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  1. Hi y'all! Thanks for your kind comments! Philip: the ICM kit is waiting on top of my stash... Heloman1: SH will be releasing one pretty soon i think... Ciao IWik
  2. Well, that was quickly settled! Thanks Black Knight for the find! Troy, I'm going for the not so good Hobbycraft kit. Lots of things to change (wheels, exhausts for ex) or modified, not counting all the panels on the wings to conform them to -D standards. But so far I'm having fun. Thanks all! Ciao IWik
  3. Hi y'all! I'm building a Hurricane MkIID and have the decals for that aircraft "our John": It is shown on the instructions without a tropical filter. However, I'd love to add one, and on this picture it is really not clear to see if there's one or not. I can see a bulge above the left wing canon that makes me believe it is the tropical filter showing. What do you think? Cheers Iwik
  4. No thank you!!! Or it will be a kitty without any weapons and landing gears in the up position. Waaaayyyy too boring to do. Thanks all for the kind comments! Ciao IWik
  5. Hi manuel. Pretty easy actually, but time consuming. It's just a matter of spraying different layers of slightly different grays, applying masking fluid with a sponge between each layers. Make sure you don't remove all the masking fluid between each steps. Thus the last masking fluid parts to be removed will show the very first layer of paint you've applied. Add a few marbling effects with very light grey and very dark one between layers (and masking fluid! Again). Finalize with a pin wash with black oil paint. And voilĂ ! (basically... ) ciao Iwik
  6. ...in 1/144 scale. Hi y'all! Felt like building a jet. Quickly though, it's only a jet. Something small, and fast. Took me longer than I thought though... But here it is. Hope you'll like it. Ciao Iwik
  7. Hi y'all! After adding some tiny bits such as different handles, here it is finished at last! Hope you'll like it. Thanks for watching and see you soon! Ciao Iwik
  8. Hi y'all! Almost done here... Those darn pilot's heads are too big for the canopy to fit... Had to use the kit's... After I've applied the decals, I let a black oil wash run along the panel lines, except on the tail where I used gray. The tail took a much darker look than when first applied. Oh well... Before putting together all the sub assemblies and spraying a matt varnish, I've applied another pin wash of dark brown oil paint along the panel lines around and on the engine acces panels. Then I've sprayed the exhausts stains on top f the tail. Another few bits here and there and I'll be done! Ciao Iwik
  9. Hi Neil. I'm surprised. When I test fitted the skid it was definitely tail heavy.... Ciao IWik
  10. Hi y'all Well, if you want to build a Cobra in Vietnam, you don't have much choice. A nice one that is. Nothing interesting in either 1/48 and 1/32 (yet). So I decided to build the Special Hobby one. And it's a beauty. However, I decided to add the Brengun photoetched parts and the air intake, much more accurate than the kit's. I also added the CMK pilots. At this scale theinterior details are limited, so the addition of pilots will compensate for this. Unfortunately, these are sculpted for those who want to use drybrushes and washes technics. Angles are very sharp and folds deep. Not my cup of tea. I've done what I could. You can basically keep your putty in the drawer. All you need is careful sanding and a bit of white glue here and there to fill in some gaps, that's it. However, to make sanding easier on the bottom of the helo, I decided it best to completly erase the acces panels and redo them in fine plastic card parts. The fuselage halves assembled with the accurate brengun air intakes. I've also started to paint some of the armament. I've also bought the brengun resin chin turret, but as an idiot, I closed the fuselage without putting any lead in the nose... So I eneded up using the kit's turret (which is actually just as nice) and fillied it up with as much lead as I could. A piece of advice here for those who would want to build this kit; don't glue anything in the cockpit. Everything can be glued in the end and that will prevent any accidents from happening during the many handling of the kit. Like almost losing the dashboard. And now the paneling. Such a thrilling moment.....NOT! I've used as many as 5 OD shades. I've applied masking fluid with a piece of a sponge ont the edges of the masking tape for each panels prior to painting them over the base color. Once you remove them you get a nice effect of wear. Once the whole kit was done, I've again applied masking fluid along all panel lines and sprayed some OD+black along them. The top of the tail has received a layer of very dark grey and different shadings. That's it for the moment. By the way, that's the version I want to do. Unfortunately, that's the only picture I have of this particular aircraft before its accident (shark teeth applied, and tail rotor on the left side). I have three other pics of Wretched Mildred but after the accident. Moreover, the decals are not very accurate when compared to the picture above. If you had any other pics.... Ciao Iwik
  11. Hi y'all! Assault 26 was the call sign for Lew Jenning's Cobra. After reading his book "19minutes to live", I decided to tacle this old Verlinden figure. I found it too rigid in its posture, so I added a CAR 15 SBG in his left hand and replaced his right arm. I sculpted both gloves with Magic Sculpt. The inspiration for the Confederate flag on the helmet came from a photo. Painted with acrylics only. Hope you like it! Cheers! Iwik
  12. Hi! Thanks a lot for your kind words! Ciao IWik
  13. Hi y'all! Another extraordinnary kit from Bandai, in chase of the MF in an asteroid field! A real meteorite serves as the base. Treated like a miniature with highlights and shadows brush painted. A pin wash with dark oil and the some small details painted with an almost white light grey serve to accentuate the contrasts. Hope you'll like it! Ciao Iwik
  14. Hi y'all! As I was reading the awesome autobiography by Guy SAJER of his experience on the eastern front during WWII, I wanted to paint a german miniature. I have plenty in store (who hasn't? ) and I took my linkings to this Panzer Art miniature. However, I did change the head for a more juvenile looking one, and for this Alpine Miniatures heads are perfect. I also changed the original ammo box (way too thin) for a photoetched one. I also added a white camo painted helmet to further give the impression that winter, if not there, was close past or coming. Painted with acrylics only. Hope you'll like it Ciao IWik
  15. Hi y'all! It had been a while since I wanted to represent a non fighting military personnel. It's now done. I used the beautiful tankist figure from Evolution Miniatures (great cast and perfect fit, I really like this brand). Acry only. Hope you'll like my modest tribute. Ciao Iwik
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