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  1. Hi! This is just another gem coming from you! Truely an inspiration, like any other kit you make! Ciao IWik
  2. Hi! A real beauty! You've managed to make a uniform colored model interesting! Congrats! Ciao IWik
  3. Hi! Excellent work on the weathering! Love it! Congrats! Ciao IWik
  4. Hi! This little bust (the size of my thumb) has been sitting on my desk for a couple of years, just waiting for a catastrophy to happen. Guess it was time I finished it. I don't know who makes (made?) it. Bought cheaply on ebay four years ago. Hope you like it. Ciao Iwik PS It's as big as my thumb...
  5. Hi! Excellent weathering. I feel cold, dirty, and sorry for the two soldiers! Ciao Iwik
  6. Thanks for the tips! Will think about that! Ciao Iwik
  7. Hi! Here's a buffed-up version of Batman from Frank Miller's Comics. I tried to exagerate the contrasts to give him a more Comic book look. Hope you like it! Ciao IWik
  8. Hi! I was thinking about getting rid of that Italeri kit with molded in zimmerit. Now that I've seen your stunning work, I'm not so sure anymore. Might take a swing at it and hope it will end up half as good as your own. Thanks for the numerous pics too! Ciao Iwik
  9. Hi Jim! Nothing particular. 2 spots on the right side, one high, one lower. Just a reflexion screen (homemade...) on the left. Eos 550D, priority on aperture (F25), under exposed when on a black background, slightly overexposed on a white one. 100 ISO. 2sec delay on a tripod. Reworked with Picasa. Ciao IWik
  10. Hi y'all! Here is a small miniature created for the Batman board game (not the Knight Models one though...). The material is hellish to work with (some sort of vinyl/resin) but I'm getting the hang of it. Loved to work with some paints I rarely use. Here he is: Hope you like him! Ciao Iwik
  11. Hi y'all! Here it is finished at last! This was a great figure to paint, helped by great casting and fit! A must-buy! Hope you like it! Ciao Iwik
  12. Hi! Gorgeous painting and weathering! When I tackle mine I'll have yours in mind! However, you got the antenna all wrong! Ciao Iwik
  13. Hi! It's just gorgeous. Perfect weathering in my opinion. Congrats! Ciao IWik
  14. Hi y'all! Here's my little latest. Had a blast painting it, though I have to admit being freaked out at the idea of reproducing black leather. I'm pretty satisfied with the result though... "C'mon Batsy, it'll be fun. -Selina. Don't." Ciao Iwik
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