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  1. I had to stop working on it due to lack of time. I have a lot of work to do in those days, but i think this week i could start again to taking care of my "MiG Eater" ciao Ale
  2. Hi, this is an Italeri original mould released at the biginning of the 90's ciao Ale
  3. Yeah, i'm a kind of "Tornadaholic"! I'm already building a Tonka for the "a kit you built as a kid" GB, now it's time to double the trouble. This is my new poject: a Saudi Gr.1 using the Hobby Boss kit. I know is not the best game in town, but i have this kit in my stash and it's time to build it. With a little help from sme resin bits: aires whell bays and airbrakes, master pitot tube, resim wheels. I'm waiting for eduard's Boz and Sky Shadow and a Print Scale decals sheet to make a saudi aircraft I will use also some parts from an aborted Revell building: in detail, the tailerons, the bulged under-belly pylons and the Hindemburg fuel tanks I would like to replicate this configurations, with eight bombs and the dual bomb racks: does anyone have this spare parts to sell me from an airfix kit? (especially the bomb dispenser). Obviously, due the bad times we're living, there is no rush. Source: d-storm.eu, Hope to start soon and post some updates ciao Ale
  4. Quick update: this kit is very hard; now i know why when i try to assembly it for the first time as a 12 years old guy, i failed! So far it was a speedy build, now comes the hardest part: intakes! After all, i'll take a break to fix all the gaps with putty. Lot of fun this "back to childness", by the way I really love the spirit of this GB! ciao Ale
  5. Yeah! I made a wash with tamiya's dark grey panel line accent. The pic is too bad, but it's in place and i love the effect. Maybe tomorrow i will make better pics with the photo light box ciao Ale
  6. After the disappointing ending of the "In the Navy" Demon's build, let's start with this "mig Eater". I start woeking from the rear part of the fuselage, gluing the engine zone and the fin. Some putty is needed, tomorrow i will fix those zones. (The front part is fixed without glue) cockpit is not the best in town but i tried to have the maximum from it: base coat of medium sea grey, than i painted details with back, matt white and clear green for the screens. That's all for now, i promis i'll make better photos for the next steps Hope you like it! ciao Ale
  7. I was too frustrated to save it. I love the Demon, so i think i will give it another chance in the future buying another kit. I don't love to waste money, especially in this moment, but as i said, i was very frustrated by this inconvenience. And I throw it to the bin ciao Ale
  8. Bad news! I have to shut down this building. First of all: decals was a real trouble; they broken in several pieces, it was like building a puzzle But the worst was when i put the washing on the undersurfaces: when i removed the excess, it was a disaster! So... white flag I have the determination to put my name on the map of this GB so...just the time to choose the subject and i will start whit it ciao Ale
  9. Maybe i have a old but gold Mirage IV in 48th scale somewhere in my stash... ciao Ale
  10. Yeah i know about the mrp paint, but i have this at home and i will use it. So i can really build my Tonka as i built it when i was a 12 years old child ciao Ale
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