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  1. This was the Mizzen mast gap I had to fill.
  2. Murdo Better on the spruce less chance of escape when attaching smaller parts. so got it painted here it is.
  3. Loads to do on this deck next job galley stove chimney. Decided to work with this on the spruce. Glued the sides together and attached Dafis etch handles and arms with CU was a bit careful attaching the front disk as the chimney wasn't very thick in this area wasn’t going to destroy it with the glue. In the end it didn’t stick.So I filled the chimney up with Araldite and re glued it. Looks so nice shame to paint it
  4. On trying the Mizzen mast fit there was big gap at the front of the mast at deck level made up a hex top for the raised portion and drilled a hole for the mast good fit now. Made a start on the cabins decided to go for two contrasting colours as didn't fancy dark brown.
  5. Hi Stu Welcome have just noticed your post I am currently building Heller Victory as this is my first go at building a sailing ship if you have a problem get in touch we might be able to work through it together.Regards Jim
  6. Thanks Daniel Steve and Grant Ran into a small problem when I fitted the stairs the balustrade on the lower deck fouled the stairs I was trying to fit so I removed the balustrade to fit the stairs, I should have just made the balustrade sides hindsight's a great thing. Now have plenty of jobs to do fitting out this deck.
  7. Now ready for installing the quarter deck only done one pre fit for this deck as I didn't want to stress the hull or me to much. The rear of the hull slopes up and in at first look it don't look like the deck fits so. Prepared the hull and slid the front of the deck in all well and good I knew that would be ok. Then jammed the rear of the deck against one side pulling the other side over as much as I dared, Pushing the deck down I got it passed the windows pulled over the hull a bit more and holding my breath pushed down again to click it in place.
  8. Just need to tidy up as this high mag shows everything up. Nearly ready for the quarter deck.
  9. Browsing through Anatomy of Nelson's Ships the other day I realised I would need to make a d block for the cross jack lifts as the one on the hull is way to small to drive a hole in so off thay come. Then I made a .16mm hole in .100in thick evergreen and a .065mm hole just in front and down a bit of the first hole. Shaped around with a file glued in place. Quite pleased with the outcome. As it was
  10. Postman delivered the parts for the stair well. So got on with making up the balustrades and railings. Two of the balustrades in each set had to be carefully cross drilled with a .075 drill then assembled. As they were brass they could be either soldered or super glued I chose the latter Then prime etch and painted black. Job Done Over Picture of the deck with ring bolts added nearly ready to add top deck
  11. Made two poop extractors for the head. These things you learn while building and researching I had no idea that’s where they sat contemplating there lot. Good view on a nice day though. While I was on the bows painted up the two curved bits that sit on top of the spars parts 252/253 done a nice paint job as well. But on fitting the plastic glue started to melt the parts undoing all my good work so have them stuck down now but will have to do a clean up and repaint.
  12. So here we go on to the bow section. As I had previously painted Forecastle end part 344 it was a quick job to get it in place. Curve of the top arm port side was to shallow to reach the forecastle so with a bit of persuading in the end managed to get it where I wanted it. On fitting the lower curved arm found it was to short? Then had to insert a small section to make good. Starboard side went ok. So what I thought was a hours work turned into a evenings entertainment.
  13. Thanks Murdo Started on the bow section while I wait for the postman pictures to follow.
  14. Done some prep work on the upper deck and found the front of he deck on first fit was bowing looking like a humpback bridge. So I shaved off a bit off the edges to get it to slip inside the hull easily. The hull slants up at the rear so having to wedge the deck on one side and then pull the side of the hull out to force it in. Hopping it goes well when I fit it! Built up the skylight walls to make them more prominent as you can see from the photos I think that makes a subtle difference.
  15. I started work on the bowsprit as I was keen to see how it looked on the hull. I inserted brass rod on the 1st part to stiffen it up then was not happy as the rest of the bowsprit was still not stiff enough in plastic for my liking. So I made the rest out of brass rod as well. After painting you wouldn’t know the difference Have to find out how to fit the heart blocks next
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