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  1. Thanks Moarein will try out on the masts later. Have now finished the lower shrouds but some will have to be tightened up its a bit of a guess how much lift you will get from the lower dead eye I have left adjustment for this eventuality. Found I was running out of room for the shrouds on the Fore Top but just got them all in see picture.
  2. No I have not done anything like that. What colour paint to use? and what mixture with turpentine is it brushed on? Thanks
  3. At last finished the main mast shrouds there is a little bit fine tuning still to be done but went well.
  4. So redone the first two shrouds again. You always need three hands when doing knots and found tieing dead eyes to the shroud and getting the right height is a bit of a bother. So I came up with a method that suits me. Not to put the dead eye in but hold the shroud as 1st picture then tie and loop as 2nd picture then insert the dead eye and adjust the shroud for height by pulling the shroud up or down. Hope that is clear.
  5. Thanks for the smiles Beefy. After watching David Krump's u tube on how to tie ratlines a couple of times and making notes, I had a go myself quite chufed with how things went till I looked at the pictures of my progress !!!!! I will have to start again but it's been a good confidence builder. Hight of the deadeyes looks about right to me. David uses C U quite a lot on his knots I tend to use P V A what is best.
  6. Interested on how you are building these little boats.
  7. Thanks for the tips Moarein and Steve not keen to disassemble but will see how things go. Slow but steady progress on the gun port lids looking through the plans found I hadn't fitted the blocks for the three boats on deck will probably not fit all the boats on the deck I will fit at least one on the davits. The pegs are to give a bit of tension to the ropes.
  8. I was refering to the rowing boat with the tiller nice work.
  9. Nice work on the 25ft cutter can I ask what paint you used
  10. Hi Colin Have lots of spare time at the moment and like to keep the momentum going For the channel irons I have used Etch Parts for HMS Victory 1:100 ...from www.dafinismus.de › thay will be on Plate 3. I think you mentioned his site before? These extra etch parts are 1st class you will find all the relevant information for fitting on the site and there are spares included as well. You are right about the loops I remember reading about them in the plans so didnt go down that road I would recommend you cut off the thread loops and start again the etch may seem expensive at first glance but would save you loads of time and look good on your Victory. Keep in touch do your hobby when you can. Jim Slowly getting the gun ports done.
  11. There are points in the project where you strive to get to then all of a sudden you arrive there to great satisfaction. One of these for me is installing all of the masts yes finally got them fixed to the decks. I can now start thinking about the rigging but first must finish the gun ports. The Mizzen mast picture.
  12. Went through the Jokita plans that Colin kindly posted for me and found some more blocks to attach to the masts must have them all now. After fitting the two blocks for the davits on the Mizen mast. The mizen mast finally was lowered into place adding a shroud around the base that I have seen on a photo.
  13. Hi Colin Thank you for manuals download will look through it later. I had trouble posting pictures to this site when I first started this blog, I opened up a flickr account and uploaded reduced size pictures to it then it's a easy matter to copy and paste in here. Hope this helps
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