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  1. New update. Painting and decaling stages are done, so i think we are ready for the final assembly and the gallery That's all for now, hope to see you soon in the gallery!
  2. Hi guys i finished the painting phase on my cat. The black zones are made with Tamiya's X-1. After all, i give a coat of gloss clear (X-22 Tamiya) and now i'm rady to put the decals
  3. Let's paint! I used the MRP paint: they are mega but very very thin and several coats are needed to cover the preshading. (And i think there will be further coats in the future...) Next step: painting the gloss black radome and canopy. I also painted the weapons
  4. I'm wondering if i can adapt it to the Italeri's old kit...
  5. Seems interesting. I have a couple of big scale F1 kit by Tamiya in my stash and could be the time to put them on the work bench!
  6. Almost ready for the painting room! I was quite unhappy about the painted red zones on the fins so... i removed all and bought another decal sheet. I will use the decals for those red zones. And i have some spare decals in case something goes wrong ciao Ale
  7. Let's go with the cockpit: oob with some decals from the Fightertown data sheet for the instruments. Also from the Fightertown's sheet came the green zone on the windshield That's all for now, hope you like it.
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