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  1. I’ve bought an Heller Boeing 727-200 at 1/125 scale and I must confess I didn’t had the best impression of Heller because the mold and the fitting were just HORRIBLE. I’ve wanted to build a 703 with TAP colors but I only found the kit of Heller at 1/72 with AF colors (I do presume is the same that you’ve used) so I was a bit decided to build it. Turns out there’s only decals for TAP at 1/144 After reading this topic I must confess I’ve melt by this kit. Certainly one thing I’m gonna grab from my dad for my BDay
  2. Over the last days I didn't had much time to work on my models but yesterday and today I've made as well some new progresses! Like I've said in the replies above, I've dropped the idea of using a lighter blue color like the test band from the decal because of two reasons: A - The color didn't looked the same on the test band and on the letters; B - The color was just too light compared with the original one; In the end I've mixed blue and black with a ratio of 10:1 and it turned out to be a perfect match! Yesterday with this new blue shade I've sealed the tail and I've also painted the engines. Let me show you the result: As you can see, my masking skills are not the best ones so far, so I need to make some small adjustments but I think in overall the engines looked very good and the gaps disappeared totally! The dark color also helps a bit though. The only thing that annoyed me a bit were the engine nacelles! They didn't fit 100% in the engine core, so I've twisted them so for the good fit to stay on top and the not that good one in the bottom, a small mistake. As a perfectionist I didn't liked it but it is what it is... When it comes to today's work. Well.... Whaaaaat a challenge to me and also to my patience. As you can see, the Varig Landor scheme had a blue belly. This blue belly was bounded by this checkered band of light blue and dark blue: https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/357527 So I basically printed in printer the decal sheet, I've put some tape on top of it and I've started to create the lines with a pen to before cut it and apply on the airplane. This in theory is beautiful. In practical no. The stripe was way too thin and it broke. I've tried to make this step 3 times so it didn't worked. I've made my own curves and painted the belly with dark blue. Just like the engines I need to make adjustments... (nightmares with the white) but lets hope this don't differ very much from the stripes. In the last resource they have extra stripe so I can improvise a bit, but im open to suggestions of course! Will leave you with some pictures of today! I think after the small adjustments in the main frame, the airplane will be ready for the first layer of varnish and then my best and favourite part: Decals!!!
  3. Hey Alex! I've decided actually not to use the real decal colors. I've realised in the end the test band was not exactly the same color as the letters! I've decided to keep the original dark blue!
  4. Hey Tim, Im very appreciated for your support towards me. It means a to for me for real! Well I've made some progresses yesterday and today and I only came to the forum after that, I read your post and I can say I've did exactly what you've said! I've picked up some dark blue and dark and I've made the real color for real! Will post the progresses in a couple minutes
  5. Thanks Chris! im very excited to finish it as well! I also think the line issue will be easily fixed
  6. Thanks Alex! I’ve put them on list to check! In a Portuguese modeling group a guy said I should try Midnight Blue from Humbrol. By checking the code that gives me 71 090 from Vallejo. https://acrylicosvallejo.com/en/product/hobby/model-air-en/deep-sky-71090/ I also found this color online https://www.rgbcolor.xyz/ral/90.html and by RAL code gives me 71 088 from Vallejo: https://midwestmodelrr.com/product/vallejo-model-air-71-088-french-blue-17-ml-bottle/ I will try to see these two colors in real anda then I’ll make a decision!
  7. I've decided I will pick up the Zvezda models instead of the Revell ones... I think Zvezda's quality its outstanding! This 767 is very good indeed but when I've started to paint in white, I've noticed the main line from the top of the airplane pop up, so if I had put some putty on it wouldn't had been such a bad idea but never mind!!! I think in the end it will be still a decent kit. Varig is also part of mu identity as long as for many Brazilians. I can't find no one who speaks bad about Varig. Actually Varig was known as the Swissair of South America because of its outstanding service. The MD-11 in the Varig Colors is very beautiful. I think its a very good and classical match! The other planes with the Icarus near the front main door was also a classic that most pilots liked very much! Actually that Icarus was for many their lucky charm and when Varig changed its livery from that one to the Landor one, many didn't liked it...! Looking forward to see your models with the Varig colors Alex!
  8. Today I've painted the last (I hope) layer of white on the 767 fuselage. The wings are completely painted but masked now because of the white. The next step now is to paint the blue belly and tail as soon as the white dries. But here it lies a problem: I've thought I had the correct blue shade for the tail and belly but turns out I was wrong. On the next picture I will show you the matching decal color and on the right the blue color I could create but still far away from the desired one. Does any of you know the RAL Code or even the Vallejo code for the matching blue? It would be a huge help If any of you would know! Thanks in advance! As you could also see in the last post, the engine exaust cone was painted already. Ive attached the engine already, I've puttied it with plastic putty and today I've sanded it. Despite all the putty disappeared after I applied a small sandpaper and the rack still appearing on the engine, the surface when I've touched it was very soft and uniform. I will know sooner if this was a good or a bad sanding process Next process like I've said before is to paint the belly and tail, but also the engines. When ill find the right blue shade and I hope it will be soon, I will continue with this!
  9. Some progress on the Varig 767! The main fuselage was already painted with the first layer of primer and it has showed me some imperfections. Specially on the joint wings in the below surface. For more that I try to sand and putty, cracks always appear! Without the gap between the two pieces disappears. I will look into that with more detail in a near future. Meanwhile I've put my attention to the engines. The turbine section is done jut like the fan, the only thing that is missing is gluing it all together. I've noticed the engines have a great fitting but this is not the case for the silver ring. As you can see from the picture below, the Varig 767 has a blue engine. So may I ask here for opinions: Shall I place it, putty, sand and then paint in silver or shall I follow another philosophy? Today I've also painted the elevators. The only thing missing on them is the leading edge painted in silver. I decided to let the ink rest and dry properly. I've complety forgot to take pictures but I'll let you with one that I've posted on my Instagram! Looking forward to continue with this 767. Definitely the best kit I've ever did so far!
  10. Zürich used to have during Swissair era very interesting movements. Actually it still has in my opinion. The 727/737 were normally the airplanes used for the routes but perhaps because the big amount of Portuguese emigrants in Switzerland TAP used to upgrade the airplane type. Actually SWISS did that to Oporto with flights being operated with the 777 A330 & A340. Well you must have seen many Cathay Tristar's in Kai Tap I presume no?
  11. Very appreciated Alex! Maybe on that elevator part we can hide the errors because we still have to use a decal and paint that part because is supposed to be white actually! Lets see how it goes! Unfortunately we can't made the Sunday timeline but as soon as possible this one will be finished! Well about the engines, we got very in doubt because in every single picture we've checked, the engines looked differently, so we just picked one photo and we've based on that! Thanks a lot
  12. So yesterday I've went to my dad and give an advance to the L-1011. The decal process could have been more easy... My dad attached the elevators without applying the stripes which turned the process a bit complicated. They broke a bit and in some parts it needs some adjustments with a brush for sure. Also, Like @Alex1978 & I talked above, the Airfix L1011 is a standard version of the L1011. TAP operated with the -500 version which was a bit shorter. So the model was bigger for the decals. No worries. We've used some spare decals from previous models and we've placed it without further incidents! Honestly I got a bit disappointed because of the elevator thing, but those things just happened. Hope we can make some good work hiding the small mistakes. Maybe the weathering helps
  13. Alex nothing escapes to you! You are very right! I had that problem! But we could fix it! I'll show in on the trend now!
  14. Honestly I don't like the hybrid schemes but I must say that hybrid between BEA & Eastern is really amazing! Looking forward to see your job!
  15. Some progress on my dad's garage! He wants to have the model done until Saturday (I think), so he is kinda running against the time, so he decided to rush and do some progress without my presence. The wings, elevators and also the engines are painted and also attached to the model itself already. For the 98% the pictures we've saw together, the L1011 Rolls-Royce engines had a light grey part in the middle so he did it in the same way we've saw on the pics. Next time for what I've saw is to apply the decals actually. And that will be my job! Left you with the pictures he sent to me!
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