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  1. I just started with glueless assemlby test! It looks impressive!! Hope to start soon, first step: weapons. Ciao Ale
  2. I'll try to do a double build! After lot of failures on the gb, this is my all in! MiG-25 RBT by ICM, i will build it OOB except for the Master probe ciao Ale
  3. This is my first entry for this gb: an Italeri's 48th scale A-10. I will build it in old camo scheme. The box some bits to detail my model ciao Ale
  4. Great result! I'm currently building this kit, i'm deeply in love with it! ciao Ale
  5. I think i found the excuse to build my "Porco Rosso" S.21 boatplane! I'm in!
  6. Good idea! I like it! ciao Ale
  7. I love the idea! I have an A-10 to build... And i need revenge after the double falure of the last two GB started and never finished! So... 'im in! ciao Ale
  8. And the winner is... VF-1! Soon the first pics! Ciao Ale
  9. This is my entry for the gb, a classic Hasegawa 72nd scale. I've not yet decided the livery and the kit to build: a VF-1 bird (with specific kit) or a VF-31 tomcatters build (in this case, i will choose the Atlantic Fleet kit). Hope to post some updates soon...
  10. Ale85

    F-14A Tomcat

    yes i saw in the review... but for me is not a problem! a) for me painting and decaling missilies and weapons is a very very boring process b) i want to show my aircraft in full open configuration (radome and panels) as in maintenance, and in this case it has no weapon BTW i understand your disappointment, it's not a cheap kit and if you want a full armament, you have to spend other money enjoy your Tomcat, i will follow the progresses ciao Ale
  11. Ale85

    F-14A Tomcat

    I have ordered the same kit and i'm still waiting for it from japan. Hope to receive it soon and start my gb! ciao Ale
  12. Just a little "time-out" from the cockpit just to work to the weapon load: i choos to arm my Tornado with four MK82 bombs (included in the kit). For the first time i try to simulate the rough surface of the bomb body But, first of all, let's assembly the bombs! Then, using a sponge and Mr. Surfacer Putty, i simulated the rough surface: et voilà: tomorrow it's painting time! stay tuned! ciao Ale
  13. Instruments panel decaling completed. This work drove me crazy, but i think it woth my efforts ciao Ale
  14. Ok guys, let the fun begins! I started from the cockpit giving it a coat of black primer by Vallejo Then, after giving a coat of medium sea grey (H335 by Gunze), i focused my efforts on the ip: first of all, givng a coat of gloss clear, then i made a black washing with the Tamiya's panel liner. Next step: giving life to this pieces with the airmodel's decals and detail painting. ciao Ale
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