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  1. Lovely paint work on your Hornet! I have this kit in my stash, what about the assembly and athe fit of hte parts? It's easy to build or there are some assembly issues?
  2. Hope for 48th scale F-14B. My dream: a new 48th scale Tornado
  3. A very very small update, just to say "i'm still alive and i'm working on this project!" The kit is almost built, some fit issues but fixable with a small amount of owrk. This is kit is great and very funny to build. Sorry for the bad quality of the pic, i take it with my phone. Stay tuned for more updates. ciao Ale
  4. Hi guys, a few pictures just to say i started working on my 109! Some RLM66 base and drybrush with medium grey oil by Abteilung 502 I struggled a bit with the black cyano to glue the seat bealts, but i will touch with the dark grey and fix it I'm not a big fan of the p.e. but in this case... i have to say they are mega! Stay tuned for more updates! Hope you like it.
  5. I have the same kit in my stash. So, this will be one of my favourite wips in this gb! Ciao Ale
  6. Normally i build modern jet planes, but sometimes i need to take a break and build something different. So, for this Group Build i choose a night fighter BF-109 G-6, the "17 yellow", piloted by Geherard Stamp. I always loved this camo, and when i saw that Eduard put the decals inside his speciale edition, i bought the kit! source: https://luftwaffeinprofile.se/ This is the box: Hope to star soon ciao Ale
  7. A "Wilde Sau" JG300 Bf-109 could be eligible for this GB?
  8. This my latest finished model. Tamiya kit built oob execpt for the exhausts and machine gus by Quickboost. Iliad Design decals, painted with Gunze's and Tamiya's acryl paints Hope you like it: Ciao Ale
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