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  1. Very nice. You've done a great job on him. I love how you've done the multi-shade dark colours. Looks just right.
  2. Cheers guys. I'm playing around with the lights at the moment, trying to find the right look. Once I've done that she'll be pretty close to being complete. I'll post up some pics soon of my progress on the dash lights, exhaust flame, etc.
  3. I've made a little progress on a few things. I started preparing the dash for the fibre optics by drilling a few 0,25mm and 0.50mm holes in a few select spots. I'll be using red, blue and green LEDs to light the optics but I've kept the placement of the holes to a minimum as I've seen many lit versions of this dash where the modeller has gone a bit overboard with the lights and it never looks right. I also kept the painting here pretty subtle as well using just a few different shades of black/grey break up the detail and some dry-brushed off-white to make the controls and tachometers stand out. I'll have to remember to add a bit of gloss to the small monitor screen. The headboard which sits between the back of the seats and top of the roof had almost no detail. The movie car had a chunky little mechanism for opening and closing the canopy and a control panel with a few lights. I added a few bits of styrene and an internal engine piece to make it a little more interesting. I'll also add a few fibre optics here as well. I finished off the wheels and painted the tyres black/grey. The bats are dry-brushed with testers chrome and look really nice against the custom gold/titanium colour of the wheels but it doesn't show too well in the pic. I'm still deciding if the wheels need a subtle wash with some Tamiya Smoke or if i should just leave them alone. The side engine bits where also lacking a little detail. I added the hoses and hose connectors then made the circular engine piece a little more chunky with some styrene tubing. I tried a few different methods for the metallic look but ended up just using various shades of Alclad and some subtle dry-brushing. The tail pipes received a coat of Alclad Steel followed by a grimy wash then dry-brushing with Testors Silver. I also drilled a hole in preparation for the orange flickering LED which will light the flames in the jet exhaust. I may actually use 3 LEDs here but I'll have to test and see how that looks before committing to making the hole larger. Here's the little LEDs I'll be putting behind the tail lights. They're a perfect fit for the pre-drilled holes but they're extremely bright so I'll need to use a pretty high resistor or perhaps a mini potentiometer to dim them. It doesn't look overly bright here but i can assure you it is. Incidentally... Can any of you photography enthusiasts out there tell me how to take a pic of a red light and have it actually come out red instead of orange? That's all for now
  4. Thanks Andy. I wouldnt really say it's a debate.. everyone has their own faves and opinions. It's actually great to see everyone's different views. Have made a little progress but have also had a few delays. Got the wheels and side engine pieces compete. I'm currently working on the lights of the dash. Will post up some pics soon
  5. Very, very nice! You've nailed the weathering and colours perfectly.
  6. Nice job Love the burnt out motivator thingy. I've ordered one of these and I'm going to try and convert him into Chopper from Rebels.
  7. Great work. A lot of people tend to neglect Revell because Bandai have spoiled us with their Star Wars line but you've shown that Revell can look amazing too. I like the larger scale as well.
  8. Very nice! How'd you do your metal effect on the arms? Looks great... Those claws look terrifying!
  9. Damn you... I'm trying to be good and stop adding to the stash until I complete a few more kits but you're making want to get one of these!
  10. Looking great. I love the extra details you've added. It's those little custom differences that really make models like these stand out and grab everyone's attention.
  11. Looking great! I can't get over how tiny it is. Hopefully they'll release a 1/72 scale version.
  12. You could almost get inside it lol. Looks awesome.
  13. Looks awesome! Any tips on drilling small holes in a straight line? Every time I try that, there's always a couple of holes that look just a little bit off.. drives the OCD part of me insane!
  14. I can't remember where but I saw thread some place that featured the studio model they used for the Axis Chemicals explosion scenes. It was a purplish colour and their reason for it was that black didn't show up too well with the film and lighting they were using.
  15. Cheers Thud4444, Very helpful info I'm not a huge fan of the glossy Batman Returns... not sure why they went that way. Yeah that " finish of a beetle" is way beyond my skill level for a model of this scale. That explains a lot though... how it always looks a little different in each scene. Sneaky buggers lol.