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  1. Very cool. Love the little falcon and shuttle. It always amused me how in Empire no one looked out the window to discover the falcon hiding there lol.
  2. Another masterpiece Love the chipping and the lights are the icing on the cake.
  3. Quick question... How in the world do you paint such tiny scratches? Do you use a tiny brush or tooth pick or something?
  4. Amazing work on these! Your skills in painting such small vehicles never ceases to amaze me
  5. Looking good Weird about the magnets. Are there other Aoshima kits of the same type of ship? Maybe the parts can be interchanged or something.
  6. I think you've a great job! If you're using this as a miniature for film use then I think you're definitely on the right track. Have a look at some of the techniques used by ILM. There models weren't pristine and perfect models made for a showroom. They were often quite quickly slapped together with pretty rough weathering. A couple of the reasons for this were the shading, weathering, etc needed to stand out on film and because you only saw then for a few seconds at a time (while in motion) they still looked amazing. If you take a look at the model in the pic below, you'll see that the weathering is quite similar to what you've already done.
  7. Cheers Jake. I was actually considering doing a Hasbro version but I've got a few other projects I've just started and I fear if I add a large project like thew Hasbro U-Wing I'd never get any of them finished
  8. Great build! I've always loved the JJ Prise version... so huge and stylish. I think you've done amazing work on the lights and azteking.
  9. Very nice work! The red markings look great. I love the fleet pic also... they look great together.
  10. The kit originally had a green light inside the cockpit and a small speaker for laser sounds attached to a simple circuit board with built in switch. I just cut them off the circuit board and wired LEDs to the original connection for the green cockpit light. I had to cast clear engine nozzles but you easily just drill out the centres and get a very similar look with blue LEDs.
  11. Finally got around to finishing this one off. I was going to make a rocky desert base but decided just on a plain one as I've got too many other projects I'd like to get started on. I'll still make the desert base for her but I'll do it as a side project. All in all, this was a very fun kit to build. There's a few small inaccuracies but they are easily fixed and builds into a very nice model for the price.
  12. Got a few more bits done. The kit engines lacked a large amount of detail. There's a pattern of panels in the centre which where completely missing on the kit so I scribed them in. I painted the rear engine halves a medium/dark grey shade then gave them a wash with Flory Models black. Another detail that was missing from the kit was the grooves along the sides of the wings. I scribed along the centre of the wing then used a square mini file to widen the channel. After that I made up a very dark grey wash (again using Flory Models washes) and pin-washed the groove, wiping away the excess. The glass on the model was a very thick plastic which didn't look too realistic so I sanded down the window frames, cut some .03 clear styrene to shape used it to replace the windows. I'm very happy with how well this worked. It doesn't show too well in pics because it's so clear but as the model is moved around and looked at from different angles there's a beautiful glint that adds a little realism. I also ended up scratch building a radiator thingy for the back end. It's just a simple design with around 12 or 13 pieces of sheet styrene cut to shape and glued together with a small spacer in between each layer. I painted it the same grey shade as the centre engine piece but it still needs to be weathered. I had a few dramas with the engine lighting. I wired it all up, tested it and they worked well. After gluing the fuselage haves together I tested them again and to my horror they started flickering, fading, then went out. If i had to guess, I'd say i had probably shorted out the circuit board somehow (maybe with resin) but i was very careful. Either way I to open her up again. I removed the circuit board, re-wired everything, added a small switch and now they work fine again. There's not a lot left to do now. I just need to join the engine halves properly, do some final weathering and she's done. I decided against making up a beach diorama because The U-Wing on Scarif had a different colour scheme so I'll do a simple desert theme display base instead. Once she's finished, I'll take a few proper pics and post her up in the Ready for Inspection section. Thanks for looking
  13. Coming along very nicely. Can't wait to see the hoodie.
  14. Very nice! Can I ask.. where'd you find the little figures?
  15. Another quick update.. I've started preparing the engines to be lit up. I cut off the end nozzle pieces from the kit parts and from the clear blue resin casts I made earlier. I hollowed out the kit part (sorry no pic of that) then grafted the resin nozzles to the kit parts and did a quick light test to see how it looked. So far so good but I won't really know for sure until I've done some light blocking and painted/weathered the exterior so it's a bit of a gamble. I've also started weathering the body and wings. This is a pretty new experience for me. I've only built five models and out of those, only one needed weathering but it was dark in colour so I'm plodding along carefully and using methods I've learnt from Googling and from you guys and I've actually been enjoying it a great deal. I've been building up the layers and isolating various panels using Filters. The panels of the kit are different to the actual ship so I've had to use a little creative licence but I think I'm getting pretty close. I've just got to be careful not to over do it. More soon P.S. I big thank you to AndyRM101 for his help with posting pics. Cheers.
  16. Awesome, very helpful. Thank you very much And you as well Will Vale cheers
  17. Andy... Can you please share how you post your pics? I have mine on Flickr and when posting a pic I copy the address link of pic but when clicking on it, it takes the viewer to the pic on Flickr. How do you get your to enlarge but stay on the Britmodeller site?
  18. Wow! That's beautiful. Please share how you painted your greys Very nice.
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