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  1. Thats very interesting. I am eagerly awaiting the -600 and the anouncement of a -200 is tempting as well. There is quite a difference from the -200 to the -600, so I guess this will be an all new tooling
  2. Just found this WIP. Looks very interesting,I will follow this build. As the Hasegawa A320 is quite small,my hats off to you for converting this kit to a A319. This might help me to overcome my worries of shortening one of my Hasegawa DC-9-40s...
  3. Wonderful build of a classic aircraft. I recently bought the Vintage Classics release too,mainly because of the great decal set and livery option. Together with the Comet,it makes a really nice pair. Thanks for sharing
  4. Awesome Tupolev. As I very much like russian airliners,this is right down my road. The metallics look stunning and give it a very realistic touch.
  5. Wonderful DC-10.The Finnair livery is simple but effective on the DC-10. The paintjob,esp. the metallics are superbly done. The AA kit is awesome,I built one a few years ago. Thanks for sharing Alex
  6. I did mine too in BOAC livery but opted to paint the cheat lines. I used Tamyia royal blue X-3 Here the link https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235101271-boac-concorde-airfix-vintage-classic-kit-1144/
  7. I completely forgot... You mentioned you might need another A330 fin for your next A310 build. As I have plans for an LTU A330-200 I should have one left.I bought some BRAZ replacements for the -200 conversion some time ago PM me your adress and I will send it to you when I get around starting the A330. My builds are partly stalled a bit because my boy cat is seriously ill and I have to give him my full attention
  8. Great looking Concorde. The metallic effect gives it something special.
  9. Superb A310. The SATA livery is very attractive and I too had plans to do one in these colors. I saw both of them at the same time on our local airport Basel-Mulhouse (BSL-MLH) I guess back in 2017. Sad that the A310s are almost completly gone from airline service,I always had a soft spot for it. The Revell kit still holds up well when given some care and time as you had proven. Thanks for sharing.
  10. A truly great collection of Concordes,superbly build. I still have the 1/100 Nitto and Heller Concordes that will be built in french and UK prototype liveries and a 1/300ish Heller Cadet kit.
  11. BM is spoiled this month with Concordes Wonderful build of an iconic aircraft. The Revell kit is ok,but it has its fair share of issues. You did a great job on this one.
  12. Very neat builds. It seems to be Concorde month...keep 'em coming
  13. First attempt you say...my hats off to you for such a magnificent result. My first attempt at modelling turned out to be fun but for sure the result was less than not presentable...
  14. Beautiful build of a difficult kit with a simple but very effective livery It captures the elegant lines of the Caravelle very well.
  15. Nice to see this. A bit different from mine with the grey wings and underside.Looks sharp in this version too. Thanks for sharing
  16. Beautiful build. I miss those planes. They were a joy to fly in,had a few trips from BSL-LHR in the 90s with Crossair,wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing
  17. Thank you very much Dave. Its indeed a very special aircraft with a timeless design. 50 years since its first flight and now almost 20 years since its retirement...how the time flies.
  18. Thank you very much. Very nice photograph of the departing A310. I saw many of the A310s during my spotter days in the 90s.Swissair had a considerable fleet and also some other airlines flew to the Swiss airports with this type,among them Delta Airlines,MEA,Air Portugal and on some occasions KLM... The A310 is still one of my favourite Airbus types
  19. Thank you very much Dave. I haven't bought the EE A310 but I also heard that there are some issues with it. But I still have some Revell kits and 1 AA resin kit in my stash which I have already plans for,thats the main reason I skipped the EE version. The cats are fine,there is my youngest visible in the 2. last picture. Shes more busy with hunting insects and watching birds than crashing my photo sessions. The other 2 are prefering to sleep or otherwise enjoying their day on the sofa...
  20. Thank you very much. For the white I am using now mostly Gunze white surface primer 1500,polished with Tamyia polishing compounds and clear coated with Gunze Premium gloss. The paints and the gloss varnish I am using for airbrushing are thinned with Gunze levelling thinner,which makes the paint and varnish very smooth and shiny. Everything is sealead again with a layer of Gunze Premium gloss before decalling and another thin layer to seal everything.
  21. Nicely done. The Airfix Production -Concorde is a pretty good kit. I built the Nitto,Revell and Airfix kits and amongst them the Nitto and Airfix are very good. I was quite disappointed though with the Revell offering. Thanks for sharing
  22. Thank you very much Thank you very much. I thought its time to boost the civvies a bit again 2 of my almost finished 767s unfortunately need some correction work/ repaint,so they will be delayed for some days to appear in the RFI section
  23. Thank you very much Thank you very much.I say,go for it.Despite its age its a nice kit Thank you very much Thank you very much Thank you very much Thank you very much.I built the Singapore/British version a few years ago. Exept the original Prototype colors,I guess I built every livery so far Thank you.Thats true.I recently finished the original AF boxing OOB.Had to fettle and trick with the old decals though.But it came out well in the end. Thank you very much Thank you very much. Thats what I had feared when I saw the blue decals. The Cunard version is also nice,hope to see it here some day ?
  24. The first Airfix kit of the Concorde appeared around 1967/68 and represented an early drawing/prototype. Earlier this year,this kit got a rerelease from Airfix in their "Vintage Classics" series. Its the same mould as it was,with a wonderful newly printed BOAC decal sheet,that includes windows and frames and offers also the option of painting the blue cheatline. An option I was happy to have,because I somehow doubted that the blue elements would conform seamlessly to the front part. The cheatline was airbrushed with Tamyia Royal Blue,which was a perfect match to the decal. The fit of the parts was in places not very good and many parts had a surprising amount of flash. I built it mostly OOB,I only added the middle walls to the engine fronts as the kit provides none. The whole model was sprayed with Gunze white primer which was polished and gloss coated with Gunze Premium Gloss varnish. The decals are of top quality and fit perfectly. Some details were added from leftover Concorde decals that I had in my spares. Its a pity that the Concorde never appeared in the BOAC livery.It suits the aircraft very well and adds to its elegance. Cheers Alex
  25. I am currently working on a bunch of different airliners,among those,the good old Revell A310 kit and the Airfix rerelease of the classic Concorde "Prototype", are now finished and ready for the RFI. I built 5 of Revell's A310 kits so far and despite its simplicity and some errors it still builds into a nice replica with some effort.I really like this kit. The main changes I did were the reshaping of the nose section,creating winglets and converting the engines for the -300. The kit I had on hand was the earlier -200 version and Revell also did never change the engines .The provided engines are good for some -200 such as the Lufthansa or KLM types. As the plastic is very thick,the conversion of the engines was fairly easy,flattening the undersides of the cowls and sanding out the intakes and by glueing a piece of plasticard in front,creating a new seamless intake ring. Next time though,I might insert also a plastic tube as inlet as I find it a bit too wide now as it is but its ok so far. The exhaust cone was sawed out,glued to a piece of plasticard and inserted in the hotsection. The winglets are scratchbuilt out of plasticard as well. The decals come from 8A decs. and are very nicely printed and easy to apply. Until I found them on their website,I never heard of that airline before but was attracted by its colorful livery. Air Paradise was based at Denpasar airport in Bali and operated from 2002 -2005 when it ceased operations after the 2005 terrorist attacks in Bali. Amongst Airbus A300-600s and a single Boeing 737-800,the airline had 2 A310-300s in service. Cheers Alex
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