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  1. In the Corgi episode did anyone else see the close up of the tin of paint with the trade name misted out and think it odd? After all Humbrol is still a Hornby Brand isn't it, so why mist it out?
  2. That makes this thread all the more important, as it will have to replace all those 'wish list' slips Airfix hands out at Telford (only to ignore my suggestions).
  3. A select group of people in Margate and China.
  4. I do wish the next time they travel down the A303 they would make the short detour and visit Middle Wallop and just see how popular the Scout helicopter is with the kids visiting the museum. The current mould is too far gone (based on the last one I bought) to reappear as a 'Classic', and a new tool is needed in 72, 48 or 24, I wont mind. On the other hand the Beaver is a no brainer for the Classic range. If they did visit I would personally hope they got the inspiration to produce an accurate assault glider (Hotspur, Hadrian, Horsa, Hamilcar) as there isn't a truly accurate one in any scale. Of course you can't have a glider without a tug and so the Hector, Master III, Albemarle, Stirling IV and Halifax are added to the wish list. The Dakota just needs the tow point added, how about an additional sprue with the US parapack fairings and/or the RAF bomb slips and stores containers for a true Airborne Forces Dak. Airfix produced their Jeep with the airdrop Crash Pans, so where is the Hastings to hang it from? There is just one other thing I hope Airfix would do................. Please ignore what I wish for, my stash is already too large.
  5. I've always wondered just how much information the Hornby/Airfix/Corgi/Scalextric designers share? After all the dimensions of the subject are identical whether the model will be in plastic or zinc so the research must be shareable. Is the choice of subject in an individual range purely based personal whim of the design team or what some sales manager thinks the customers of a particular range want? Why do they think a 1:48 Brisfit will sell in the Corgi range and not Airfix. And finally as someone who grew up with the railways of South Manchester at the bottom of the garden, why does Hornby ignore the LNWR?
  6. I was happy to help, which is a standing offer to anyone building Britain's WW2 gliders.
  7. I've watched that combination from my office window. I may be tempted.
  8. The RAF Museum has been contemplating reducing their holding. The Shackleton may g on loan to Woodford but it could also be 'gifted' ie ownership transfered. Museum rules are complicated and just giving items away to anybody or selling them is not on these days. I have asked my local aircraft museum if they would put in a bid for gifting from the RAFM for the first aircraft I carried a passenger in (its been in store at RAF Stafford for over 30 years), so I could buy it off them, but I got short shrift from the curator.
  9. The Shackleton will go to Woodford, The Avro 504 to Stow Maries, The P1 and Avro 707 to Old Sarum. The Oka to Pima! The Rapide, Avian, Roe Triplane and Bensen Wallace autogyro to Hooton Park. That leaves the Belvedere, Trident nose and some smaller items looking for homes. If there are any TV production companies looking there's a TV series in all this.
  10. I take it that Airfix will not have corrected the lack of fabric on the bomb bay roof/cabin floor for this release? (the one time a part could have been improved by being covered in flash)
  11. Airfix's first attempt (1956) at a bf 109 was so rotund in the fuselage it looked as if someone had attached wings to Herman Goring.
  12. Well he's telling you porkies. The film's Technical advisor Air Cmdr. Wheeler wrote a book about choosing, building and flying the replicas titled Building Aeroplanes for 'Those Magnificent Men'. On the subject of the Triplane's control system he wrote: "Being a triplane the multiplicity of the wire bracing members was considerable but the principle was the same as for a biplane. The chief complication in the wing structure arose from the very ingenious method for providing wing-warping whereby the outer portion of the rear spars on the two top planes were definitely hinged to allow for the warp distortion without depending on the elasticity of the wooden spar, as was the then practice for wing warping".
  13. The Avro Triplane replica at Shuttle worth uses wing warping for roll control as per the original. If you look at a photo of it you will notice that the outer most interplane struts on the upper to mid wing have no cross bracing, thus allowing the wing tips to be warped.
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