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  1. Thanks Kev, please feel free to make suggestions, etc. still getting used to modelling inorganic things! much easier to see seams on dinos!!! made a start today paint scheme seems fairly straightforward and is a change from grey...
  2. Tough! - Cheers Rob! I am looking at some other nice ones that I've found as well...
  3. I've decided to cut my losses with the Schwimmwagen for now... I'm still determined to finish it, but it was proving too frustrating. I've followed robw_uk's build with interest as I had this kit in my stash and I fancied something a little bigger in scale Obligatory pics: Box art: Contents: Individual sprues: Body shell: Base: Clear parts: Decals: Instructions: Looking forward to getting started... Advice gladly accepted!
  4. Thanks, we've almost run out of glue because I've been fighting the kit the whole time, even Stix says it's very badly formed. Yes, I'm going to have a go at the Quad - looks a little more straightforward... (famous last words) I'm sure the wagon would be better in 1/35.
  5. Cheers Rob. Unfortunately I've had to temporarily admit defeat, the kit has been positively horrendous recently - if it had been my first build I would have quit the hobby... Even Stix agrees it's terrible (he managed to break 2 pieces when I got fed up and asked him for assistance) Anyway this is about as far as I've got: So, it's being consigned to the box of doom...and I'm going to try my hand at 1/35... you will recognise the kit Rob!!
  6. Cheers! you're far too kind! I'm really missing modelling the dinos, but have got involved with weird shaped AFVs for now... hope to get my T Rex diorama started sometime in Summer...
  7. I've been doing a few bits and pieces, but not as much as I'b like, so here are some general views from above One from below Additional parts to be added
  8. Ah but it's all down to the quality of his kegs!!!
  9. Hi Will, he's got a great bum! love the denim and the yellow works a treat!
  10. Cheers Martin glad it brought back some memories!
  11. Thanks! I'm beginning to understand what you mean about decals, I'm having a go at building AFVs and so far the decals have proved to be the most frustrating, you spend ages getting them just right and then catch them and they've gone...
  12. Cheers Will, borrowing Stix's boards really helps to give them an illusion of reality.
  13. Cheers Rob, He's done the garden now so I might let him in, he's got a group build (or 3!!) on so I will share the kitchen if he's good!
  14. Cheers, - never any good at modesty! but Mr P's a great photographer...
  15. Cheers, must point out I haven't finished weathering, still a wip....