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  1. Would love to see that! As a reference, Sideshow does one. A BIG one. Ciao Iwik
  2. Hi Jim! Hope everything is fine with you down under... No, the figure doesn't come with the base. I think these figures for the games are really cool, not too expensive, some very original (never seen Dewbacks, Banthas or Tauntaun anywhere else ever I believe...), but due to the plastic the're made of, a real pain where you know to trim. You have to remove the mold lines with wet sandpaper or, when you can't reach the line, with a sharp hobby knife. But still, some tiny bits that desperately hang on to the piece just seem unremovable. However, you can get rid of them by brushing them away with Tamiya model kit glue (the green capped one). It will miraculously disolve all these bits. I've learnt it too late before priming this figure months ago. Glad you like it. Ciao Iwik
  3. Hi y'all! Another one of my plastic/vinyl figure from the desk game Star Wars Legion (or Imperial Assault, I don't remember which...). This time it's a sandtrooper mounted Dewback, patrolling the Tatooine desert in search for some important droids (so the commander said...). Had a lot of fun. Hope you like them! Ciao IWik
  4. Definitely. Bandai if you're reading this... Thanks for the comments guys! Ciao Iwik
  5. Hi y'all! First kit of the year! That's one small little kit (you should have seen my face when I opened the package!) treated like a miniature. Should have pushed the contrasts a bit maybe... Hope you like it. Ciao Iwik PS And Happy New Year!!!!
  6. Hi y'all! Just in time for this end of year! This little plastic figure was a real surprise as the original head is very well detailed and sculpted. As good as some of the best resin heads I've seen! However, the overall postion had to be changed to give it a more lively posture. The angle of the arms (especially the left one) was changed, the hips too, and the hands were replaced in order to grasp the M3 and the jerrycan properly (it was replaced by a Tamiya one, the Dragon one hardly resembling a US Jerrycan, and the cap was also replaced by a scratched one for a water jerrycans). Ciao et Bon Réveillon! Iwik PS Yeah, I know, I forgot to erase the "G" for gasoline on the jerrycan...
  7. Hi y'all: Thanks for the quick and enlightening answers! I guess I'll go for the chocolate chips patten. Ciao IWIk
  8. Hi! I'm planning on buying this Minisoldier miniature: However, after enquiring with Minisoldiers themselves, they told me it depicted a trooper involved in the Invasion of Panama wearing a Woodland camo type of uniform. Could it still possible to be painted with another kind of camo such as this one in Irak I: Or an even more modern one? Thank you for any info. Ciao IWik
  9. Hi! Not sure either. There is a small cover cloth designed for the USM1 carbine, so I'm sure there is one for the M1, although I don't recall seeing any WWII pics with those... There was no protection when troops landed in North Africa, , Italy, Normandy or in the Pacific, so I guess it wouldn't have made much difference... Ciao IWik No oils here. I'm an acrylics kind of guy! Ciao IWik
  10. Hi! Excellent all over! Can't wait for the final pics! Ciao IWik
  11. Hi ! Apparently not. Thank God, you gave me a scare here... https://www.ammogarand.com/m1-garand-wwii-dated-web-sling-original-usg1.html https://www.armynavysales.com/gi-wwii-m1-garand-canvas-sling.html http://forums.thecmp.org/archive/index.php/t-68503.html Ciao Iwik
  12. Hi guys! Glad you like it! The set is a slighlty modified Black Dog set. I only added the gutter and dug the large holes where the pools are. I filled those with normal resin to have a perfectly flat surface. Then I painted them with an airbrush, adding depth to them. Then I applied generous layers of gloss varnish. For the ripples, I lightly pressed some punch and die sets of three different diameters. I recommend using metal tubes instead, as punch and die, if pressed a bit too hard do what they are meant to do.... punch holes. Hence the german Jerrycan... oops. Then I drilled 0.3 mm holes in the center of each ripples. On the side, I streched a 0.3 mm fishing line between two small pliers HORIZONTALLY, and then ran the tip of a cyano tube along the line. Tiny drops appear! If you do it vertically, tiny drops tend to come down the line and form bigger droplets. You don't want that. After it dried overnight, you just cut small bits of it and glue them in place. On the ponds and elsewhere as well. Really simple actually... Ciao IWik
  13. Hi! This just a wonderful piece of work! Especially for this scale. The weathering is excellent. Bravo! Ciao Iwik
  14. Hi! Excellent all over. A really round of applause concerning the "weathering" of the white uniform. I have the same figure but in 1/35th. Will be looking for this one as a reference. Ciao Iwik
  15. Hi y'all! Thanks a lot for the kind words. Means a lot. Cheers, Iwik
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