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  1. Very nice. The probability of people liking your work is high... It's very high.
  2. Very nice. I love the pre-shading effect.
  3. Wow! Beautiful model. I like how you've weathered it just right and didn't go overboard. makes a huge difference and large scale ships. Well done.
  4. Yeah, i forgot to mention... After the problem with the wind shield, I thought I may have just used the air brush incorrectly so for the two round side windows I just hands brushed them but the results were even worse. I ended up having to black them out completely. It's confusing because the other clear colors went on fine.
  5. Beautiful work. Love the weathering.
  6. Wow! I love Star Wars but I've never really been a huge star destroyer fan. However looking at the work you're doing I'm quickly becoming one. Great job!
  7. Cheers for the generous comments guys
  8. LOL Yeah I know... The mind boggles.
  9. This one was a huge learning experience for me. Lots of mistakes made by me and lots problem solving required to get the look I was after. overall I'm pretty happy with though it did take a lot longer than I expected. The kit it's self is great for building straight out of the box but it's a little more challenging for any type of custom work. Thanks for looking
  10. Apologies to anyone who was waiting on updates for this build. I've had quite a few delays due to work, life, etc. I also bought a copy of Star Wars battlefront and spent wayyyyy too much time playing it but it's out of my system now and I've gotten back into modelling . I've been completely humbled by this build. just about anything that could go wrong, did go wrong. Some of the problems were due to the age and design of the kit and some were due to my inexperience and making rookie mistakes in planning and execution. Anyway onward and upwards. I'll try an explain the rest of the build as best i can. I used a potentiometer to adjust the brightness of the tail lights. This worked very well and gave me a lot of control when trying to find that sweet spot where the lights are visible but don't look like they're breaking. I used the same technique for the red, blue and green LEDs which lit the dashboard fibre optics. This was my first mistake. I originally wired the three LEDs in series with the potentiometer in front, controlling the voltage. The problem with that was the LEDs were different colours and had slightly different max voltages so when I got red looking just right, green was way to bright. If I got green looking good, red would turn off completely. I ended up scrapping the potentiometer and wired the LEDs in parallel, using different strength resistors to achieve a brightness level I was happy with. The fibre optics themselves were a mix of 0.25 and 0.50mm. I painted the windshield glass with Tamiya clear smoke. This was the next problem. I've never had an issue with any Tamiya product ever but for some reason it reacted with the plastic and frosted up leaving a nasty, sandpaper like texture. Luckily I painted the inside and it isn't too noticeable from the outside. Next were the headlights and I had problems here as well. The shape of the headlight openings are slightly curved but the clear lenses are dead straight and slightly too small to fit the openings properly. I ended up creating recessed headlights by making a couple of small light boxes (with an extra frosted lens inside to diffuse the light) then fitting the lenses behind the original kit bezels. I used 3mm white LEDs and painted the bulbs with a few coats of clear yellow. It's not very screen accurate but I think it works well enough. Next up I started working on the side air intakes. The kit supplied intakes have a moulded in mesh screen at the front of each intake which just don't exist in any version of the car anywhere. I puzzled over how to re-create the funnels even to the point of trying this... I tried several different methods but ended up using a couple of cake icing pipe ends. I placed them into the intake openings, marked them with a pencil then cut them to shape. This worked quite well save for one exception. the plastic was that horrible stuff that burrs whenever cut with a saw (even a razor saw) or sanded. I cleaned the parts up as best I could then gave them a coat of semi-gloss black followed by a few coats of Alclad Steel. They're not 100% but close enough for me and definitely better than having a moulded in mesh grill. By this stage I was just wanting to finish the model. It had taken a lot longer than expected and it was starting to feel more like a chore than a fun hobby. This was entirely on me and I realised my own perceptions were to blame... not the process. I worked out what was left to do then set about finishing and enjoying it at the same time. I assembled all the sub components and double checked the lighting still worked. All that was left was to attached the chassis to the body and create the flame for the exhaust. The chassis was a real struggle to fit (due to my own bad planning) but I managed it by epoxying and clamping small sections at a time. I used a small bit of cotton wool painted yellow/red for the flames and was very happy with how it looked in conjunction with the flickering orange LED behind it. Anyway, I'm calling this one complete. As I mentioned earlier, this build ended up being a huge learning experience for me. Probably the most important lessons learned where to test fit EVERYTHING at every stage and be a little more careful when planning custom work. I'll post up some proper completed pics soon. Cheers and thanks for looking
  11. Nice! Very clean and skilled work.
  12. Brilliant job! I just want to say a big thanks for the time and effort you put into your build logs. I've learnt so much from reading them. Cheers
  13. Very nice. You've done a great job on him. I love how you've done the multi-shade dark colours. Looks just right.