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  1. Hi there! Another Bandai mini kit! The ATST comes with the Snowspeeder boxing. A nice little kit as usual, but unfortunately you can't position the legs as you wish. So I had to do a bit of surgery and scratch to fix that, as well as adding a few details here and there. To have a feel of the scale: And with Daddy: See you soon with the ATAT in 1/144 from F-Toys. Ciao Iwik
  2. Hi! The future of modelling???? Another case where machines replace man... Very well done! Cioa Iwik
  3. Hi! Another mini kit from Bandai. What a treat! I just carved out one of the air brake compartment and scratch built the airbrake itself. Painted with acrylic Vallejo paints, "miniature" style without any masking tape. Hope you like it! ciao IWik
  4. iwik

    UH-1C Monogram 1/48

    Hi Matt! Thing is, it WAS a spare already! Plunge molding is not a thing I've tried, but I see it as my only option. Regards Iwik
  5. Hi y'all! I've recently started that oldie but ... well, not quite goodie kit. Lots of things to scratch built. So I started with the seats, a great improvement compared to the original ones (on the left). And of course, I wanted to erase the ugly molded in wipers off the windscreen. I just forgot that the plastic is about 40 years old and darn brittle. So BAM! I still don't know how I'm gonna get out of this one... And I also worked on the rear, crap, whatchamacallit? Forgot... damn idiot... I reduced the width of the blade and replaced its hub. That's it for the moment. Don't expect a quick built... Ciao IWik
  6. Hi guys! Here is my rendering of the F-toys Lambda class shuttle from ROTJ from F-toys. Nicely detailed, it is nonetheless not up to Bandai's standards. But Bandai does not offer this ship...yet. It was a nice and quick enjoyable build, so I quickly purchased their B-Wing kit which is pretty nice, although you have to take it apart if you want something clean. See you soon then! Ciao Iwik
  7. Hi. Goodness gracious me... I will mercilessly copy those for mine... Excellent paintjob as always! Ciao Iwik
  8. Hi Spruecutter! I poured transparent resin from Pebeo into a cookie mold (!). For the ripples, I used artificial transparent water from Vallejo. Would do it differently though. Ciao Iwik
  9. Hi there! A little detour via SF for this (big) 54mm figure. At first I wanted the character to be climbing into a small spacecraft, but the project got too complicated. So I decided instead to have him go through a space-time portal... or something equivalent... Painted with acrylics only. Hope you like it. Ciao Iwik
  10. Hi y'all! Thanks for all those nice comments! At last here is the end of this little Winnie! I've added an Alpine miniature for this scene. Hope you like the end result! http://img4.hostingpics.net/pics/493602IMG2758.jpg]MG2753.jpg[/img][/url] Ciao et à bientôt! Iwik
  11. Hi y'all!!! At last it's done! Quite boring to paint 5 times the same uniform for the crew but the result is I think worth it. Well, at least I hope you like it too! Ciao and thanks for having followed Iwik PS Winnie is almost done as well so stay alert!
  12. Hi y'all! Meet the crew! Painted with acrylics. Peter: Phil: Steve: Michael: Anthony: See you soon for the last of it. Ciao Iwik
  13. Hi! Very nice work. I especially like the weathering on this piece. Congrats! Ciao Iwik
  14. Hi y'all! That's not quite the end (a couple of touch ups to do) as I will add an Alpine figure to this little Jeep before I call it done. Hope you like it! See you not too soon as I have to finish painting the M4A3E8 crew first. Ciao Iwik
  15. iwik

    Walkaround GMC Water tank truck??? Somewhere?

    Got that already....:( I think my only hope now is to find someone who was lucky enough to photograph one during some AFV meetings. Unfortunately, there are only three in working order, including one in France but too far from where I live... Cheers Iwik