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  1. Aeronut

    Things to do in England when you're Ed[ward]

    I’ll happily show you around the Army Flying Museum, Middle Wallop and tell you all you never wanted to know about Assault gliders and Raoul Hafner.
  2. Aeronut

    Scale Model World 2019 - first time visitor help

    For a shorter travel time between airport and Telford you may want to consider flying direct from Boston to Manchester. The shorter distance may allow you to include the visit to Cosford (you'll regret it if you don't) and still allow you to make your original 'Long Weekend' plan. If you are anything like the rest of here you may also want to check up on the airlines extra baggage allowance and what rules there are about what they consider to be dangerous air cargo because you will be buying (lots of) stuff.
  3. Aeronut

    Come on you Spurs !

    I can supply some details from the Hotspur Air Publication if required. Beware, the kit’s undercarriage legs are a work of fiction.
  4. I’m sure you’ve seen models of the Belvedere and Sycamore helicopters or even the Rotachute without realising they were Hafner designs
  5. The Hafner ARIII, arguably the most advanced autogyro, as it was controlled by a combination of cyclic and collective control of the rotor. As far as I can find out it was also the first rotorcraft to successfully fly with such a controllable rotor, standard in most modern helicopters.
  6. I've spent some time researching the pre-war Helicopter designs of Raoul Hafner who also used aerofoils in the rotor downwash to counter the torque of the rotor as plainly Gresci was intending. So this model is interesting and I can almost see what Gresci was thinking, although trying to control flight was (like a lot of early rotary pioneers) a secondary consideration to that of achieving vertical take-off. I am liking your series of aviation odd ball models. As to your history of Styrenides, I fear that the modelling solvent fumes have got to you and its time to take a walk outside in the fresh air.
  7. Anyone else notice the near identical oil leaks on all the Blenheim propeller blades?
  8. Aeronut

    Airfix 2020

    Apart from the Barracuda which got even uglier. So ugly it’s beautiful. Can I have one in 1:24 please.
  9. Might just have to get this one, if only because I had a look around the prototype being built in Israel.
  10. Please let it have separate flaps and slats. Lysander models just don't look right with clean wings
  11. Aeronut

    Morris C8 Airborne & QF 17 pdr

    I still find it amazing that both the gun and the Morris could be carried together in a single Hamilcar glider. Nice work BTW.
  12. Having put a tape measure to the full size Islander AL1 at Middle Wallop I fear that the kit will also need new wing panels. The turbine engines are slimmer than the piston engines (30 inches instead of 36), meaning that the rivet line for the engine nacelle on the flap in the kit is 1/8 inch too wide, there is also an oil cooler above the engine on the leading edge and the vents either side of the engine under the wing differ from the current kit as well. All these changes will be needed for a civil BN2T, for the RAF and AAC Islanders there will also be numerous lumps and bumps , additional glazing and a veritable forrest of aerials needed.
  13. I too would like a TB 6 option, as it’s the only Tiger Moth I’ve had a trip in.
  14. Aeronut

    Airfix 2020

    Whilst we have wishes for new kits we also have to think about what would be nice in the Classic range. 2020 Classics Beaver A7 Cosair F-84 Vigilante Islander New kit’s I’d like to see are, Turbine Islander 1:72 ( yes I know I could convert the classic kit but I’m gettting old and lazy) Airspeed Horsa 1:72 (The one aircraft I can ‘bore for England’ about and there isn’t an accurate kit in any scale) dh 88 Comet 1:48. Any of the airfield vehicles sets 1:72 and/ or 1:48 (why do we accept vehicles in 1:76 to go with aircraft in 1:72?) If Airfix is now serious about 1:35 armour let their designers cut their teeth on something small, like say an M22 Locust which will allow me to look forward to the 1:35 Hamilcar in 2021
  15. Aeronut

    Airfix for 2019

    Are there (or have there ever been) any aftermarket resin or brass sets for the P61? I remember building it as a youngster when the lack of detail wasn’t an issue but now as a pensioner it is and I’d like another go at it.