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  1. Andy... Can you please share how you post your pics? I have mine on Flickr and when posting a pic I copy the address link of pic but when clicking on it, it takes the viewer to the pic on Flickr. How do you get your to enlarge but stay on the Britmodeller site?
  2. Wow! That's beautiful. Please share how you painted your greys Very nice.
  3. Brilliant work! I had no idea how small it was until seeing it next to the paint bottle. You've done an amazing job at making it look huge.
  4. Watching with interest I'm working on one of these as well and they're awesome little kits for the price. You've done some amazing paint work.. can't wait to see the finished model.
  5. Very quick update... So much for a nice quick build. I painted hundreds of tiny scratches and chips over the surface. I think next time I might try out one of the various chipping solutions available as this took hours. Another little thing i did was to mask off and paint the thin red markings at the rear of the fuselage. There are no decals for this with the kit and I think it adds interest so didn't want to leave it out. I've decided I'll have to scratch build the rear radiator as it's quite a prominent feature and another point of interest so I'll have a go at that tonight. I should have another update soon with a painted engine test and some more weathering on the body. I'm also still not completely happy with the blue and may re-do some of the markings. Cheers
  6. This looks awesome. I've always wanted one of the DeAgostini Falcons but could never afford it. I went the poor man's route and got a Hasbro one with the intent to detail it and light her up. Looking great so far
  7. Cheers guys. A small update... I painted the pilots in the blue/green shade seen in the movie. It looks sky blue in the pics but It's actually a nice deep blue/green colour. I also moved the seats forward a bit. The interior won't been seen too well but I wanted to make a few small adjustments anyway. I moved the seats forward a bit and scratched up a couple of hand controls. Placed next to a Vallejo bottle to show how tiny these guys are. The rear engine area was painted with a mix of 50/50 Vallejo Grey and Light Grey then given a wash with Starship Filth. After that had dried i gave it a second wash (more of a filter) with Flory dark Dirt then a little dry-brushing with Vallejo Gun Metal. in a day or two I'll do some spot-filtering with Flory Grime. I'm still undecided about weather or not to make up a radiator for the back. It doesn't really look bad without one but I know it should be there and it's annoying me. More soon
  8. Love these spidey conversions. I feel your pain as well... ive got the same kit and WOW it could almost be used as a training piece for fit corrections. You have more patience than I sir. Excellent work so far.
  9. Looking forward to what you do here. Anything involving the Falcon, Ties and X-Wings together is going to be epic!
  10. Hey everyone, After watching Rogue One I fell in love with the U-Wing and I've decided to have a go at making a diorama with one flying low along a stretch of beach with some palm trees and water effects. Revell's U-Wing, while not entirely accurate, is a nice little model that captures the look quite well. The plan is to keep this build relatively short, simple and not worry too much about screen accuracy. I intend to build up the U-Wing first then work on the diorama on the side while I do a few droids, troopers, etc. This is the general look I'll be aiming for with the U-Wing... And the dio will be a strip of beach similar to this screen grab with the U-Wing a lot lower and rolling just slightly toward the port side. With the ship in a flying position, the first thing I wanted to work out was how to light the engines. The kit comes with a green cockpit light which admittedly looks very toy-like when lit but the upside to this is that a power source and switch are already perfectly placed just waiting to be customised. The goal is to clip off the existing green LED, place a white LED in each engine, run the wires through the fuselage then join the positive and negative ends to the matching ends of the cut off green LED. Here's the internals with the green LED and switch. The speaker won't be needed so I clipped the wires and removed it. I'm going to have the model sitting on an acrylic rod so the space can be used to install a mount. I cut a few squares of styrene sheet, epoxied them into the space then drilled them out. Instead of using blue LEDs for the engines, I'm going to try something different. The kits parts are not moulded in clear plastic so I made casts of the engines in clear resin which was dyed blue with a few drops of food colouring. Mould made of the engine. Clear resin.. under the supervision of my cat Captain Jack Sparrow Blue food colouring. Cast made. I'll only be using the engine nozzle (grafting it on to the existing engine). Test looks good. The outside will obviously be painted with the centre being left clear. The look I'm going for is to have the engines lit enough to be cruising but not full throttle. Similar to this pic... I drilled holes through the engines and fuselage then test ran the wires through. This actual step however won't happen until after painting and weathering. I primed the model with Tamiya white primer then did some very rough pre-shading with Vallejo grey. I REALLY need to improve my airbrushing skills I made up a base coat with a mix of Vallejo White, Light Grey and Deck Tan. It tuned out pretty well and pre-shading looks nice and subtle. Next up was the blue markings. I masked off the areas to paint then dabbed on a little Maskol to simulate chipping. I was a little heavy handed with the first attempt and not much of the blue went down so I kind of reversed it and used the same technique to add more blue into areas it was lacking. It didn't turn out perfect but I'm happy enough with it That's all for now. More soon
  11. Looks awesome so far... I'd go with the dark version with the orange bay
  12. Ah ok Thank you very much. Very helpful
  13. Looks spectacular! Do you mind sharing some of your colour choices? I've said it before on FB but looking down at her like that she looks just like the 5 footer
  14. Looking awesome. I have to ask... How the hell did you get such a neat, straight cut? Even with such a large scale that's a very thin slice. I can even cut tubing straight lol.
  15. Very nice. The probability of people liking your work is high... It's very high.