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  1. Tamiya 1/24 Lexus 430 sc 2006 mobil 1 and etch set to go with it
  2. Britmodeller

    Donation Made! Thanks for a great forum
  3. Doesn't wet sand, water dissolves it again.
  4. And now for something completely different for me here, TWO propellers and designed to drop bombs from the start! As per the pics this will be Hasegawa kit with with some upgrades. Looking forward to using the AK rlm paints, had good results with their air series USN colours on a tomcat of mine. Also all the markings will be masked and sprayed with the montex set, first to add some fading in them but also cause the stock decals are quite thick. So will only need to use a few of the stencils from the sheet... Here goes!
  5. Yeah as with any water based acrylic they're fine as long as applied over a decent primer and left to dry long enough. They stood up to the masking test well as you can see from this build, what with the camo being all hard edged masked and the markings masked too 👍🏿
  6. Update, Pilots for the VF32 plane. They were built ages ago but painted over the weekend. These are revell from the nato set. Both posed giving a thumbs up/all systems go before taxiing off towards the catapult. (So plane will have both nozzles open - engines on, with the wings still swept back to manoeuvre on the deck) I added the ring pulls from a generic etch set as these bits are missing from the seats completely. Heck you get plastic parts for these in the academy kit even. Anyways, I was going to add belts to them, but decided not to as want to get this one out of the way and done now with the minimum of fuss. It's because the build had stalled over Christmas, so started the Christmas wip with some other builds. Basically I had some dramas on the plane with the ak gauzy crazing and cracking with the decal sealing coat. Almost binned the plane. So the washes and weathering went 'very not well' (more on that later) So back to the pilots, after priming it was out with the brushes and revell aquas, most of the colours are self explanatory, but the black is anthracite for a scale black, suits are nato olive 46, seat cushions 86 olive brown and life jackets(?) 16 sand. I painted a small sword emblem on the back of the helmets with blue. Glossed and then washed all over in deep brown. The black parts of the seat washed with blue black. Decals added to sides at the top then flat coat. Done. Not brilliant but just want to move on...
  7. So I have become a tomcat fanatic recently (1/72) and have decided to embark on an epic saga starting with these 6 9 hobbyboss kits before moving onto some Hasegawa ones. I got these from creative models over various special offer weeks when they were knocking them out at around £12 a kit. I am going to try to do some lesser seen schemes but pretty limited with decals because most kits and AM sheets come with normally the colourful cag birds etc... Three 'A' models added, Builds No. 7,8 &9.... The kit that started it all was an ebay bargain revell kit, see here - This WIP will hopefully document all 9 of them, most of them concurrently/in pairs, then as they are completed they will have individual RFI threads. I won't document every single thing, as most things will be duplicated (eg the polishing and dipping of six canopy mold seams - i'll just show one) but i will try to highlight any problem areas I encounter or things different to that particular machine. The plan is to do the following for each variant: 1 - completely 'out of the box' 1 - tweaked with a basic cockpit set and maybe weapon upgrades & AM decals 1 - dressed up with an advanced etch set, resin bits & weapons, AM decals etc. I will also be trying out some different paints on each of the six builds, with some of them having the corresponding metallics too. To play with I have collected: - Ak interactive air USN set and their xtreme metal. - Vallejo model air USN set and Vallejo metal color. - Mr color and mr super metallic. - Mr hobby aqueos and mr metal color. Some other usn greys I have are the Xtracrylix ones and some Tamiya mixes. These will be used with alclad metallics. Also is the revell pilot set, one of the OOB builds will have a pair in the cockpit with the nose gear in the squat position, and then maybe one or two may have a figure on the wing walks. And then for fun there is a hasegawa F14 eggplane and a felix mascot. (From Hannants) It says 90mm I guess thats how tall it is when finished? Tamiya 10ml clear for size/scale. So the planned planes are: (unless I discover/purchase some other decal options between now and starting them!) F-14 B's - planes 1, 2 & 3 1: B - OOB - Vf 74 decals with the 1992 olympic rings on the nose. Loadout will be the standard 4/2/2 of aim 54/7/9's as per what comes in the box. Pilots in, nose down and nozzles closed getting ready for launch. 2: B - Tweaked - vf101 grim reapers. Plane 101. COMPLETED 3: B - Upgraded. Boxtop option vf143, retro gull gray scheme for their last cruise(?) Resin exhausts This will have the advanced dream model etch set (interior and exterior) I may attempt the etch boarding ladder. F-14 D's - planes 4, 5 & 6. 4 - OOB vf 31. Plane 101. COMPLETED 5 - Tweaked: VF2 Hasegawa decal option. This build will have a dream model color cockpit etch and some Hasegawa upgrades from my little casting project. 6 - Upgraded. vf 213 101 nose art decals. It will have the advanced etch set (interior/exterior) Also Aires resin nose wheel doors for front u/c bay. Loadout will be smart bombs gbu 24's and lantirn from the Hasegawa sets. Mr color planned - COMPLETED F-14 A's - planes 7,8 & 9. 7 - OOB - with Vf32 desert storm decals. Mr hobby paints. 8- Tweaked - most likey an early vf41 grey over white. Will use some hasegawa spares eg early tail fins without stiffner plates etc. Vallejo paints. 9 - Upgraded - vf 14 tophatters 80th anni scheme. Full etch set, resin bits and lantirn/smart bombs.. Phew thats a lot of waffle! During this WIP I will refer to them as planes 1 to 9 to reduce the amount of confusion/easy reference. If there are any super geeks out there who can spot any faults with the above then feel free to chime in, any help is greatly appreciated. I have done a bit of research but everyday is a school day! I started a couple weeks ago near the start of july so have lots to post already, so over coming weeks so the replies (hopefully) can spur me on as I anticipate I will start getting fed up towards the last couple builds. I have made a start on planes 2,4 & 6 Let the fun commence!
  8. Wow thats quite a compliment. Cheers B.
  9. Hello and here is my 1/72 Hasegawa F16N, completed for the STGB. WIP here: Pretty much as it comes, but had some revell upgradings - bang seat, main wheels and winders. Then from my casting project - Hasegawa GE tube and AB face from a B/D tomcat, and a GE nozzle from the fujimi B/D tomcat. Bad bits- I should have scratched a tacts pod out of one of the winders but couldn't be bothered. One of the main wheels set slightly wonky. Also canopy tint is a bit rubbish. Three weeks to complete, could have been less if I didn't have concurrent activity disease. Also lost a few days removing the wing walk decals to make it more accurate (thanks @Pappy ) and then subsequently repairing/touching up the paint, but it turned out better in the end for it. Primed in stynylrez, then mr hobby camo 324/317/337. Nose cone 306 grey. Intake cockpit and some bits in 308 grey. 316 white u/c and bays. Revell Aqua anthracite for scale black bits. Revell 90 silver on probes, oleos and nav lights. Nav lights then done in clear colors. Exhaust in alclad magnesium & pale burnt metal. Sealed with ak gauzy between decals and weathering etc. Weathering was some post shading and fading with mr paint basics black and white to make some dirty greys. Ak panel liner for blue and grey camo overall. Grey filter used as a wash for the white bits. Track wash on the exhaust bits and for some general grime streaks. Final coat was ak ultra matt. Enjoy!
  10. So for this build the trio will be a f-16cj by tamiya in the 'have glass scheme', (caracal next gen vipers), and an F-16N by hasegawa, and a Revell C in the new mission models paints. The tamiya will have an eduard etch zoom upgrade, masks and possibly a resin exhaust. Paint by hataka. The Hasgawa will be pretty much out of the box, with an Eduard canopy mask. It will have the exhaust, wheels and seat dressed up. Latest addition is a Revell C, with caracal lonestar decals. Mission models paints. (Will have to mix three shades of grey from black and white). Upgradings - wheels and seat. itching to start... Tamiya cj Hasegawa N Revell C
  11. Not too bad to be honest mate... All these eyedropper type acrylics are much of a muchness to me. They Don't need much thinning to spray, buts its cold in the garage so I imagine it would be a different story in the summer. I'd say from my usage the ak are about on par with vallejo model air, but satin. Most model air I have used dry flat. They're not as tough as xtracrylix, but Ak are better than the mig ammo paints I have used. They are smoother than hataka also. So a good compromise because I really like Xtracrylics, but on the downside they are hard work for soft edge stuff, and work best for masking or single colours. I need to persevere with Xtracrylics more. All in the these ak have a balance of both, with average toughness and free hand capacity and dry to a nice smooth satin finish. Hope all this rambling is of some use!
  12. We'll have to wait and see when I peel all those off, could be garbage yet! Fingers crossed though, biggest masking job I've ever done so far...
  13. Sehr gut! Thumbs up from me mate. Here you go - 👍🏿
  14. Jet pipe for the have glass CJ. Pale burnt metal colour mixed for titanium silver and gold 👍🏿
  15. Missile markings update. This plane is from gulf 1 in the 90's. The pheonix C came into service around 87 from what I have read. The pics of this plane as I am depicting it show the live missiles in ghost grey. Not a problem with painting, but the 'C' and live markings are, because all the hobbyboss tomcats A/B/D come with the same missile decal sheet with 'A' pheonix details and blue inert bands. More on that in a bit... So the back of a plastic phoenix looks like this. Once filled/sorted its just a flat disc. But it needs to look like this - So I made some black and white cricles in paint, sized them off and then printed onto decal paper to get this: Also made some Lantirn pod details for my resin castings. So the main stencils came from an airfix tomcat sheet, as they have the correct AIM-54C details and colours. Most kits only come with AIM-54A and blue training missile bands. They were slightly non-conformist, so yes they were soaking in Daco Red for 10 mins + to get them pliable. In the end we have this: Finally washed and sealed ready for mounting. Thanks for stopping by 👍🏿
  16. Coming along nicely. Now fully cleaned up and Will all be sealed in a final matt coat later when I do some other spraying too. That will cure for a couple days then its finishing touches like streaking, fading & exhaust stains etc along with final assembly.
  17. Yeah they're very fine and crisp. Was worried they may disappear under paint but it all turmed out good 👍🏿 So much that I have added a few more to the stash for future builds.
  18. Announcement

    Do you need any more donations to help cover the cost Mike?
  19. They're eduard ones lads, not quickboost 👍🏿
  20. Nice one. Will come in very handy soon 👍🏿
  21. In the words of Matthew McConaughey - Alright alright alright...
  22. Christ it's huge!! Cant fully appreciate it in the WIP because alot of the pics were close in and this is the first time i've seen it all together... Ref zorst stains - Good call on adding some pigments. Should be fairly easy that 👍🏿 Spiffingly Splendid Spadgent.
  23. Yeah they sell them separately. Got one in the stash, but the 'late' one. May not be appropriate for a 70's 25, perhaps better for an 80's czech 21. Need to do some research... Here's early one... I assume its the same? The KM-1 seat is fitted to several soviet jets. Perhaps small differences? Similar as in the gru-7 in a couple, Naces/Aces seats in a few US/USN jets I suppose...?