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  1. Roman General 1/9 Bust - MMM

    Fantastic build as ever - amazing character , with great description of it's creation. Bet Russell wishes he looked that good!
  2. Meng's "Toon" Tiger 1 in about 20 hours

    Thanks John - I agree Dinos rule!!!
  3. Meng's "Toon" Tiger 1 in about 20 hours

    Cheers Andy, I think he's taught me quite well! It was challenging with the time constraints and I did leave out some detailed weathering, but was fairly happy with it.
  4. Meng's "Toon" Tiger 1 in about 20 hours

    Thanks Lloyd, they do have a certain bizarre charm! You're too kind sir!
  5. Royal Toon

    Love it!
  6. Comrade Toon

    Great job! nowt wrong with hairy stick!!! - as he said!
  7. Toon Tiger 1

    Many thanks! Very kind of you to say
  8. Having a bit of time on my hands and feeling like trying something different I decided to take part in the Blitz Build GB - my express aim is to beat my Better half... I was going to build my first ever plane, but someone-else got there first and so I nicked this kit from Stix's stash... It's been an interesting and fun packed few hours of modelling fun including some colourful language along the way, it's quite a challenging little kit. Anyway here are the photos: Link to my WiP
  9. Toon Tiger 1

    well here's the two together - you decide!
  10. H's Third. Revell Kenworth Aerodyne FINISHED

    Great collection, you should both be very proud of your weekend's work!
  11. Blitzbuild Gallery and Poll

    Meng 'Toon' Tiger 1 My first tank is now complete, I never thought I'd ever build one - I prefer to leave anything with tracks to Mr P... but I've really enjoyed building this even if it was a bit tricky at times. Many thanks to Enzo for organising the GB, it's proved an interesting way to spend a Bank Holiday weekend and has provided a welcome distraction from thinking about work. Stix has taken so many photos it's been hard to select just 5... Link to my WIP:
  12. Toon Tiger 1

    Cheers, gentlemen! We've decided that the Sherman is probably the easiest or more straightforward kit to build - the Tiger is more fiddly and awkward
  13. Toon Tiger 1

    YEAAHHH!!! Finished - well still more that could be done, but I've neglected things for too long and tomorrow is an important work day... Photos will hopefully appear after some much needed food... Thanks for all the comments and encouragement - just need to beat you-know-who!!!
  14. Roman General 1/9 Bust - MMM

    Yup, pretty accurate description too!