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  1. What a great result!!! I must say the A350 is my favorite modern airliner. I wish I could pilot one someday I think he's more aesthetic than the Dream)liner. When it comes to the Air France livery I really like the lettering refreshment for the wide body airplanes. In the narrow ones it looks too much for small airplanes! I wanna do an Air France as well but in a 787 instead
  2. The old Soviet airplanes have all a good sense of style and respect! What a great result!! Looks very very cool
  3. Okay! Next time I'll went to my dad I'll try to do that and in the worst case scenario I'll have to remake the windows at hand. Thanks for your advices once again Alex, and you can talk to me on PM. For some reason some modelers are not receiving my messages on PM and vice versa. But in any case I think you have my email! Once again thanks for your help!
  4. After some months of work (if you wanna check the WIP topic, here it is: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235087386-revell-boeing-747-200-swissair-converted/) I've finally finished this 747-200. In general therms this kit wasn't very problematic: The main fitting was reasonable okay and everything worked just fine! I just regret the very simplistic lines and some gear doors and minimal pieces didn't fit as I wanted, including the wing antennas). But that was only a minor issue. The Swissair livery left the aircraft with a very beautiful retro look. I don't regret the
  5. Yes, the windows and the window framing are independent from the blue stripes. Im not sure now if I used decal fix in order to prevent the blue stripes got glued on my fingers but I will try to use a decal solvent and see what happens from there. The gaps I will try to fill with paint because no decal left unfortunately. I saved your Revell color codes too. For the pictures I've based on to this project the ink I've painted on the fuselage looks okay but indeed in the decals the blue is way lighter. No. I've put the blue stripes above the original kit cabin windows because as you've
  6. Thanks a lot for your help Alex! I’ve went yesterday to my dad’s and I’ve took a picture. I couldn’t extended forward the blue tripes in order to match because it would be missed in the back and I couldn’t pull them either because it wouldn’t match as well in the back. Because the elevators stay in the middle of the stripe. Maybe because of this the windows have a gap. But I couldn’t pull them forward
  7. Today was time for some more upgrades on the DC-10 and honestly I wish I could have seen @TheyJammedKenny! message before! I did most of the decal art today and I must confess I got surprised by how thick the decals were. I needed very much water to make the decals run on the fuselage, but despite that the decals by 26Decals were perfect with a very good detail, actually like they always are. The only problem that happened to me today (and I was a bit dumb for not have thinking about this at the time), but because of the bad positioning of the windows in the kit I had to paint the silver
  8. It's been a while since my last update about my Lufthansa DC-10. After talking with some other modelers on Instagram about this DC-10 from Airfix in mid April, I've decided (yes, after painting) to sand everything again because I was warned about on this Airfix model the windows are way too low and while applying the blue Lufthansa stripe the stripe wouldn't be thick enough to cover the windows so I've sanded all from scratch and I've also removed the original engines pylons because I've read here on a topic that with the pylons in, the engines would be too close to the ground.
  9. Hello Captain! Thats a huge honor for me that a former 747 pilot likes my final model! When it comes to the thread no worries at all We have so much content here to watch that sometimes we miss something during the screening process I checked your 747 as well when I was in the early stages of mine, but at the time I hadn't even officially joined the BM. Hope you didn't had major fitting issues like I had, since we're both using the same kit model. I will continue to follow your thread, and your choose in the Utopia livery fits very well!
  10. Thanks Alex! Yeah, you are right, I've saw a couple weeks ago an YouTube video of a kid making a DC-10 with the same scheme as I'm doing at the moment. He made the same as you told me to. At the time I've forgot that and I just remembered that on the time I was painting with the airbrush already! But honestly I had lucky because today morning I've painted the white upper surface and when I removed the mask from the silver nothing came attached! It was a miracle Honestly the thing that concerns me more is that light grey stripe that I have to mask and paint. It may be easy b
  11. It looks promising! I will follow this for sure! Well when it comes to Air Spain I’m from the neighbor country and I never heard about it before! Very nice
  12. I’m very perfectionist. Sometimes that is bad others good, but I try to notice all details Looking forward for it!
  13. Today was time to continue with the workflow on the DC-10 since the BA 747 is completed and the Swissair one had the 1st layer of varnish today. When it comes to the the DC-10 I’ve did a bit of masking process today. I’ve isolated the belly and lower surfaces who received in majority silver. After the silver got dried, I’ve isolated and I’ve painted the light grey section. I’ll have to say it is difficult and I’ll have to mask again and re do some lines again. Since the light grey zone follows the wing shape and there’s no lines on the main fuselage to guide me through. Sometimes I wish I
  14. I will confess to you Eric, so I am. At the time British Airways revealed all the retro 747’s I’ve said the Negus one was the most beautiful. And somehow it still is! I love the blue speedbird on the front. One thing that I’ve miss on Landor. But there’s one thing that I personally don’t like on Negus: the “a” on airways it’s not capital and that looks a bit weird but in the end I really like that painting and the uniforms also. When I got this 744 I wanted to do it with the Negus one but I didn’t found decals for it. Maybe with the new Zvezda 757 launch I’ll do one! Well if you want for yo
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