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  1. Hey folks. So, after lots of procrastination, and fears that I would screw up the weathering, I went and did some today. My plan was to do a pass in a rusty brown to offset all that green, and then go over that in some black, all whilst not getting too heavy. I did have some clumsy edges between parts, which I was looking to blend in a bit with some of this work. My plan wasn't that succesful as I think the results were too heavy, maybe the brown was a bit too hot, but I quite the like the contrast in the end. I did the underside first as practice for the topside
  2. sweet baby grogu! That's a nice salve one hoof right there. Do you think it came out better than your previous model?
  3. Hey pete I followed your lead on the dark sea grey domes, but then I thought I’d put some chipping so went with something a bit lighter on top. Im experiencing some decal lifting. I gave model a coat of tamiya clear, but I guess it wasn’t enough. I might have learnt that some decals don’t stick well to polished paintwork, or that I need to use a lot more cleat coat? I also have some overspray issues to clean up too. I added some some white circles to the winglets.
  4. Loving that paint scheme. The green canopy with the sandy colour and the white is very nice.
  5. I like this idea. Normally i’m Talking myself out of doing to much weathering, but A group build would be a license for something deeply weathered.
  6. Hey Pete, That’s a very good point about the busiest hatches getting dirt round them, I might try and keep the top surface fairly clean, but the bottom could be dirtier, like this thing is close to the ground a lot. I’m also thinking doing some gun soot that’s been washed over the right side, perhaps like the exhaust stains on a Douglas skyraider. Rockpop, thanks, and go Yakult bottles! Although I did look for an aftermarket nozzle that was open, but even in 1/32 I couldn’t find one large enough to replace the kit parts. tzulscha, yes, I was sort going for that 60s r
  7. I didn’t know that! Great, it’d be nice to have a bit more detail in the police car. It’d be cool if fujimi did a model of the star car from the last starfighter. I loved that.
  8. Thanks Hunter! Hey Pete, I think I know what you mean about the old mints, I just took a minty walk down memory lane to see if I can find a match... hard to believe polos use to be 2p. I'm glad to hear the paintwork is normally rough on these Falke's I like your idea of wearing the green down with some micromesh. I was also thinking of maybe fading it with some very gently misted light blue xf23, like it's bleached in the sun a bit. I started adding some decals. I don't normally do decals. I hate them. But since I'm doing glossy, I figured they should
  9. Excellent work, It's going to be a great model when you are done, and from what I can tell build in a similar way to the studio model. I think you nailed the cockpit profile, that front shot looks about perfect.
  10. Lovely job Andy, I love how much texture you get into the paintwork.
  11. Didn't all arrive today, but some of them took a while to get here.
  12. Hey Andy, Thanks, and yes I do like your suggestion of a contrasting color to the blue green. I was thinking of making those small winglets the Falke has in an red, and perhaps some small red decals, but I will consider a band or two, perhaps round the front of the nacelles. Yes those track links are great aren't they! Pete! I love your custom Falkes, I enjoyed you're latest build a lot, it was great to see it come together. Tzulscha, Thank you, I think the shiny, pure, glossy version here might be the best this ever looks as a systematically botch the further paint
  13. Thanks Harry, I'll see if I can correct the title. I always have a problem with with 'ie' versus 'ei'
  14. I hope it's ok to link to another forum, but there is a MASSIVE thread on the replica prop forum (RPF), it's worth a read. It's a goldmine, there are photos of the original prop, in depth discussion of all the minute details, which is fascinating in it sown right. Dozens of people post their various build pictures on there, the discussion of what color paints to use, all sorts of modifications that have been tried from replacement lighting, to 5 leg landing gear mods. The link I have pated below starts at page 151, as the first load of pages are before the model is even released.
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