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  1. You did a wonderful job in restoring this classic. Funny...I did the same thing with my Plasticart IL-18 about two months ago,although in Interflug colors. I have a soft spot for those Plasticart airliner kits and set up quite a collection,some built,some still waiting.They are surely not for starters but with TLC,they can be built up nicely.
  2. Coming in a bit late...work kept me too busy An awesome build.Flawless in every way.All the hard work surley paid off in full. If my workbench/space allows it,I guess a will have a go on one of my many 767s...
  3. Excellent work. Just in case,if you need this part or something else that is needed when build it with open doors,pm me. I have 2 Belugas in my stash and I am planning only one with open cargo door.
  4. Looks very neat Phil.I am sure it will come out well. The Britannia scheme is very difficult to apply but you did a great job. Are these cockpit windows from Authentic Airliners ? They should be very accurate i think.I noticed that you placed them a little too low,they should sit at the front right above the radome where the edge is. Alex
  5. Coming along nicely. Impressive work so far. i stay tuned for the roll-out....
  6. C-160 Transall Revell 1:220

    Very impressive build of a very small kit
  7. A great build. having this kit in my stash along with the new Zvezda Version,I will take notice on your explanations for my Trumpeter build. Top work all around.The IL-76 is a very impressive aircraft.
  8. Thank you very much.Cats were enjoying themselves at the dinner... Thank you also for the further explanations on the CX TriStars and the linking to that superb site.Very interesting history there.
  9. Thank you very much mate. As Hongkong was a british colony until 1997,Cathay Pacific had the union jack on their aircraft. After the handover to China,the flag was removed from the aircrafts as well as they got new registrations starting with B- ,same as in China.
  10. Tupolev TU-334 Prototype 1/144

    Thank you very much Ed. Its an interesting article.I would have loved seeing it in service.
  11. Tupolev TU-334 Prototype 1/144

    Well...it is a plastic toy after all.Not everyone is so experienced in creating in-flight photography with model kits
  12. Thank you Ian. Don't worry,there are still a great many airliner kits in my stash The reason of this output is,that all of them had be started by me in the last years and stayed mostly partially build in the box. All I had to do now,was painting and decalling them and put the parts together. I decided to go through my pre-started kits and finish them before getting on with new projects I started weathering my 1/144 and larger scale airliners but I usually like to keep them factory fresh. The Hasegawa airliners will be kept all factory fresh.
  13. Thank you Ian, Yes,compared to the other kits,they were quite fiddly. The engines are indeed huge,but the MD-80/90s were rocket like all the same. I remember a flight back in 1998 in a Crossair MD-83,when after the take off,it felt the MD-83 climbed almost vertical.It was probably the fastest climb to cruising altitude I had ever experienced....
  14. The last of the Hasegawa bunch off my production line for the moment... This 747 sat on the shelf of doom very long.Actually planned as British Caledonian 747-200 with General Electric engines,it ended up back in the box when I realized that the Caledonian decals were impossible to apply. A few months ago I found the nice Liveries Unlimited decal set for the Air China 747 fleet,so I decided to save the Jumbo and redo it as a Cargo 747. In my spare part box I had a complete set of Pratt&Whitney engines and so the project was on. I repainted the fuselage and put all the pre-build parts together,decals on and the refurbished 747 will now find its place as a frighter version in my collection. Unfortunately,Liveries Unlimited missed to include the side cargo door on their decal sheet,so I had to find one in my spares.Help came in the shape of an 1/144 DC-10 cargo door which fits surprisingly well... Hasegawa's Boeing 747s are very nice and detailed. They produced the 747-100/200,747-300 and the 747-400 and also added individual engines depending on the airline markings they had included. I still have a larger number of Hasegawa 747s in my stash waiting to be built. Cheers,