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  1. Looking great! I can't get over how tiny it is. Hopefully they'll release a 1/72 scale version.
  2. You could almost get inside it lol. Looks awesome.
  3. Looks awesome! Any tips on drilling small holes in a straight line? Every time I try that, there's always a couple of holes that look just a little bit off.. drives the OCD part of me insane!
  4. I can't remember where but I saw thread some place that featured the studio model they used for the Axis Chemicals explosion scenes. It was a purplish colour and their reason for it was that black didn't show up too well with the film and lighting they were using.
  5. Cheers Thud4444, Very helpful info I'm not a huge fan of the glossy Batman Returns... not sure why they went that way. Yeah that " finish of a beetle" is way beyond my skill level for a model of this scale. That explains a lot though... how it always looks a little different in each scene. Sneaky buggers lol.
  6. Sorry... Bad choice of words on my behalf. Some of them are indeed black, including the Keaton mobile from Batman Returns. What I meant was a lot of the batmobiles look dark grey on screen due to lighting, etc. For small scale models of the batmobile, actual black doesn't work too well but that's just my personal preference. The look I'm going for is the same as in this clip...
  7. That looks great If I was going to use it for the "89" Batwing though I'd probably dull down the shine a bit though. Maybe with a satin clear coat.
  8. Actually if you mean the Batwing from the 1989 movie, It was dark grey as well but a little darker than the Batmobile... still not black though.
  9. Thanks Station. I just soaked them in bleach. Keep in mind however the chrome is on there pretty well. I left the parts in over night and that only partly removed it so I left them for another three days then scrubbed them with an old toothbrush. That did the trick
  10. Everyone has their favourite Batmobile. My personal preference is the Tumbler but when it comes to sheer iconic beauty, you can’t really beat the 1989 Batmobile AKA the “Keaton” Mobile. I remember building the original release of this kit way back in 1991. It was one the first models I’d ever made and although it was rough as guts, I enjoyed the process a lot. AMT reissued the Batman Returns version which is essentially the same kit with a couple of parts added to replicate the scene where the Penguin’s goons hacked into the electronics. The batmobile I want to replicate is the original which had a less glossy, dark grey paint job. I’m planning to add working head/taillights, dashboard lights and a flickering flame in the jet exhaust. I decided to start with the body first so set about cleaning up any mould seams and flash. Turns out there where quite a lot of each but that’s to be expected when the tooling is over 25 years old. The first real hurdle came when I got to the rear wings. Due to the moulding process, a separate part must be added to the inside of each wing. Not a big deal except the fit is horrible and leaves huge gaps that require not just filling but reshaping. Here's one of the gaps... And here's how much filler is needed to maintain the integrity and shape of the wing. I used 2-part Epoxi Sculpt. It dries rock hard but has zero shrinkage. Other areas that needed filling where the bottom rear fenders and the air intake scoops. The bottom of the rear fenders are actually moulded onto the chassis and if left that way a noticeable gap would be seen after painting and assembly. I cut them off the chassis then attached them to the fenders and used Epoxi Scupt to shape them. The air intakes are attached to the batmobile's exterior engine parts. The back wall of the engine parts is actually a metallic colour but the scoops should be the same colour are the body and they should attach with no seam lines so again the Epoxi Scuplt was brought out and made use of. Unfortunately I didn't think to take pics of these steps but you'll get the idea when you see the other pics. So anyway, after a lot of filling, sanding, testing and refilling/re-sanding I had a surface i was happy with. Here's the body primed. I used Silly Putty and Humbrol Masking Fluid to mask off the side engine back walls as I'd already painted them Alclad "Steel" (I'll be weathering them a little later on). It took me a long time to determine which shade of dark grey (Batmobiles are never black) I wanted as the colour looks very different depending on the light around it. I decided I wanted something between this... and this.. So I decanted some Tamiya spray cans (Matt Black TS-6 and Matt White TS-27) then mixed a custom shade of grey which was approximately 3 parts black with two parts white. I sprayed the body then dried it in an adapted food dehydrator for about and hour then gave it a couple of coats of semi-gloss clear TS-79. Funnily enough, this quick snap shot from my phone gave a much better representation of the actual shade. Lighting and photography... I've got so much to learn. I also started playing around with the mags, trying to find a colour I felt was right. They are another thing that change colour a lot depending on the light. I've seen them represented in everything from a dark copper colour to a bright chrome (which incidentally is what the model mags came as). I stripped the chrome, gave them a coat of gloss black then made a custom mix of Alclad "Pale Burnt Metal" and "Dark Aluminium" which gave me this.. I've still got to dry brush the bats in silver and add some air-nozzles but I'm happy enough with the colour for now. The cool thing about Alclad is it paints on from dark to light so If I want to lighten them up a bit later it will take all of 10 minutes. That's about it for now. The next thing I plan on doing is finishing off the side engine details. The kits detail is pretty limited there. Thanks for looking
  11. Looks great, I love the weathering you've done and I like how you've made it look huge!
  12. Looking forward to this one
  13. I had this... Apparently they're now worth around $400. I like yours better lol.
  14. Very cool... the driver/pilot is the icing on the cake I love how you've done the metal effect at the rear of the engines. Looks amazing.