky rescue this was: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235024243-gonk-droid/ i got got a lot of encouragement from the peeps on here too so I feel a great deal of credit is owed to the collective!
  8. Gonky boy

    To be honest I had considered a mouse droid in the old gulf racing colours from the GT40, but reckoned it would be a lot of difficult masking so gave it up. I should have tried a JPS Special mouse droid! never thought of a Gonk in racing colours, that would look really good.
  9. Today in (and back from) space...

    I'd love to know what that book is
  10. Been looking forward to seeing the RFI and I was not disappointed. You've done a cracking job there
  11. Bandai "Box Scale" Dioramas

    I think you may have started a whole new "thing" on here now. The idea of a rebel hanger is also bloody clever!
  12. Bandai "Box Scale" Dioramas

    I think that is absolutely brilliant; what a cracking idea and it looks spot on.
  13. Gonky boy

    Well my preferred drink is black coffee so I had reckoned on coffee rings, but the 'earth' ump wash does look a bit like a rusty ring (no euphemism intended). Blue milk
  14. Dragon 1:9 war machine

    Well I have the black, white and grey primers but have never used any of the others apart from the black (yet), if I ever use them I'll let you know 🤔