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  1. Hi y'all! Here a "little" miniature depictiong the famous "Thing" from Marvel's Fantastic Four. By far my most favorite of the four. The figure needed some work to make joints disparear with the help of small "stones" made of Magic Sculpt. I tried to accentuate the contrasts (especially the highlights on the top parts) to give the figure some more volume and life. Hope you like it. Ciao Iwik
  2. Hi! Gorgeous paint work and weathering. Congrats! Ciao Iwik
  3. Hi! Mais c'est un lapin! Un lapin de bois! Excellent. Ciao Iwik
  4. Thanks everybody for your kind words! Das Abteilung, thanks for pointing that up! Which one do you think those on the pictures could be? Ciao Iwik
  5. Hi y'all! A while back, I came across LIFE photo archives and found a series of shots of the war correspondents in Tunisia in 1943. I really liked the sand scheme of the early Jeep with the arabic serials. The French miniature company Reedoak released a few months later a war correspondent, who really looked like the one standing in the first photo. Moreover, I also found a small decal sheet from Echelon depicting that very Jeep. A resin roman column and the project started...and stopped for a few days...weeks...months, until 2019 New Years resolutions. I MUST finish some of my begun projects. I've used Italeri's kit with a photoetched set and some scratch as you can see: And here is the final product! Pretty happy how it ended up. Hope you like it too! Ciao IWik
  6. Hi! First finished fig of the year. Another gem from Knight MOdels. Acrylics only, as usual. See you soon with Mrs Batman. Ciao Iwik
  7. Well??? What are you waiting for???? We for sure, are expecting some from you! Ciao Iwik
  8. Did that, stirring and adding balls. Even bought a nail polish shaker just for them...
  9. Hi! I meant that the medium and the (lack of?) pigments never mix. I bought about a dozen from their range (on the same order from their site) and all are nearly transparent, as if there was no pigment at all... Ciao Iwik
  10. Hi! Nice! This brand brings back (old...) memories.... Ciao Iwik
  11. Hi Andy! Well, AND you can paint miniatures too!!! George looks mad at something... I love the smooth transition in the pinky paint. Very subtle. Nice. Ciao IWik PS Ever done "historical" figures? Or SW?
  12. Hi! Very nice! How did you manage with the Scale 75 paint? I can't seem to get anything from that range. They're impossible to mix! Ciao Iwik
  13. Hi y'all! First of the year! Once again, from the SW board game. Painted with acrylics. Ciao Iwik
  14. Hi y'all! Here's my latest, just in time to finish 2018!!! It's a Knight Models figure, and as usual with this brand, the foundry and fit are not always top notch. Their figs are quite unequal, and just like Forrest Gump used to say, "you never know what you gonna get". Hope you like it! Ciao Iwik
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