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  1. Heartiest Thanks Everyone . . . I highly appreciate the inputs you all gave and I shall do the needful in the coming days. .. . Do have a look at the WIP video too . . .
  2. Hello Everyone Adi here . . . I wanted to make a Snowy Base for the Finnish AF Hawker Hurricane which I just completed. To make the base I use Plywood and cover this with acrylic putty. I use baking powder to sprinkle the base for the Snow Effect. I make trees using wooden kitchen skewers and single strand wire. For the branches I used dried grass as I did not have access to Woodland Scenics Sea Foam. I make my own flocking using a sponge and I churn it in the mixer. I make two different shades of green. I spray the trees with diluted PVA Glue and sprinkle these trees with baking powder for the snow. The whole base was completed in a Day using basic and simple steps . . . Best Adi
  3. Hello Everyone, The Tamiya Hawker Hurricane Mk.I is a Superb kit, although its an Italeri rebox. The kit is a simple straight forward build and its a New tooling for the Hurricane in 1/48 scale. The detail is great out of the box for this scale and the panel lines are not overdone. The overall fit is great too. Decals provided are great with lots of options, a bit thick IMHO. I really liked the Finnish AF colors. The kit is built OOB and no mods are done. The paints used are locally available Acrylics and are airbrushed. For the chipping I used a sponge and for the Weathering I used a Dark Brown watercolor wash alongwith Oil Pastel Powder for the staining. Overall a Enjoyable build. Hope you like the Pictures and the Wip Video. Best Adi
  4. Many Thanks everyone . . . Really Glad that you All liked it. .. . .
  5. Hello Friends, This is a Build of the HobbyBoss Sukhoi-30 MKK in 1:48 size. I build this kit into a Su-30MKI in service with the Indian Air Force. The build is OOB with required additions or modifications. The mods include : 1. Making the LERX - Leading Edge Extensions alongwith the canards. I make this using plastic card and epoxy putty. Once the putty dried I sanded the thing to shape. The panel lines were rescribed with reference to the line drawings which are available on the internet. 2. I modify the tails as the ones used by the MKI are different to those on the MKK. I add wedge shaped sections to the tops and I make new wide chord rudders. I also add plastic card to the bottom to increase the height of these fins. Horizontal stabilizer actuator fairings are also scratchbuilt. 3. I chose a Bomb Truck Loadout for this build as it is really intimidating. However the kit doesn't include any OFAB Bombs. So I dig my spares box and I use the OFAB 250 and OFAB 100 Bombs supplied in the Trumpeter MIG-27BN and MIG-27 kits. I further modify these bombs as they have really funny noses. So I cut the nose and attach flat plastic. To this I add a drop of resin to get an acceptable nose shape. Also I add stabilizing fins to these. A total of 24 OFAB 250 and 12 OFAB 100 bombs were modified. 4. The Sukhoi's when parked have their engines pointed down and inwards. So I modify the engine nozzles to give them the correct stance or angle. The Mod is to add plastic to the inner nozzle which acts as a flange for the install and I add plastic cut at an angle to the outside nozzle which represents the swivel mechanism for thrust vectoring. The rest of the build is pretty straight forward. I detail the ejection seats with seatbelts made from masking tape, hydraulic lines on the landing gear were added using stretched sprue. Paints used are locally available acrylics. The engine panels are brush painted to show the brushed burnt metal effect. Overall the kit is a good place to start with if you want a Su-30 SM, MKI or a MKM in your collection, but the kits needs some work. Only KittyHawk has a Su-30SM but it comes at a price and with less plastic inside the box. Hope you like the Build . . . Best Adi
  6. Many Thanks everyone. . . . Glad that you like it. . .
  7. Hello Everyone, My first try at making ocean waves. I use my old Hobbyboss 1/72 Sh-60 Jayhawk kit and I modify this by adding rudimentary pilots, open door and a winch wire. The Rotating blades are made by using Clear Acrylic sheet which was masked and painted with RED White and Yellow Stripes. Black was Painted on the bottom in a fading stroke. The waves are made using silicone rubber and Baking Soda. I put two layers and I think it did a good enough job. The base is basic plywood and topped with foam and acrylic putty. Paints used are acrylics through the build. A WIP video is there . . Have a look . . Hope you like it . . Do let me know for your techniques and suggestions. Best Adi
  8. Hello Friends, Just finished the F-15DJ of the JASDF in the Aggressor Color Scheme of Sand, Brown and Black. Academy F-15E Strike Eagle kit has been used as a donor kit and built into this F-15DJ. The model is built OOB and no mods have been used. The paints used are locally available acrylic paints. It has taken me around 20 days to build this model and I feel that it still is incomplete. Specially the decals and the stencils. Due to the pandemic I haven't been able to get my hands on the Relevant F-15DJ Decals and Stencils. Thus for the time being I just write the stencils and will paint the markings with grey paint and use the decals later on. The Work In Progress build is divided into a 3 part video series. Do have a look and do mention your valuable comments to improve upon in the future. Let me know what you think about the techniques and my ways. . . Do Enjoy the Pictures and the Build . . . . .Cheers Friends . . .
  9. Yes there are a few... Those have been upgraded... Look for Jaguar DARIN III
  10. Hello Everyone, 8th October is celebrated as Indian Air Force Day. 2020 was the 88th Air Force Day for the IAF. I present the Mirage 2000 to commemorate this day. The Mirage 2000 was upgraded by the Indian Air Force and was re designated as Mirage 2000I. The kit is from Kinetic in 1/48 scale and is built Out Of the Box. The build is simple but Kinetic hasn't mentioned much in the instructions about which parts to use for the different variants which can be modeled from one kit. So you will need to refer your references for the particular version you will be building. The model is painted using locally available acrylic paints and the camo was hand air-brushed without the use of any masks. it was just simpler for me this way IMHO. I chose to give it a load of 4 MICA missiles and I am in process of scratch building the SPICE 2000 smart bomb which was used to strike terrorist camps deep inside the enemy's territory in BALAKOT. Overall the kit is a nice and simple build with beautiful detail OOB and I would recommend everyone to get this kit. I found this to be the best in 1/48 scale. Do enjoy the pics and the WIP video. Best Captain Adi's ModelArt
  11. Hello All, This is the KittyHawk Super Etendard kit built completely OOB. Paints used are locally available acrylics. Masking was done using my Kiddoo's Play Dooh. Few inaccuracies if I am being nit picky, do check your references for the decals and what loadout you want to use. The decals are very nice except for the flap walk markings. They are to be used if you model the aircraft with flaps up. If you choose to put the flaps down then you will have to cut the decal and then use it. The instructions don't mention anything on this. The Exocet Missile Pylon provided is not tall enough so much so that the fins touch the wings and thus cant be used without proper modification to increase the clearance. The bow in doors on the intakes are shown to be installed from the outside. IMHO I would suggest to install these from inside - gives a better fit. Overall the kit is superb with excellent details and good weapon options. Except for the few things which I noticed as mentioned. Do Comment for me to improve upon anything. Please do Subscribe as I would be coming up with more such Builds. Enjoy The Pictures.. . .
  12. Hey.. They are housings for avionics and flare dispensers at the very end of those...
  13. Hello Everyone, The MIG-21 Bison (MIG-21-93) is primarily used by the India Air Force and is an upgraded version of the Later Mig-21s. The aircraft has a new radar and integration of modern avionics and weapons. The donor kit is a Trumpeter MIG-21 MF and is converted into a -93/Bison with various changes and scratchbuilt parts. A new Vac Form cockpit was made at home using a clear sheet. The overwing avionics bays were casted in resin from scratchbuilt masters. The spine is also corrected as the Trumpeter spine is too flat on the top side curve. this was also made in resin from a master. Various antennae were added as was a resin pilot. The rubber wheels were also replaced with resin wheels made at home. Finally i have added an Afterburner Flame to show the model as it was Taking Off.. . . DO enjoy the Build and the Pictures. . .. Do Like Comment and Subscribe . . . Best
  14. Good catch with the exhaust detail !!! I have been trying to work my head for the heat haze ... Haven't found a solution to that yet :-)...
  15. Yes you are right the flames are wonky from some angles.. I tried the look of uneven flames as generally both will be a bit different due to the differences in airflow and winds affecting the flame... Just trying to capture that look .. But yes 2 perfect flame comes on a lathe will fair much better than 2 wonky looking ones
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