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  1. Nice job demo, I like the weathering, a nice balance of dirty bits where it needs it, but restrained elsewhere.
  2. Space ranger, it’s a good computer, but it was straining at the seems and took a long time to process all this. GMK, very close! After far too long on the internet, it looks like it was a Tamiya chieftain mk5 hull! There are lots of these part maps out there, if you have an evening with nothing going on it’s a fun rabbit hole to go down. I have a bit of progress on the work on the ‘docking rings’ the way the kit kit goes together, these octagonal side parts slide down two channels in the lower hull from above, since I want to support the co
  3. Excellent job on the cockpit, really keen to see how it comes out with your decals.
  4. I plan to use coupler nuts and threaded rod to add rigidity, maybe it will be too heavy. In the image below they are in yellow. I will use a common thread of 1/4” -20, the same thread that cameras have for mounting on tripods etc. Fair amount of guesswork is happening here, i’m Going to be surprised if the first printed version will works out. I think This is going to be split into three. I will have a central one that hold the top bottom and front, then one for each side. It will be too big to print otherwise. And maybe I don’t want the side parts?
  5. I want to make a Stand in the spirit of the movie prop. That means some ability to attach the model onto a rod at multiple places around the model, top, bottom, one either side maybe. In this close up of the 5’ model from the movie, you can see this hole drilled in the side with some kind of metal structure inside. This is what I will try to do, but I’m going to try and hide it a bit more. I’m going to 3d print a frame, a goal being the least amount of modification to the base kit parts. First I need an accurate representation of the part in
  6. After sitting in the cupboard for a year, it is finally time. Pretty excited about building this, I would like a better stand, and I don’t like the grilled engines that they added in the special edition or whatever. To me the engine is a bright white bar, and I intend to bring the full force of 2020 LED technology to this modification. Some very useful sites: https://sites.google.com/site/millenniumfalconnotes/ https://www.therpf.com/forums/threads/bandai-1-72-pg-millennium-falcon-also-the-revell-germany-rebox.262348/page-143 First impres
  7. Thanks Steven!, The vinyl cutter is very handy for someone like me who doesn't get on with decals too well. It's amazing the detail you can get.
  8. Hi FG, thanks for the tip on that tool I will definitely check it out! A common technique I see on a few of these studio models are these small black squares, usually between panels, like they are temporary latches or something, anyway they add some nice detail so I’ll get myself some vinyl masks for them and see how it goes. one interesting part, seen on the engine, appears to be the bottom third of the tamiya logo, harvested for some decal sheet no doubt. Quite a lot of these. Close up of the little star.
  9. Fascinating build! It’s great to see this come together.
  10. Wow that detail is incredible. Must have been a satisfying job applying that wash!
  11. First round of weathering. I mixed a medium grey, plan is to sort of post shade some of the darker parts. Blue leader has a blown out and repaired engine, I bet i’ll Overdo that. Second round, is just flat black. I feel like I should be bold, and go for high contrast, hopefully I can knock it back afterwards. Black is spitting a bit, I need more practice. Black, yes I shall need the black. Blaack. Blaaaaack! Round 3. Using lifecolo
  12. Thanks guys! I’m not sure I’m too keen on these Bandai kits. I don’t think I like the push fit business. I do have a gap between the upper and lower fuselage that comes from something stopping a good fit, but I can’t pull it apart to see with out it breaking... Here’s a shot of the blue leader reference I’m using, I’m going to try and recreate the chipped grey panels. Going to to try the masking sol again. Cameout ok, I used medium grey. Chipping is a bit out of scale, but consistent with the ILM
  13. For the next part, I think I’m going to paint the yellow parts, although to my eye they often look better in a beige. Going to attempt some chipping with some masking sol. I’m also going to try and be faithful to the execution of the ILM models. This one will be based on what I understand to be the first xwing they painted, Blue leader, which became red 2. You can also see the hull red nose, I plan to do some chipping on that. Pretty subtle in this photo, but I imagine i’ll Get darker once I weather. I added some darker spo
  14. Hey thanks Stephen! A little bit bit more work on the cockpit, I gave a few parts a bit of metal pigments to give them some ping. Can’t really tell from photos... I think I got the fuselage where I want it, to now I need to replace the raised details that I removed for sanding, Going to use my chopper to get some clean shapes. Came me out pretty well, I will sand them down a bit too, but try and keep the crisp edges. I also have to think about the painting process. This model/toy being push fi
  15. Now that I’ve sanded off and filled all of bandia’s surface detail, I now need to attempt a describe. im going to use these chisels and this thick selotape. The chisel I’m using is very fine,and hopefully very sharp and tough, I don’t know how to reshape it. Staring with the panel line the follows the canopy, so far so good. A bit crunchy around the superglue fills... Keeping things symmetrical, so I can bail on this whole recriminations business if it starts going wrong. Bit more, using a
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