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  1. Aeronut

    Valom 1/48 Islander

    Another follower here, having picked up the BA livery version today.
  2. Aeronut

    Anybody else 'obsessed' with one particular aircraft ??

    Maybe ‘obsesed’ Is a little stronge a description, but having been an Air Cadet gliding instructor and now spending too much retirement time at the museum at Middle Wallop I can happily ‘Bore for England’ about the Airspeed Horsa
  3. Aeronut

    Things to do in England when you're Ed[ward]

    Well seeing as part of the refurbishment is a total rewiring of the museum with LED lighting everywhere, you should be happy. The lighting you may be less happy with will be the lightshow projected onto the line up of Attack helicopters consisting Scout, A109, UH1, AH1 Cobra, Lynx Mk7 and Apache (if this last one isn't there for the reopening there will be a space left for it, - the museum is being gifted one which is currently a Wattisham hangar queen). Although currently closed when it reopens in April 2019 it will be renamed 'The Army Flying Museum - No I don't know why.
  4. Having spent some time this week cleaning a 1:1 scale Islander I could get upset about the thickness of those doubler plates on the fuselage and wing but I just can’t. It’s an Islander in 1:48, yippee.
  5. XG502 is preserved in the Museum of Army Flying but is painted in the green / dark earth camouflage she carried for the Suez invasion in 1956. However if you look close enough you can still see the cheat lines of her previous scheme under the camouflage.
  6. As a volunteer at the Museum of Army Flying , at Middle Wallop I have access to the Gazelle AH1 on display, in fact I took the rotor blades off it two weeks ago for temporary storage. I can also access the museum’s set of Air Publications for the Gazelle. So if You need my help please ask.
  7. Aeronut

    Telford 2018

    I wouldn't call that sorted. I spent the first 15 minutes of that 20 walking AWAY from the venue such were the loops in the queue. If it had been colder and/raining you would have had a riot on your hands. That said the number of non IPMS members appeared smaller than previous years so the queue for members didn't thin out as much.
  8. The boat from India must have been late arriving, shed loads would have sold at Telford.
  9. Aeronut

    Telford 2018

    Oh my aching feet. Have I really spent two days walking around Telford with only a single kit and two books purchased? My wallet has never been so fat after an SMW. The big choice for next year though will be, 1:48 or 1:32 for the HP 0/400? At the moment it’s leaning towards WNW and their 1:32 kit revealed today, if only because I’m happier with polystyrene rather than resin (sorry Copper State). However, sense may prevail when consideration of size (even with wings folded it will be big) takes over. Airfix’s Hellcat will not be for me, (on subject grounds) so I can only hope that the Christmas 2019 range announcement has something for me. All I got from Airfix this time was a business card and a request to write something for their Workbench web posts. When does the speculation about SMW 2019 begin? The piggy bank is already filled with this year’s underspend so a 1:32 0/400 or Lancaster (but not both) will be possible.
  10. Can I have a Queen Mary trailer to mount it on.
  11. That’s a sizeable area to paint in a single colour. Does anyone do extra large pots of dark blue paint?
  12. Aeronut

    Telford 2018

    It’s a return to ‘Box scale’ then.
  13. Any of the above or a Valletta, Single Pioneer, Twin Pioneer or York and I might have just found the new top of my stash.
  14. Handley Page V/1500. I wanted to say HP O/400 but the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1 needs something BIG.
  15. I’m hoping it’s ‘c’ unless of course the announcement is a Beverley in which case it will be ‘a’ with knobs on.