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  1. Vanoyen

    Notifications - topics, PMs, etc.

    Hi, gmail.com I've been very active lately though so not expecting any notifications.
  2. Very cool. Love the little falcon and shuttle. It always amused me how in Empire no one looked out the window to discover the falcon hiding there lol.
  3. Another masterpiece Love the chipping and the lights are the icing on the cake.
  4. Vanoyen

    1/6 Spiderman by Horizon

    Amazing job! That base is genius.
  5. Very nice. Cheers
  6. Very cool. Those bases are awesome!
  7. Very nice. Those engines look great!
  8. Quick question... How in the world do you paint such tiny scratches? Do you use a tiny brush or tooth pick or something?
  9. Amazing work on these! Your skills in painting such small vehicles never ceases to amaze me
  10. Vanoyen

    "Stay in Attack Formation"

    Great job! I love how you made the base.
  11. Vanoyen

    Aoshima Gigant

    Looking good Weird about the magnets. Are there other Aoshima kits of the same type of ship? Maybe the parts can be interchanged or something.
  12. I think you've a great job! If you're using this as a miniature for film use then I think you're definitely on the right track. Have a look at some of the techniques used by ILM. There models weren't pristine and perfect models made for a showroom. They were often quite quickly slapped together with pretty rough weathering. A couple of the reasons for this were the shading, weathering, etc needed to stand out on film and because you only saw then for a few seconds at a time (while in motion) they still looked amazing. If you take a look at the model in the pic below, you'll see that the weathering is quite similar to what you've already done.
  13. Vanoyen

    Revell U-Wing

    Cheers Jake. I was actually considering doing a Hasbro version but I've got a few other projects I've just started and I fear if I add a large project like thew Hasbro U-Wing I'd never get any of them finished
  14. Amazing job! You've captured the feeling brilliantly.
  15. Vanoyen

    1/500 Revell JJ Enterprise

    Great build! I've always loved the JJ Prise version... so huge and stylish. I think you've done amazing work on the lights and azteking.