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  1. Thank you very much.Cats were enjoying themselves at the dinner... Thank you also for the further explanations on the CX TriStars and the linking to that superb site.Very interesting history there.
  2. Thank you very much mate. As Hongkong was a british colony until 1997,Cathay Pacific had the union jack on their aircraft. After the handover to China,the flag was removed from the aircrafts as well as they got new registrations starting with B- ,same as in China.
  3. Tupolev TU-334 Prototype 1/144

    Thank you very much Ed. Its an interesting article.I would have loved seeing it in service.
  4. Tupolev TU-334 Prototype 1/144

    Well...it is a plastic toy after all.Not everyone is so experienced in creating in-flight photography with model kits
  5. Thank you Ian. Don't worry,there are still a great many airliner kits in my stash The reason of this output is,that all of them had be started by me in the last years and stayed mostly partially build in the box. All I had to do now,was painting and decalling them and put the parts together. I decided to go through my pre-started kits and finish them before getting on with new projects I started weathering my 1/144 and larger scale airliners but I usually like to keep them factory fresh. The Hasegawa airliners will be kept all factory fresh.
  6. Thank you Ian, Yes,compared to the other kits,they were quite fiddly. The engines are indeed huge,but the MD-80/90s were rocket like all the same. I remember a flight back in 1998 in a Crossair MD-83,when after the take off,it felt the MD-83 climbed almost vertical.It was probably the fastest climb to cruising altitude I had ever experienced....
  7. The last of the Hasegawa bunch off my production line for the moment... This 747 sat on the shelf of doom very long.Actually planned as British Caledonian 747-200 with General Electric engines,it ended up back in the box when I realized that the Caledonian decals were impossible to apply. A few months ago I found the nice Liveries Unlimited decal set for the Air China 747 fleet,so I decided to save the Jumbo and redo it as a Cargo 747. In my spare part box I had a complete set of Pratt&Whitney engines and so the project was on. I repainted the fuselage and put all the pre-build parts together,decals on and the refurbished 747 will now find its place as a frighter version in my collection. Unfortunately,Liveries Unlimited missed to include the side cargo door on their decal sheet,so I had to find one in my spares.Help came in the shape of an 1/144 DC-10 cargo door which fits surprisingly well... Hasegawa's Boeing 747s are very nice and detailed. They produced the 747-100/200,747-300 and the 747-400 and also added individual engines depending on the airline markings they had included. I still have a larger number of Hasegawa 747s in my stash waiting to be built. Cheers,
  8. The Lockheed TriStar kit was one of the first in Hasegawas LoveLiner series in the early 80s. It is very accurate in shape,nicely molded and detailed. Apart from the 1/144 Otaki / now also Eastern Express kit,its the only accurate TriStar plastic molded kit. The Cathay Pacific version was released around 1980 and so the decal set offers the original paint scheme complete with the union jack on the tail. The decals were in surprisingly good condition and could be applied with no problems. The build was straight forward and the only modification I made,was shorten the engine exhausts like I did on the All Nippon TriStar. Hasegawa never updated the engines and always included the longer,2nd exhaust version. Cathay Pacifics TriStars served very well for 20 years before they were replaced by the Airbus A330. Hope you like her
  9. Some more Hasegawa airliners to come off my assembly line. I had a 2 week hollyday leave,and had so plenty of time to finish some part started and shelf of doom kits,that were laying around for quite some time. Most of them I started last year,but due to our house renovation I was forced to shelf them until the work was over.Unfortunately ,since then these kits stayed in their boxes unfinished as I was working on other airliners . So I thought these 2 weeks would be a good time to finish them before starting new projects. The MD-90 kit is a rather new Hasegawa kit,that came out around 1996/7. Its very different in quality compared to the older kits from the 80s.But not in a positive aspect. This kit,like the Boeing 737-400/500 look more like those snap-fit kits with absolutely no surface detail on the fuselage and also no open windows. The only parts with detail are the wings.The fuselage is not the usual halves,Hasegawa decided for unknown reason to divide the fuselage in two horizontal pieces I must admit,when I firs saw these kits I was sligtly disappointed,because the older kits were so much more detailed and accurate. Anyway I liked the paint scheme of the Japan Air System MD-90s,so I decided to have a go anyway. The fit is as usual very good with only minor filling and sanding. The paintwork and decaling was the most time consuming aspect,esp, for the emerald green version. I made a copy of the rainbow decals first to have a template to outline the area for the green part.The instructions suggest to mix green and white but I didn't like this idea.I found this emerald green from Mr.Hobby which looked close enough.On the pictures it looks darker than it actually is. Japan Air System (JAS) chose to paint seven of its MD-90s in a special rainbow scheme.For this task they acuired cult director Akira Kurosawa who created each of the seven schemes. Hasegawa produced 2 2in1 and 1 3in 1 kits ,so one could build up the entire fleet. I was able to get only one of those boxings,so my kits represent aircraft number 3 and 4 of the bunch. They are a real eye catcher in my vitrine and will make fine companions to the JAS rainbow Boeing 777 which I will start soon. Cheers,
  10. This kit I found on the internet for a very reasonable price. As I am very fond of russian airliners I had to have this cute bird in my collection. There seems to be no manufacturer name on the box...or at least I cant't read it. It looks more like a advertising giveaway by Tupolev,same as the IL-96 kits by Ilyjushin,that were later re-released by Eastern Express. The quality of the kit is as poor as the IL-96 kits.The shape itself is quite accurate but the fit is terrible. As the landing gear parts were full of plastic residue,I decided to make a desktop like model,using the included display stand. I also bought a new and more detailded decal set from PAS Models to add more life to the kit.The included decal sheet was very basic and also the colors looked a bit off. After hours of filling and sanding and rescribing, I was finally able to get on some paint. Almost a year has passed since I started this kit but by facing all these fitting issues,I put it away several times and concentrated on other models. But finally here she is... The TU-334 first flew in 1999 and was planned as a replacement aircraft to the TU-134. Unfortunately ,only 2 prototypes were built and the aircraft never entered production. Thanks for looking
  11. My recently finished builds are mostly Hasegawa 1/200 kits,and these are the first that came off the assembly line. This was one of Hasegawa's 2in1 kit releases and offers to build 3 ANA versions to be build,although you have to decide which one of the Triton Blue version you want to build. The bare metal underbelly or the all grey underbelly, like the TriStar was before retirement in 1995. I opted for the very first TriStar in the "Mohican" scheme as they were delivered in 1973 and the "Triton Blue" last flight livery with the all grey underbelly As for all Hasegawa LL200 airliner kits,the build is straight forward with no issues at all. I really love those kits as they offer easy,fun builds with quick results. The only thing I changed were the engine exhausts on the Triton version,which had to be shortened to match the later version engines. The Mohican version was left with the longer exhausts as offered in the kit. Painted entirely by airbrush using Revell and Testors enamels and coted with my Media Range Color protection spray. The windows were filled with Krystal Klear.The cockpit windows were painted inside black as the empty cockpit looked a bit off through the clear cockpit windows. Thanks for looking.... And group shots of the 2 TriStars...
  12. Happy to be the reason for you to finish your lovely Fokker 100 It came out superb as usual. I also have the Helvetic Fokker 100 from Revell in my stash,allthough in the former,pinkish,livery. Now that my production line cleared up a bit,I might start on this one soon...
  13. Wonderful build of a classic Douglas airliner.
  14. Despite the problems,it came out nicely. I remember Air Inter very well.The airline was a very frequent visitor to EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse (Switzerland) back in the days. They served 4-5 times a day Paris Orly- Basel. I remember their Dassault Mercure,the A300 ,later the A320 and then in 1994 they were the first airline to use the A330.Although the aircraft was way to big for them,they had an initial order of 15 A330-300s. The result came in financial troubles which resulted in the overtaking by Air France.