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  1. Just wondered what the protocol is for primer please. Obviously for main outside of models I airbrush primer before anything else but should I also use it for things such as cockpit parts and other visible interiors? Intention is to use my Vallejo primer through an airbrush but will brush is its only small parts. Thanks
  2. Thanks all. White Tack now ordered.
  3. About to order some bluetac that I can use for masking and also holding small parts whilst painting and am sure I read somewhere that some brands are better than others due to oil and residues being left behind. Is there much truth behind this? Thanks
  4. Hi All. Recently joined since coming back to model building. Did it as a kid which I think is pretty standard for many of us at mid life but only standard model builds (cars, tanks, planes etc) with standard finishing. Since then hobbies have changed a few times, currently mixing up restoring old RC cars, building and flying RC planes, collecting and painting Warhammer miniatures and I've started to learn airbrushing (models and art). With the availability of online tutorials and forums like this I am hoping to develop much further than 30 years ago.
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