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  1. Super nice build! Hope Airfix will release soon a Raf S.2B
  2. Tks to all for the appreciations! Yess, it's a saving space mode
  3. This is my latest completed model. Hasegawa kit built OOB, markings and stencils are from a Fundekals sheet for the japanese "Eiko". Painted with AK Xtreme for the metal parts (Matte Alluminium overall, Titanium for the darker zones and stainless steel) and with Gunze and Tamiya acrylics. Lot of thins could be done better, but i'm satisfied about my job and it add a touch of color in my line up Hope you like it And now let's start another project! ciao Ale
  4. I have the same kit in my stash, what about the overall fitting and assembly?
  5. Nice building! I have the KH's kit and i think the old Mongras is still the better choice in town.
  6. May I have a big F1 by Tamiya (1/12). Or this GB could be a good excuse to buy the big Italeri's Tonka. So, i'm interested.
  7. I love this theme! I can finally start my Greek F-16 project
  8. Finally i managed to finish a GB after lot of efforts! It was funny and can't wait for the next one.
  9. I have some potential subject for this GB...
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