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  1. Hi guys, something different here, a cast pewter presentation piece I painted for a mate. Got a bottle of scotch out of it. Came out quite well. Not so much a WIP as there was nothing to build, but pictures of the painting process here: Here is the finished piece remounted on its base. Paints for scale and to show what was used if you can't be bothered with looking at the WIP - Thanks for looking, Hope you liked it 👍🏿
  2. 1/4 scale GPMG SF 7.62mm Pewter Gun Kit

    Platoon training with the real things this week!
  3. Eduard 1/48 Brassin Spitfire Top Cowl

    Will do, but won’t be able to untill I’m back home again in a couple weeks mate.
  4. Lost in translation I think mate. A long wood screw, not a bit of wood, as in the type of screw that you fasten into wood. (See pic of 1/48 109 on the stand) Pointy & Self tapping with a coarse thread which will bite into a pilot hole drilled into a plastic bulkhead. As opposed to a machine type screw which is blunt and has a fine thread to go into a matching nut. With the bamboo skewers, they are held in place by friction in the foam. On final assembly its removed, and the prop base added as normal.
  5. Beat up and beached!

  6. Nice so far mate looking good! A tip to aid you perhaps and having to avoid blue tack on stands in the future - On most prop types I tend to leave the prop off till the end and put a long wood screw through the hole and into a bulkhead or similar. Or fill the nose cavity with fine packing foam and pierce a bamboo bbq type skewer into it for smaller scales. Either makes a great handle for painting/overall varnishing and decalling when using a ‘helping hands’ type tool so you dont have to touch the model and leaves you with both hands to slide decals off of the backing paper. Example - during painting: Decaling on above mentioned stand using a coctail stick in the tail wheel slot. These type of soldering stands with a magnifying glass will take up to a 1/48 single prop plane quite comfortably. In 1/48 I tend to go with a screw in the nose. Once I even managed to fit an eduard 1/48 mig 21 on one with a bit of ingenuity to aid with the 1001 stencil applications! These stands can be had for under a tenner delivered off of eBay. Hope this helps!
  7. That is fabulous mate, well done.
  8. Almost 9 Hobbyboss 1/72 F-14 Tomcats

    Thanks lads. Next installment - insignia improvements. Soaked with microset to aid in removal. Then I managed to find some darker (pretty much black) and a tiny bit larger ones. These were placed a touch higher too. Also put on some of my home made glove vane panel line decals. So now here she is in a similar aspect to the reference shots - as like 212: when it was still 104 of vf143: Much better now. One thing stopping it from being 100% is still the straight ‘12’ on the tailfins, dont have any slanted ones. But I can live with that. Next is just a general view, including a wing to see replaced insignia and flap modex (not shown before. So its all had a good gloss coat for some panel line washes, hopefully next weekend. Bye for now!
  9. The pounce of the 8 completed cats so far - So I have become a tomcat fanatic recently (1/72) and have decided to embark on an epic saga starting with this load of hobbyboss kits before moving onto some Hasegawa ones. I got these from creative models and mjwmodels over various special offer weeks when they were knocking them out at around £12 a kit. I would like to try to do some lesser seen schemes but pretty limited with decals because most kits and AM sheets come with normally the colourful cag birds etc... The kit that started it all was an ebay bargain revell kit, see here - http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235005611-revell-172-f-14b-tomcat-vf-103/ This WIP will hopefully document all of them, most of them concurrently/in pairs, then as they are completed they will have individual RFI threads. I won't document every single thing, as most things will be duplicated (eg the polishing and dipping of several canopy mold seams - i'll just show one) but i will try to highlight any problem areas I encounter or things different to that particular machine. The plan is to try and do at least the following for each variant: - completely 'out of the box' - tweaked with a basic cockpit set and maybe weapon upgrades & AM decals - dressed up with an advanced etch set, resin bits & weapons, AM decals etc. I will also be trying out some different paints on each of the builds, with some of them having the corresponding metallics too. To play with I have collected: - Ak interactive air USN set and their xtreme metal. - Vallejo model air USN set and Vallejo metal color. - Mr color and mr super metallic. - Mr hobby aqueos and mr metal color. -Akan and their metals. -Mr Paint -xtracrylix -Tamiya -mission models and their metals -Hataka red and now the new orange line too. Some of these will be used with alclad metallics too. Also is the revell nato pilot set, one of the builds will have a pair in the cockpit with the nose gear in the squat position, and then maybe one or two may have a figure on the wing walks. And then for fun there is a hasegawa F14 eggplane and a felix mascot. (From Hannants) It says 90mm I guess thats how tall it is when finished? Tamiya 10ml clear for size/scale. So the planned planes are: (unless I discover/purchase some other decal options between now and starting them!) F-14 B's - planes 1, 2 & 3 1: B - V102 - hasegawa decals. bombcat configuration. Pilots in, nose down and nozzles closed getting ready for launch. COMPLETED http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235022364-hobbyboss-172-f-14b-tomcat-vf-102-diamondbacks/ 2 - vf101 grim reapers. Tacts Training loadout - COMPLETED http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235010536-hobbyboss-172-f14b-tomcat-vf101/ 3 - vf 74 adversary scheme from a hasegawa kit. Mr Paint colours F-14 D's - planes 4, 5 & 6. 4 - OOB vf 31. Plane 101 tomcat sunset. Empty bombcat configuration. COMPLETED http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235009559-hobbyboss-172-f-14d-tomcat-vf31/ 5 - A VF2 decal option. This build will have a dream model color cockpit etch and some Hasegawa upgrades from my little casting project. 6 - vf 213 101 nose art decals with advanced etch set (interior/exterior) Also Aires resin nose wheel doors for front u/c bay. Bombcat - gbu 24's and lantirn from the Hasegawa sets. Mr color paints - COMPLETED http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235012670-hobbyboss-172-f-14d-tomcat-vf213/ F-14 A's - planes 7 onwards. 7 - Vf32 desert storm decals. Standard 4/2/2 missile loadout. Mr hobby paints - COMPLETED http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235018482-172-hobbyboss-f-14a-tomcat-vf32-swordsmen/ 8 - vf 103 sluggers 1983 in gull with tan nose and black anti glare. Mission paints - current build 9 - vf 111 low vis grey - fcm sheet. 4/4 loadout of brassin sparrows and winders. Quickboost pilots. Akan/mr color paints. COMPLETED http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235026681-low-visibility-sundowner-172-f-14a-tomcat-hobbyboss-vf-111/# 10 - vf 21 Freelancers 1991 Late A in TPS by Mission models paints. COMPLETED: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235028103-172-hobbyboss-tomcat-vf-21-freelancers-1991/# 11 - vf 14 Tophatters 1993 iron bomb cat. Late A in TPS by Mig Ammo. COMPLETED http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235025164-172-hobbyboss-f-14a-tomcat-vf-14-tophatters-1993/ Phew thats a lot of waffle! During this WIP I will refer to them as planes 1 to number whatever to reduce the amount of confusion/easy reference. If there are any super geeks out there who can spot any faults with the above then feel free to chime in, any help is greatly appreciated. I have done a bit of research but everyday is a school day! I started a couple weeks ago near the start of july so have lots to post already, so over coming weeks so the replies (hopefully) can spur me on as I anticipate I will start getting fed up towards the last couple builds. I have made a start on planes 2,4 & 6 Let the fun commence!
  10. Eduard F6F-5 1/48

    Very smart
  11. U-Boat destruction - 1:350 scale

    That’s pretty special! Thanks for sharing mate.
  12. Almost 9 Hobbyboss 1/72 F-14 Tomcats

    Well decided I couldn’t leave the arrows like that. So out with some tamiya enamels, a fine brush and calm nerves. I chose enamels because of their adhesion properties, good coverage, longer drying time to work with/avoid brush marks but to name a few. Plus any mistakes can be cut back with a moist turps laden brush. Trying to do this with acrylics would be masochistic to say the least with them streaking/beading up on the decals etc... Anyways an almost black was mixed up and applied. A bit wobbly! Fully done and cleaned up, much better! Another view which reveals another problem - the AA codes, so... They were done too! Alot happier with it now, matches the reference picture of 212 much better. Stars and bars are going to get reworked/replaced next. Thanks for looking
  13. Eduard 1/48 Brassin Spitfire Top Cowl

    Well after the pics and some correspondence replacement parts have arrived. Here’s a quick measurement of the two. And here is my original. So the new ones are shorter, but perhaps not enough still. As fron what I remember the above cowl was about 1.5mm too long. That means the replacements needed to be 42.2mm instead of 43mm. Oh well.
  14. 1/72 F-16 canopy question-Tamiya/Revell swap?

    @mirageiv here you go mate - very good as it turns out. Perfect at the front. Just a tiny gap around the hinge. The little hump will need adding to the revell kit at the end of the rear part. Hope this helps mate
  15. To stencil, or not to stencil? - Two NMF Spits

    I didn’t bother with stencils when I did uf-q mate. Plus I went for a dirty cowl as opposed to ‘left in camo paint’ Hope this helps.
  16. Almost 9 Hobbyboss 1/72 F-14 Tomcats

    Cheers Robert yes I had seen those when I was deciding on which slugger to do. Almost to the point of perhaps trying to get hold of a sheet (oop now and only 1/48), scanning it and then reprinting (black stuff only like crew names and bu. numbers) in 1/72. - Very nearly was going to try and do the gull 211 as on that sheet. But all of those are later (86 < ) than what I settled for as they use the double A with the lightning bolt through them. The patchwork paint of 212 due to the transfer from 143 to 103 makes a more interesting model
  17. Now featuring on the FCM website, 4th from the bottom 👍🏿 http://www.fcm.eti.br/galery.html Hi guys, welcome to the RFI for the seventh completed hobbyboss tomcat from my WIP, link at the bottom. This one caused alot of headaches. Built semi-concurrently with the VF-14 Tophatters completed last month. This one started out planned to be a CAG vf114 plane, but then at the paint stage I decided to change to a lesser seen/modelled low viz sundowner. As I already had a CAG gull plane in the pack (vf32) Nothing was required to change build spec wise fortunately. So it stayed in the gull grey. Not for long... The major drama was working out the colourscheme as the gull grey reccomendatiom of the FCM decal sheet didn't work with the constrast of the decals. This build got to the point of having all the decals on, sealed and weathering started before I decided to rip them all off, sand back a touch and then repaint and apply a second set of decals. Original Gull grey pics at the bottom of this post. After studying reference pics and some help in the WIP from fellow BM'ers it was decided to go for Light grey FS36495. It seems to be from that transitional period in the early 80's when gull grey was being phased out and experimenting with other low viz schemes before TPS became the norm. Also gave me a chance to depict the time when missles changed over from white to light ghost grey and the L model sidewinders came in etc. So this build was to try out akan acrylics, all the main paints and metals are by them including when she was gull grey. However for the repaint I went with Mr Color 338 for the light grey as I didn't have that shade in akan and wanted a thin tough decal ready finish to avoid too much paint build up. The rest are all akan still. Quite a fan of the 'burnt metal grey-purple' So the spec: Modified kit parts- -drilled fuel dump. -nose pitot join corrected. -arrestor hook shortened. -first spine antenna made smaller. -3 light box on front gear leg drilled. -panel lines scribed in rear engine cowls and side fairings. -drop tank holes moved back and slightly outwards. -RIO boarding step renforcement plate sanded back. -RIO handhold ontop of IP coaming undercut to make it look more like a handle. Hasegawa parts - -afterburner faces and etch. -ventral fins. -canopy strut wedge. -cockpit decals. -main wheel hubs. -chinpod. AM parts - -Reskit wheels (mains drilled out for a hasegawa plastic early 'star' hub) -Brassin sparrows and winders. -Aires pilots in seats. -Aires nozzles and tubes. -Quickboost front U/C bay doors. -FCM decals. Quite a bit! Oh one last thing, couldn't be bothered to try and cut out and install the glove vane parts neatly, so made a decal rectangular decal to represent those panel lines. Products used and a scale reference: GENERAL VIEWS Love this one! PILOTS IN DETAIL (Hand painted helmets) UNDERSIDES: Some weathering effects close ups: In comparison to a gull grey bird and the tps scheme - makes it look really light now! The most recent 'line' pair together: Kit and brasssin from our own @Mikemx at mjwmodels, great prices and service 👍🏿 WIP - this build is around pages 13-17 The gull grey 1st attempt: Actual Plane: https://photos.smugmug.com/US-Squadrons-USN/US-Navy-Fighter-Squadrons/VF-111-SUNDOWNERS-pictures/i-m478ccc/2/e19385bd/S/F-14USN-VF-111 0045 A taxing Grumman F-14 Tomcat USN 160668 VF-111 SUNDOWNERS USS Carl Vinson 3-1984 NAS Fallon%2C by Michael Grove%2C Sr DONEwt copy-S.jpg Thanks for looking!
  18. Pocher 1/4 ducati panigale

    That looks like a real engine on your table! Bet you could post that pic on a motorbike forum with a phrase like ‘hope the mrs doesn’t come back early’ or similar... Brilliant stuff.
  19. Bad Couriers!

    Hope this cheers you up mate! Imagine him pushing that box up your driveway... Google images is great
  20. Almost 9 Hobbyboss 1/72 F-14 Tomcats

    Sluggers decals made up and done! Sourced as follows - From superscale sheet 72-480: Tail arrow, ventral ‘vf 103’, flap top ‘212’, tailfin ‘12’ From the old esci kit shown above on this page - Bu. Number and inner rudder ‘AA’ codes. From two lots of hasegawa Atlantic fleet sheets the 2 of the 207 was cut off & used for to make the 212. Same for the otherside which slopes the other way. Also, the 1 in the 212 came from the 100 off the hasegawa a plus boxing sheet. The majority of the rescue and warning data came from a hasegawa pacific fleet sheet, the ones intended for the vf21 high viz as the layout of the rescue boxes is the same awell as the style of the ejection triangles etc. But intake warnings had bits cut off or repositioned (eg no ‘danger’ or ‘jet’ on the port, & the angle of the ‘danger’ in the starboard one) to match the reference pics of 104/212 Stars and bars came off of a microscale sheet that was for a6 intruders. Without further a-due: A few points I am not happy with looking back at the reference pics I posted of the real 104/212 last page: 1: Arrows (and assume AA’s too) need to be darker/more contrast, almost black not grey. Which is frustrating as I checked the contrast of this ‘dark’ grey using some that was spare on the decal sheet against some gull grey and it looked fine which convinced me to build this plane as any other 1/72 (black) decals for slugger tomcats are non existent!!! 2: Stars and bars need to be darker too as well as a touch bigger. 3: The ‘12’ on the tailfins need to be slanted to the rear on both sides. Checked and checked the decal stash again but no joy.. Oh well. Don’t think it will be this way for long though, not clear coated them yet... Cheers, Tony
  21. F-14D Super Tomcat 1/48 Hobbyboss

    Fair enough mate! There are two nose gear legs in most tomcat kits. The ‘normal’ one for when it is parked or driving/taxi around, and then the compressed or kneeling position as you have chosen for when it is hooked up to the cat. A third position seldom seen in modelling would be when the gear is down in flight as on take of or landing. In this case the oleos are extended fully, so much that the scissor links are pretty much flat against them, showing how much suspension travel naval aircraft have to allow for the hard landings (controlled crashes almost) and rough seas they have to contend with. Hope this helps. Tony
  22. F-14D Super Tomcat 1/48 Hobbyboss

    Nice you’re going for a launch set up. Couple details which can still be added - drill out the three glideslope landing lights (vertically & RHS) on the box above the wheels, or three dots of colour paint which is easier. Also most had a black band around the launch bar as a visual aid to check it was seated in catapult shuttle correctly (no white visible) Just do a quick search on google images and you’ll be well on your way
  23. What have you purchased 9

    Nice! always the most rewarding if you DIY. (As long as it turns out ok) Any pics?