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  1. Aeronut

    Air museums

    Newark Aircraft Museum has restricted access (outside exhibits) this coming weekend. http://newarkairmuseum.org/Visiting_In_Spring_2021
  2. I think he's looking at the upstairs window of his home wondering about how long it takes for the wife to get ready for a drive.
  3. This build is turning into a job application for Strictly Come Dancing costume department. Just how many sequins will it have when finished?
  4. Better than those modellers and kit manufacturers who think flush rivets are best replicated by lines of rivet holes without any rivets in them.
  5. A socially distanced state funeral is going to be something of a challenge.
  6. Anyone interested in the Scout (or Beaver, Skeeter, Sioux and Auster 1 and 9) should look up the Historic Army Aircraft Flight o Facebook as they post lots of photos taken during the maintenance carried out on these aircraft with the intention of assisting modellers.
  7. I have a friend who was an RCT Air Despatcher in the 60's and he could have been one of those chaps doing sport parachuting as he was on the British team sometime about then. He often tells us of the time when he would make his own steerable canopy by experimenting with which panel to cut out of a second hand X type chute, and as each parachute was personal to the jumper who modified it they painted their surnames on the pack. My friend's used to cause some odd looks as his surname is Angel.
  8. Amy Flying Museum, Middle Wallop. 17th May. Wallop Wings and Wheels (Fly in and Vintage Cars) 3rd July
  9. One of the two captured Argentinian Huey is still on display at the Museum of Army Flying, Middle Wallop - and its still wearing its covering of Dulux brilliant white emulsion. You could be lucky on a visit to Wallop to see ZH816 fly as she is currently the resident 212.
  10. My father, who as an officer in the 51st Highland Division was a passenger in one of these vehicles during Operation Totalize. He never referred to them as Kangaroos, they were always 'de-frocked Priests'. And no he never made any comment about what colour they were painted.
  11. During my research into the Hafner Rotachute I came across a report of the development of the rotor system in model form during early 1941. This was attached to the starboard interplane struts of an Overstrand and the accompanying BW photos tend to concentrate on the rotor. However, it is possible to see that the upper surface of the Overstrand's wing were camouflaged. What colour the underside was is harder to figure, if it were a model I'd say it was 'overly weathered'. PM me an e-mail address if you'd like copies.
  12. Interesting break down of parts. Two choices of main undercarriage leg, Flight/ground, pity the wheels are flight only. Thankfully the seat base seen in the CAD images is just a separate cushion, which those of us who have waddled out to the Chippie wearing a seat parachute would never recognise. Main canopy break down is interesting and appreciated, and I see that a jig to assemble it (part 27) is provided. I can't wait, I think building more than the two I already have on order may have to be considered.
  13. Here's a thought. Could that seat back pad fold forward onto the seat cushion? I would provide a metal step and a smoother path up/down the slide to the rear cabin - Its the way I'd design it.
  14. Has anyone offered up the Airfix Shackleton wings to their Lancaster fuselage? AVROs didn't like wasting tooling (my grandfather modified Manchester wing jigs into those for the Lancaster). The Shackleton's wings were those from the Lincoln but with Griffon engines replacing Merlins. The same basic wing structure was also used by Armstrong Whitworth on the Argosy.
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