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  1. Will it not break the seats inside
  2. Hi everyone.... I am building the 1/72 italeri uh-60 blackhawk which is going to be finished as the columbian army scheme.... What i need to no is how do i airbrush it with the doors open without spraying the inside
  3. Who would have thought that lol... I mean how do i hold them in place
  4. I am just wondering how people spray the missiles thanks
  5. Can anyone help me... I want to mount some motors in my A400m but cant work out how.... Is there any tips out there thanks
  6. Ant79

    Wire for motors

    I want to put motors in my 1/72 airbus a400m and in wondering what gauge wire i need
  7. Ant79


    Where can i get them from... Ive seem some on amazon but i dont no what size... Theres 3mm or 5mm
  8. Ant79


    I will just have to do my research before i start it
  9. Ant79


    Receieved my revell 1/72 a400 yesterday and WOW what a beast... Ok the plan is to build it with light and spinning props.. Could anyone help me out what lights do i need to get
  10. Ant79

    Building same models

    They usually come with props dont they
  11. Ant79

    Building same models

    Wheres all the propellers gone
  12. Ant79

    Building same models

    Wow thats alot of spitfire
  13. Just wondering do people build the same aircraft multiple times... Say 5 spitfire vb or tornado gr1.... If yes how do you get differnt markings
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