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  1. Hmm it might be a little late for suggestions but I have two for you: 1. To avoid any dissolving issues, you could save glazing the windows with PVA until the very last step. E.g. Spray your clear coat, then glaze the windows. 2. Regarding the decals, if you have a steady hand, the best thing to do would be cut as close to the decal edge as possible with a fresh blade. In fact, that's what's recommended anyways!
  2. Excellent so far! What did you use as the 'glazing' for the lights?
  3. Congrats on finishing! She looks stunning!
  4. That metal probe on the nose looks super sleek. Nice work so far!
  5. Crisp lines on that paint job. I like!
  6. KC-130J Harvest Hawk WIP.

    Looking great so far!
  7. New look for Air Canada

    You're right! Looks like the paint stripper was actually the first coat of white!
  8. New look for Air Canada

    Or maybe a temporary paint job just for the ceremony? Or maybe because it's all just a joke!
  9. New look for Air Canada

    I'm surprised to see that they painted the new colors without stripping the old paint. In any case, if they were hoping for a bold and unique look, I think the sky blue was as good as it gets. Now they look like everyone else!
  10. New look for Air Canada

    So it's just gonna be 4 maple leafs on the sheet?
  11. KC-130J Harvest Hawk WIP.

    I second that. She's a big kit!
  12. 1/48 Revell A10-A Thunderbolt II

    Nice scribing! Looking forward to seeing some paint on her!
  13. Ditto! Looking great Markus, especially those wheel wells! Does the kit come with two canopies?
  14. MH 60 Academy SeaHawk. 1/35 scale.

    Wow. That's some incredible scratchbuilding. I'm assuming it shoots too?
  15. Modelarstwoalexander decals

    I've been following him on ebay waiting for a particular sheet as well, and I must say I have seen a few Westjet ones, at least the Disneyland one for sure. Just keep an eye out on his page, I found a lot of the decals get relisted, as if he has quite a few on hand. http://www.ebay.com/usr/kosciuv Also I believe iaf-man above was referring to Mr. Kosciuv not modelarstwoalexander.