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    • Mike

      PhotoBucket are no longer permitting 3rd party hosting   01/07/17

      As most of you are now painfully aware, Photobucket (PB) are stopping/have stopped allowing their members to link their accumulated years of photos into forums and the like, which they call 3rd party linking.  You can give them a non-refundable $399 a year to allow links, but I doubt that many will be rushing to take them up on that offer.  If you've previously paid them for the Pro account, it looks like you've got until your renewal to find another place to host your files, but you too will be subject to this ban unless you fork over a lot of cash.   PB seem to be making a concerted move to another type of customer, having been the butt of much displeasure over the years of a constantly worsening user interface, sloth and advertising pop-ups, with the result that they clearly don't give a hoot about the free members anymore.  If you don't have web space included in your internet package, you need to start looking for another photo host, but choose carefully, as some may follow suit and ditch their "free" members at some point.  The lesson there is keep local backups on your hard drive of everything you upload, so you can walk away if the same thing happens.   There's a thread on the subject here, so please use that to curse them, look for solutions or generall grouse about their mental capacity.   Not a nice situation for the forum users that hosted all their photos there, and there will now be a host of useless threads that relied heavily on photos from PB, but as there's not much we can do other than petition for a more equitable solution, I suggest we make the best of what we have and move on.  One thing is for certain.  It won't win them any friends, but they may not care at this point.    Mike.


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  1. This is a year 2000 re-release from Revell USA of the ancient Boeing 707 kit. Originally boxed as United Boeing 720 by Revell USA,its still the same old Boeing 707-100 from many decades ago. There had been some changes in the molds over the years;There are the depicted one that has no cabin windows and the cockpit has holes instead of a clear part ,smaller tail fin without antenna and the very early Pratt & Whitney engines. Later it was released with a clear part cockpit and the taller tail fin with the antenna included and the Pratt & whitney engines that were common on most of the 707s. When I started this kit,I planned to build it OOB with the decals included.As being a relatively new kit (2000) the decals looked great. But when I came to the stage of decaling the model,I soon found out that the decals were not as good as they looked...they completely dissolved into thousands of small pieces floating in the water.... As I already had some troubles with the kits fit,I didnt want to look for a repalcement aftermarket decal set,so I decided to use the Northwest Orient decals from my Minicraft 707-320. This also then included the change of engines to the later ones.Luckily I had a complete set in my spares box. As the Revell 707 more resembles a 707-100 with a shorter fuselage,I had to cut down the decals to fit on the Revell kit. I know its not 100% accurate,but this was more of a salvation job rather than creating a replica of the real thing. The coroguard panels and other details on the wings come from the superb Flying Colors Boeing 707 detail set and these decals cover up some of the blemishes The kit has some serious fitting issues esp.the two wing halves,who are a nightmare to get together and also the engines that won't really fit into the slots. Also the wings were seriously warped,probably they had been in a hurry to get the parts out of the moulds and into the shelfs... I have one more Revell 707 and I think I have to forget about building and painting each components before assembling the whole thing. The finished product is not of my usual standard,there are some flaws,esp. around the engine-wing connections.I didnt bother to fill the small gaps there as I would have to repaint the whole area,but overall it looks quite nice,and when its behind glass the flaws wont stick out much. Hope you like her anyway. Cheers,
  2. Oops...just saw the mistake got them mixed up while reading all threads here...anyway both Air China and China Airlines use Pratt&Whitney engines on their -400s. Maybe you look on ebay.There is a seller from Hongkong called kitshobby.He might have some but I am not sure.The seller is very reliable and has lots of items
  3. Yes,China Airlines uses Pratt&Whitney engines on their 747-400s. There might be some aftermarket engines available.I know that there are RollsRoyce engines available for the -400 but I dont know for other engines. Hasegawa released their -400 kits with General Electric and RollsRoyce engines depending on the airline decals included in the box
  4. When I came back to airliner modelling after a 12 year break,I had the idea of building one of each jet airliner to represent something of a history. When I found out about the huge aftermarket stuff thats available,some types of airliners increased heavily in the numbers. Out of 1 Boeing 747 became 30,1 DC-10 became 10...and so on and so on... So its quite difficult to just focus in on one project. So what I do is trying to build airliners and airlines I had flew on or saw at the airports and I grew also an interest in special liveries or rare airlines,like Air Nauru or exotic airlines. My stash keeps growing despite many projects that are on the go...
  5. Cool,nice to see another KLM airliner. Keep'em coming
  6. Just found this WIP. Comes along very nice.Looking forward to see the finished 727. I just finished 2 of those kits some weeks ago.They can be seen here in the RFI as well. They go together rather nicely despite the kits age.
  7. Maybe this helps ?
  8. This was a sideproject that I had built on and off between other builds for over a year. The Hasegawa LL200 airliner series contained many popular airliners such as the Boeing 747 in almost every version,DC-10,MD-11,DC-9 and among many others,the Boeing 767. Sadly,most of these airliners from this famous series are no longer produced by Hasegawa and also the 767-200 is unlikely to appear again as Hasegawa modified the molds for the 767-300 which is still available. These models are very accurate and easy to build and in their 1/200 scale also not too big and vitrine friendly. My Hasegawa 767-200 kit was actually the Japan Airlines issue,but I once bought a larger number of decal sets for Hasegawa airliners on ebay,among them this nice Delta Airlines set. It was in pretty good condition despite its age,research showed that the original Delta 767-200 kit was released back in 1982. Some small details such as the cockpit windows come from a newer Boeing 777 Hasegawa set and the coroguard panels are from a detail set.Apart from that its completely OOB built. Paints are the usual Revell and Testors enamels,the whole model was then sealed with MicroScale Gloss clear. The Boeing 767-200 in the depicted "Spirit of Delta" scheme can be seen at the Delta heritage museum in Atlanta where it is preserved. Enjoy
  9. Thank you Mike. An MD-11 is planned,it depends on when the MikroMir Pratt&Whitney version will be released or maybe I will buy another AA resin kit when available again.Decals for the Swissair MD-11 are already in my stash
  10. The Orbital TriStar is the very last TriStar in service today.Its planned to operate her for a few more years. There was once a rumour that a TriStar should be fully restored and made airworthy again for airshows and roundflights.No idea what happened to these plans...
  11. ...it was a lot of work getting that effect airbrushed...
  12. Thank you very much Mike. There you have been lucky to fly on her.Sadly I missed the occasion as I was not aware that KLM did these farewell flights until I read about it... I think the blue lines look good on the model in contrast to the other colors. I thought they were too dark too in the first place but after checking references and having a small bit applied I thought they look good on the model.
  13. Thank you Ian. Yes,there will be a Boeing 747-200 and a Fokker 100 coming in KLM colours.
  14. This looks very impressive.
  15. Thank you very much John Thats good to hear about their TriStar.I have a few of them in my stash and I was already fearing,they could be of the same "quality".