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  1. yep thats the one!
  2. So I have become a tomcat fanatic recently (1/72) and have decided to embark on an epic saga starting with these 6 9 hobbyboss kits before moving onto some Hasegawa ones. I got these from creative models over various special offer weeks when they were knocking them out at around Β£12 a kit. I am going to try to do some lesser seen schemes but pretty limited with decals because most kits and AM sheets come with normally the colourful cag birds etc... Three 'A' models added, Builds No. 7,8 &9.... The kit that started it all was an ebay bargain revell kit, see here - This WIP will hopefully document all 9 of them, most of them concurrently/in pairs, then as they are completed they will have individual RFI threads. I won't document every single thing, as most things will be duplicated (eg the polishing and dipping of six canopy mold seams - i'll just show one) but i will try to highlight any problem areas I encounter or things different to that particular machine. The plan is to do the following for each variant: 1 - completely 'out of the box' 1 - tweaked with a basic cockpit set and maybe weapon upgrades & AM decals 1 - dressed up with an advanced etch set, resin bits & weapons, AM decals etc. I will also be trying out some different paints on each of the six builds, with some of them having the corresponding metallics too. To play with I have collected: - Ak interactive air USN set and their xtreme metal. - Vallejo model air USN set and Vallejo metal color. - Mr color and mr super metallic. - Mr hobby aqueos and mr metal color. Some other usn greys I have are the Xtracrylix ones and some Tamiya mixes. These will be used with alclad metallics. Also is the revell pilot set, one of the OOB builds will have a pair in the cockpit with the nose gear in the squat position, and then maybe one or two may have a figure on the wing walks. And then for fun there is a hasegawa F14 eggplane and a felix mascot. (From Hannants) It says 90mm I guess thats how tall it is when finished? Tamiya 10ml clear for size/scale. So the planned planes are: (unless I discover/purchase some other decal options between now and starting them!) F-14 B's - planes 1, 2 & 3 1: B - OOB - Vf 74 decals with the 1992 olympic rings on the nose. Loadout will be the standard 4/2/2 of aim 54/7/9's as per what comes in the box. Pilots in, nose down and nozzles closed getting ready for launch. 2: B - Tweaked - vf101 grim reapers. Plane 101. COMPLETED 3: B - Upgraded. Boxtop option vf143, retro gull gray scheme for their last cruise(?) Resin exhausts This will have the advanced dream model etch set (interior and exterior) I may attempt the etch boarding ladder. F-14 D's - planes 4, 5 & 6. 4 - OOB vf 31. Plane 101. COMPLETED 5 - Tweaked: VF2 Hasegawa decal option. This build will have a dream model color cockpit etch and some Hasegawa upgrades from my little casting project. 6 - Upgraded. vf 213 101 nose art decals. It will have the advanced etch set (interior/exterior) Also Aires resin nose wheel doors for front u/c bay. Loadout will be smart bombs gbu 24's and lantirn from the Hasegawa sets. Mr color planned. F-14 A's - planes 7,8 & 9. 7 - OOB - with Vf32 desert storm decals. Mr hobby paints. 8- Tweaked - most likey an early vf41 grey over white. Will use some hasegawa spares eg early tail fins without stiffner plates etc. Vallejo paints. 9 - Upgraded - vf 14 tophatters 80th anni scheme. Full etch set, resin bits and lantirn/smart bombs.. Phew thats a lot of waffle! During this WIP I will refer to them as planes 1 to 9 to reduce the amount of confusion/easy reference. If there are any super geeks out there who can spot any faults with the above then feel free to chime in, any help is greatly appreciated. I have done a bit of research but everyday is a school day! I started a couple weeks ago near the start of july so have lots to post already, so over coming weeks so the replies (hopefully) can spur me on as I anticipate I will start getting fed up towards the last couple builds. I have made a start on planes 2,4 & 6 Let the fun commence!
  3. Bit of a rant and wanted to see what others think...? Disclaimer - I am not against quoting as it does serve a purpose when several people are participating in a general sharing/exchanging of information type thread... The quoting I am ranting about - Mainly happens in WIP's, The guy does an update half a page long on his build with lots of text and several pictures which is great - thats what we want to see and the whole point of a WIP... What we dont want to see is that the very next post is the whole ruddy thing again with someone adding 'great work' at the end. Half of your day is spent scrolling through stuff already seen. Now I myself and I am sure everyone else with WIP's appreciates all the 'great work' type comments, but it would save time and bandwidth if people could just reply with 'great work' instead of quoting everything. Or quote everything but then edit your post to just include your particular one favourite picture from the bunch? Or am I being to harsh/miserable/boring/insert your choice here? Tony. The apparent quote hater. #pleasequotethis
  4. Like this? Here in action on an iThing quoting the part about this feature... Really useful feature πŸ‘πŸΏ
  5. Cockpit looks like you are the owner of a steady hand
  6. Very nicely executed... I like the darker shading at the edges of the blue bits. Also cool that the 'three prong' symbol of the national crest(?) is repeated with the camo on the back between the fins
  7. Very true, I love them 😍 And yes - Mr Color Lacquer - thin with self levelling, clean with cellulose/lacquer thinner. Mr hobby aqueous - thinning with water or acrylic thinners is fine, I use ultimate products airbrush thinner (works well across the several brand of acrylics in my stash) The leveling thinner is only needed for detail work or to get a good wet coat when using gloss colours. You can then clean with normal airbrush cleaner. Example: The N viper in this thread after stynylrez primer had the base light grey thinned with UMP thinner, then the camo done with levelling thinner. Cleaned my airbrush with vallejo airbrush cleaner... Next, small details like the grey ecm/radar(?) tear shape bumps next to nose and tips of the prongs on intake etc then done in the relevant mr hobby aq colours thinned with water and a fine brush πŸ‘πŸΏ
  8. So for this build the pair will be a f-16cj by tamiya in the 'have glass scheme', (caracal next gen vipers), and an F-16N by hasegawa. The tamiya will have an eduard etch zoom upgrade, masks and possibly a resin exhaust. Paint by hataka. The Hasgawa will be pretty much out of the box, possibly wheels up & pilot in, on a stand, wearing mr hobby colors. Eduard canopy mask. If it is 'wheels down' then it may have the exhaust, wheels and seat dressed up itching to start...
  9. You should charge the offenders for your time
  10. Cool, Is that in the dictionary yet??? Speaking of new words in the dictionary, did anyone see that bird from the only way is essex go on tv to complain about the addition of 'essex girl' and its derogatory explanation being added to the Oxford? As if they needed any more evidence...
  11. I know you'd think that? But it seems not to be the case - Perhaps you can go out there and teach the masses... I also edit using a smart phone. Look I made a bit of yours bold! PS Had a look into that 'selection with a cursor' option as mentioned a couple posts above... Try holding onto the relevant text with your finger, you highlight it then a drop down box says 'quote this' Its gleaming and the future πŸ‘πŸΏ Tony
  12. Not sure pal not tried it on a large area so can't say.... Alot of the colours are identical between the two ranges - same name but different numbers which can be confusing at first. So what I tend to do is spray the camo with mr colour & self levelling thinner (lacquer type - tough and durable with a satin sheen which is ready for decals) and then if any small touch ups are required after is then to use the mr hobby (aqueous type) thinned with water and a small brush. So apart from brush painting the edges of landing gear doors etc I dont have alot of experience in using mr hobby with a brush. In this instance i painted the whole plane in mr hobby aqueous, as didn't have the correct colours in my mr color lacquer collection.. The good thing about mr hobby is that it also works with the levelling thinner (full of retarder basically) to allow fine airbrush work without tip dry. Not bad for a water based paint!
  13. Damn, beat me to it...
  14. Interesting! I think the problem is that not enough people are aware of this fact, or just lazy as you say. Could be as well due to the fact that mobile devices don't allow this feature? And alot of guys are using their i-thingamajigs. I myself do 99% of my stuff on here via an i-Telecommunications device with a bitten fruit symbol on it. (Can you tell I'm bored?)
  15. Oooh f-bomb!
  16. Yeah forum etiquette πŸ‘πŸΏ
  17. Yeah see that happen alot with other threads too when they get hijacked and people skim read... Yes mate gunze stuff - mr hobby are water based (H - number) and mr color are lacquer basec (C - number) πŸ‘πŸΏ
  18. Good read that πŸ‘πŸΏ n goeie lees daar πŸ‘πŸΏ
  19. Cheers pal, but I didn't mix anything mate, used mr hobby colors straight from the jars see an earlier pic for numbers. Unless those shades aren't available in your preferred brand of colourisation product? And reference the canopy tint that must be pappy's model you are on about with his 'highjack' picture 😜 Mine hasn't been done yet and still got tape on the outside...
  20. Really good work that mate, very inspirational πŸ‘πŸΏ
  21. And now for something completely different for me here, TWO propellers and designed to drop bombs from the start! As per the pics this will be Hasegawa kit with with some upgrades. Looking forward to using the AK rlm paints, had good results with their air series USN colours on a tomcat of mine. Also all the markings will be masked and sprayed with the montex set, first to add some fading in them but also cause the stock decals are quite thick. So will only need to use a few of the stencils from the sheet... Here goes!
  22. I try not to Jeff, but you wouldn't believe the amount I can still get sidetracked... πŸ˜‚
  23. The making masks with a circle template part? Tony