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  1. Hey guys! I've got a friend, who used Gauzy Gloss coat and his question is how to wash it down from a surface? Will alcohol work for it? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi there! It is written: Post flight debriefing with the 3-rd squadron’s technical personnel. Pyohgyang, June 1946.
  3. DenKhorosh

    Spitfire Mk.VIII

    Hi everyone!=)) I'm in the process of building a Spitfire MkVIII of AZ-models. I chose an option for Neville Duke ZX-J JG 241. My question is following: what was the sequence of the letter codes on the plane's starboard? Was it ZX-J (like on the port side) or J-ZX? I don't have any reliable sources on that, so any information will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance, Denis
  4. Gunze H27 looks like this. I think it is Yellow Zinc Chromate, isn't it? [/url] IMG_2653_small by DenKhorosh, on Flickr
  5. Hi guys! Your help is needed. I'm building a P-51 Mustang from Airfix and I'm going to paint wheel-wells soon. As far as I know, the inner surfaces of the plane were painted Zinc Chromate (bright yellow with slight tint of green). I've read a lot about this topic and know approximately how the color should look like. So the question is: I have a bottle of Gunze H 27 (interior green) Can I use this color? According to photographs I saw, it looks very similar to Zink Chromate. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi everyone! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Denis and I'm from Ukraine. This is my first topic here, so I decided to start with my latest work I completed recently. Tamiya's Spitfire Mk 1. I decided to make a plane which belonged to Robert Doe of 234 squadron. I used Humbrol - Dark Earth, Gunze Mr. Color - Dark green and Revell - Sky for lower surfaces. I painted letter codes using masks and used decals from "Authentic Decals" and other models. I added antenna wire using stretched sprue and used it to imitate hydrolics on landing gears as well. I applied several coats of Valejo Gloss, added some weathering effects with dry brush using pigments and a pastel, made wash (pastels,water and washing liquid mixture) and applied the last coat of Satin Varnish. Well, I think that covers all the process. I hope you will enjoy my work. P.S. There is a one thing I'd like to ask about. I had enough information about the letter codes on the port side of the plane (D-AZ), but I didn't have reliable information on the starboard side. So I applied them in the same sequence, according to a skin for Il-2 I found in tne Net (I will attach it as well)Was it wrong?I DO think that was a mistake. I know that it is to late to change something, but still...I just want to know. So,if anyone has any information about this plane (especially the starboard) please, let me know. Thanks in advance. [/url] С1 by [/url] С2 by [/url] С3 by [/url] С4 by [/url] С5 by [/url] С6 by [/url] С7 by [/url] С8 by [/url] IL2-EM-MkI-RAF-234Sqn-AZ-D-Robert-Doe-X4036-Middle-Wallop-1940 by DenKhorosh, on Flickr
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