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  1. Great result! I'm currently building this kit, i'm deeply in love with it! ciao Ale
  2. I think i found the excuse to build my "Porco Rosso" S.21 boatplane! I'm in!
  3. Ale85

    Yanks Abroad

    Good idea! I like it! ciao Ale
  4. Ale85

    The Specialist GB - 16Mar - 7Jul

    I love the idea! I have an A-10 to build... And i need revenge after the double falure of the last two GB started and never finished! So... 'im in! ciao Ale
  5. Ale85

    F-14 VF-1 Wolfpack - Hasegawa 1/72

    And the winner is... VF-1! Soon the first pics! Ciao Ale
  6. This is my entry for the gb, a classic Hasegawa 72nd scale. I've not yet decided the livery and the kit to build: a VF-1 bird (with specific kit) or a VF-31 tomcatters build (in this case, i will choose the Atlantic Fleet kit). Hope to post some updates soon...
  7. Ale85

    F-14A Tomcat

    yes i saw in the review... but for me is not a problem! a) for me painting and decaling missilies and weapons is a very very boring process b) i want to show my aircraft in full open configuration (radome and panels) as in maintenance, and in this case it has no weapon BTW i understand your disappointment, it's not a cheap kit and if you want a full armament, you have to spend other money enjoy your Tomcat, i will follow the progresses ciao Ale
  8. Ale85

    F-14A Tomcat

    I have ordered the same kit and i'm still waiting for it from japan. Hope to receive it soon and start my gb! ciao Ale
  9. Just a little "time-out" from the cockpit just to work to the weapon load: i choos to arm my Tornado with four MK82 bombs (included in the kit). For the first time i try to simulate the rough surface of the bomb body But, first of all, let's assembly the bombs! Then, using a sponge and Mr. Surfacer Putty, i simulated the rough surface: et voilà: tomorrow it's painting time! stay tuned! ciao Ale
  10. Instruments panel decaling completed. This work drove me crazy, but i think it woth my efforts ciao Ale
  11. Ok guys, let the fun begins! I started from the cockpit giving it a coat of black primer by Vallejo Then, after giving a coat of medium sea grey (H335 by Gunze), i focused my efforts on the ip: first of all, givng a coat of gloss clear, then i made a black washing with the Tamiya's panel liner. Next step: giving life to this pieces with the airmodel's decals and detail painting. ciao Ale
  12. After the flop with cold war gb, it's time for a new challenge for me. A real BIG challenge: a 32nd scale Revell's Tornado IDS wearing the famous 6° Stormo's "Red Devil". I really love Tornado so i decided to make a model in the big scale. Starting from the famous Revell kit: The box is for a ECR version, but inside you have all you need to make a normal IDS version, included instrument panels, bombs and cannon gun muzzles. i will build my model oob beacause i want to concentrate my efforts on the painting stage. I take some bits (the second BOZ pod, resin seats and resin nozzels) from another "unlucky" attempt to build a big Tornado. I will use airmodel instruments, master pitot tube and Tauromodel's decals to make a ol camouflaged machine with hi-viz roundels and codes. I love heavy weathered aircraft like this... I hope to start working on it soon, so stay tuned and wish me luck! ciao Ale
  13. After the initial frustration and disappointement, yes i think it's all fixable and i will fix my mig! thanks for the good tips, guys! ciao ALe
  14. Sad to announce, i have to retire my MiG from the competition Too many bad thing happended during this phases: problems with paints, a big mistake with the red stripe, i broke a part on the wing, i furtherly broke the pitot tube... so, it was a very unlucky Mig. i'm sad because i was very happy of the result so far, now i think about his destiny: finish it o r throw it in a bin... Btw, i wil search another subject for this gb ciao Ale