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  1. Hi Moarein Nice you are back from your break as for the photo's I use Flickr the downside to that only one photo at a time can be uploaded but that works well for me.
  2. Hi Pete Have not been working on my build lately as other commitments have been more pressing. But I did have a long weekend down at Portsmouth to see the real thing taken loads of pictures and asked loads of questions its a pity the main mast was not on as Victory is at the moment five years into a twenty year refit. The new colour is growing on me now. Here are a few pictures to help builders. Should I paint the outside of my boats white?
  3. Itching to see the outcome of getting all the sails onto there prospective yards I bypassed the rigging stage on the main and mizzen for now. Made up the slings for the mizzen sails and got them hoisted and don't she look nice even in this semi complete stage. Still loads to do??
  4. A couple of views fitting the foresail to the jib
  5. Have had some Vic time so I have concentrated on getting the mizzen mast sails threaded to the yards still need trimming though.
  6. (Work on the main mars - in particular - the system of ropes that protect the big thread from rubbing with the lower edge of the main sail. I still can't remember what it's called) According to my book thay are called crowsfeet and very well modelled. I don't remember seeing this in Longridge's book but I suppose this was general rigging of the time.
  7. Hi Pete Brilliant I use fliker dead easy to upload the only downside is only one picture at a time I find that ok and you have a record of your build .
  8. Welcome aboard glad to have a fellow ship mate Cornwall model boats have always given me good service. If you search Victory there are good suppliers from abroad and if you like check out my build. Hope this helps. Jim
  9. That's brilliant about the ropes Longridge's book is a great help as well as this forum. I have had no time to work on my Vic holidays ect same for the next couple of weeks hoping to get cracking after that. Jim
  10. The Kit instructions are no help at all. I found Rigging Period Ship Models by Lennarth Peterson a great help in me understanding where all the rigging went. Best of luck Jim
  11. Hi Pete Getting started is probably the hardest as you know your free time will be taken up for some time to come. Will you be spraying ? if you can that’s the way to go if I can be of any help with problems please ask. best off luck Jim
  12. Finished the small 18 ft cutter to give its proper name. Before I start on making the oars I had better get some more rigging done. Not going to fit the boats in place until I have to. Made a start on the main yard getting the truss pendants and main jeers erected note the pegs holding the ropes in tension.
  13. Progress in the boat yard I have four of these rowing boats nearly finished now. I would recommend anyone to have a go at making some of these for your model as these are a big improvement on the kit boats. As you will know if you have been following this is my first time at modelling a sailing ship and feeling quite pleased with the outcome.
  14. For these boat's I have taken notes from Moarein's superb Victory build. As you can see now have a production line going on. Have decided the best way is to release the boat from the mould as the planks are attached to stop the planks sticking to the mould.
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