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  1. Superb thread and build here by Dominic, who very kindly recently donated a decal sheet for my ongoing QM2 project. Inspiration taken from Dom plus countless hours of research from YouTube and Google. I'm taking pics and will get a build thread up in the future when she's close to completion. Would be grate to see a thread resurrection here dude.
  2. I see it should always be done over a gloss surface. How about if the model is already matt coated? Would it be OK to fire up the air brush and just gloss/clear the small area I want to add rust or weather to, then just matt over it again? Will this still work without risk of ruining everything?
  3. Gorgeous! I love it. As has been mentioned the attention to detail at such a all scale is superb. Well done
  4. She's looking amazing dude! The more shuttles I see, the more I want to construct one using this tile technique. I'm considering doing it to either the Tamiya 1/100 as I read its one of the best recreations out there OR Doing a kit with the SRB's and main tank in situ complete with tiling Keep up the good work bud and please keep posting
  5. My partner built this last month its a gorgeous model I must say. Its her birthday coming up so I bought the huge Harry Potter castle for her yesterday.
  6. Hi all, So just a quick one if I may? Regarding clears/varnishes, I know we should clear coat before decalling so have been using Tamiya's X22 clear prior to decal for that smooth glossy surface. However, how about after the decal application? Should we then clear coat again to seal them in OR can I then go on to my Winsor & Newton matt varnish to seal them in as my final top coat? Also how about weathering? Should that be done at the same time as the decals, then seal it all in with a clear/top coat? Or, should the decals be sealed in with more X22, the wea
  7. I read many people thin this with water, though many also use IPA. I'm confused as to which to try first
  8. Thanks for your input Neil. I shall approach it as you suggest. They have all also been dunked in Pledge and are drying as I type for that nice shiny finish
  9. I've got the smoke ready for them but I'm wondering on the order, Smoke - frames - handles Or Frames - smoke - handles Then again, with a base of the air brushed smoke, the black frame paint should stick to it when brushed much better shouldn't it?
  10. That is true. I'll look further into this. Thank you.
  11. Correct. Does the textured side go on the inside?
  12. Sorry, auto correct. It was supposed to say the "clear"part railings
  13. Regarding the balcony cleat railings. I notice they are more detailed (stick out) on one side of them, the other side is more flat if that makes sense? Which way around are these supposed to go onto the balconies please ? Kind regards
  14. Guys. What's the difference between Mr Colour Leveler T-101, T-104, T-106 and T-108, I notice there are different ones. I have the T-101 at home and it appears fine with Tamiya acrylics and Mr Hobby paints. I'm hoping it'll be fine with the x22 Tamiya clear coat process.
  15. Agreed. Looks weathered nicely
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