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  1. 1/72 Italeri B52- Its huge

    Blimey, even the model lives up to its BUFF nickname! (except for the Ugly part). That is a nice model, well done. Wish I had the room to display one (or even hang one on a wall!).
  2. In the words of Professor Heinz Wolff "Ahh...an elegant solution" (just imagine a German accent).
  3. I've seen this "oil dot" technique mentioned before, but his is the first time I've seen it in action. Very effective method, I might give it a go if I build something larger than 1/72.. Erm, should one be able to see through from the starboard to port exhaust holes? is something missing or have I missed something?
  4. Gunther Rall 109

    Boring? Never!
  5. Gunther Rall 109

    Hi George, nice to see you back (again). Glad your "favourite" is doing well. There's nothing so traumatic as finding a car crash and realising it's one of your family's. Oh, and a welcome to your girl to the "sets off security scanners all the time" club!
  6. Scratch Build of 1951 Pullman Carriage

    Those sides are a thing of beauty, as is your communication apparatus (emergency brakery thingies). (we won't mention the window)
  7. Scratch Build of 1951 Pullman Carriage

    Sorry Hendie, I personally don't have anything that would be of use to you, except to search t'interweb for pictures. You would only have to build it on one end though, which is useful. There would be some complicated linkages which took the control rod over the corridor connection, but it seems hidden on Pullman Cars. The reason there's stuff both sides is that this is a dual brake fitted vehicle, so one system (although connected) for each brake type. A brief summary for those interested parties: The passcom (Passenger Communication) was used by passengers to apply the brakes in an emergency. A chain ran in a conduit down the length of the coach, with access points at various locations - usually each doorway, and two or three in the seating area. This chain was fixed at one end and went over a cam at the other end (housed in the half round protuberance seen at the top of the picture Hendie linked above). Pulling the chain rotated the cam, causing a control rod to rotate which opened a valve to either allow air into the Vacuum system (lose vacuum, brakes apply), or vent air from a Air system (lose air pressure brakes apply). The control rod has a red indictor on each end (a butterfly) to indicate to the Guard which coach the chain has been pulled in. To reset the system, the guard would simply lean out of the window and turn the butterfly back to horizontal. Modern versions don't apply the brake, but alert the driver who can then use an intercom system to find out what's wrong and allow him/her to stop the train in an appropriate location (not in a tunnel, or on a viaduct!). There is a time limit on this, I think it's three minutes but it may vary between train types.

    Sorry Darby ol' boy, missed your question. The wing/fuselage fit was okay and didn't need any filler, but needed a bit of pressure to get the front and back attached at the same time. I glued it at the front and let it set hard, then closed it at the back and glued that and along the wing roots. All set up fine with no gaps, and no filing needed. I think it was the internal bits causing the problem, and I could have sought out the culprit and fettled it a bit but having found a bit of pressure worked, I went with the easy route. Btw, I think they are actually the same kit! Mine had the rear fuselage base with the hook slot, the hook, and some spindles for the catapult launcher... perhaps someone with more knowledge will confirm or deny this?

    Thanks Troy, wasn't sure about those couple of panels, but they appeared to have rivet/bolt heads so I assumed they were metal..... Also wasn't sure about the hatch, but went with metal purely for durability.

    Sod it. I've been found out!
  11. Got a couple of the new mould Airfix 1/48 Hurricane's in The Works sale recently and decided to do something "unusual" with one of them. I decided to finish them "au naturel" as if they hadn't been painted, to show the materials used. The main metal areas are Alclad Duraluminum, fabric areas are Vlaajo white with a couple of drops of brown in it to represent undoped linen. Wheelbays and landing gear are Vallejo Aluminium. I hope I've got all this right, I'm sure someone will be along to correct me if not
  12. Things going goofy after recent update

    I'm glad it's not just me having this problem. Forgot to say this only happens on the topics view page as pictured above. Title pages and individual topic pages are fine.
  13. F15-C Eagle

    Just finished my birthday present from my Mum (she lives near Lowestoft, guess wqhere she got me a voucher for!) I usually work in the Gentleman's Scale, so it was a bit strange to work with something so large - and where the heck do I display it? Painted with Vallejo, finished with Alclad Matt varnish. The engine area was painted with Vajjelo Steel, and the Jet Exhaust was sprayed to repesent the staining from the panel joins. The black bands on the weapons were made by spraying a piece of inkjet decal paper black and cutting strips on. Easy to do and so much easier than trying to paint them. Dave
  14. I shall go stand in the corner and think about what I have done.....