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  1. Hey Dave! This is new for me! Wasn't aware that he recently uploaded this. Will be for sure very useful for my A330 and A340! Thanks for the tip!
  2. Aw, too bad! Guess I'll have to paint them, or find another solution then, since the Revell A340 I have is the early one from Lufthansa and it doesn't bring them. I decided to go to F-DCAL, because it's the only website that I'm aware so far, that provides this Swissair livery for an A330. I've talked to Ray back in 2020 asking if he was thinking about making some Swissair decals, because I wanna make the A330 & A32X (also with the sheet that you provided me ) combo with their livery and he said at the time, by that year he might do something. Sadly he didn't went forward. It's extremely rare to find that final Swissair livery, I don't know the reason. Anyways, my Swissair A330-200 project is getting harder and harder to do! I think I've asked that to Ray in the past, but I will send him an e-mail. Thanks very much for your reply Tim!
  3. Hello Guys, Just wanna have here a quick feedback of someone who used F-DCAL's A330/A340 decals. In the Silk Screen sheet, are the elevators metallic frame included (Pic Below)? In the pictures provided in the website I couldn't see them included in any of the liveries available. In the meantime I've saw in the website's gallery some models with it. I'm just in doubt. Hope someone can help me! I've send an email to Philippe, but he doesn't reply to me (the poor man must be tired of me already ) Thanks!
  4. I'm also in the same situation. I have 2 Revell A340-300 kits, and I'm gonna convert 1 of them into an A330-223. Tail will be from Braz and decals from F-Dcal.
  5. My trip to Germany in October/November 2021 was the trigger that I needed to start to really get into Soviet planes. When I landed in Berlin for my MCC/JOC courses I didn’t had in mind that same airport was somehow part of the old Berlin-Schönefeld airport (the old airport of East Berlin). On the next day I was ready to start my MCC in a Boeing 737-800 simulator in an airfield in the surroundings of Berlin (Schönhagen - EDAZ). One of my instructors after some sessions and morning coffees told me that my other instructor who was giving me lessons also, was a pilot for Interflug before the Berlin Wall collapsed. He flew Tupolev’s and Ilyushin’s for a brief time. After this I’ve asked him how it was flying a very complex Soviet plane and to share with me some Interflug memories. I didn’t had a very much feedback because he was a reserved person. Well… I will just wonder how those times would have been… After my courses done I’ve visited Berlin, and since I’m a huge fan and a curios person regarding history and politics I’ve went to the GDR Museum and I’ve tried to collect the most interesting facts and histories regarding the Wall and also the whole system that divided Berlin and also a country in two once. I’ve started to read more about Interflug and the German aviation at the time and I had the idea that since I went to Berlin, it would be a nice idea to built an East-German plane so I can also have some sort of a good thing to reminds me the good times that I’ve spend there! So, 1 week after I’ve arrived from Berlin I’ve went to Amsterdam for my birthday and its a mandatory stop to visit Aviation Megastore. Still with this Interflug vibes in my mind I wanted to buy a model that Interflug had operated. I didn’t liked the Tu-134 with their livery, so I’ve decided for the Tu-154. It is a nice plane and the Interflug’s livery was kinda pretty on it! Well I’ve talked that much already, so maybe is better to go straight to business. Let’s do this! This is the Tu-154 box, with the classic Zvezda drawings as a cover. With this model you have three livery options: Classic Aeroflot Livery, Current Aeroflot Livery and the Open Skies Livery with Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut titles. Like I’ve said before, I will prefer to use the Interflug decals. Like normal, Ive started the model by glueing the windows in the fuselage. Since I’m gonna use decals for them later, I’ve just used the regular glue from Revell. After that I’ve filled a bit of the window holes with plastic putty in order to sand it with a 1000 sandpaper grid later on. Meanwhile I’ve also painted the “S induct” tube with a some sort of dark grey and since I didn’t knew how they would attach in the end (even with instructions), I’ve painted that whole area inside with Vallejo’s “Jet Exhaust” (77.713). It was also time for start the engines. And to be honest that was a bit demanding, when it comes to pick up the colors to apply. In the end, after watching so many pictures of the Tu-154 engines, I’ve decided to apply the “Engine Grey” (71.048) in the engine fans and the “Beige” (71.074) in the engine cones. After that, in the same way I’ve did with my Varig 767, the turbine outlets, I’ve painted them with the “Smokey Ink” (72.068). Heres the result: With them painted, I was able to assemble the S-Duct and finally attach the main fuselage together. The 20g weight was glued in front, the duct glued in place so as the exhaust tube that I’ve also painted with “Jet Exhaust” (77.713). With the windows already sanded and the main frame together as one, its time for sanding and putty! With the airplane sanded, it was time to give a first thin and irregular primer coat to check some imperfections. They appeared on top and a bit in the bottom of the fuselage. I’ve applied putty again and I’ve sanded it again. I think after these adjustments, the airplane is ready for the final paint job. I’ve started this with the elevators, because it would be easier to mask them in the end than if it would be the opposite instead. I’ve started with the same grey that I normally use for wings: 71.046 from Vallejo also. After this grey, I’ve masked again the elevators to paint the leading edges in aluminum and later on the sides in a red/orange shadow. I’ve also started to apply the main coats of white in the fuselage with the 62.001 shadow. I will continue with this process until I’ll have a consistent white layer. After this, I will use the same grey shadow as I used for the elevators and paint the lower parts of the fuselage. For now, let it dry and work on the other models (to make a better use of the limited time )
  6. The 767 assembly is going well! The landing gear is attached and only small touches are required. I still regret following the fitting marks and glue them in place, for in the end, they don't fit to the landing gear body itself. In the end, the landing gear or it looks tilted, or unlevelled. On this 767 was the case but not that excessive. I'll let you with a pic (as usual) and probably the next post will be on the Ready for Inspection section!
  7. Deleted - not the wanted area
  8. It will take a while because first I wanna do a cleaning on my shelf of semi made planes eheh! Plus the new Zvezda models the exhaust cone has the new shape already!
  9. One hand here and one hand there, that's how I've been trying to take the best of my free time for modelling! Since my last post regarding this 737 I've been doing some progress. The engines are done, painted in aluminium and the main fuselage is almost done: With this picture I can say that I've should had put more putty in the door, or sand it better, but since the decal door has a silver frame around it, I hope it will not be noticed. For me, I wouldn't mind to start to apply clear varnish, but there's something missing here. I didn't took a picture of the belly, but a part of the belly painting is missing. Some things never change, and my problem with curves and finding a point to make symmetries is one of them. The lower part of the fuselage, is painted in aluminium and the central part is with light grey (the same grey in the wings) as you can see here: The thing missing regarding the paint job in the belly is the central light grey part, which follows the airplanes curves and shapes. In the Airfix 737 model (at least in mine) the shapes of the airplane are not that defined and precise and also there's no lines to guide me. So the belly is just completely painted in aluminium for now. I will reform the last curve in the back and try to see more pictures or techniques to apply in the central part of the plane. The rest is done
  10. Brutal work Alex! I'm considering doing this kit but with the Swissair livery!
  11. Thanks Captain! Now the only work missing will be the tiny little blue stripes between the dark blue and white among the landing gear! Hope they can turn well in the end also
  12. Thanks a lot Steve! But indeed! This Landor scheme fits very well in the 767! In the beginning, I was thinking about making the -200 version of it but in the end I've ended up by doing the -300 instead. Its a classic and simple livery. Sadly we cannot see it anymore.
  13. How could I miss this fantastic work?! Me, that I'm a massive fan of the Negus Livery!! What an amazing work Neil!!! You nailed it! I think the Humbrol dark blue that you've picked up was a great choice, and the way you managed to do the curves in the belly is from a master level! Also, thumbs up for the stand and the way you hang the 747 in the ceiling! I'm thinking about doing this livery in a 757 but that will be a future project, still have a loooots of kits to finish!
  14. To be honest this is one of worst kits that I’ve worked on… Only the main frame is attached but it lacks so much for the gaps and they don’t have the same proportions as the first image. Loooooots of sand are required and creativity also. This 707 kit is so damn basic and not accurate at all! I’ve wanted to make it with the classic Lufthansa’s livery but for what I could see so far it will be a nightmare
  15. After yesterday’s intense work it’s funny to see this topic and check all the effort I’ve made during this whole year regarding this 767 regarding yesterday’s work. In 2 hours I’ve applied almost all the decals from the decal sheet. After a layer of clear varnish, It was time to give some art to this beautiful aircraft! The decals I’ve used for this 767, was the ones from Liveries Unlimited. I’ve found them on eBay in December 2020: This decal sheet was design for Revell’s 767, and at that time, Revell didn’t released the new version of the 767. So I was a bit worried if I would have to deal with some inconsistencies between Zvezda’s model and this decals. But everything went well in the end. The decals were very smooth and easy to apply! In the end I give a good review to them! The only things missing are just two tiny blue stripes and the main landing gear. After that, the 767 is ready for inspection! I’ll leave you now with the pictures of today’s work!
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