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  1. Thats an awesome collection of TU-134s. Always had a soft spot for soviet airliners,so this is right up my street. Alex
  2. Thank you very much Thank you very much. I am tempted to do a Wizzair,probably the 100th Airbus livery.
  3. Thank you very much. The Revell kit of the A321NEO is pretty good. Interestingly their A320NEO ,who shares mostly the same parts,is not as good. Zvezdas solution with the engines is certsinly better,also on their other airliner kits. Thank you very much
  4. Very nice model,superbly photographed and presented. Never heard of that airline before,so thanks for sharing. Alex
  5. Very nice to see some more progress on those 767s. I wanted to start on my "Chelsea Rose" soon,but the bench is too crowded with other unfinished,i.e. part started kits...
  6. Thank you very much Diogo. That sounds promising too.Hope to see your Airbus soon on BM
  7. Superb build Dave with a nice choice of livery. An extra because its one of my favourite aircrafts Alex
  8. There are some 100+ Hasegawa kits in my stash,might be a good idea for the near future
  9. Very nice build in an attractive livery. The Revell 777 is the Zvezda moulds. Maybe Revell didnt take good care of the moulds,as its quite common with their airliner kits. New releases are mostly fine,later ones soon suffer from flash,thin plasitc or warped parts.
  10. You are welcome. My kit is probably from 1991 or so,so thats interesting that the recent Vintage Classic reissue is identical.
  11. Here's the instructions and decal of my Heron kit. Sorry,it took a while.I had to find the kit in my stash first...
  12. I have an earlier airfix kit with Jersey decals. I will check whats on the decal sheet and let you know. I will see if I can post some images from the decal and instruction,of thats of any help ?
  13. Thank you very much. The build itself was not that tough,the kit has only about 30 parts with a good fit mostly. The windshield was a bit challenging with its tiny size and small window frames
  14. Thank you very much Dave. Thank you very much. Its only one thats still active,but that proves the durability of the airframe. Similar to the DC-3 and C-46,some are still going strong. Thank you very much. Its a very special design indeed. While building it,I kept asking myself,how on earth it was possible for this thing to fly,those tiny wings compared to that huge fuselage...
  15. Thank you very much Tom. Thank you very much Sergei. Thank you also for the update on the remaining Guppies. Thank you very much
  16. Thank you very much John. Thats true.Sometimes I like to test my skills a bit more and also see what can be done with such old kits. Thank you very much Dave. Yes,thats probably right. But I had this kit in my stash and as Revell stated it as Boeing 720,I thought I should give it a try and turn into something that resembles the Revell " claim" . Its always a timeconsuming task if a 707 or a derivate thereof is on the bench. A lot of research on the subject and one ends up with so many different layouts,this can drive one crazy at times. But as you said...its part of the fun
  17. Thank you very much. The early engines were quite small in diameter Thank you very much. It was quite some work,also because of the less than stellar fit Thank you very much
  18. Thank you very much Thank you very much Andy. I never saw the original but it looks really special. The kit is worth picking up,if found for a reasonable price Thank you very much Wulfman
  19. I have 3 of them under construction,but these are on the "long term" list and are currently stalled. The kit is very old and has its fair share of problems. It can be built into a decent model but it takes time and care. But this is (at least for me) the charm of those kits,using modern modelling skills and items to turn these kits into a nice model. I modified the engines already to get a better look out of them and also replaced the cockpit with a window part from DACO as Viking did on his marvelous build. It improves the look significantly.
  20. This was a kit that I searched for a long time. They are rare these days and often change hands at ridiculous prices. This one I got on a Swiss auction site for a reasonable price,not cheap though... It was the 1985 Revell issue. Its the same mouldings as the Otaki kit,just this time in the Airbus house color markings. The decals were yellowed,so I ordered a replacement set from BSmodelle. The cheatline on the new sheet seemed too wide,so I used the Revell ones instead and only used the numbers and the titles from the new sheet. The kit has only a few parts,not very detailed but it has nice recessed panel lines and the fit is mostly fine. I improved the engine outlets as the kit ones were plain and also wrong in design. Photos of the original showed the outlets are pretty roughly installed. This was created by using plastcard plates and tubes. After the assembly,the whole model was sprayed gloss black as a baae coat for the metallics. Here I used Testors aluminium and silver and Gunze duraluminium to give some nuances. I tried not to overdo it because the real thing has a quite smooth metal surface. Airbus used 4 Super Guppies for transporting all kinds of parts for the A300,A310 and probably also the A320. They served fom the mid 70s to the early 90s,when they got replaced with the bigger Airbus Beluga,which is a heavily modified A300-600. Super Guppy No.4 is still flying today,with NASA,while the others are preserved in Toulouse and Hamburg. One was lost in an accident. Alex
  21. Back in the year 2000,Revell USA released their ancient Boeing 707 kit as Boeing 720. The first issue dates back to 1964,as they released it as KC-135 Tanker/Transport. Since then the kit appeared in many different airline markings,none of which of course resembled the real thing. Revell's 707 comes, if anything, closest to a 707-120. For this project,I decided to try to modify the kit as good as possible to produce a 720. The fuselage was shortened in front and behind the wings,counting the recessed cabin windows,compared to the real thing. Some slight adjustments were unavoidable to get the fuselage segments seamlessly back together. So there is a 2mm discrepancy in length to its 1/139 scale. But its as close as possible you can get with that kit. The main gear wheels I replaced with wheels from a Revell 747-100. They have the same size to the kit parts but are far more better detailed + the original wheels suffered from poor moulding. The cockpit was replaced with a DACO canopy to correct the front section. The kit features just window holes and looks completely off.Some later releases had a clear window part and there the shape was quite right. The rest of the kit was built OOB. The most challenging part was the painting,esp. the wings. Research on the net showed many different color patterns on the 720,even on United aircrafts,so I picked what I thought looked the most interesting. The silver/white on the fuselage was done with masks.I copied the decals and used the paper copies as layout pattern. The cheatline decal is printed with the blue,white and gold as one unit. I remembered from an earlier attempt to build this kit,that the white is not opaque. So here I decided to trim away the white parts. As I had shortened the fuselage,the decals had to be trimmed as well. I used first the copies to find out where to cut and create the correct layout. That worked out well and only slight touch ups were needed Paints are my usual brands,Gunze,Tamyia,Testors. Its not 100% accurate but I am quite pleased with the outcome. For a more accurate Boeing 720,there is the Roden kit. It was an interesting and fun build,despite its issues I like those Revell 707 wanabees Something new for the photoshoot...the runway is from the Hawk/Round 2 Comet kit Alex
  22. What a beauty. The detailed engine is superb and gives a nice touch to the model. Very well built
  23. What a superb line-up of Concordes. Its difficult to say which is more beautiful,they are all gorgeous. But the BA landor one wins for elegance I built the Revell kit some time ago and was also pleased with the kit. Just recently bought the Heller kit as well.If my bench clears up a bit,I might start building it
  24. Wonderful Boeing 757.The paintjob looks spot on,cant tell that this is brush painted.Superb. The weathering looks very realistic.AAs 757s look sometimes pretty sorry and in need of an urgent wash... The Zvezda kit is a gem,it was one of those kits I really looked forward to and got quite a number for my stash. The EE kit is more or less a copy of the Minicraft kit. The Minicraft kit can be turned into something decent with some serious work,I recently finished 2 of them.But its no match to the Zvezda version.
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