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  1. Airfix 1/72 RNLI Severn Class Lifeboat

    Hi Nuts, she's looking good. Couple of things you might want to consider: The forehatch and its coaming are also orange, and the RIB is normally covered by an orange tarpaulin until they want to launch it. Otherwise excellent, and I love the water effect.
  2. Some Foil on a Starfighter

    I bought some Microscale metal foil adhesive and the cheapest (therefore probably the thinnest) tin foil in the supermarket and tried it out on a set of hurricane wings (duplicated in a kit so spare). I've got to say, it is so easy! Tried it shiny side up and dull side up, both worked well. I then polished both with a microfiber cloth and was amazed at the difference. I think that dull side polished is most accurate for in-service aircraft, but his is personal choice. I also found (actually, I did know this but I'd forgotten) that metal has a grain just like wood - or at least my foil did.... this could be useful in providing a contrast along with any polishing. Got to recommend that anyone following this thread gives it a try!
  3. Some Foil on a Starfighter

    An interesting build. Always been interested in the NMF process, specifically using foil and an adhesive such as Microscale's. Do you apply the adhesive to the pre-trimmed foil or to the model panel?
  4. Ooh - fire extinguishers. Does Nigel know? are you doing cooking next Hendie?
  5. Lovely metal finish Johnny. Such a shame you're going to cover it all up.
  6. Airfix 1/72 RNLI Severn Class Lifeboat

    Coming along nicely.
  7. Ohh general anesthetic. Had that when I was 13 for a knee operation (gotta love Rugby!). I was shocked when the surgeon came round later that day to see he had a black eye..... apparently half way through the Op I'd sat up, called the surgeon a rude name and smacked him before anyone could react., and then lay back down. Nice to see you back at the work table Johnny Convalescent.
  8. New Me-262 Airfix 1/72

    Nicely done Sir! It's this sort of ability to turn a model around that defines a modeller.
  9. Night working

    When I was a young lad, I used to enjoy my nights as a train driver. Especially the engineering jobs. Once booked on at 2330 Saturday rest day working, taxi to work site (got there just after midnight), walked to train, relieved the driver who went home in my taxi, started and run engine for 10 minutes to warm it up a bit, shut down, turn seat around, feet up on handbrake, woken at 0515 by my relief, taxi back to depot. Life as hard then, lol. Mind you, most nights you were on the go all the time. You couldn't drop off as the train would come to a halt and someone in a suit would be waiting at the depot when you got back..... interview without tea or biscuits.
  10. Not sure where to start. Mental illness.

    Andy, I know where you're coming from. I suffer from PTSD (thanks to my previous career as a train driver) and know the ups and downs that occur. Fortunately, I find I am able to just walk out of the modelling room and shut the door for however long I need to. Can't offer you more support than my best wishes unfortunately, but you certainly have them. Dave
  11. Too close for comfort

    Insurance Agent: So your boat was hit by a plane you say? Owner: Yes Agent : Whilst you were on a lake you say? Owner: Yes Agent: Been drinking had we? Owner: Yes Agent: Thought so.....
  12. Short Jokes II The Sequel

    This would never happen in the British Military - no tea break!
  13. Airfix 1/48th Walrus

    Ooh goody. Another Walrus!
  14. HMS Fife by Kevin - Fleetscale - 1/72

    Kevin, this is outstanding. This will be one hell of a build - there aren't many times you can say a 1/72 Wessex is just an accessory!
  15. Steam Pigeon

    I saw the basis for this kit at the FAA museum so I'm looking forward to seeing how well it goes together ( I was wondering who would be the first to enter it!)