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  1. You’d need more than just a new rear fuselage to make a HS748 out of an Andover C1 (HS780).
  2. Following a mid air collision between two of its gliders the Air Cadets covered large areas of their glider fleet's wings in Dayglo Fire Orange. Oddly, whilst making the aircraft stand out at close range, at longer ranges, ie those at which you'd want to see the other aircraft so that you could avoid it, the Dayglo broke up the outline and made it harder to see! The Air Cadets had invented Dayglo camouflage.
  3. A fine example of ‘a silk purse from a sow’s ear’. Superb modelling and photographic set dressing.
  4. Also gone are the days when almost every RAF station has a Battle of Britain airshow
  5. OK can anyone identify the engine from that image? It may allow some aircraft types to be eliminated from the guessing.
  6. ZE410 is now on display at Middle Wallop. I use a torch to show the public the serial under the cockpit door to make it visible from a distance of 8 or so feet. The serial is in dark grey on a slightly lighter dark grey background.
  7. Was it wrong of me on seeing the latest announcement from Airfix to have thought "They really don't understand their market do they?"
  8. I'm not impressed with how the engine is attached to the fuselage half, but OK if not opening the cowlings. Hopefully, there will be the option of cutting it off, adding the ancillaries and hanging it on the engine bearers.
  9. I hope there will be a lot of spare antennae on the sprues, I need a number of those hockey stick ones for 993. I have though resigned myself to having to whittle the ESM and other lumps, bumps and panels. Come on Valom my wallet is waiting.
  10. Must dig out my Fuel Carrier Wing references, I feel a conversion coming on.
  11. I have no interest in the subject but I think there is commercial value in Airfix producing the US ‘Century Series’ fighters, in sequence, so we know which one will be appearing next. Plenty of colourful schemes and even some without stars and bars.
  12. I struggled to get the undercarriage to fit as instructed. And you are correct about it being a tail sitter - I resorted to fitting a support strut made from clear sprue and then offering the finished model to my local aircraft museum for display in such a way that the prop isn't all that noticeable.
  13. In the past couple of years they have made a thing about announcing one of the following year’s new releases whilst keeping the rest of the new release list until Christmas/New year as they consider ‘their’ customers to be the trade not the modellers. As such all (OK most) of the new releases are announced at the Trade Fairs.
  14. As Airfix have finally accepted that 1:35 is a scale there is a market for can I reissue a previous suggestion but change the scale? Go Airfix you know that a 1:35 Tetrarch or M22 Locust with a Hamilcar to keep them in makes sense............. to my warped mind anyway.
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