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  1. Jacarre

    Best Israeli Kfir?

    In 1/72 AMK and Hasegawa are - in shape and dimensions - the best Kfirs IMHO. There are some slighty error in shape in the AMK one: Wing profile are a little too shallow in roots and the canopy profile is not the best. I have some doubts of the heigth of the tail fin, too: its smaller than the others (i dont have dimensions). Hasegawa kit have a very good shape and dimensions, but the panel lines are wrong and raised and the detail is not of the level of the AMK kit. The wing chord, span and fuselage dimensions are very good. I have some doubts about the width of the rear fuselage (afterburner area), it's sightly greater than AMK (could be in the rear plane due to the J-79 engine, more short and width. Italeri Kfir and F-21 are the worst of the bunch. Wing chord too short, main landing gear idem, poor main wheels, canopy too "buried" in the fuselage, windscreen too long and shallow (due to the canopy height). Here with my friends of IPMS Chile we measured a disassembled Cheetah E in National Aeronautic Museum, and, despite the differences with the american engined Mirage derivatives, there are great similarities. We determined with this data that the best - in shape and dimensions - 1/72 Atar engined Mirages are the High Planes and PJ ones. Regards., Javier
  2. Jacarre

    Revell 1/72 Vampire F.3 out

    Sadly the Special Hobby/ Revell one has some fuselage and wing shape problems. The exhaust pipe is oval and not round, the wing chord at the root is too big, and dimensionally there are some differences with the real deal, but no Vampire model is perfect. For the measurements, this is the link:
  3. Jacarre

    1/72 Harrier GR5

    Do you have any measurements of a Harrier II? Would be very useful! Forward nozzles are different in shape to the ones found in firts generacion harriers, but dimensionally? I don't know
  4. Jacarre

    1/72 Harrier GR5

    Interesting pics Serge, i don't have the Hasegawa one but i measured the wingspan in both the old tool 1/72 Airfix Harrier GR.5 and the new tool GR7/9, and here are the results: Real wingspan: 9.25 meters Downsized to 1/72: 128.47 mm Old tool wingspan: 127.5 mm New tool wingspan: 129.2 mm The old tool one is 1 mm short and the new tool one is less of a mm long. We dont have a real Harrier II in the National Aeronautics Museum in Chile but we have an ex RAF Harrier GR.3... The nozzles and fairings could be the same ones? Regards, Javier
  5. Jacarre

    Xtrakit vampire

    I have some numbers measuring one of our examples here in Museo Nacional Aeronáutico in Santiago, Chile, and compared to Heller and Airfix kits: Wing chord on the outer sides of the boom fairings: Real Deal: 270 cm 1/72: 37.5 mm Heller FB.5: 36 mm Airfix T.11: 36.5 Wing chord at the wing tips: Real deal: 99 cm 1/72: 13.75 mm Heller FB.5: 13 mm Airfix T.11: 13.8 mm Horizontal tail surfaces chord: Real deal: 120 cm 1/72: 16.67 mm Heller FB.5: 16.5 mm Airfix T.11 16 mm Anyone has the measurement of wings, tail and intakes of the MPM/Xtrakit one? Regards., Javier
  6. Jacarre

    Mig-17 matching after-market decals to suitable 1/72 kit

    Thanks a lot Michael! The vertical stabilizer's and wing chords are ok the same that fuselage width/heigth and rear fuselage lenght? Regards., Javier
  7. Jacarre

    Mig-17 matching after-market decals to suitable 1/72 kit

    Ohhh i suspect it haha.... Could you show me with a pic the canopy tail and split frames points in AZ kit please? I would like to take again the measurements in my examples, and to add vertical surfaces chord. In a preliminary basis, we could say that the Dragon fuselaje is too narrow, and AZ fuselaje is too long... But i'm unsure about vertical surfaces. Here is some measures from the MIG-17's flight manual... are ok with your drawings? Regards., Javier
  8. Jacarre

    Mig-17 matching after-market decals to suitable 1/72 kit

    Michael, i have taked some measurents of my Dragon and AZ Kits. I hope i hadn't commit any mistake: Distance between the canopy tail and the split frame: AZ 20mm Dragon 18 Distance between the split frame and fin leading edge: AZ 12mm Dragon 13 mm And this is very interesting: Fuselage height at canopy tail: AZ 20mm Dragon 18 Nose intake ring width at the base: AZ 14 mm Dragon 14mm Nose intake ring internal width: AZ 10mm Dragon 10mm Regards., Javier
  9. Jacarre

    Mig-17 matching after-market decals to suitable 1/72 kit

    Very interesting Michael. With my friend Fernando of my club - IPMS Chile - we do the exercise of comparing the front fuselaje areas of a Eduard MIG-15 with AZ and Dragon MIG-17 renditions. I dont have the measures here, but the most alarming thing is the fuselage width... it has more than a millimeter of difference between AZ and Dragon. In regard to Eduard, the Dragon fuselage is 0.5 mm more narrower than Eduard one, and AZ fuselage has a width 0.5 more bigger than the Eduard one! I will send you the exact measures in the next post. Regards., Javier
  10. Jacarre

    Tornado F.2 ZA254 - F.3 Differences?

    Hi all, for an F.3 is the old Airfix 1/72 kit accurate? Or unusable? Better the Italeri one? Regards., Javier
  11. Jacarre

    Xtrakit vampire

    Sorry for bring of the tomb this old topic... But i want to know if Heller Vampire's flaw is fixable or not? How short is the fuselage? Where, in which section? Thanks a lot in advance. Javier
  12. Jacarre

    1/72 Tornado GR4

    Sorry for the little OT, but any of you knows about shape and dimensions flaws of the Italeri 1/72 kit? I know that Revell is the best, bur i think that the italian offering is not too bad... Regards, Javier
  13. Jacarre

    which 1/72 Mig 29 kit for a Polish AF jet?

    It's difficult to me to see the problem in the Italeri radome... Do you know of a picture to put in a ore graphic fashion to see the difference? Regards., Javier
  14. Jacarre

    P-61 black widow kit

    I have the Airfix one... not wanting to spend more money in a new kit, anyone knows if has accuracy issues (i dont my the lack of details)? Thanks in advance Regards., Javier
  15. More items to analyse... We measured the nose height in the radome of different kits. Hasegawa newer tool has in this point 17 mm, Hobbyboss 17.2, Academy 16 mm...The nose of the Academy offering appears to be a llitle too much slim... Regards., Javier