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  1. Welcome back to the exciting world of airliner modelling. A very nice start you did.The 737 looks great. As the 737-700 is my favourite one of the next gen. 737s its nice to see one build to such high standard. I will be looking forward to your upcoming builds. Alex
  2. Thank you John. Yes,here I was really determined to finish it,although at the beginning of the build I was close to bin this kit but in the end I thought I try to make at least a nice desktop model out of it.I like challenges but this was a tough one
  3. Looks great . Awaiting ist "Roll-out" in the RFI section...
  4. Thats probably THE ultimate DC-8 kit I've seen here on FB. An awesomley built DC-8
  5. Thank you Mike. No undercarriage - (either a bit of cheating going on there OR you haven't actually finished it) ..... Neither of both ... the kit came with no undercarriage at all.And as the rest of the build was already nerv-shredding I didn't bother to bash another 747 kit for the landing gear as I did on my IL-96-300......
  6. wow I can only say. You certainly nailed it big time. The paintjob looks also fantastic and I can't see any of the difficulties you had while building it on the finished product. You certainly done justice to the elegant lady the MD-11 is... I miss those good old times too and also the sight and sound of the MD-11...Here in Switzerland the appearance of an MD-11 equals almost to a miracle...just endless lines of Airbusses...sigh
  7. If there would be an award for "The worst kits ever produced", the Eastern Express IL-96M / T would win this price miles ahead of any other competitor... I am used to the "not so easy" kits as I build a lot of yesteryear kits.But Eastern Express' offering makes even Plasticart kits look like state of the art. Not one single piece had a decent fit let alone a seriously warped fuselage that was not only warped,it had also a different diameter in the back end which resulted in tremendous use of putty and hours of sanding sessions. I worked on and off this kit since early 2016 and finally managed to get it through my production line last weekend.Seeing this airliner now done is a big reliev. Paints used for this build are Revell gloss white 04 for the fuselage upper half,Revell grey 374 for the lower part and the wings and Testors silver for the leading edges.All applied with my airbrush. Sealed with Revell 01 gloss clear. The decal set comes from a russian ebay seller (Pimenov2010) and the quality of the decals is very good. The only thing I have to change is the display stand as the model is not sitting comfortably on it. The finished model represents this elegant airliner nicely and as I really like the IL-96,I really hope that Zvezda or Amodel would produce decent kits of both IL-96 versions. And as long as this is not going to happen this IL-96T along with my IL-96-300 will be the only ones as it is very unlikely that I have the nerves for another Eastern Express offering of this type... This IL-96 version was equipped with Pratt & Whitney engines as well as a digital 2 man cockpit by Rockwell-Collins in the hopes of selling the type also in the west. Sadly,the interest was almost non exsistent,even Aeroflot chose used DC-10s as freighters over the IL-96T. It was also probably because the IL-96 came to the market after the break of the Soviet Union when they were also able to buy western airliners The aircraft was later refitted with russian engines and cockpit as the parts had to be given back to its respective manufacturers.If this plane is still active somewhere I cant say surely. Cubana showed interest in the bigger IL-96 version,but if they will ever be delivered is unknown now that Cuba is no longer under US-restrictions. cheers, And with my usual "something else" even though they seemed more interested in whats going on in the neighborhood...
  8. Interesting subject. Always nice to see worn out airliner kits getting new life. I did this once myself and in time two other airliners are due to be restored. An Airfix A-300 and a Revell Boeing 707. Those were built by me as a schoolkid and they are in great need of a redo. So I will follow here with interest
  9. Thats an awesome build and the paintjob is teriffic.
  10. Wonderful build and the decals look very nice as well. A nice tribute to this soviet classic. I recently received my TU-134 kit ( in LOT scheme) and hope to get it started soon.
  11. Very true. Got mine also from 26. Even cheaper including shipping to Switzerland compared to the Hannants price tag for the kit. I hope they will lower the price,wanted more than only one of those...
  12. I found one on Here is the link if you like to check it out...don't know about shipping to the UK though
  13. Very nice so far.Looking forward to the finished Tupolev.Received mlne yesterday,couldn't resist ordering one after seeing your progess...
  14. Another masterpiece mate.Vety nice to see another Revell A310.They are a quite rare sight here on BM. Question; What kind of display stands are these ? Self made or can they be bought ? They look very nice
  15. If you just leave off the wingtip fences you will have an A320-100. Just see to it that your model has CFM56 engines as already mentioned above.