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  1. Aeronut

    1/72 Apollo Lunar Module

    Anyone else remember buying chocolate bars just for the gold foil they were wrapped in so this kit could look like the one that went to the moon?
  2. Cayley deserves to be better known, on par or better than that French upstart Brunel. Cayley also deserves to be honoured by all cyclists as he invented the tensioned wire spoked wheel to keep the weight down on his Aerial Carriage. That’s right, all bicycles have aircraft wheels.
  3. Aeronut

    Airfix 2019

    Just doing the whole 'Century series' of fighters in sequence would work. It'd also cut down on all the guessing, along the lines of 'it was an F-103 last year so it'll be an F-104 this year'.
  4. Aeronut

    Whacky Plastic Wish List

    Cierva W11 Air Horse https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cierva_Air_Horse Ticks all the boxes
  5. It’ll have to be a Mk III glider tug version for me then I can ask for a state of the art Hotspur glider for it to tug.
  6. The differential on the front axle suggests it was a 4x4.
  7. Aeronut

    The Revamped London RAF Museum

    I've heard It said that the recent revamp of the National Army museum in Chelsea had a designer who was a card carrying member of CND. I also understand that as a result there is a “who’s senior officer has more pull” fight going on between Chelsea and the Museum of Army Flying, for who gets the first Apache to be released. Middle Wallop asked first and after all it is the Army Air Corps’ regimental museum, but some claim that Chelsea’s need is the greater due to its pacifist orientated revamp.
  8. You need to take a trip to the 'dark side' again. If you can live with the difference in scale, the world of railway modelling will come to your rescue.
  9. Aeronut

    Don't use the RAFM Sunderland as a reference

    Make the effort to go to the Cold War museum at Cosford and as you enter through the entrance door at the upper end you will discover why Architects are described as 'practicing'. Keep this thought in mind as you realise that this entry door is also an emergency exit and you step sideways to avoid the horizontal red and white bar across your path. This is placed there to prevent you from colliding with the sloping piece of structural steel that obstructs half of this double width entrance. This structural steel is there because the twisted shape of the building was designed first, the aircraft positioned within the space second and then , and only then, was there any thought given to the paying (through their taxes and lottery purchases) public, 'oops we forgot about the doors'. BTW the red and white pole is also an after thought, put there after the building was opened to the public. No doubt after a number of head / beam collisions. I'm a volunteer at a museum which is about to undergo a revamp and as such I visit museums with an eye on these new / reworked museums looking for what works and what doesn't, so that I can report back and we avoid the same mistakes. To be fair the only 'don't do that' observations I have about Cosford are the Cold War door issue, the MSP in the back of the Belfast (I'm an airdrop nerd) and the fact that there isn't a pedestrian entrance to the car park when you are walking back up the hill. The list of 'don't do that' observations is even longer for Hendon and I'm still amazed that they are proud to tell us they have spent £25M doing it. Where did it all go? There are , surprisingly things at Hendon I do like, but defacing the Sunderland for the sake of an additional 10 covers at a corporate event and all that empty space is not on. One final thought, has anyone else who has ben and seen the mess at Hendon thought that asking people to 'scan your fingerprint' to start an interactive display might just be pushing the Data protection laws a tad?
  10. Aeronut

    Airfix 2019

    My heart says Beverley but common sense says Victor K2.
  11. Aeronut

    Lynx and Gazelle on the move

    Could be Going to Middle Wallop, that’s where all the Lynx (Navy and Army) seem to be ending up to be reduced to spares for the Wildcats
  12. Aeronut

    RF F-35's RAM panels unpainted?

    Just so long as they come up with some radar absorbent paint that isn't grey. I'm fed up with not being able to tell which nation the aircraft belongs too because all the roundels are the same two tone grey. The yanks have it easy with the bars on the stars.
  13. Aeronut

    BBC news

    The last time I saw a TV programme about Farnborough I got the impression it was made by a CND card carrying tree hugger. Everyone at the show was a baby murderer and full time destroyer of the planet. Needless to say I wouldn't watch that again.
  14. Aeronut

    Don't use the RAFM Sunderland as a reference

    The Typhoon model is that used in a recruiting video to show that whatever your trade in the RAF you are still part of the aircraft it flies. On those grounds I have no objection to it being in the museum - I can also appreciate it as a work of art. However, the Criminal Damage done to the Sunderland is another matter all together.
  15. Aeronut

    Don't use the RAFM Sunderland as a reference

    It’s a model of a Eurofighter made out of objects used by the RAF in day to day use.