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  1. Another Denial of Service Attack

    Well, I never noticed anything so well done to Mike and the Mods
  2. BR86 2-8-2t Tank Locomotive

    Just to prove something is happening, the air compressor and water feed pumps have been added along with some pipework. A lovely coat of red oxide has been applied (I don't know why, but it seems to add mass to a model of a large object). I've also started adding the sander pipes.
  3. Tower Bridge Hunter - Airfix 1/72

    Ahh, Uckers (or ukkers if you prefer)) I've had three ex-sailors try and teach me uckers and each of them had a different set of rules
  4. Well, we already knew he was a Master of Plastic Manipulation , we now know he is a Alchemy Magister So the question on everyone's lips is.... Will he even bother with a kit next time, or just make it from scratch?
  5. Tower Bridge Hunter - Airfix 1/72

    See! I'm not the only one Ced! Go on, go on, you know you want to...
  6. Tower Bridge Hunter - Airfix 1/72

    Often thought this would make a splendid diorama - Tower Bridge, London Buses and a Hunter suspended on fishing line shooting the gap! Don't suppose you fancy doing the whole shebang Ceb?
  7. BR86 2-8-2t Tank Locomotive

    Making up the vent control handles for the roof, and decided to solder them and share it with you. So we start with these bits: And these tools.. a 25watt soldering iron, scratch brush for cleaning, liquid flux, and solder. The Bakers flux is my preffered flux as it works on brass, nickel-silver and whitemetal (prewter). There are other makes available, some for specific metals. The solder is one I've had for a while (I bought two reels) and is an old tin/lead mix. Most solders nowadays don't contain lead. Use the scratch brush to clean parts before soldering. A clean joint will solder better than a dirty one. WHEN SOLDERING, ENSURE YOU HAVE GOOD VENTILATION. THE FUMES ARE TOXIC. Before joining you will need to tin the parts, this is putting a thin smear of solder onto the parts to be joined. Apply flux to the areas, and then with a small dab of solder run it over the metal to give it a small coating. Keep the tip of your iron clean, use the damp sponge provided with your iron/stand. Add a little flux to the bits, and hold them in place using tweezers. Apply the iron to the joint and wait till you see the solder melt/flow. Remove the heat and hold for a few seconds until cool. The iron and your work will get VERY hot. If you drop the Iron, or the workpiece - let it go, don't try and catch it! Let your piece cool and then remove any excess solder (I use old needle files for this, the solder will clog them up - don't use your best files!). The flux is acidic and will continue to attack the metal, so give it a good wash. Plan the order you are going to attach things, and with practice you will be able to solder small items with ease. Thank you Sir.
  8. BR86 2-8-2t Tank Locomotive

    Codger, I am using the wonderful publication "Dampflok BR86 - Train in detail No2" by Wings and Wheels Publications. 144 pages of glorious colour photos. I am also conversant in "Railway", coming from a railway family and having worked on the railway for over 20 years. Dave
  9. BR86 2-8-2t Tank Locomotive

    Managed to put together the Compressor and Water-feed pumps Beautiful upgrades from LZ models. There are also a couple of pipe joints/valves which aren't pictured. These need fitting and plumbing in. Hopefully tomorrow. While the paint hardens up I made a start on the cab roof Still a fair bit of brass to be added...
  10. Things I don’t understand

    In east London there is (was?) a customising shop specialising in German auto's. All roads leading to and from this garage had speed humps. I had a delivery there and got chatting with a mechanic who told me a tale of a gentleman who's wallet and ego were bigger than his brain. He bought in his brand new car, and demanded thousands of pounds of "improvements" be made, including lowering the suspension to a ridiculous degree. The garage tried to tell him that it would be too low and recommended it be raised to a better level. Nope, he wanted it "slammed to the ground". After much work he comes to collect his now even more expensive car, pays, signs that he is happy with all the work and gets in it to drive off. A short while later he returns complaining that the car won't go over the speed bumps. "we told you that" is the reply he got. "Can you sort it out?" he asks. "Yeah, no problem. Lets see. New suspension setup and fitting.... lets call it two and half grand, and probably a week until we can fit it in".
  11. HMS Fife by Kevin - Fleetscale - 1/72

    That little winch by the seaslug launcher is a thing of beauty.
  12. BR86 2-8-2t Tank Locomotive

    Not at all Codger, The red primer and satin black are both Halfords. Steel is Humbrol Metalcote. As for my bending tool.... Yep, 12 inch steel bars. A left-over from the days I built brass model railway Loco's in 7mm scale. Anything smaller I use a vice and steel rule, or needle nose pliers. I did get a bending tool once, but never got on with it. As for tempting you away from large cars.... ye gods! I never thought it would happen! But I'd like to see what marvels you can achieve with on of these.
  13. BR86 2-8-2t Tank Locomotive

    Moving on to one of the important bits of a Tank loco - the tanks! Trumpeter have moulded cross hatched anti-slip on the top of the tanks, but the real loco's never had this. So we need to remove it. Easiest way is to make both tanks and then remove the hatching. The initial attack was with the beloved SIHRSC, followed by my custom made sanding board (piece of old shelving with coarse, medium, and fine wet&dry paper stuck on) to finish. You can see a bit of filler to correct poor assembly, and hopefully you can see where the edge and the front corner have been rounded over on the tanks. Now a slight problem... The rest of the pictures I took have disappeared so I'll have to describe what I've done and you'll have to use your imagination... (I'll post another pic of the completed tanks when the paint is dry so this will make sense later...) The water filler cap was bent up and glued into place, along with the front access plate. The tool holders (for the fire irons for poking and cleaning the firebox) were bent to shape and then soldered to their brackets to add strength. The front steps were soldered to their brackets and again glued into place, and the tool holders were also glued on. These fill the gap between the tanks and the boiler. Back soon with the completed tanks picture.
  14. BR86 2-8-2t Tank Locomotive

    It is a good kit, and goes together well. It's up to you if you want to correct anything though. Have fun!
  15. His rifle perhaps?