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  1. This build gets better and better, really inspiring
  2. Great in box review Andy, looking forward to following another of your builds, they are always a treat👍
  3. best place for Earl Grey tea Badder Great work on the shutters
  4. nice paint job on the tub the chipping looks good to
  5. i think a more positive locating pin would go along way to saving a lot of hard work. My Hetzer was my second build after a long lay off and I wasnt quite up to your standard. On the bright side it taught me a lot and I was able to move on to an AFV club Centurion. Keep at it JD you are good at this
  6. Nice build, looks like you made a better job of the drive sprocket than I did on mine. great weathering
  7. Really cool scratch build, looking forward to future instalments
  8. not 1/72 but Bandai - 1/144 U Wing , TIE striker and 2 tanks coming at the end of the month. would love a 1/72 U wing , but it may be in the same queue as a B Wing. here's hoping
  9. Great work as always Andy, I can almost hear the sarcasm coming out of his mouth😀 I am vainly fighting the urge to buy The K2 SO and Uwing kits. God knows when I will build them, but they are so cool I know it's just a matter of time
  10. cheers rover, off to amazon once i get down my stash a bit
  11. great work. it is an awesome looking falcon Rover, mind if I ask where you got it from?
  12. Awesome masking skills
  13. Good Christmas and new year, thanks mate. yep real life has got in the way. still managing to build some kits, but have been lurking on the site. hopefully normal service will be resumed soon. I have been tempted to the dark side and have been building MaK and Gundam, but I have returned to the true way with an AMX 10 RCR first wheeled beast I have made in a while, so hope things go well. I am going to try my hand at a base this time. I'll stay tuned to pick up some tips