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  1. Hello, finished it this month, the kit itself is rather easy to build but i still messed up some part like being indecise about my color scheme wich made the build time longer, not painting the suspension part before gluing them was also a mistake on my part. Tried to go for a damage museum tank.
  2. is this better? had to use brute force with the cisor
  3. I'm building a what if F04 from the Kampfgruppe Schultze, the only difference being in the interior https://tiger1.info/EN/Hydraulic-grilles.html (I like doing what if). I've replaced the hatches using dragon one because I haven't putted the vision block at first and thanks for pointing me out about the cupola angle, not sure how I can fix it but I'll try (I think I'll do a mess). Also, I can't do mine with mudguard because I don't know why but some time ago I decided to cut them off and now I can't find them anymore. the second will be much better than this one
  4. Decided to add some tool using academy instruction, but I didn't have enough place for the hammer. I used some part from my tiger H2 box on the turret
  5. already did the idler wheel on the H2(wich is already done), now it"s academy tiger I, I'll try some drybrush on it. I've seen some late tiger I instruction and it doesn't seem that I've messed up the angle that badly so I'll keep it that way.
  6. sanded the underside of the hull and started painting it. Also worked on the suspension yesterday
  7. For those who want information on tiger kit ,there is this page https://tiger1.info/kits.html
  8. is it because of that that some picture appear with "spacer" being written?
  9. worked a bit on my F04 ,I sanded the turret and it look better ,now I'll have to scratch a bit on the engine hatch. I've also decided to take off some part in order to facilitate the painting
  10. is that the grinch in wood? Is it me or dragon sometime love to put unnecesary detail in their kit (and they cost a heck lot in europe too ,I got their panther F for at least 60€).
  11. so ,I looked at the hull of my F04 and I'll have to wash it ,then sand the academy logo under it .Not sure if I can fix the suspension ,I'll may be like david goodenough "oh ça vas! c'est du what if ,je peux le présenter comme je veux" The weird stuff inside the hull is me being dumb and putting white spirit inside it (don't ask me why I did it ,I don't know) PS: I'm french and David is this guy
  12. ok! Maybe this one is on the picture quality. I decided to use putty on the turret because when I started this model ,I didn't used it despite the space between the 2 hald being visible
  13. F13 will not be the first one from the Gruppe Fehrmann that I'll do ,It'll be F04 with a scheme losely inspired by caraktère interpretation of the F05. Something weird about F01 is that I always thought that the code were just white outline rather than red+white outline
  14. why is the tiger I F01 so often interpretated as red? both academy and Rye field interpretated it that way ,to me the doesn't really seem that red and regarding the F13 why is it rarely see red when the veteran who photographed the tank said it was red?
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