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  1. Wow...what an impressive model. I have this in the stash too,but hadn't the drive to give it a go....space is another issue as well... Top marks
  2. Superb result on this old kit. Its still a nice A300 kit oob,but yours is spot on and the classic Lufthansa livery is an aditional winner. Top marks all around.
  3. A piece of art. This is one of the most colorful TriStars and the finish is outstanding.Superb job on the modifications too.
  4. Teriffic work on this classic Trijet mate. It shows that there is still some live in the Revell kit
  5. Very nice work so far. AA's kits are amazing,I have built already a DC-10 and MD-11. Just recently I finished an Airfix DC-9-30 in exactly the same scheme.It suits the DC-9 perfectly
  6. The Boeing 727 was one of the best selling airliners from the early 60s until the end of production in 1984 with 1832 aircrafts produced. Some are still in service today. With so many airlines operating the 727 over the years,there is a great choice of liveries available. Airfix re-issued their 727-200 kit in 2010 and 2012 with nice decal sets printed by Cartograph and Revell re-issued their ancient 727-100 kit in early 2016 in the attractive Germania livery,done by Daco. I gues both kits don't need much introduction,as these have been available frequently over the years. Revell's 727 is probably the most accurate of the two,as they got the nose shape pretty much right and also some other details are better than on the Airfix kit. The wheels are a tad too big on the Revell kit,they are better done on the Airfix version. For my 727 I used the wheels from some Airfix 727 leftovers I found in my spares box. As the Airfix 727s nose shape is not the best,I decided to replace that part by the Daco windshield for the Boeing 737.It fits quite well on the 727 and improves the look significantly. The other thing I changed was the raised panellines on the wings,which I rescribed and I relocated the fence from the back to the leading edges by using plastic card. And I thined the engine exhausts by sanding them down from the inside.The plastic is too thick there. The fit of the Airfix 727 was pretty bad,the re-issues had some badly warped parts,esp.the wings and on one kit even the fuselage halves. The wings bent themselves even more after the halves had been glued together....I tried to correct them as good as possible but its still visible. On all kits I replaced the front gear doors with new ones created from plasticard in the correct size ,as on both Revell and Airfix,the doors are too short. The new decal sets are of great quality printingwise but the Iberia/Aerolineas Argentinas decal set has some serious mistakes. One piece of the aft decals had the blue reversed.Dark blue on the upper half,light blue on the lower part.Luckily I had the right colors to repaint those areas and correct that.Furthermore they forgot that the 727s door arrangement is different on the right side so the logos had to be cut off and relocated to the correct position. Being printed by Cartograph,I was surprised to find such inaccuracies.Even the Iberia set had mistakes which the instruction sheet oversaw as well. The worker was either in a hurry or a complete douchebag Revell's 727-100 is despite its age a nice little kit which is fun to build.It has no open windows,except the cockpit and no clear parts.So the windows need to be filled and replaced by decals.The very nice and detailed DACO decal set provides cockpit windows as well as cabin windows already printed on the cheatline. The sets providedes enough details to enhance the look of the finished model. On the Airfix kits I used decals from my extensive stash as well as from a detail set to further enhance the looks. Painted are all of them with Tamyia pure white from a spray can,Testors and Revell for the grey and metallic parts. It was a timeconsuming but fun project building those 4 727s simultaneously . Enjoy the pics...kitty has made a guest appearance as well.... Boeing delivery line Renton...
  7. 1/144 Roden BOAC Super VC10

    Another stunner from your assembly line. The VC-10 is one of the most elegant airliners to grace the skies and together with the B.O.A.C livery just adds to it. Superb work all around
  8. Fantastic job. The Haribo scheme is very stylish.I have the Revell kit with those decals too in my stash along with some Zvezda kits. The swimming pool in the background adds to the hollyday feeling that goes along with that airline...
  9. Thats simply beautiful. The TriStar is my favourite airliner as well as the Cathay Pacific livery . Awesome work
  10. Thank you Dave. For the blue I used Revell 50 light blue.
  11. Thank you Ian. Yes,space is also another factor I considered when I decided to tackle some of the Hasegawa kits. Some of the ones I decided to finish/build are the MD90s in the special JAS scheme ,an A300 TDA,747-400 Qantas,747-100 United and a JAS 777-200 in the Rainbow livery.Others will appear in time.Stash is full of those LL200 kits
  12. The second of my Hasegawa LL200 airliners that I saved from the shelf of doom. The kit sat quite a while there unfinished,no idea why I had put it there instead of finishing it... Well,together with the JAL 747-200,I reworked/repainted some parts and finished it. This was also a complete OOB build,with the decals provided in the kit.Despite their 20+ years already,they were still in fine condition. Hasegawa has made a superb 747-400 kit,accurate in shape and no fitting issues and unlike Revell with their,much bigger ,1/144 kit,also got the wingshape right I really like Hasegawa's LL200 airliner series and while refurbish and finish these 2 kits,I decided to concentrate on my other kits of that range and build or finish a few of them and take a little break from more difficult/time consuming kits. Korean Air's Boeing 747s were a frequent sight at Zurich Airport for a long time,but the daily service is now served by the smaller Airbus A330-200. Jumbos are a very rare sight at our Swiss airports these days On with the photos Cheers,

    A very beautiful Avro.The BA scheme really suits that plane And its nice to see one build up. It just happens that on August 20,Swiss International Airlines will make a farewell flight with their last Avro RJ100 and I was lucky to get a seat on that flight. Swiss has replaced their whole fleet with the new Bombardier CS100 and -300,so these airliners will become a rare sight at our airports...
  14. C130J Hercules

    Always liked the "Herk" and your model is excellent.Top marks all around