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  1. Without trying to gender stereotype, but keeping in the theme of the subject, surely any pilot in a suitably pink and sparkly flight suit will suffice?
  2. Only that it's a must-see
  3. Oh god yes! Definitely well worth a visit!
  4. From what I remember.... There's a Toymaster, an Entertainer, a model train shop (Graham's?), and a general store type shop that stocked Airfix all in St Helier. Don't forget, there's no VAT
  5. The best way to avoid this would be to "tack" solder it. A bit at the top, then the bottom, then in the middle, etc. Spread it out and let it cool between applications to prevent heat distortion. This is the method I used when I was making "O" gauge models.
  6. There's a little tube/pitot/sensor thingy that sticks out from the tail, be careful of this or it'll disappear very easily! It's a nice little kit from what I remember.
  7. Hmmm, not German. Not sure who had Emil's but Finnish is too obvious, Swiss to early?. Gonna go out on a limb and try Japan. Interesting idea to rivet into the primer. Definitely takes a lot of round things to do that!
  8. I think this thread should be moved to Aircraft WIP, just to see how much coffee is spat out!
  9. Oh you poor thing. What a harsh life you lead. mutter mutter mutter wanted to go to that one muitter
  10. That's the bunny! (or circle cutter anyway). Well done chaps, I knew I could rely on the collective mind of the forum.
  11. Hendie, sorry to hear of your paint troubles. Jumping ahead a short while to your roof, a possible solution may be to use a "piano hinge" along one side with actuator rods at each end? Just an idea.
  12. I've spoken to fire fighters in the past and these tower block fires are amongst the things they dread the most. My thoughts are with the people involved and their families.
  13. Okay guys, I need your help. Somewhere on this forum, in a build, there was an awesome circle cutter. It reminded me of a wheel bearing (two rings, one inside the other with the cutter in the centre). I can't find the WIP, can't even remember what the subject was. Can anybody help me please? (yes I know I need help anyway, but that's not what I mean...)
  14. Thanks for the comparison pics, she's a different beast entirely with all those little lumpy bits. *insert superlative of choice here* (it's all been said before, and rightly so!)