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  1. Just thought it was the real thing for a moment. Stunning build all around.
  2. Wonderful build. And as you said,these old kits are not on par with actual kits but they are still worth building. Still having my stash full of vintage kits
  3. Nice progress there.I think I have some leftovers from my 767 detail set. I will check my decal stash to be sure.I could mail them to you if you need them. Never done this here before though.But you can contact me via email ?
  4. Very impressive work there mate.I am amazed how you manage to fit decals that are meant for other aircrafts so seamlessly on your models. Top job all the way.Can't wait to see the 767 finished
  5. Thank you . Yes the Alliance Air scheme was superb.But its a bit too difficult to airbrush that livery.For that reason I bought me a 1/400 metal model of that aircraft
  6. Thank you everybody for the compliments
  7. Thank you very much Mike. Ohh,thats sad to hear.Maybe you should give it another try and finish your 747SP...? I had my doubts too as if I can finish this kit.Vacforms are not so much my "thing",but I badly wanted a -SP in my collection and had no other choice that the Welsh kit. Now with the Authentic Airliners kit being available,I might get me one of those too...
  8. Very nice build in a smart livery for a Fokker 100. And a good idea with the decals. Fokker 100s are getting rarer sights these days on airports as well as in Revell kit form,so this is a welcome addition here on BM. Mine should come off production line soon as well,but in Swissair livery
  9. My first Vac-Form kit I have build.And only for the reason that it is the only Boeing 747SP kit available,except the resin kit from Authentic Airliners. The build was challenging as I had no experience with Vac-Form kits,but I managed to get it eventually together. While working on this kit for almost 1 year,I came up with the idea to make an In-Flight diaorma,which I thought would be a nice way of displaying it. For my first ever Boeing 747SP I wanted a special and nice scheme,I had Air Mauritius,South African Airways and Air Namibia in my mind. Air Mauritius decals I couldn't find and the only South African Airways markings I found where the new ones.But I wanted my -SP to have a cheatline and the Air Namibia scheme is very attractive. The decal set comes from f-dcal and is of the usual good quality,application though showed some size discrepancies,it was a tad too long.Nevertheless I managed to get it on the Jumbo. For the display stand I took another wooden board from my tv-table as I had no use for it anyway.The size was right too. I airbrushed it with different shades of brown and green to simulate sand and trees,and painted on a river with some side arms to give more depth. After that was done and dry,I used cotton balls to create "clouds". As I also wanted to create contrails,I drilled small holes in the cones of the engines hot sections and superglued thin wires in.On those I applied white glue and pasted thin pieces of cotton balls on it.I know,the contrails are appearing behind the wings,but as to hide somehow the wire I already put some thin pieces at the end of the hot sections. The model itself sits on a transparent plastic tube. For being my very first vac-form kit and also the first in-flight display like that,I am quite happy with the outcome,although the model has some flaws. I don't know if I ever will build another Vac-Form kit again,as I am more the plastic-modeller,but it was a nice and interesting experience. The only problem I have now is...where to put this diorama ? Here now the Air Namibia Boeing 747SP on its way to Windhoek.Have a nice flight I hope you like it Note:No cats included, as they are not able to "fly"...
  10. Thank you TonyT Yes,the window decals go over the original transfer without problems. The MD-80 detail set is very nice and the quality is great
  11. Thank you Mike. Sorry for the missing cats.I hope to include them again in my forthcoming builds
  12. Very nice. Here some of my builds... Pan American-Grace DC-8-33 Plasticart 1/100 Ilyushin IL-62 Interflug with modifications 1/100 VEB Plasticart
  13. I am having a soft spot for those Plasticart kits and have built up quite a collection by know with mostly all built from my stash. They are difficult to build sometimes but with care they can be turned into nice models.I am happy with all of them...except the silly prices I had to pay for some of those
  14. First one arrived at my stash last week.Pretty happy with the Zvezda kit,altough I also still have 2 Revell -800s still waiting to be built. Another Zvezda -800 is on the way with a 3rd on option and I am planning to do the Series 600 - 900 with them ore the Revell ones.
  15. Incredible job there mate.I know very well the task of applying decals that are made actually for another airliner.You create a little masterpiece in the end.I certainly stay tuned for the "Roll Out"